Top 20 Content Writing Courses in Chennai: 2023 (Exposed)



    In the digital era, Content writing is apt to call a wordplay in simple words. Content means the words which are used to convey messages to others. Each website has a unique targeted audience. website requires the most attractive content to impress the business. The content should have a keyword that promotes the business and expresses the ideas or projects. For example, the architect set up his website. He wishes to show his business, what he does, how unique he is in his field, what service he offers. Here, his website content will help to showcase his brand to the universe. Every business has a parameter, in the field of content writing,’ Content’ is one such thing.

    Content writing should aim for high applicability and searchability. The content should be valuable and remunerative to the readers. Searchability denotes keywords that help the search engine.

    Content for websites, blogs, ads, social media platforms is digital content. Likewise, stories, presentations, projects, technical papers, research papers are offline content. In addition to this, brochures, leaflets, billboards, print ads are the contents developed to promote the business.

    The high-quality content is never set on the first go, it is based on the research, wordplay, vocabulary, grammar and most important part is editing. Crafting every single word is an art.

    Now that, I can read your mind. Those who are enjoying this article reading wishes to be a content writer. Like to quote Billgates,’’ The internet is becoming the town squares for the global village of tomorrow”.

    Yes, today we bring you, the list of the Top 20 content writing courses in Chennai

    1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

    Henry Harvin makes the educated more skilled. Content Writing Course by Henry Harvin in Chennai is ranked among is the top 5in India by India Today. It offers 36 hours of live online interactive sessions with globally recognised CDCW certification.

    The participant can learn 30+ content types. They can experience professional content writer with industrial standards. They can develop essential language skills to write for international clients. They can start earning with online projects, They can able to write on any topic with their advanced skill, which gained by Henry Harvin CDDW course. They can engage their targeted audience with their effective content strategy. Henry Harvin Writing Academy offers 1 gold membership,100%placement, internship assistance, and project support for their CDCW professionals

    .CDCW course curriculum contains 11 Modules and 2compliment modules.50+tools are taught in this course. The fee structure of live-online classroom sessions is INR15,000/The participants were monitored by award-winning trainers.

    Henry Harvin writing academy explores technical writing courses, copywriting courses, creative writing courses, research writing courses, Instructional design courses.


    Contented is a highly focused, growing, and innovative Newzealand company.

    Contented is the well-established school of modern communication. They are specialists in teaching digital skills. Their short courses are web writing social media writing, Technical writing for corporate training, and continuing professional development.

    They provide digital writing courses for professionals with quick training in web writing, social media writing. The high-impact professional development course is easy to follow, easy to manage. It is instantly useful at work. over 52 countries and 14,000people had studied their award-winning course. The participant can learn writing skills for the digital age in a simple manner. They can gain recognized certification and confidence as web content writers and freelance writers.

    The fee structure of the Diploma in web content is $230.and the certificate in social media is$135. The participant can register today and start training any time within 12 months, they do not follow the time Schelde

    Their simple system teaches us how to perform online content for websites, blogs, and social media.

    3. Skill upgrader

    Skill upgrade is a counselling company, dedicated to career growth and personal development. They offer on-demand training programs for personal growth and signature career enhancement. They ensure to have the best learning experience and achieve specific learning outcomes .and delight of the participant with every interaction. They clarify the doubts and queries of the participants with their Qand A platform.

    The important reason to learn online with skill upgrades is lifetime access which helps to sharpen their skills continuously. the course session of skill upgrade is highly interactive and engaging that the participant will learn excitingly. The participant can get the certificate instantly, with the completion of the course. They provide 100% practical exposure and technical support.

    The wishing participant can kick start their journey with the demo orientation.

    The participant can learn about the pillar of excellent content writing skills with the skill upgrade course. producing content is like constructing the home. For the internet presence, the core material that any organization needs to establish is the online page which has content text on websites, landing pages, about us pages, contact pages, and more. The participant was taught to create the proper user-friendly experience of web pages in the content.web content is the foundation and blogging is the important type of online content

    Writing. The social media platform is another important space for content writing. and it is the supporting player. With the skill upgrader content writing course, the participant can learn all types of content. The willing participant can get advice from the advisor and can take the demo class to enroll with a skill upgrade content writing course. The fee structure of the live online class is INR 6,999/ +18 GST.

