Top 10 English-Speaking Courses Online


Top10 English Speaking Courses online is to Boost Your Confidence of course, I‘ve curated a list of the Top 10 resources devoted to improving speaking skills. Indeed, each has specific advantages; the aspirant can sign up for a course listed below. Equally important, the learning programs will be of great help to the learners. As a result, I will discuss some of the great ones

10 English Speaking Courses online to Increasing Your Confidence

1. Henry Harvin 

The Excellent institution for learning English Speaking course online. This course improves grammar and vocabulary skills and also gives fluency in English speaking. Indeed, The English-speaking Courses of Henry Harvin follow the CEPR.

Nevertheless, This academy’s English-speaking course has an extensive curriculum and guides the students in speaking English.This course has  9 in 1 course, certainly.Of course, The training includes 6 levels.Without a doubt, The expert guide for the internships  Indeed, this academy bestows one-year post-completion of the course with placement support. In fact,  they provide government-approved hallmark certification.Then,   they offer Bootcamp, and, free gold membership for a year, and many more.The unique feature they  have is free access to recorded videos 


The other cities of Henry Harvin’s English speaking course online

Agra ,Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Online

 Some of the Language Academy courses@ Henry Harvin.

  • French language course
  • Japanese language course
  • German language course
  • Spanish language course

 2. Fluent U- English speaking course online

FluentU is a website and app. It teaches  English using short web videos like music videos, movie trailers, and new clips. Fluent u  is tremendous for the learners in English by exposing them to real-world content. The videos in the program come with interactive subtitles.  The aspirants will access a video dictionary where they can see the word’s definition, example sentences, and a pronunciation guide.

Fluent language learning tools are more intuitive and easier to follow and remember in English. The method of learning can help with speaking skills. In fact, all the videos have a personalized review quiz. In iOS and Android also you can use the Fluent u app with the speech recognition feature that gives practice for pronunciation, during the session.

3. Oxford online English

 Oxford Online English has provided customized English lessons At the same time. Oxford online English has a number of English courses,  which are devoted to speaking skills.

After we book a class, we’ll be coordinated with a native teacher. They sent video lessons over Skype or WhatsApp.Equally important, with each and every assignment we‘ll get personalized feedback to improve our skills. There is access to lessons that will help in overall language learning. Likewise, They provide flexible pricing.

4. London School-English speaking course online

Another option for personalized English lessons is London School Online. They provide skype English lessons and they cover speaking and presentation skills which is helpful in the workplace environment. It provides  IELTS exams. In addition to this, they offer an English for Hospitality course which is an excellent choice for developing soft skills. It also gives effective communication

5. Alison

Alison helps to improve both speaking and writing skills. It suits those who work in academics and journalism as well as students. It’s a course on how to use language effectively and gives tips for exams and also how to approach the text. It teaches the right tone and voice to use to get vital communication. It will support them during the paper presentation as well as when they are facing a large audience. 

This short introductory course of two to three hours is completely free. It comes with a certificate that they can add to their cv. As I said this Introduction to Conversational English Course promises to improve my English-speaking confidence.   


  Future Learn helps to improve speaking skills for an exam.  of course, IELTS is one of the popular exams that are used to measure English proficiency.

The British Council’s FutureLearn platform is devoted to the IELTS exam, where you are presented with tips on how best to master speaking skills, as well as improve overall communication skills.

Additionally, the learner has to commit to three hours a week for three weeks.

7.Perfectly Spoken

Perfectly Spoken has numerous English-speaking resources of varying levels.

Their courses are taught with video lessons and cover different topics with speaking skills. Besides general beginner, intermediate and advanced courses that cover situation-based English. Nevertheless, we can get free resources, which include live practice sessions on Facebook, in English -language. podcasts, clips on Instagram, and blog posts. 

There are also other free resources, including live practice sessions on Facebook, clips on Instagram, and blog posts and podcasts. The price plans of this academy include practice tests, specialized courses with unlimited lesson access, and also certificates of course completion.

8. ABA English  -English speaking online

 ABA English is a Digital English language school. It has a special study course. It helps the learner turn into a confident English speaker. Anyone can download it on a smart device so that they can learn on the go. They categorized  144 units into six levels. At the same time, it has its own teaching method which is based on video lessons and short films filled with English dialogues. It helped to improve comprehension skills as well as speaking and writing skills. They provide conversation lessons to get special practice with the teacher and also live class. 

9. British council-English speaking online

Indeed, those who are interested in the language can find a lot of English -learning resources in the British Council. These resources can work great for the aspirants.  It offers a self-study online course for $ 8.30 /month. This course comes with many lessons which help to improve English communication skills. This skill helps both social and workplace situations.

 They release one new content every month, to keep learning fresh. They also contact live sessions and even book private tutor sessions. These courses focus on conversation skills.

10. English class101

The course in English class 101is for adult learners. Of course, this course combines video and audio lessons with written summaries. Some of the resources and lessons in English class101 are available for free, while more advanced features were available for a paid membership. It includes quizzes, flashcards, and the unique feature of this app that permits one to record the learner’s pronunciation and as well compare it with native speakers. Its community forum empowers aspirants to interact with other learners. It helps to strengthen their skills. It provides the basic course at $ 4 per month and the premium course at $ 10 as well as the premium plus $ 23. 

Wrap up

If you are choosing an online English course online, You should understand what you wish to achieve. If you want to develop reading abilities vocabulary skills or knowledge of grammar? There is a course on this list, of course.

Self-motivation might be hard, while regular practice is the way to success. To get fast progress in your language skills, you can get help from our search filters to choose the perfect course for your learning destination. As I said, real speaking practice makes it easier to get your English language skills in real life.

Check Henry Harvin Reviews


Q . 1.Are Spoken English courses in online helpful?

Ans. course, spoken English classes were developed by top professionals which help to boost the speaking skills.

Q 2. Name the different levels of language proficiency.?

Ans.There are 6 levels of language proficiency as per CEFR. They are A1,A2,B1,B2, C1, and C2 and these levels are used to signify the LSRW skills.

Q.3. Do you think learning English language difficult?

Ans. No, once you get acquainted with the basics of the English language, the rest will come easy to all.


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