25 Awesome Topics for Content Writing

    topics for content writing- 25

    Good Morning all Content Writers! Today we have 25 excellent topics for content writing.The topics of Content writing is divided into useful categories and topics.A few selected topics are mentioned in bold, which you can use to write your own topics!So lets begin! A few great selections are mentioned for all content writers.

    Topics for content writers

    Topics for content writing is a responsibility borne by all writers and peer reviews, where we have the opportunity to both learn and educate masses of youths to write better content.

    As content writers, our topics chosen must be aimed at a general audience known as must be made simple and clear to understand and comprehend. Hence, our styles of writing and presentation of topics must be simple and easy to follow.

    Content writer tips

    Content writers these days look for numerous parameters before submitting/publishing their work- Flesch reading scores, Transition words, Sentence structure and sentence length among many more.

    Content writing topics

    Here is a list of the top 25 Topics for Content writing


    Use these topics whilst in the process of building your Internet presence, Bloggers and casual writers can benefit immensely from these topics of Content writing.

    1. About You.

    Along with it being a must in any Professional blogging site.

     A dedicated About you is a great way to break the mystery attached to your persona,

    • It makes the audience with similar interests connect with you instinctively.
    • A well written About you topic for content writing is an excellent way to build community engagement. 
    • Along with that It also helps bring back viewers and build your community.

    Suggested topics-

    • Rework and Beautify your About you page of the blog!
    • Write blogging about you tips and tricks
    • offer services for About you writing for clients

    2. About your Family/Organisation( a dedication/ acknowledgement page)

    A common topic for content writing on the internet. 

    An Acknowledgement is essential to boost your audience, It helps bring back returning audience.

    And it acts as a spiritual guide for your blog, on which numerous other Topics can be written.

    You can write as the basis of topics for content writing, Your acknowledgement to your blog, or write tips and nuances learnt.

    Suggested topics-

    Similar to your about you page

    • Write and dedicate your posts to your friends and family
    • Dedicate your blog articles to dear ones
    • Write tips and suggestions for writing Acknowledgement
    • Be a valuable consul for writing a good dedication and about me
    about you- content writers topics

    3. Topics for Content Writing- Blogging on your Hobbies

    As a topic for content writing, blogging about your hobbies is an excellent choice.

    This also may involve daily posts or weekly posts on your hobbies and interests.

    You can also include pictures of yourself and others doing it to expand your reach.

    Suggested topics-

    This is a beautiful topic for further review, write blogs on the following

    • Blogs on your hobbies
    • photo stills of you performing your hobby
    • writing content on your hobbies
    • Still snapshots of your hobbies

    4. The topic for Content Writers- Film/ Event Reactioner

    A heavily sought after topic for content writers is creating reactionary content upon the release of an event.

    • This is heavily seen on video platforms like Youtube, where videos can reach millions of views easily.
    • A successful student of this content writing topic also ensures that they create their brand image.
    • You can make comparison posts, listing blogs, Live reactions, release updates list even preview reactions, al of your work is great for building hype among the audience.
    • Seeing the benefits these artists provide, Major Film/Event houses all over the world pay per post handsomely.

    Personal suggestions-

    Hey, I need a break! its boring to write suggested topics for the nth time. Anyway, here are a few suggested topics for all content experts.

    • youtube vlogs your reaction seeing a film
    • react on a youtube reaction regarding films
    • release fan edits and scene draws of popular clips from movies

    5. Topics-  Afterward, Content after an exciting event

    This is also the content style artists on Youtube seem to excel in.

    However, Newer platforms like TikTok may soon do this entirely.

    • This is similar to reaction posts, which you normally see.
    • But unlike them, you have the chance o broadcast personal events, maybe even share raw emotions and feelings with the audience.

    It is in essence an awesome first step to vlogging.

    Suggested topics-

    As mentioned in the previous topic, film/event reactions, feel free to use the same topics here.

    • youtube videos on reactions
    • reaction to a programme 
    • live stream performances( with consent and permission)

    6. Activism based

    Topics for Content writing mean expressing your opinions and offering suggestions on currently trending issues.

    You can also use your blog platform to promote topics for content writing which will bring attention to issues.

    To know more, see the below examples.

    7. Telling personal stories on Workplace ethics

    Modern Corporate office structures offer an awesome opportunity for topics in Content writing.

    • Writing your tales and anecdotes for the public,
    • Writing update columns on projects.
    • Also keeping a blog 
    • Containing an archive of your professional profile
    • Are all good ideas on how to write your tales 
    • By this, you have a visible legacy of your experiences in the company.

    8. Write blogs promoting the company

    This is work in an official capacity, you are expected to be paid for this service.

    You work with the HR and Recruitment team to promote the company. 

    Your bosses regularly assign you topics on which short articles can be written.

    • Sometimes these topics for content writing can take the form of videos, or presentation materials.
    • In the future, your topics for content writing can also be featured on the company’s social media.

    9. Volunteer for Online activism channels

    Many Social channels has interested youths following from worldwide.

    • They have activism handles which focus on bringing attention to important topics, for instance, rape, sexual harassment and many more.
    • In addition to these topics for content writers, the writers can bring up the voice of youth in these discussions.