    4.IIDE; Indian Institue of Digital Education

     IIDE was established in 2016. IIDE is the premier school of digital education.IIDE ventures to impart digital skills to the learners. They are associated with top colleges of Mumbai and conduct classes through online and offline classes. Online digital marketing courses are self-paced video lectures, live online sessions,1 to1 monitoring sessions. The personalized online digital marketing course is taught by industry experts in a way of comprehensive and question-oriented format manners.

    Their certificate is in alignment with Google facebook.20 +industry tools the participants can mastery By the extensive online digital marketing course, of IIDE the participant will be able to crack the Google Ad Fundamental certification and receive a certificate of completion from IIDE. Additionally, they will earn recognition from top digital marketing agencies and brands.

    IIDE syllabus is tabularized as per requirements and expectations of the industry by the subject matters experts. video lectures live online sessions,1-on -1 mentoring are their learning methodology.

    The fee structure for the IIDE Online Certification course is INR 79,999/USD 1100 inclusive of taxes. The fee can be paid in installments. They also offer student loans to Indian Nationals at 0% EMI options.  The students from foreign countries can also apply with an Indian co-applicant. The participant who wishes to join the course can get in touch with the counselors to get more information about the course fees by filling the Application form. The recommended duration of the IIDE Online Certification course in Advance Digital Marketing is 3 months. However, the participant has access to all the course material for up to 4 months.

    IIDE trainers are highly experienced digital marketers and trained professionals. They were previously worked in Facebook, Google, L’oreal, Schbang, Kinnect, J&J, and more. IIDE also has live sessions with top CxOs of ad agencies and brand managers. These thought leaders and industry pioneers impart lasting knowledge to the participants, making them fit to be the next generations of future leaders of the digital marketing industry.


     5. ECT; Education and career times

    ECT is a pre-eminent training is recognized by the Government of India. The short-term certification courses expedite the career path of the aspirants.

     Education and career times have trained learners from the leading multinational organizations from around the world. Many of the students have secured a promising careers in top Indian and international organizations and were successful entrepreneurs.

    They help to identify and follow the right career path of the participant from all age groups and educational backgrounds. ECT sharpened their skills.ECT’s content writing course transforms the writing style of the learner in 90 days.ECT’s content writing course has an in-built internship opportunity. The fee structure of ETC’s content writing course is  INR12,712 +18%= 15,000.  The placement assistance and lifetime support are the perks of this course.

    6. Digital Edge

    Digital Edge is one of the most reputed digital marketing training institutes. They have trained more than 10,000 students across the world. Their digital marketing course empowers the learners with professional growth.  

    Digital Edge Insititute is providing the best content marketing course where students can take the benefits of the course. They can achieve unlimited marketing goals. Digital Edge content marketing course in Noida offers a depth understanding of the content strategies and generates the writing skills for technical, education, health, legal, fashion, travel, and industry content with creativity. The content writing certification training program is for 2 months. The course has become a milestone for every business and every organization. It furnishes a smooth driving concept to the business, engagement, best customer relationship, brand equality, and benefits for the company. It is one of the most lead-generating strategies for the organization.

    • Digital Edge has an excellent learning environment. PPC Training on live projects. The trainer was from Google and Bing certified trainers. They have 8+ year experienced trainers. They provide Personality development and mock interview preparation classes. After finishing the course Digital Edge offers a recognized certificate to every student. They provide 100% placement in leading MNC companies.

    7.Digital academy 360

    One of the best digital marketing training institutes is Digital Academy 360. It is an award-winning institution. Digital academy 360 offers a 100% placement or fee refund. It was awarded as the best digital learning institute of the year by the Indian education award 2019. Digital academy set forth the strategies of digital marketing through the different digital marketing courses to the huge number of students across India.

    They focus their training on the concepts of digital marketing from a basic to advance level. Their trainer is industry-standard trainers.

    The course covers all the aspects that are necessary to make you a successful writer. It starts from the basic understanding of content writing, language & grammar, and the writing process, to learning about the forms of writing and learning how to earn money through the content. The participants will also learn how to build their own WordPress website to create their online portfolio.

    For any type of content like blogging or copywriting or web content or technical writing Digital academy will cover all points and industry requirements that will make the participant a professional Content Writer.

    The highlight of the course is modules covered, top instructors, tools of the trade, polishing the skill, proven curriculum, portfolio development, weekly assignment, lifetime job notification, career support, dedicated mentor 24/7 LMS freelance project.

