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    Kodakco Review by Aakriti Shah

    The placement cell at Kodakco was very active in providing us learners the most needed guidance in choosing the best suitable role in the SAP Ariba arena. They extended their support through various Placement drives and job listings.

    Kodakco Review by Shivani Choudhary

    The Ariba Guided Buying was a very interesting module as the trainer, Kiran sir for the SAP Ariba course from Kodakco helped us learn through many real-life case studies. Learning from him was equally fun and enlightening.

    Kodakco Review by Saad Khan

    The SAP MM Training course from Kodakco was very constructive in terms of the course content and practical application of tools and techniques. The e-learning facility was very helpful in revisiting the training sessions and brushing up on the topics.

    Kodakco Review by Kunika

    The trainer for Kodakco’s SAP MM Training course simplified the course content and helped us understand through case studies and examples. His expertise in the domain helped me draw insights into various aspects of the Material Management module.

    Kodakco Review by Aman Rajput

    The training sessions during the SAP Ariba Course from Kodakco were interactive, which helped us pool constructive insights into the concepts from many experienced fellow learners. The assignments and projects were also exceptional in refining our skills. Moreover, the overall mentoring by the team helped me become a competent professional in the SAP domain.

    Kodakco Review by Raj

    The curriculum for Kodakco’s SAC course was vast and evasive, but the feature that stood out was the training sessions by Govardhan sir. His classes were textbook and he encouraged us to pitch in with our experiences in the SAP world.

    Kodakco Review by Rashi

    It was really interesting to get a comprehensive understanding of various career pathways after doing the SAP BASIS training course. Kodakco has provided us with the most invaluable network of SAP professionals with whom we could interact and get guidance.

    Kodakco Reviews by Pari Soni

    The Navigation and Administration module for the SAP Analytics Cloud course was particularly interesting, as it gave a comprehensive idea of the Administration tools and how they are used. I enjoyed doing this course from Kodakco.

    Kodakco Reviews by Komal Jain

    It is difficult to grab freelance SAP projects unless you get some expert guidance and that is what Kodakco SAP BO course provided me with. While the course helped me elevate my knowledge level, it also guided me to land some freelance gigs as well.

    Kodakco Reviews by Aakriti Shah

    The placement cell at Kodakco was very active in providing us learners the most needed guidance in choosing the best suitable role in the SAP Ariba arena. They extended their support through various Placement drives and job listings.

    Kodakco Reviews by Mamta

    The content for the SAP Ariba Training course at Kodakco was well in sync with the latest and advanced developments in the domain. As such, it was a productive learning experience for me.

    Kodakco Reviews by Anjali Giri

    Before enrolling in the SAP HANA Training course from Kodakco, I found the subject a bit intimidating for me. But, my mentor for the course made it easy to understand through real-world examples and case studies. Thanks to his training, I can now handle projects in SAP HANA easily.

    Kodakco Reviews by Harshita

    Doing the SAP HANA Training course by Kodakco paved the way for a great career in the SAP domain. This course gave me the chance to work on live projects which played a great role in starting my career as an SAP consultant.

    Kodakco Reviews by Kapil Sharma

    Rahul sir was an excellent instructor during the SAP BASIS Training course at Kodakco. His method of teaching helped each of us learners learn at our own pace. Before ending each session, he made sure that we learners cleared all the doubts as well.

    Kodakco Reviews by Laxmi

    A perfect blend of theory and practical learning through an online training process! The SAP BASIS training course from Kodakco is excellent in terms of content and learning methods.

    Kodakco Reviews by Manish

    The practical approach to applying the tools and techniques to various live projects was particularly enlightening. Indeed, the SAP BASIS training course from Kodakco is a top-notch training course.

    Kodakco Reviews by Ekra

    The SAP EWM Training course by Kodakco is highly recommendable. This course helped me enhance my skills and productivity. The trainer for the course helped me develop confidence through the various real-world examples of challenges and how to overcome them. A very resourceful course!

    Kodakco Reviews by Saurav

    Kodakco’s SAP EWM Training course is an end-to-end course that helps learners upskill their knowledge in the subject. Post-completion of the course, I started my career as an SAP EWM freelancer and got the opportunity to work from home.

    Kodakco Reviews by Jisha Singh

    The SAP EWM Training course is an extensive course by Kodakco. One of the features that interested me so much was e-learning which included a lot of activities that helped me refine my skills at my own pace.

    Kodakco Reviews by Kirti Shah

    The SAP FICO training course by Kodakco helped me enhance my career as a financial Consultant through intense training and hands-on exposure to live projects. Apart from that, I loved how the trainer explained the concepts with insights from his experience in the arena.


