10 Best Medical Coding Courses Online in Chandigarh


Medical coding courses are one of the best courses which are highly demanded in India. This course is one of the best for those who want to join the medical field. But students/professionals get confused about how to start reading the course. Medical coding builds the foundation for every hospital by providing medical code and recording patient data.

Are you thinking of joining the medical coding course in Chandigarh? Do you want to know the eligibility criteria and about different institutes? Start reading the blog to learn information about different institutes and their details.

Medical Coding Courses in Chandigarh

1. Henry Harvin(Best Medical Coding Courses)

Henry Harvin is one of the top institutes to provide medical coding courses. The institute provides its vision and mission to create value for every student. The institute receives many awards for its extraordinary contribution to the education sector. It is a global ed-tech company that provides every skill irrespective of age. Students get recognition from top companies and publishers. Top newspapers like Tribune and Times of India recognized the institute for becoming the best institute in skill-based courses.

Why should you select Henry Harvin?

  • Henry Harvin gives the option of selecting nine in one course.
  • Students get the option of an internship. They can get practical skills by doing the internship program.
  • Training sessions are held online. Students get to interact with their trainer in a live classroom or online mode.
  • The students conduct regular boot camps to keep motivated and participate through #askhenry.
  • The medical coders also receive placement opportunities after completing the course.

How to Apply for Medical Coding Courses?

  • You need to contact the counselor of Henry Harvin to choose the batch of your choice.
  • Attend the instructor-Led sessions of the medical coding course.
  • Complete the assignments given by the trainer during the medical coding sessions.
  • Apply for the certificate once after completing the courses provided by the institute.
  • Get Course Certification of Certified Medical Coder from Henry Harvin Finance Academy ahead of your name.

Course Modules of the Medical Coding Courses:

  • There are twenty-six modules of the medical coding courses as per the institute course structure.
  • Some of the important topics covered include:
  1. The world healthcare
  2. Medical Terminology
  3. Human Anatomy
  • Institute also provides complimentary modules to upgrade the skill of the students.

More Courses offered:

  • Medical Writing 
  • Different Management courses
  • Accounting and Taxation 
  • Teaching courses
  • Language 

2. Udemy(Learn Medical Coding Courses CPC)

Udemy is one of the best institutes to provide the best medical coding courses in Chandigarh. It gives many opportunities to students through its best teaching methods. In the category of medical coding courses, there are many options provided to the students. They get to know about different topics by purchasing the videos. The course fee structure depends upon the level chosen by the students. Udemy comes under the best self-paced courses for learning medical coding.

Eligibility Criteria as per Udemy

  • Medical coders getting ready to switch from ICD-9 CM to ICD-10 CM are the target audience for this training.
  • Beginners who desire instruction in medical diagnosis coding
  • People that desire to enter the medical coding sector
  • Job seekers who want to work in the medical coding industry
  • Anybody with an interest in medical coding
  • Anyone who wishes to learn more about their medical history or current condition

3. Xpert Healthcare Group

Xpert Healthcare Group is the one-stop destination for medical coders. They provide the best medical coding courses with a certified course structure. Besides the course structure, the whole curriculum followed by the institute ranks at the top. The institute conducts the mock exam before the final exams such that every student gets the certification.

4. ISkills Solutions

Iskills Solutions is the top institute to provide medical coding courses in India. It gives the option of a placement opportunity after completing the course. The course structure is high quality, and the top institutes accredit them. There are different duration available for the medical coding course. Candidates can either go for weekday classes or weekend classes. They provide the opportunity of learning from home with certain requirements.

5. Academy of Medical Coders India

The Academy of Medical Coders India is dedicated to offering a readily available, interactive global platform to disseminate widely spaced-out training programs in medical coding. It focuses on various programs with the help of PowerPoint, literature, and journals and covers different study modes.AMCI covers all the important topics needed for medical coders. Students can take the course online mode.

6. Cigma Medical Code Academy

Cigma is India’s most trusted medical academy to provide different medical field courses. The vision of the institute is to teach the medical coding course conveniently. They follow international standards for teaching students. Institute has eight modules for the medical coding course. Students learn the course and get eligible to sit for the AAPC exam. They get many benefits from the medical coding course taught by Cigma Medical Code Academy. The institute provides other programs that fulfill the students’ interests.

7. Elate Academy

The greatest medical coding education is provided by Elate Academy, which teaches the principles of medical coding. Every student gains confidence from the online academy’s top course module. After the course, they receive a free externship and one more training. India’s Elate academy is an AAPC-approved institution. The online training offers the best PowerPoint presentations, interactive lectures, and discounted lectures. The institute offers a wide range of medical training courses with the best placement prospects.

8. Magnet Medical Coding Solutions

Magnet Medical Coding Solutions is the top medical coding supplier for all new birds. Since 2014, the area of medical coding courses has grown as a result of consistent efforts and dedication. There are three key coding books, per the institute’s course description. The course’s objectives include learning all the coding rules with various techniques and applying operative coding reports in various practical ways.

9. Genus Healthcare Solution

It is one of the best institutes to provide the healthcare sector course. The training includes different videos which guide the student in medical coding. The course length is two months duration which the expert trainer teaches. Students get the option to learn through the experienced faculty and clear their doubts. After completion of the course, they get certificates from the institute.

10. Coursera

One of the top online learning environments for medical coding courses is Coursera. Coursera collaborates with more than 200 colleges and organizations to offer flexible, inexpensive, and employable online learning to individuals and businesses worldwide. They offer learning possibilities, ranging from practical projects and publications to certificate and diploma programs that prepare students for employment. Coursera is a global platform that provides students with various courses at the best price.

Why Coursera?

  • Top industry expert trainers, 
  • a top-notch learning platform, 
  • an affordable pricing structure, 
  • and job career skills


The economy’s beating heart is now the healthcare industry. From the above blog, we came across many institutes that provide medical coding courses. It could change depending on the environment outside. Every student has their availability and time. You can take the course even if you are a professional and want to enhance your career. If you take the appropriate course, you will become a crowd of knowledge. A lack of knowledge could not point you on the right route.

The best financial career can be made in the medical coding course. Not taking the risk will carry significant risks. This post has given you enough information on the healthcare industry and medical coding institutes. You can choose any institute and get the certification for medical coder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the demand for medical coders in India?

According to the research report, the demand for medical coders has increased by 40%.In the coming years, there will be more growth in the health sector. People are very concerned about their health. Many people do regular checkups.

Can I learn the medical coding course online?

Yes, after seeing the demand for the course, the institute gives the option of learning courses online. Students can choose the medical coding batch at their convenience and learn the course. They give the option of clearing queries due to living interactive sessions.

Is there any exam applicable to the medical coding course?

Yes, students must appear for the CPC exam after completing the course.AAPC conducts the CPC exams for medical coders. Many institutes train their students to pass the CPC exams.

What is the average salary of medical coders in Chandigarh?

In the beginning, the average salary of medical coders ranges from INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 4.5 lakhs.

Do I get the option of clearing queries in the online medical coding classes?

Yes, the institute allows students to ask queries during their classes. Even if the course is self-paced, they get the option to raise queries through chat support. Students can directly approach their trainer by their contact number. There is very less difference between the online and regular classes in medical coding.


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