    Furthermore, as a representative, you can initiate Social events and raise awareness blogs,

    Alongside these roles, you have to write many more topics for content writing for excellent results. 

    Suggested topics-

    firstly approach established names in Instagram and facebook, and enquire for short volunteering/ career opportunities. 

    secondly, write these topics, and post them in your blogs.

    • incident of bullying in schools/colleges
    • the societal norm towards uncomfortable incidents
    • Activism pages updates and update lists of future marches.
    international disabled logo

    10. Promote inclusivity in the workplace

    As Working professionals, we aim to promote inclusivity and promote topics for content writers

    Firstly, you have content writing articles designed to increase attention to inclusive events in the organisation.

    Often as required you are required to write topics for content writers for freshers and create guidebooks.

    12. Become a representative for the LGBTQIA+ community

    The LGBTQIA+ community has an urgent need for content, and you have the opportunity to help!

    • In addition to the roles commonly seen in inclusive professionals, you also have topics of immense interest, concerning numerous facets of everyday life.
    • You also have the special privilege to help bust commonly held myths and misconceptions about the community.

    Your posts also have a positive impact, inspiring many individuals to introspect and become better. 


    Approach social media with a gusto. You make the best friends there(actually yes).Use the time o contribute t channels like GoodAsYou, and other artists who raise the banner of pride.

    • Approach social media handles and Artists 
    • Write your own stories( we looove stories!)
    • Relay and bring awareness to issues, and we will help!( however big and small) 

    13. Promote Social and cultural gatherings

    This is another special topic of content writing people are commonly hired for.

    You are specially chosen to write topics for a wide range of audiences, your skills and experience will prepare you for this.

    • Similar to many gigs, you can start your enterprise.
    • Firstly, you can bring awareness to the issue at hand
    • Second, raise a call to action
    • This, direct the interaction towards a positive cause.
    Overarching rainbow pride flag- content writing topic

    14. Topics for content writers- Bring Content for Aro-Ace Spectrum

    The Aromantic-Asexual spectrum is a criminally underrated topic of discussion.

    It, unfortunately, does not represent Amoeba species but humans who do not feel any sexual inclination/ wish to project towards members of any sex.

    Many recognized charities and organisations deal with tales of the Ace-Aro spectrum, you have options to write for them.

    The Topics for content writing here are immense

    Contact them/volunteer your services to learn more.

    15. LGBTQIA+ community news broadcaster

    Alongside the immense popularity of your posts covering a topic in content writing,

    You will soon have the ability to present your news with a journalistic tinge.

    By imbibing such tactics your topic for content writing- Aro-ace spectrum or otherwise will reach and impact greater people on the internet.

    • Write content for Pride news

    • make a masterlist for all best news

    • Keep in contact with circles for breaking news

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    Thanks for reading. Now let us resume our journey

    Topics for Content writing (resumed)

    Now let us resume our guide for Topics and Categories to Content Writing. In this section you will see

    • Listening services
    • Talent and Staffing Services
    • Listing blogs
    • City tours

    You can also see other honorable mentions here, categories which can be written by anyone without prior experiences too!So a perfect chance to teach your SO and Family too! Give it a try( ps that experience can also be written as content writing article)đŸ˜‰

    Want to learn more? Of course you do!see our resumed list for topics for writing beautiful content

    16. Listening services content writer

    Now just to clarify, by listening services we mean individuals who are willing to allocate time to listen to a person’s viewpoint without judgement.

    As this is a noble idea, the promotion of such individuals is mandatory.

    Here is where you step in. 

    1. You can approach them with tactics and your skills with topics of content writing to boost their business.
    2. Similarly. You also have the freedom to write marketable topics for content writers, aiming to monetize your client’s ability and resources.
    3. Finally, you will also have the chance to write testimonials and review consumer reviews for the services.

    17. Listening services marketing agent

    Like in the previous topic for content writers, Listening services and psychiatry requires constant audience interaction, hereby needing content writers and promoters.

    Generally, content writers can make this their niche, selecting topics are based o the demand of the client.

    Topics can be found/created according to the client’s wishes.

    You are also provided with a list of contacts( consider the local data protection laws) and you will be expected to interact and build connections between them and your client.

    Suggested topics-

    At listening services, they can find a role for you, You just need to make your effort to be involved.

    • know anyone who can listen well? give them an online persona
    • associate with established websites and offer your business
    • write small topics comparing benefits of different services locally
    aromantic pride flag- a topic for content writing

    18. Talent services 

    Talent services are staffing services intending to recruit and train youths for a career in showbiz.

    As a result, These talent staffing agencies require manpower to connect with prospective youths.

    As a content writer yourself, on being associated with them, you can expect frequent topics for contact writing.

    1. It can be testimonials and reviews
    2. Company marketing 
    3. Important announcements
    4. Or even offers to provide a framework for future posts and design a more happening homepage.

    Talents need suggested topics-

    Why! It is my lucky day, guess the amount of topics im writing. These topics can help anyone to be a important asset to your talent services client.