    With a whopping 245 million subscriber base across 160+ countries, SAP is the market leader in providing enterprise application software solutions.

    Given this near omnipresence of SAP, the demand for individuals with real prowess in specific modules of SAP is equally high.
    Edtech companies have tapped into this resource need of the market and have successfully devised a standardised curriculum that adhered to the market demands.

    In the midst of this convey of largely similar SAP training courses, Kodakco is like a breath of fresh air.

    Kodakco Academy:

    Along with a vision to become a prominent knowledge partner in the market, Kodakco’s mission extends to offer competent human resources with the potential to innovate in the technology-savvy marketplace. They categorically pursue providing the utmost returns on Customer Investments with a “Customer First” approach.

    With corporate offices situated in Hyderabad and San Francisco, Kodakco specializes in providing dedicated enterprise application services pivoted on SAP Business Suite S/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, Successfactors, C/4HANA with Hybris C4C, BW/4HANA and Cloud Analytics, SAP Multi-Channel Foundation for Utility Industries.

    The organization’s services provide comprehensive solutions to a plethora of sectors of which major are:

    • Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
    • Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
    • Pharma and Chemical Industries
    • Agro Food Products Processing Industries
    • Utility Industry
    • Infrastructure and Project-based industries.

    A few of the leading courses at Kodakco:

    • SAP FICO ECC course- 3807 concurrent learners
    • SAP GTS training course- 6192 concurrent learners
    • SAP MM training course- 3564 concurrent learners
    • SAP HANA training course- 4152 concurrent learners
    • SAP Healthcare course- 6509 concurrent learners
    • SAP HR training course- 3829 concurrent learners
    • SAP BASIS training- 4745 concurrent learners
    • SAP Simple Finance training course- 4523 concurrent learners
    • SAP ABAP training course- 3097 concurrent learners
    • SAP CPI training course- 11545 concurrent learners
    • SAP SuccessFactors training course- 5273 concurrent learners
    • Transportation Management System (TMS) training- 5671 concurrent learners
    • SAP Simple Logistics training course- 4129 concurrent learners
    • SAP PIPO training course- 5629 concurrent learners
    • SAP Business One training course- 5713 concurrent learners

    In brief about some of the prominent programs:


    Priced at 29500/-, this SAP course demands no pre-requisite qualification. The curriculum covers the intricate aspects of SAP HANA Architecture such as Tools, an overview of Business Object Explorer, Installation Parameters, DBA Cockpit, and much more.
    The duration of the course stretches up to 44 hours of live interactive sessions alongside regular assignments, projects and internships.

    SAP Simple Logistics training course

    Priced at 29500/-, this SAP course centered around sales and distribution, encompasses core concepts of SAP S/4 HANA roadmap, inventory management, order procurement, Production Planning, Material Requirements Planning, etc. in over 17 modules.
    This program enables the learners to build competency in supply chain operations and deal with the practical challenges in the capstone projects.

    SAP HR training course

    Priced at 29500/-, this SAP course addresses the much-needed aspects of man management. This 44- hour training program extends up to 13 modules, and comprises the aspects of configuring, enterprise structure and human resources personnels’ positions, time management, payrolls, recruitment, job training, etc.

    SAP MM training course

    Priced at 29500/-, this SAP course delves into the relevant aspects of material management across the sectors. The curriculum covers the intricate aspects of master data maintenance, procurement processes, account determination, material valuation, inventory management, strategic pricing, etc.
    With over 15 modules, this training program ranks among the top 3 courses of Kodakco recognized and certified by Govt. of India.

    SAP FICO ECC course

    Priced at 29500/-, the duration of this course stretches up to 44 hours of live interactive sessions alongside regular assignments, projects and internships.
    The curriculum covers the intricate aspects of General Ledger Accounting, Asset Accounting, COPA Reporting, Profit Centre accounting, internal order processing and much more in 13 detailed modules.

    Kodakco’s dedicated SAP training programs provide a holistic skill development experience in building competency and employability as their key areas of focus are
    Live interactive classroom sessions led by veteran instructors with an extensive experience in SAP operations and mentoring.
    The approach of learning by practice is implied, as the training integrates several, real-time projects and case studies ensuring optimum practical exposure to the trainees.
    Besides, a savvy and well-managed website, the e-learning resources offered at Kodakco are packed with information that is subjected to regular updates accessible from a mobile application enabling learning from anywhere and anytime.
    Alongside the credibility of Kodakco’s certification, the trainees are served 100% placement assistance, internship and project support.
    The esteemed affiliations of Kodakco, with the leading organization of the market such as Ford, J.p.Morgan, Meta, Hindustan Unilever, Better Cloud, Citizens Bank, Emerson, etc. guarantees ample opportunities for the learners’ employability and growth.


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