Top 5 Cyber Security Course in Riyadh


Cyber Security is rapidly becoming integral to our daily lives in this growing digital era. Not only individuals but also companies, businesses, and large-scale organizations are actively incorporating cyber-security into their systems for smooth and safe functioning. Did you know that careers in this field are also growing exponentially? Consequently, a Cyber Security Course in Riyadh is a popular choice among people these days.

This article brings you a list of the Top 5 Cyber Security Course in Riyadh that will help you explore the cyber-security world. 

Why is Cyber Security Relevant?

For example, in healthcare, finance, and governance sectors, confidential data is stored on computers or online platforms. These can also be vulnerable to cyber attacks from malicious software. 

Nowadays, we heavily rely on the internet and technology. In addition, Services like net banking and online transactions require the sharing of sensitive information like passwords, and identification numbers across various websites. This will put our data at risk of being stolen, misused, or shared without our knowledge. Here comes the role of Cyber Security.

It safeguards our data on digital platforms and also protects it against threats. These threats are related to phishing, scams, and also cyber crimes. Knowledge in this field will provide valuable skills, widen your scope of jobs, and also improve your employability. Especially across tech-related sectors. 

Evidently, cyber security training is becoming extremely relevant nowadays.  

Top 5 Cyber Security Course in Riyadh

Suppose you’re looking to explore the field of technology or upgrade your skills. In that case, the following is a list of institutes that provide the best cyber security certifications, along with their details:

1. Henry Harvin – Cyber Security course in Riyadh 

 cyber security course in Riyadh

Henry Harvin is a well-known institute providing courses for higher education, and upskilling globally. They also offer training, certifications, and comprehensive learning materials, ensuring an in-depth and complete understanding of the course. They are the best institute to get started with Cyber Security Course in Riyadh.


  • The duration of the Cyber Security Professional Course is about 144 hours
  • You will get training from trainers who have over 14 years of industry experience.
  • Live classes with interactive real-time discussions and also trained instructors. 
  • In addition, you will also find recorded sessions.
  • Instructors also give projects in system hacking, ethical hacking, evading IDS, etc to perfect your skills. 
  • Moreover, Internship support is provided for inculcating professional skills.
  • You will also get Placement support after completion of the course.
  • E-learning access for 1 year. 
  • Covering multiple skills such as Secure Data Penetration, Tester Compliance for IT, and Threat Identification
  • Globally recognized certification in cyber security. 
  • Henry Harvin has affiliations with MSME, College De Paris, CompTIA, Nasscom, etc.
  • Finally, top companies will hire you with salary hikes.

The Henry Harvin Cyber Security Academy provides learners with a wide range of Cyber Security Training courses under certification, post-graduate, and university programs in this field. 

2. Career Era

CareerEra is a renowned institute with a comprehensive and impactful cyber security course in Riyadh. With their learning structure, you will meet the industry demands, thus, making you job-ready with professional skills. What’s more?


  • Wide range of cyber security certifications depending on the knowledge depth, experience level, and also personal interest of the learner.
  • Skills such as cryptography, blockchain’s underlying technologies, present applications and prospects, and cloud security. 
  • The cyber security professional course, with over 120 hours provides a solid foundation.
  • Live classes, with recordings as well as 24/7 assistance. 
  • Receive hands-on experience with live and industrial projects.
  • Workshops on resume review and interview preparation, along with career guidance and mentorship from industry experts. 
  • Additionally, Careerera’s partnerships with Global leading IT companies and their job assistance provide benefits.
  • Finally, get certified from Careerera.

Learn about the trending skills and technologies in today’s cyberspace with adept knowledge of the methods of identifying risks. Moreover, protect your firm against cyber threats by joining the Careerera course. 

3. The Knowledge Academy 

The Knowledge Academy is renowned for providing professional training across various fields of knowledge. Their Cyber Security Training Courses are designed to help you learn how to prevent growing cyber threats.


  • The choice between online instructor-led, self-paced, or classroom-based location in Riyadh.
  • The certified cyber security professional training course has 3 modules. 
  • Experienced trainers also provide interactive training. 
  • Intensive and short duration of 5 days fostering only the necessary knowledge. In other words, making you job ready in a short time.

If you’re looking to enhance your portfolio and expand your reach in the IT field, check out The Knowledge Academy’s cyber security classes to get started. 

