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As the world abides a new global health epidemic in the form of COVID – 19, the need for flawless medical communication has never been on a higher emergency. Due to the pandemic, medical writers are in high demand. There are multiple factors that made this medical writing increasingly attractive. And it’s always been a stable career path.

The medical writing profession is typically a remote job. The medical and healthcare industries are lucrative, necessary, and growing. Health brands and medical brands require a continuous flow of content and it becomes progressively clear that there is no shortage of prodigious health challenges to write.

This is the right time for individuals interested in medical writing to matriculate with Henry Harvin Professional Medical writing Training Program to enhance their writing edges. Henry Harvin Medical writing training program is one of the popular online courses pursued by thousands of students during a pandemic and worthwhile paid jobs in reputed concerns. And from where the students get the best training for Medical writing.

Let’s get a detailed understanding of Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing Reviews

Before that, we have a brief note of What is Medical writing?

Medical writing is the most expedient.  Course in the recent educational platform as it gives a veritable knowledge about pharmaceutical learning and medico-marketing writing. It is a technique of written communication of scientific and clinical information which is used for effective communication to audiences. Medical writing engrosses writing scientific documents of various types which includes regulatory and research-related documents, disease and drug-related educational and promotional literature, publishing articles such as journal manuscripts, and content for healthcare websites, magazines, and news.

Henry Harvin Education – A Brief look.

Henry Harvin is always the topper on the list when speaking of online, and offline academic certification courses. The first professional training program by Henry Harvin started in 2017. They currently govern 50 professional training courses in various domains. They are content Writing Courses, Accounting, and taxation courses, TEFL courses, GST courses, -Lean Six Sigma Green Belt courses, and Digital marketing courses. Henry Harvin is an educational organization where that provides the best training for different courses.

Henry Harvin’s Affiliations

Henry Harvin has obtained certified recognition from the Project Management Institute (PMI), American Association of EFL, MSNE, UKAF, UKcert BajajFinance, A-Paulinstruments, Abbott pharma, NTPC, HostBooks, Apollo Tyres, EY, Stanley consultants, Avon cosmetics, and Fidelity Investments were the prestigious corporates partnered with esteemed Henry Harvin Education. We can understand why most of them are taking an online medical writing course from Henry Harvin training institute is so valuable and how it benefits their future.

Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Review

 Currently in India, the best  Medical writing course is Henry Harvin’s. And it is Henry Harvin’s signature training course. In this course, a lot of time and resources were thoughtfully invested in ensuring suitable knowledge is bestowed on the students. 

After the pandemic, the medical writing career exponentially increased smarter. As a result, the medical writer has an amble of job options, and to enter into those jobs, we need Henry Harvin’s medical training. 

Provided By Student Medical Writing Course Reviews Video

Features of Medical Writing Course

Medical writing is one of the rapidly growing disciples which involves writing topics relevant to the health care industry and drug development. there is a high demand for post-graduate medical writers. And they were vulnerable to different career opportunities with various contract Research organizations, Health care websites journals, magazines, pharmaceutical companies, and more.

Online Training: 

  • The program has 16 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions on the medical writing discipline.
  • Live Projects: scientific writing, Drug development process where the proficiency of Henry Harvin’s medical writing course.
  • Internship opportunity: To get practical experience of learning internship assistance is provided.
  • Certification: After completion of the medical writing course from the award-winning institute, certified by Govt. of India.
  • Placement: The students get 100% placement Guarantee support for one-year post completion of the course. The trainees of Henry Harvin are working with top industries like Airtel, Bsnl, Denso, Hcl, oracle, Hp.

Duration of the course:

Henry Harvin’s CMW provides 16 hours of Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions. It also offers the students with 24 hours Live OnlineBootcamp.The 50 hours or E-Learning Access is the best part of Henry Harvin’s.

Trainers of Henry Harvin

A trainer has visionary thinking and a future-oriented outlook. They deliver the best of their knowledge. They are experts having 10 + years of experience in the field of Medical Writing. They have trained 900+ individuals globally. Whilst in training the individual experiences implementing live projects. And they were accomplished to develop the learning for the participants. In every part of the training program, they keep the students engaged in various group activities, brainstorming sessions, and hands-on experiences.

Membership program of Henry Harvin:

The students get E-learning Access and it includes all the recorded videos and case studies. The participants are taken through the 12 brush-up sessions monthly for one year. Henry Harvin offers a chance of an assured Internship program and job opportunities. The participants get assistance in remarking skills to clear interviews with corporates.

Fee Structure of the course:

In a self-paced course, the participant gets lifetime support and access. It provides 24* 7-lifetime free upgrades with INR 11250/. In the live online classroom, the participant gets everything in the self-paced course. It provides one-year gold Membership and has a flexible schedule. It has monthly Bootcamp sessions and recording of all sessions is available for INR 12500/

Henry Harvin’s Medical writing curriculum:

The curriculum starts with a perfect introduction of the medical writing course and it makes the participants understand the definition of the term, skillsets, scope, and necessities. It includes scientific writing which covers scientific news, reviews, and case reports. It gives an overview of the drug development process. The trainers are experts in the field of pre-clinical/non-clinical writing and they help the participants in laboratory practices and non-clinical summaries and study reports. It offers detailed information related to medical writing in the post-marketing phase. The students were trained to publish clinical data. The curriculum provides two complementary modules which include soft skills development and resume writing.

