Top 10 Medical Coding Certification Courses In Ahmedabad


So finally, you have decided to pursue a medical coding course, but you are still confused about which institute you should enroll in, aren’t you? Well, take a sigh of relief because you have landed on the right page. With this in mind, we will lend a hand to you in finding the best medical coding courses institute as per your requirement.

Top 10 medical coding courses in Ahemdabad.

Thanks to cyberspace, the entire world is just a click away now.

Moreover, this modern-era knowledge system has given the opportunity to cities like Ahmedabad also, where there is nominal presence of physical medical coding training institutes, to seek top-quality education through virtual platforms. Hence, we have listed such topmost 10 medical coding courses in Ahmedabad for your help in detail.

 What All Medical Coding Courses Are Available In India?

 In India, there are six standard HIPAA-mandated code sets for different needs. Medical coding courses are differentiated by the type of coding method and the code’s purpose.

All the courses that are available in India a listed below-

1. Procedure codes(CPT Current Procedural terminology)

2.Diagnosis codes(ICD: International classification of diseases)

3.Dental Procedure Codes( CDT: Current Dental Terminology)

4. Drug codes(NDC: National Drugs Code)

5.Another procedure code (HCPCS)

6. Coding of inpatient services

Why Is Medical Coding Emerging As A Career Option In  India?

India is the second largest medical coder producer in the world up to the present time. We have around 15000 coders and the number is mountaining day after day. Moreover, in accordance with the revenue ministry, this industry is forecasted to become a $400 million sector in the following years. This itself is the epitome of the fact that your demand as a medical coder is going to skyrocket not only in India but in the entire world, in the long run. The best part about your chosen course is it towers the investment very well. In fact, a career like medical coding has a promising salary package that ranges between 1.3 lakhs to 4.3 lakhs per annum.

On the positive side, all reputed medical coding courses centers now broadcast their classes online. Now even you who are you aspirants of medical coding courses in Ahmedabad can avail a class from a college situated overseas.After all, this is also another most important reason now anyone can avail everything via world wide web. Therefore, In the first place it’s now easier to pursue a medical coding course even there are few training centers within the urban place.

A detailed list of the Top Medical coding courses in Ahmedabad is given below-

1. Henry Harvin-Best course for medical coding

Henry Harvin is an unparalleled institute in terms of training and certifications. It has an experience of more than a decade in the transfer of first-class education so far.

There are 11+  offices situated in the USA, UAE, and India.

Moreover, all the staff is strongly dedicated to providing top-notch skills and intellect to the aspirants. After all, it has successfully trained and placed 3,00,000+ students all over the world before.

          Recognizations &Accreditations

  • Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, MSME, UKAF, UKcert, ministry of corporate affairs, ISO 29990:2010, project management institute(PMI),
  •   Winner of Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the under 40 Business World Award

        Why Henry Harvin-

  • Training + Projects + Internship + Certification + Placement + E-Learning + Masterclass + Hackathons + Gold Membership (all in one box)
  • The inclusive curriculum includes all aspects of medical coding courses i.e.CPT, IPC, HCPCS.
  • Provides 100% practical training so far.
  • In fact,all the experts are certified in the respective subjects that they teach.
  • 100% refundable fee if not satisfied by the course.
  •  Teaching add-on skills like resume building soft skills, Bootcamp sessions. 
  • Placement drives after completion of the course are held customarily.
  • All the course material is available online with a 24*7 helpdesk.
  • Course duration is 90 hours online , in-person training and  self-paced options are also available.
  • A separate LMS account is allotted to every student so that they can access study material, coordinate with instructors and submit assignments.
  • Bootcamp sessions are conducted for add-on information and updating of Skills on a weekly basis.
  • The instructors are very cooperative and solve every query and doubt with ease in detail.

         2.  AAPC

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AAPC is India’s biggest education platform for medical coding and billing. A stringent code of ethics is followed by all the members of AAPC. So, this ensures a high level of integrity, professionalism, and ethical behaviour in the organization. Moreover, this institution not only sets standards but also preaches and teaches them. Therefore, the students of medical coding courses in Ahmedabad have a golden opportunity to avail of education from this first-rate centre online.


  • They are the creators of industry accreditations for medical billing and coding and set standards for the same.
  • They have more than 30 years of teaching experience, which has helped them to deliver an 80% pass rate.
  • Employment support after the course,2000 nationwide job database and part of national conferences so far.
  • In fact, career counsellors are there to enhance your career.
  • Numerous financial aids including different plans.
  • Online classes are available which makes learning easy in a flexible environment in detail.

 Courses provided-

  • CPC
  • COC
  • CIC
  • CRC
  •  All Advanced certificate courses like advanced ICD-10-CM code set training

 Courses Fee-Rs 98,724                     

3.AMCI (Academy of medical coders of India)

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               AMCI falls under the hat of the Institute Of Goods Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI). This Institute is registered as a non-profit society (under The Societies Registration Act,1860). Matchless expert professionals from entire India have joined hands to share their expertise, experience, and know-how, which makes this institute one of the best in pharma and food.

