Best 10 EMT Courses in India

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EMT courses are one of the most demandable courses in India. Any person can suffer illness or need any emergency treatment. Emergency Medical Technician steps forward and handles the patient till reaching the doctor. 

Take the case of the pandemic situation(COVID19). The whole earth was struggling to get beds and proper treatment.EMTs gave basic life support to the patients by supplying oxygen, glucose, and much medical help.

So this course is ideal for those who want to manage emergency situations. Do you want to make your career in the paramedical field? This blog will help you to provide information regarding the best 10 EMT courses in India.

Best 10 EMT Courses in India

Emergency Medical Technician courses are available in different levels like Certification, Diploma, Graduate, and Postgraduate levels. Some of the courses are:-

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin marks as the top Global Edtech company. Equally, it adds to the best online university with 200+ programs. Presently the institute feels proud for being the best out of five Edtech startups in India. The institute is one of them to provide EMT courses in India.

Key benefits of selecting Henry Harvin

  • You will get to learn through the reference of the NSDC Curriculum.
  • While doing an EMT course, take the benefits of 100%practical training. For example – learn the core fundamentals of anatomy & Physiology.
  • While studying you can use mobile and access the E-learning portal.
  • Enroll in the course and attain gold membership. Particularly it will provide you the facility to attend lectures as convenient. Different batches are available.
  • Apply for the internship for a better understanding of the course.
  • After successful completion of the internship, you will get placement support.
  • Get the recognized certificate and participate in the monthly bootcamps.

Emergency Medical Technical Course Module

Generally, the institute has divided the course into modules.

  • Foundation
  • Technical

Complimentary Modules

  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing

Duration of EMT course

The course consists of 6 Months Live Interactive classroom sessions. You can check the recordings. Additional study resources are also available on the learning portal.

Fee Structure

Institute provides two options.

  • Self-paced course- The fee charged is INR 59,400/-
  • Live Online Classroom – The fee costs INR 66,000/-.Here providing extra benefits of live training.

Additional courses available

If you belong in the medical field, you can check other courses available. Similarly some of them:

  1. Operation Theater Technician course
  2. Medical Laboratory Technician course
  3. X-Ray Technician course
  4. CPR and First Aid course

You can also check-writing courses provided by the institute.


Live online lectures are conducted by the institute. But, you can check the center available nearby your city:

  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata

2. Smart Academy (Tech Mahindra)

Tech Mahindra delivers one of the best EMT courses in India. Institute gives the best opportunity to join the course. You will get the certification and become a certified Emergency Medical Technician. You will learn all the life-saving procedures.

Key benefits of selecting Smart Academy?

  1. Learn by qualified healthcare professionals 
  2. Centers are available in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Mohali.
  3. The smart academy has a proper infrastructure for healthcare students. They have labs and students’ learning equipment.
  4. Regular training to crack the future interview and get placement.

Emergency Medical Technician Course Duration

The EMT course duration as per the institute is 12 months.

Topics included

EMT course will include various topics like

  1. How to respond the emergency calls
  2. Clinical criteria of a patient suffering from illness
  3. Handling patients from different age groups
  4. How to manage different disease emergencies

Eligibility criteria

The student should give the 12th standard. Academy has made eligibility as the minimum age should be 18 years.

Additional descriptions

  • The candidate will the first responder in medical emergencies
  • Location can be a hospital, mobile ambulance, or an emergency room.

3. Virohan

Virohan is an institute affiliated with NSDC. The team focuses on building the career of learners in the healthcare industry. You can get the benefit of placement support with a web of over 650 associations.

Key benefits of selecting Virohan

  1. Understand using “MyCareer App” having class track and examinations
  2. 24*7 query clearing help by the institute
  3. Revision tests to review the improvement of the students
  4. NSDC certificates by the academy

Emergency Medical Technical Course Duration

It is a certificate course of a 6-month duration for EMTs.

Fee Structure

The certifications course costs around INR 35,000.


The learner should have passed class 12 from a recognized institute. Marks should not be below 40%.

4. Coursera

It is one of the most suitable learning platforms for learning Emergency Medicine technical courses. Coursera partners with grander than two hundred universities and groups. It makes the course flexible, and affordable. Even a person is doing the job, they can take the course. They deliver the best studying opportunities. Students can handle hands-on projects and courses.

Key benefits of selecting Coursera

  • Flexible learning platform where you can work on your own time.
  • If you are not located in the EMT training center, then no worries. Institute doesn’t limit to geography.
  • You can afford the fee as compared to a traditional EMT course.
  • Top industrial expert trainers will guide you throughout the course.

Emergency Medical Technical Course Duration

The course will take approximately 7 months to complete. There are six-course available related to EMT specialization. The duration of every course differs.

 Fee structure

The fees range from different EMT courses. Coursera offers many free modules for the EMT courses.

EMT Course Structure

Coursera has a checklist of EMT courses. You need to select the course depending upon your interest. Some of the course details:

  1. EMT Foundations-This course contains the introduction of the emergency medical system. 
  2. Medical Emergencies: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation-This include the knowledge and skills to assess and stabilize the patient for transport.
  3. CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness- This relates to the skills to assess a patient with a sign of shock.
  4. Trauma Emergencies and Care-Basic understanding of the trauma on the human body.
  5. Pregnancy, Infants, and Children during an emergency- This involves the pediatrics skills which comes under the highest stress patients.
  6. Prepare for the EMT certification test.