4. NobleProg

Nobleprog promises to deliver experienced training in risk management, secure coding, web security, and security awareness. 


  • Their training is compatible with Department of Defense security standards.
  • Cyber security classes are available as remote online training and onsite live training locally in customer premises or NobleProg corporate training centers.
  • 10+ subcategories of courses under their cyber security certifications are also present.
  • Course duration can range from 7 to 35 hours.
  • Another benefit is the availability of multiple offline locations all across Riyadh. 
  • Product-specific training and industry-recognized certification preparatory classes. 

Start your training journey with quality education and in-depth knowledge about the fundamental concepts of cyber security. Connect with expert trainers from NobleProg with courses starting as soon as May 2024. 

5. Skillogic 

Skillogic Cyber Security Course in Riyadh is developed in a way that provides a fundamental foundation of concepts. Thus, building industry skills and market expertise. 


  • Options between interactive online, self-learning, and classroom training are available. 
  • The duration of the course is 3 months, with 40 hours of instructor-led training.
  • Accreditation by global organizations like IIFIS, NASSCOM FutureSkills, and CompTIA.
  • Afterwards, it includes an internship with AI company and Cloud lab to perfect your skills.
  • High-quality learning materials with a case-based approach. 
  • A complimentary Business Analytics Foundation Course.
  • Besides, 1 year of comprehensive SKILLOGIC E-Learning Access is also given.

Skillogic provides industry-based training in skills that are in demand. It also inculcates professional expertise in its curriculum. This is a job oriented course because it can provide you an edge over others.

Cyber Security Course in Riyadh – What is the Career Scope?

Cyber Security Field can provide you with many high-paying jobs. This industry is widespread. Cyber security course in Riyadh will provide you with job opportunities anywhere in the world.

Following is a list of a few career options that you can explore.

Job Profiles and Roles after Cyber Security Course in Riyadh  

  • Security Architect: analyzing the efficiency and capacity of a system’s security. Similarly, performing risk assessments, penetration tests, and ethical hacks on the system’s firewall and other security measures. 
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): developing security measures and policies to protect a firm’s systems and accordingly, overseeing its implementation. 
  • Security Software Developer: creating cyber security software and applications. 
  • IT Security Consultant: identifying and assessing potential risks to a system.
  • Cryptographer: This involves changing simple information into ciphertext, called encryption. This also converts back to normal text with deciphering.


The average annual salary for a Certified Cyber Security Professional is SAR 1,54,000.


Every industry makes use of the Internet. Transmitting and storing huge amounts of data every day, they put their company’s most valuable information in the hands of computers. However, this is possible only through secure connections, intricate protections, and preventative measures that the companies take against risks. The Internet is laden with threats, virus attacks, malware, and scams that possess the intent of stealing and misusing your data. 

Consequently, a cyber security professional is an important job in today’s world.

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  1. What are the types of cyber security certifications?

Firstly, the domain of cyber security has different degrees, 

  • Associate’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Master’s degree

There are also a variety of certifications that one can obtain. 

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • Certified Cyber Security Professional 

Depending on the level of experience you already possess and wish to gain, you can choose the best course.  

  1. What does a cyber security course in Riyadh include? 

A basic cyber security course typically covers all aspects from a standard knowledge of cyber space to online threats, cyber-attacks, potential risks to a system, and ways of mitigating them. In fact, this includes a variety of concepts like hacking, phishing, passwords, and encryption. Some other topics included in the course are Antivirus software, penetration testing tools, and cryptography.

  1. What are the skills of a cyber security professional? 

For instance, some basic skills that one possesses after completion of a cyber security course are: 

  • Technical know-how in computer forensics.
  • Strategies for assessing, addressing, and solving risks. 
  • Precision to detail, helping in hacking. 
  • Strong analytical and diagnostic abilities
  • Knowledge of typical web vulnerabilities
  1. Which are the top companies hiring cybersecurity professionals?

These are the companies that hire Cyber Security Experts:

  • Apple
  • Cisco
  • Deloitte
  • HCL Technologies
  • Intel
  • General Motors
  1. What exactly is cyber security? 

Cyber-attacks and unauthorized access lead to misuse of data. Data can also be stolen from your systems. 

Cyber Security is a way in which technologies and processes are used to protect computer systems. It also protects networks and sensitive data of an organization or individual.


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