     8.Online idea lab

    Creating digital era leaders is an online idea lab. online idea lab has live online three courses on content writing. They are content writing 101, content writing foundation, content writing advanced. It has work whereabouts in India, the USA, and Canada. Inside India, they have a working place in Bengaluru and Rajasthan.

    Online idea lab offers 15+ courses under the automated promoting subject, 15+ under Amazon web organizations, and 10+ courses under substance creation. Similarly, they have 12 + courses in python programming, and they are dispatching some new courses moreover. They have branches across Gurgaon.

    The Online Idea Lab has tremendous in cutting edge promoting, Amazon web organizations, web/application improvement, and content creation. In addition to these courses, they offer different courses under the content creation Domain. The courses like Wellspring course progressed content writing course, copywriting course, Experimental writing course, specialized writing course, Instructional design course.

    9.Indra’s Academy 

    It is one of the best Content writing courses in Chennai. The digital marketing course in Bangalore is Indra’sAcademy.It is tailored to industrial specific needs. creating the students for the standards of best practices in digital media and making them experts is the aim of the academy.

    They offer theory and practical coaching for 45 days of weekdays and weekends coaching. with their coaching, they help the candidates with on-the-job problems. The unique and holistic approach of the academy offers lifetime support and job assistance.

    Their online and offline training courses make the students educate for better careers and make them confident employees and confident individuals. 

    They trained more than 7500 students for a bright career. They have trained the students on different courses like Digital marketing, SEO,

    Social media marketing, Data Science, Graphic Designing, Web development. They provide personal focus on the individual students and they have a limited number of students for one batch. They have placed more than 1000 students in reputed companies. They provide a dedicated team of 2 trainers for each course. They were very helpful for the students to understand the topics through practical projects and offers them3-5 real-time projects. Their courses have been designed with the help of industry experts.

    SEO is a vast concept that involves huge technicalities for which the students must get professional training. online SEO and offline SEO are essential for business.SEO executives are in high demand.

    10. i-Learning; Linked in an online course

    Linked in an online course is a place where we can learn in-demand skills. The online courses are taught by real-time professionals. The participants can try the free online courses for one month, trial. After the trial, they can start the course forINR 1,400/. The participants have the option to cancel the course at any time and for any reason

    The highlight of the linked online course is unlimited access, experts instructors, on the student’s schedule. The participant has unlimited choice from the extensive subscription library. The participant has been taught the popular tools and the popular software applications

    11. Skillshare

    The online website for learning online courses is Skillshare. On this website we come across thousands of courses for learners who wants to learn online courses.

    The free online creative writing course of skillshare will help the participant to learn the basics of content writing. It is highly beneficial both for beginners who want to know all aspects of creative writing and experts looking for the next phase of the learning techniques.

     skillshare includes several courses that will help the participant learn the fundamentals of creative writing,  and they get to write impactful openings and many more. They have a special focus on the subject which makes the basic strong. It provides a free trial for the first month and it provides high-quality education at affordable prices.

    12. Coursera

     Coursera course helps the participant to excel in three aspects of content writing, i.e., short story, memoir, and long-form content. The course helps the learners to learn the techniques required to write a compelling story of fresh characters with a unique style. The course is designed to understand its concepts without any experience in creative content writing.

    After the completion of the course, the learner will have the ability to write error-free professional content. The entire course has four parts that can be studied in any order. The course will help the learner to excel in the craft of plot, style, description, and others. At the end of the course, the participant will be required to write an essay or story of 8-15 pages without any grammatical mistakes and plagiarism. The participants get a clear explanation for the topics related to creative content writing.

    13. Udemy

    Udemy is an American massive open online course provider through which they can share knowledge. With the world. Udemy is a global destination for online learning, They connect people through knowledge. In the ultimate web content writing master class +powerword ebook course, the learner will learn about web content creation, which will help the learner to become a proficient blogger. Through this course, the learner will write SEO-friendly blog posts, ad copies, and e-commerce product copies. They will learn all aspects of digitalMarketing. They will learn In this course, you will learn everything about web content creation, which will help you become a proficient blogger, SEO-friendly blog posts, E-commerce content writing, They will Learn keyword research, competitor analysis.

     14. Content writing by Margaret Atwood 

     The content writing course is created by Margaret Atwood, one of the world’s top writers. The participant can learn to structure their content writing, make an engaging story plot. After completing the course the participant will be confident to write marvelous content by driving their imagination to the boundaries. The participant will be able to Learn content writing through the notes and research.