Learning benefits of Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing:

Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing course improves the participants writing skills as Medical Writer. The student gets to know ethics from a scientific background. They are well trained and they become efficient in communicating medical details to the non-medical audience. The students are able to differentiate between medical writing is and what is not. Henry Harvin’s medical writing course builds a successful career in medical writing.

Henry Harvin‘s other courses :

Research Writing course, Creative WritingCourse, Post Graduate Program in medical writing.

Why Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing?

Henry Harvin‘s online Medical Writing Course is acknowledged by the American of EFL, Ministry of Corporates Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute, and ISO certified which adds high value and makes the best online medical writing course. The Medical Writing Course syllabus is highly developed by subject matter experts. It is organized to make the student’s industry ready to meet the challenge.

Career opportunities for Medical Writer:

Medical Writers conjoin numerous organizations as Medical Communication specialists, Medical content writers, Medico-Marketing writers, Clinical Researchers, Medical Quality reviewers,  

Medical Liaisons and Clinical Educators are some of them.

Software for Medical writers:

  • Microsoft Office products
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • EndNote
  • Gotomeeting
  • LaTex
  • Igor
  • iMovie

Summing Up

Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing course is one of the most knowledge-intensive industries. Medical Writing is a flourishing Career in current days. It can be very lucrative and exciting. Medical Writers highly demand in pharmaceutical companies. They have the scope of working for healthcare journals, hospitals, healthcare online portals, newspapers, BPOs, KPOs, and CROs that offer medical and scientific writing support. Medical Writers deliver new information to healthcare specialists and to the general public. The demand for medical and health writing services with digitalization is high demand.

According to Henry Harvin reviews, they have partnered with IMIDelhi, IIMAhmedabad, Mangalmay, IIT Bombay, IIT-Delhi, IIM Visakhapatnam, BITSGoa, IIT Bhu, FMS Delhi. They got prestigious awards like the top corporate training award. Game-Based learning company of the year.40 under 40 Business award. It is a great time to prospect Henry Harvin’s MedicalWriting Course Review.

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Q1. What are the skills learned in a medical writing course?

Ans. Assuming that you already have in-depth knowledge about regulatory writing, you would learn more about the FDA and EMA, current technological advancement, analytical skills, research skills, journaling, and most important of all the sense of ownership of what a writer puts on the paper.

Q2. What are the possible areas of work one can consider after doing the medical writing course?

Ans. You can publish books, and medical journals, write copy or advertising content for pharma companies, and articles for magazines, or other paper media.

Q3. Apart from the writing guidelines what else a medical writer should keep in mind while writing?

Ans. Do understand that medical writing requires compliance with the medical industry, government rules, policies, and updated regulations. So one needs to have these as prior knowledge.

Q4. What are the types of medical writing covered by Henry Harvin?

Ans. The Henry Harvin medical writing course teaches about technical medical writing, accessible medical writing, editing, proofreading, copywriting, and copyediting, as per the medical context. Also, it covers topics that explain ways to write regulations, approvals, scientific writing work, promotional writing for medical devices, and information from the healthcare industry.

Q5. Does medical writing have a bright future in India?

Ans. Yes. India has a fair amount of past and present medical writing opportunities and the future is very promising. The healthcare sector is growing significantly and exponentially. Medical writing is now one of the most successful careers in terms of skill-based jobs. It will soon gain a bigger space in the global writing business.


  1. Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing course is exceptional! The comprehensive curriculum, expert guidance, and interactive sessions helped me gain in-depth knowledge. The course content is up-to-date, and the faculty’s expertise shines through. Highly recommended for anyone looking to excel in medical writing.

  2. This review on bestcoursenews.com highlights the excellence of Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing course, emphasizing its value in equipping professionals with essential skills in the field.

  3. I was able to create scientific reports, scientific documents, and scientific reviews thanks to the investigation-based writing in the medical writing course. I currently write a popular column for a major daily. My abilities as a medical writer have improved thanks to the medical writing course. I now have extensive experience in non-clinical writing and assist the participants in lab procedures.

  4. Training was good, Sir has excellent knowledge. Best part of training is recording of session . Whenever I need to practice or revise I can easily do that with these sessions. Thank you very much for this online session.

  5. Training was very good & exceptional especially the online training videos shared will be really useful. is very peasant while teaching & is always ready to go back & explain topic again best medical writing best place training center.

  6. The facility is excellent; they provide us with appropriate instruction and motivate us to work hard in class. Time is used appropriately for studying… I greatly appreciate it.

  7. Henry Harvin’s course in medical writing is now finished. He answered all of my questions and gave me valuable knowledge. The lesson is very engaging. I learn skills for writing technics.