5. VIVO Healthcare

VIVO Healthcare focuses on providing skills to save lives. It carries its long-term goals. Institute offers the students various programs. 

The programs consist of theory, simulation, and practical skills.EMT course is one of the best courses in the healthcare sector.

Key benefits of selecting VIVO Healthcare

  • Get the NSDC certificate in your hand.
  • Internship opportunity with the course
  • Various courses are available in the EMT field. Select as per your knowledge in which you fall.
  • Learning all the basic emergency lifesaving procedures

Emergency Medical Technical Course Duration

  • Theory+Simulation course consists of 360 hours.
  • The clinical internship consists of 250 hours

EMT Course Structure

The course consists of various descriptions like:

  • Foundation- It has Anatomy & Physiology, medical terminology, general pharmacology.
  • Preparatory- Teaching all types of preparations like lifting and moving skills.
  • Basic life support and first aid
  • Airway Management
  • Ambulance Operations


The candidate should pass 12th or any healthcare professional.

6. Impact Paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute (New Delhi)

IPHI makes a beautiful edge for the paramedical sciences and ancillary healthcare benefits in India. It meets the needs of ambitious paramedical students. The institute concentrates on delivering paramedical courses for various levels of students. It is one of the best EMT courses in India.

Key benefits of selecting IPHI?

  1. Affluent academic infrastructure makes the class more interesting.
  2. Generously ventilated classrooms and library facilities create a good study environment.
  3. A job counselor shows career support for the individual growth of the candidate.

Emergency Medical Technical Course(EMT)

This course consists of the basic skills regarding EMT.


Any 12th pass student with a minimum age of 18years or above.

Other courses offered:

You can check other courses as well. Some of them are:

  • B.Sc Medical Lab Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Lab
  • B.Sc Ophthalmic

7. Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services, Kerala

The institute is popularly known as “God’s own country”.It focuses on providing the best medical care to the patients. Similarly, it instructs EMT courses to the students.

Why should you select the Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services?

  • Certified by the Australasian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians(Australia)
  • Perform the task after successful completion of the course
  • Respond to the emergency medical protocol easily

Emergency Medical Technical Course takeaway(EMT)

After learning the course, the candidate will be able to perform the following jobs:

  1. Knowing the seriousness of patients and providing the required emergency treatment
  2. Handle the patient by proper lifting and moving.

Centers available

Centers are open in different parts of Kerala.Like:

  • Kottayam
  • Kochi
  • Trivandrum

8. Institute of Paramedical Science & Management

IPSM is one of the known institutes in the paramedical field. It molds students professionally in the healthcare field. Significantly it boosts the morale of the students. Like in the EMT field, the acquired knowledge is applied to practical use and becoming a responsible human being.

Why should you select the Institute of Paramedical Science & Management?

  • One of the best institutes providing Govt. affiliated courses to the students
  • Job Oriented courses are available
  • Institute is a tie-up with hospitals, labs, and hotels. An internship opportunity is available.
  • Affordable fee structure with extra facilities.

Emergency Medical Technical Course Duration

This is a diploma course of 1year/1months.


Students should clear the senior secondary level.

9. Life Supporters Institute of Health Sciences

LIHS is one of the premier NGO institutes providing EMT courses. The vision is to be the best health care training center with its excellence. With adding skill and up-skill, the institute looks forward to providing courses to healthcare professionals.

Key benefits of selecting LIHS

  • Highly experienced medical instructors
  • Best training methodology
  • NSDC certified courses

Emergency Medical Technical Course Content:

  • Preparation of handling the patients
  • Patient Assessment and trauma
  • Working in medical emergencies
  • Operations theory


The Student should be a minimum 12th Pass

10. Cradle Institute of Paramedical Sciences

Institute provides the best EMT courses in India. After consistent efforts, the institute has blossomed at a high rate. It comes under an NPO since 2006.

Key benefits of selecting CMES

  • One of the best paramedical colleges in Delhi
  • Training by the high qualified medical instructors.

Emergency Medical Technical Course Duration

It is a short-term course of 6months.


Emergency Medical Technician course teaches many skills to the students. Firstly the duties include providing emergency medical services. Secondly, it teaches about handling the patients and proper assessment.

We came across many courses from the above blog. The demand for EMTs in the healthcare industry is growing at a higher rate. If you want to be a part of this field, grab the best opportunities waiting for you.

Mark the checklist and start learning!

Frequently Asked questions

1. Do I need the requirements of maths to be an EMT?

No, generally you should know basic maths

2. What is the average salary of an EMT?

As per the research, the average salary of an EMT is INR 10K-15K per month.

3. How many hours do EMTs work?

EMTs deals in emergencies. So there can full-time work of 12 hours. Shifts range from different timings. The hospital provides a 24*7 support system. So the shift timing varies.

4. Are there any other jobs familiar to EMTs?

Some of the similar jobs are:
i.Physician Assistant
ii. Emergency dispatcher
iii. Lab technician
iv. Surgical technician
v.Fight paramedic

5. How do I become an EMT?

The first step is to earn a high school diploma from a reputed university. Then complete a post-secondary EMT program and earn a certificate. Select the best institute as per your choice.


  1. EMT courses in India are gaining popularity due to the increasing demand for skilled healthcare professionals. This informative website offers detailed information on EMT courses available in India, guiding aspiring individuals to choose the best training program suited to their career goals.

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