    15. NSIM –  National School of Internet Marketing

     It makes the space for the combination of the “Content Writing + Content Marketing” course, which has a massive demand.NSIM delivers the course in Online mode. The one who can attend it while staying in their comfort zone with total safety in the presence of an active internet connection.

    The NSIM Content Marketing Course in India has a thorough knowledge of content writing & its implementation. They teach the learner to meet their desired needs & preferences. Any aspirant who was interested in the writing domain and wants to establish a career in it can sign up for the content writing course.

    NSIM uses the advanced teaching methodology, which creates an interactive section in the ONLINE training program.

    16. Inventateq

    Inventateq provides corporate training, individual training with job oriented. This institution has trained over 10000+ aspirants. It has a tie-up with more than 100 IT companies. Their content writing course has online and offline classes. content writing course consists of 30+hours of classes. This course includes SEO – friendly writing, eBook strategies, copywriting, email writing, and so on.

    17. Future learn

    FutureLearn is a tremendous platform for online learning courses. Future Learn content writing course started in December 2012. Who wish to enroll in courses, can join, can join at any time from anywhere in the world. Their trainers were from the best universities and cultural institutions. The experts will share their knowledge through videos, quizzes, articles, and discussions.

    18. Swayam

    Swayam is initiated by govt. Of India affiliated with AICTE.It is a 100% online program. The inventive of the course is to take the best teaching and learning resources to all. The learner can attend the course free of cost. The participant who wants a certificate has to register for a proctored exam  The exam fee has to pay and they have to attend in person designated centers on specified dates. The participant must attend in-person designated centers on specified dates. The universities which approve of credit transfer can use these marks/ certificates obtained in the course.

    19. NestSoft

    NestSoft is a good online content writing course. It is a well-known online course provider. It provides good writing services for a while now. Nest Soft provides long-time tech tools and promotes essentials facilities along with training.  The course is best for learning copywriting and the process of SEO  writing. For the aspirant who wishes to become a copywriter, Nest Soft is highly recommended.

    Major Takeaways of the participants were being able to write effective SEO-friendly content that drives traffic. They can able to learn the skills to enhance the ranks for your website. Nest soft always keeps updating the industry and bring relevant content. The participant can learn to write quality content for social media pages, blogs, websites, etc. Nest soft content course covers web content writing, blog, article, writing, technical writing, social media content, and copywriting.

    20. Compete Infotech Academy

    .compete Infotech Academy is the most popular Content Writing Academy. It offers professional training for the internet marketing industry. Their content writing team has trained over 1000 students to become successful in their Web Content Writing careers.

    They create a live environment in which the participant will enjoy learning from online content writing classes. The mentors and faculty have over 5 years of experience in Technical Content Writing, Creative Writing, Website Writing, Article Writing, Business Writing, and a variety of other content writing styles. They are a part of Compete Infotech and their team provides Content Writing and Digital Content Marketing solutions for the industry needs with high quality.

    Wrapping Up 

     Now that we have got an idea about online content writing courses. To explore online content writing. course, Apply now and who knows you could be writing your next blog and become a future blogger. No matter the course you would like to take and shape your content writing skills and kick start your career path. I personally like to suggest starting your content writing course with Henry Harvin which has a profound content writing course and it has ranked first on the list. Best of luck!


    1. Will an online content writing course benefit to ace content writing skills?

    Ans. Online Content writing courses help to grasp the various aspects of the content writing trade at your comfort and from any part of the world you wish to study from. There are no limitations to learning when you enroll in an online content writing course. They are as thorough as any offline content writing course. They have added advantages like doing away with the commute, and relief through the online help desk 24*7.

     2. What is the allowance for content writing courses?

    Ans. A high-grade content writing course fee can be around 10k-20k. Do your analysis well and only if it beats all the boxes on your index then you enrol in a content writing program.

    3. Will a profession in content writing be profitable in the long run?

    Ans. Every persistence, area, and the company expects various forms of content for brand wisdom and beneficence. Thus, content writing can be an extremely rewarding profession providing you diligently keep yourself renovated with the latest sensations and occurrences.

    4. How do I captivate Search Engines to my website?

    Ans. Search engines glimpse for keywords, key phrases, titles and illustrations to rankings in search results. Content writing analyzing these aspects can captivate Search engines.

    5. What is a writing portfolio?

    Ans. A writing portfolio is an online porter that indicates many links or images for your composition samples.



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