  8. The medical writing course taught by Henry Harvin is finally complete. He provided excellent information and addressed all of my queries. The lesson is quite lively.

  9. I finished Henry Harvin’s medical writing course with honors. He provided a good education and answered all of my queries. The classroom is really dynamic.

  10. I successfully completed Henry Harvin’s medical writing course. He answered all of my questions and offered excellent instruction. Classes are very participatory.

  11. I thank you for providing this informative information. Reviews of medical writing courses are crucial for picking the best university.

  12. My ability as a medical writer has improved as a result of the medical writing course. I’ve honed my nonclinical writing skills and assisted the participants with their laboratory work.

  13. The instructor, the manuals, which are really practical, clear, and understandable, and the medical writing course in India have really impressed me.

  14. A very good online medical training course was provided by Online classes. You all should consider HENRY HARVIN for this course, I would like to recommend.

  15. We appreciate you offering these excellent online courses for medical writing, which might help us develop our skills. I am extremely grateful for your help in assembling highest instructors and quality content for your institute.

  16. The blog Medical Writing Courses Online was excellent! I’d like to write for a living. I can now pursue a career in medical writing after reading this essay. thank you for helping me in making a professional choice.

  17. I really loved Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing Course. It’s beautiful and professionally delivered, with awesome value derived from the course. I enjoyed understanding more about medical writing with all the material provided through it.

  18. I enjoyed my time learning at Henry Harvin. The support and guidance from the medical writer’s Course were very much appreciated, as well as the personal touch, being able to engage with them one-on-one. I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it.

  19. I would highly recommend this course! It is a great way to learn the medical writing basics, and the trainer is great at explaining and making everything clear. There were also plenty of opportunities to get feedback on your work, I learned lots of skills for medical writing tips.

  20. I have completed my medical writing course with Henry Harvin and I am very happy. I can say that it was an amazing experience to be taught by a great tutor. Very good structured approach with relevant clarity and a wonderful mind. We were well prepared before the session, thanks to the trainer’s always-available online support. For some subjects, the sessions are so small but on the other hand, they are very clear, which makes it easier for us to learn and understand.

  21. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Henry Harvin for the Best Medical Writing courses. I like this blog, Trainer’s way of teaching as he cleared our all doubts, posted good teaching skills and classes are very interactive. I gained lots of knowledge in this subject and now feel more confident.

  22. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Henry Harvin for the excellent courses. I like this blog, topics are very simple way for understanding, His teaching method is very simple, friendly, and easy to understand which makes anyone’s learning more interesting at the same time.

  23. I have Completed Medical Writing Course from Henry Harvin. He cleared all my doubts and provided good teaching skills. Classes are very interactive

  24. I have Completed Medical Writing Course from Henry Harvin and Tutors in a very understandable way. He clears our all doubts and he poses good teaching skills. Classes are very interactive. Gained more knowledge in the subject and now feel more confident.

  25. The facility is really good they give us proper classes and inspire us to study hard .Proper time is utilized and used in studies…Thank you so much.

  26. I am from Punjab .I was afraid how I will prepare for medical writing exam but HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION make it very simple way to prepare .Thanks a lot

  27. Medical writing coaching classes are best in the region. For coaching teachers come from only. Notes are prepared by legal faculty keeping in mind medical writing exams.

  28. I have a dual interest in Science and English, and I took this Medical writing course to satisfy my both interests. Now I have become an expert in this field.

  29. After I have done my Medical writing course, I have joined a pharmaceutical company. Now I prepare the documents necessary for the regulatory submissions in a drug. And I do prepare medical device development processes like various clinical trial documents, protocols, study reports, annual safety updates in our company. I will always submit crystal clear documents.

  30. During the pandemic, I did this Medical writing course. I think I did the course at the right time. As a blogger, I was able to share positive information about pandemics and did my little share of saving the public from the grip of the pandemic fear.

  31. The module investigation-based writing in the Medical writing course developed my writing skills to write scientific reports, scientific documents, scientific reviews, etc.

  32. Once I completed my Medical writing course, I have joined as a freelancer where I share in-depth content to health- care websites. My take-home is in 5 digits.

  33. The Medical writing course has developed my skills as a medical writer. I have become an expert in non-clinical writing and help the participants in laboratory practices.

  34. The investigation-based writing in the Medical writing course helped me to write scientific reports, scientific documents, and scientific reviews. Now I am an acclaimed column writer in a leading daily.

  35. When I came to know about the Medical writing course, I was curious to take up the course. Now I have mastered passing the knowledge of health-related content, drugs development, and scientific methods to the general public.

  36. The Medical writing course was very lucrative and exciting. I have great satisfaction whenever I deliver new information to the public.

  37. The Medical writing course has developed my skills as a medical writer. I have become an expert in non-clinical writing and help the participants in laboratory practices.

  38. Thank you for sharing the useful article. Medical Writing course Reviews are important for choosing the right institute.


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