The Academy of Medical Coders India (AMCI) is the leading institution for medical coding courses and practices. Therefore, to cover all parts of India under one umbrella, Academy of Medical Coders of India also gives online training for medical coding courses. In fact, this is a major advantage for you who are seeking medical coding courses in Ahmedabad.

            Recognitions & accreditations

  • Recognised by the government of India, ministry of commerce and industry, approved by FSSAI.
  • Affiliated with the Life Sciences Sectors Council and NSDC.

               Why AMCI-

  • An integrated study material in hard copy form is provided as per need.
  • Assignments have to submit on a regular basis to assess understanding before starting of new modules.
  • Doubt clearance sessions are held before every exam.
  • All the experts put their cent percent efforts into imparting complete medical coding courses essentials in detail. 
  • Weekly assessment and evaluation are done after the completion of each module to ensure that students make it out of the exams with flying colors.
  •  All classes are conducted on weekends for convenience and feedback is welcomed.

             Courses provided and fee

  • Post-Graduate Diploma-Rs 35,000
  • Executive diploma-25,000
  • Industry Certificate-20,000

 4. Cigma medical coding academy

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           Cigma is the premier certified institute from which one gets specific skills in around three to six months. After all ,this very center focuses on producing industry-ready coders by strictly following AAPC standards. Therefore, they aim is to nurture future coders with hands-on experience and training. Hence Cigma has been rated one of the perfect ones when it comes to medical coding courses so far.

        Why Cigma

  • A trusted name in the industry with a 500+ employer’s network.
  • A separate placement portal that only focuses to ensure the placement of all candidates.
  •  They have 24*7 reachability by phone, mail, and chat as well.
  • Dedicated personnel to convert students into employed coders.
  • Taught by AAPC certified trainers.
  • 80% pass rate.
  • Personalized attention and guidance from trainers and other faculty too.

                  Recognizations and Affiliations

  • AAPC
  • MSME
  • Ministry Of Corporate Affairs
  • Education partner of Australian RTO-EHE
  • Affiliated with Partner Institute of KASA- Skill Development Mission of Government of Kerala, American health Information And Management Association,
  • ISO-9001-2015 edu tech company

                  Content Covered in their modules

Module 1Anatomy,physiology, and medical terminology
Module 2ICD
Module 3CPT
Module 4HCPCS
Module 5Medical billing and reimbursement
Module 6 & 7Mock test and AAPC exam preparation

5.Medesun Healthcare

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          Medesun Healthcare is proven for its updated knowledge and advanced teaching methods.  Every class, even though it is conducted online, has a constructive orientation in it in general. They provide extreme mobility by providing online classes that can be taken at your convenience. Hence when it comes to private institutions this institute has prestige in medical coding courses.

        Why Medesun

  • Comprehensive study modules designed by Dr. Guptha itself that have a full spectrum for CPC exams in detail.
  • Self-paced course, so no pre-planned guidelines are given for medical coding courses. 
  • Money return guarantee if you fail to pass the exams. As can be seen they will surely refund the fee if you are unable to crack the exams provided you have given your best efforts.
  • Practical application of knowledge is tested by 7 mock tests before final exams.
  • Application of IPC-10 codes in procedures etc. is part of modules.

        Course fee-

 The minimal fee structure for medical coding courses is rs.82,524.

6. Resolve Medicode

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     Resolve medicode is amongst the outstanding medical coding courses in Ahmedabad, they believe in providing realistic solutions for every problem.So they stand at each turning point with students, at the same time assisting them to overcome their hinderance with adequate answers.

     This association extends its hands up to its capacity to ensure that each of its students gets certified as a result.

     Why Resolve Medicode

  • Online classes with excellent technological support.
  • Industry-oriented guidance and training.
  • Highly skilled experts with certified know-how.
  • Most leading name in private institutions for medical coding courses in Ahmedabad.

      Courses provided

  • Basic medical coding-CPC-A
  • Advanced certification in medical coding-CPC

7.  Acusis

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   Acusis is a pioneer in medical transcription and coding, it entered the field of medical coding courses in 2015. It’s a well-reputed international brand that helps in opening gates for Indian students on a global platform. In fact all outstanding performers are welcomed into their elite team as a result. Acusis medical coding training team provides a free webinar on registration. All the classes are conducted online.


  • This course includes detailed knowledge of US healthcare and revenue cycle management. So, all the aspirants of medical coding courses in Ahmedabad, this is a golden ball for you.
  • Decades of old experience in producing coders.
  • All the trainers are CPC-certified.
  • Self-paced course.If you miss out classes you take them whenever you want.

  Courses provided

  • Medical coding training -3 months duration
  • CPC (Certified Professional Coder)\COC (Certified Outpatient Coder) Certification Training – One-month free prep for those aiming for certification

            Their one golden ball for the seekers of medical coding courses in Ahmedabad, AMCT facilitates work from home too. So, now you earn as a medical coder while sitting at home.                  