    • promote with illustrations company brand
    • make flyers and presentations for marketing the company
    • conduct recruiting sessions and invite your clients in an educational institute.
    • connect your contact with your clients!

    19. Staffing services 

    Staffing services aim to fill the vacancies in corporate sector jobs by providing qualified professionals.

    Like in Talent hunt organizations, you can aspire to connect with professionals via the platform.

    Your roles in the job here would include marketing, review checker, providing announcements and even planning future content for the webpage.

    Some ideas for great topics

    Online there are tons of staffing services. to set yourself as unique, why not try hiring us content writers?

    We content writers can

    • Give a through second opinion on the quality of your recruits
    • promote your company to a global audience( wish i could be that famous)
    • Write annual reports and create graphs for your staffing clients.

    20. Listing blogs on top courses

    You can also use your internship experience with Henry Harvin to write listing blogs.

    The topics for content writing provided here are what will prepare you to write listing blogs on top courses.

    Alongside, the professional work you can invest time in running/ contributing to blogs with your content.

    • Similar to the Henry Harvin Blog, your blogs may include listings between institutes, courses and places where they are offered.
    • All relevant data is available on the institute’s website.
    • Use the time to check your plagiarism, Flesch reading grade and use of transitions
    • Write unique content which is SEO proof and ready to publish.


    It is understandable you may need a content writer to do your work

    • use us to delegate your work
    • write cold emails to contacts to see your emails
    • write newsletters

    21. Student review of a course

    Likely, you will soon become a student at a prestigious institute.

    One of the topics is writing and blogging your experiences as a student.

    Updates should be regular and maybe informal,

    • There is no need to record for posterity as a boring textbook.
    • These reviews can last until the term ends or you can leave them be.
    • You can subsequently use the records to write for university social pages too.

    22. City tours

    The City tours are an attractive topic for content writing. City tours may involve either of the following

    • Short panoramic walk through a suburb
    • An interactive experience
    • Both are screened regularly.
    • With such a heavy demand, there is frequent contact to design topics for contact writing.
    • You can write promos, trailer posts and news and updates.


    You maybe expected to commute around your own locality for inspiration, be prepared for it.

    • Do videos on short stretches of your locality
    • then do a tour with visuals and voice( yes I know its scary to speak, do it anyway-sorry)
    • take photos and record events
    • make a archive/ request for old pictures of your area

    23. Food review

    Food Review articles are excellent fodder and topics for content writing.

    You can sprinkle your skillsets with food vlogs and reports to boost the flavour of your blog.

    A dabble into food reviews is possible by anyone, you can even write listing blogs based on personal experiences.

    suggested topics-

    go out and eat somewhere!make video recordings of popular food joints in the city

    • ask and record the preparation of iconic dishes in must visit places
    • chat with the proprietor of the hotel and keep it for permanency.
    • and finally share it in social media!

    24. Parents take on a course/ film

    For all adults here, use our topics for content writing as an outlet for emotions and experiences.

    Whether you are admitting your ward to a school or they are travelling elsewhere for employment/ further studies.

    Use your blog to note and expand upon these emotions.

    It will be nice to pen down your thoughts, relieves stress and improves your general outlook on life.

    why not give it a try?

    Use these topics for your writing and note the traction it brings!

    how your talents can help!

    25. Political tales

    Really, why not? Use this as a topic for your writing.

    This may seem like a controversial topic but remember this is you expressing your thoughts on current events.

    You don’t have to be associated with any political organization to voice your grievances.

    • Similarly you can also use the same to reminisce about past political situations.
    • Reminiscence your tales, for instance, you came to this city during the reign of this person.
      • I was a part of the crew during major development plans in the city and numerous others. 

    Suggested topics- 

    write about the following, these and many more are what we think can be fun to begin your political review ride with

    • government policies of that era
    • your experience being part of a political outfit/ attending a rally
    • record discussions of your gang talking about politics and share it online?


    In conclusion, It is easy to find topics for content writers, we have tried our best to provide novel ideas for the context of your next blog.

    Have fun! Let us know your feedback

    Additional Reading material

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.1 What is Content writing?

    Content writing is writing quality articles for clients on the internet. 
    The clients provide engrossing topics for content writing, on which the content writer must write.

    Q.2 What is Creative writing?

    Creative writing is when you are hired by clients to write descriptive stories
    It can be fictitious or non-fictitious
    All that matters is the creativity and the artistic freedom provided.

    Q.3 Difference between Content and Creative Writing

    Content writing as mentioned earlier is writing topics for clients.
    Creative writing is writing story-based prompts for clients
    Creative writing is content writing but not vice versa.

    Q.4 What are the popular certifications in Content writing?

    Our research revealed that the CDCW certification offered by Henry Harvin’s content writing course is a popular certification.
    Almost all certifications are nationally and internationally recognised, giving its awardees a chance to work worldwide.

    Q.5 Do I need to have mastered content writing to write a topic?

    Technically yes. But it is noted that anyone with an interest and willingness to invest time to research can excel in the topics for content writing provided.
    Since the aim is to provide valuable experience to its employees and make them professionally ready, anyone with the time and interest can write any content given.


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