8. Apex Medical

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           Apex medical is a multinational corporation that specializes in providing medical treatment and services, total bed solutions, respiratory therapy, sterilization equipment, and other various types of equipment.These are essential in hospitals, rehab centers, and nursing homes.In fact they have also taken initiative to dispart their aptitude in the form of medical coding courses. They have both an online and offline training platform which enables them to access medical coding courses in Ahmedabad too.

 Why Apex

  • 100% pass record in CPC as a result.
  • Best trainers and faculty that will help to convert your ambitions into success.
  • Pays focus on soft skills and interview preparation too. Not only medical coding but life skills are also taught along with the basic curriculum in detail.
  • 100% placement record. They have tie-ups with prestigious companies which gives excellent placement opportunities.

  Course Provided Along with Fee Structure

Name of coursedurationfees(Rs)
PMCB-A3 months26,000
PMCB-A(weekend)3 months26,000
CPC practice session1 month10,000
PMCB-B2 months21,000

9.Clini Launch Research Institute

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This academy goes hand in hand with recent technological changes which are also included in their holistic curriculum of ethical clinical research, medical coding, writing and data management. Besides all the subjects are updated time to meet industry standards and employment requirements at the same time. They conduct online classes as well which is an option for medical coding courses in Ahmedabad too.

                Why Clini Launch Research Institute

  • Online presentations with the most effective training methods and presentations in detail.
  • Virtual classrooms stimulate the real hall meetings conducted offline.
  • They mock tests and inclination arrangements.
  • Well-functioning and supporting placement cell.
  • Meetups with MNCs.

                   Courses provided

  • Medical coding for CPC training
  • Certification in medical coding
  • Advanced diploma in medical coding   

10. Genus

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  Genus healthcare has been part and parcel of the US and Indian healthcare industry for more than two decades now. Besides they are also an emerging outsourcing firm of medical billing and coding services to clinics, hospitals, labs, and whoever requires their service. Customization is their specialization; they give customized solutions to large BPOs.

Genus is an organization that not only supplies services but also creates service providers that are coders and billers through their training institution. All the learning is provided via electronic mediums. So, students of medical coding courses in Ahmedabad can also attain through their virtual platform.

Course duration–  The freshers will take around 120 hours and masters will take approx 80 hours.

Course length– Most of the students can easily complete the course in 2 months.

Class days and timings- classes would be conducted from Monday to Friday for 2 hours.

The course includes- The three main manuals CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS level III are taught ,so that students get enough knowledge about the guidelines, processes, and procedures necessary to clear the exams.

    With oscillating  times the nature of work and mode of seeking education has also altered. We millennials have born with a silver spoon in our mouth,  because in this era you really do not need to step out of the door to get certified and start earning money.

This article has listed the topmost institutes for medical coding in Ahmedabad. Every center puts its wholehearted efforts into training its candidates. Besides they are conducting online classes, but then also quality is never compromised. Let it be Henry Harvin or any other rated institution. Rather online coaching bags endless perks as evaluated to offline. All of these training establishments ensure that candidates crack the exams by holding doubt clearance, feedback sessions, mock tests, etc on a regular basis.

We have given you several possible options to choose from along with their plus points and detailed information about courses provided by them. Hopefully, this article will help you in deciding the best course for yourself according to your preferences.

Besides you have already chosen such a career path which is going to boom aggressively in upcoming years. So, there is no doubt that you will have a shining future ahead. All the best! young coders.


Q.1 Do we need a certification to become a medical coder?

A.All the employers look for certification accredited by  AHIMA, AAPC, or Meditech or from any other association that is approved to certify as a certified professional coder, coding specialist, or medical coder.

Q.2 What is the expected initial stipend of a fresher? 

A.According to industry standards the initial yield to be expected from any employee either in India or outside is $35,000 per year. But it totally depends upon your capability and the job profiles of various companies.

Q.3 Can we work from home after completing medical coding courses?

A.In this world full of advanced resources it is completely possible to work from home as a coder. You can work as a contractor or an employee at any hospital. So it’s a win-win situation for those who aspire to continue their career right from their home. In this digital era, a mother who has completed medical coding courses in Ahmedabad can earn dollars from the USA.

Q.4 Do we need any previous experience or expertise?

A. Medical Terminology Knowledge· 
-Life science background· 
– MBBS/ BAMS/ BHMS/ BDS/ BPT/ BUMS/ B Sc nursing/ B pharmacy/ GNM/ can learn easily because of their expert knowledge of Medical Terminology.
– For Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Life science Graduates can also EXCEL in this field if they acquire Medical Terminology knowledge.

Q.5 What are the job profiles open for coders after training? 

A-There are a plethora of job positions available after getting certified.
1. Inpatient coder
2.Coding auditor
4. Medical coding instructor
5.Coding supervisor6.Health information manager


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