Top 10 Medical Writing Courses in India: 2023 (Exposed)


India is one of the oldest and magnificent Countries in the world. The capital has been taken, stripped, and restored numerous times, especially during the feudal period. Contemporary India is a cluster of several cities spread across the urban region. For many centuries, India has played a dominant role in the education sector especially when it comes to the Medical division. The nation’s top research colleges and hospitals are situated in the Capital. Looking for the best institutes in the capital for medical writing could be tiring. Don’t worry, in order to help you out and make this process easy we have mentioned the top ten institutes’ details along with some other helpful aspects.

As we know, all new pills go through the frequently complicated process of clinical trials and regulatory procedures that lead to market approval. This requirement for the clear articulation of medical science pushes the demand for well-written, standards-compliant reports that medical professionals can easily and quickly read and understand. Similarly, medical institutions engage in translational research, and some medical writers have experience offering writing support to the principal investigators for grant applications and specialized publications.

All this writing comes under the medical writing program. A medical writer utilizes the principles of clinical research in developing clinical trial documents that effectively and clearly describe research results, product use, and other medical information. We can see Medical Writing is one of the most trending career options and it will continue to be amongst the top. The aspirants can use their scientific or medical background to earn a high income just by working from home.

In medical writing, there is no danger in being too precise—only in being imprecise, said Edith Schwager once. So here is the list of the top 10 medical courses with precise details you could take in the capital of India as per your preferences. 

1. Henry Harvin

Medical Writing is one of the fastest developing disciplines. As a Medical Writer, you get exposed to multiple career opportunities with various contract research organizations, healthcare websites, journals, magazines, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Henry Harvin’s training center helps you to improve your writing skills as a Medical Writer. The Medical Writing Courses in India discusses the genres of Medical Writing, the importance of a Scientific Background, Effectively communicating with the Medical details to a Non-Medical audience, necessary traits to succeed at freelance Medical Writing. The 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin®️ Writing Academy includes e-learning access through recorded Videos, Games, Projects, CPDSPe Studies, free Bootcamp sessions along guaranteed Internships.

The program and experienced trainers are incredibly helpful. The 16 hours of live fun and interactive classroom sessions guide you towards the right path. The mentors give the facility to undergo projects in scientific writing, the drug-development process, and more. The trainees earn certification of Medical Writing Course from Henry Harvin® which is recognized by the Govt of India. 

2. James Lind Institute

The Medical Writing training program in India by James Lind Institute will provide you with a well-organized understanding of the fundamental areas of medicine development, clinical analysis processes, clinical trial management, and medical writing. It will be boosting your abilities and experience to the level required of clinical research and medical writing professionally. Moreover, the Advanced Medical Writing Training Program in India trains you to write documents such as medical case reports, clinical trial reports, clinical study protocols, and various medico-marketing documents. It opens up opportunities for you both in core clinical research as well as specialist. If you are looking to focus on clinical research we would suggest you go for the program. 

3. Symbiosis

Symbiosis’s reputation precedes it. As we all know Symbiosis has made its name in the education sector pretty well. So going for a course by this learning center would bring lots of knowledge for you. It caters to the paucity of credible learning options. This program aims at providing comprehensive insights on medicinal, managing, and precise writing to those applicants wishing to add meaningful value to their careers. It is India’s one of the dominant educational organizations.

This Medical Writing Courses in India is full of varied options for students. The healthcare domains like pharma, medical device companies, clinical research organizations, academic institutions, publishers offer alluring career paths for aspiring academicians, post-doctoral students, scientists, and researchers. Proficiency in medical and scientific writing is a prerequisite now for teaching career aspirants. 

4. CLINI India

CLINI INDIA is a thriving Research Institute in the capital of India that has quickly earned premium credits for perfection through its innovative path to clinical research. They offer a wide range of research and training programs in India. For example, Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, and Regulatory Affairs. Medical writing as a purpose became established in the pharmaceutical world because the industry-recognized, it requires special skill to produce well-structured documents that present information precisely and concisely. Hence the training is a must. A growing number of new medicines go through the increasingly difficult process of clinical trials and regulatory procedures that lead to market approval. This drives demand for excellent medical writers.

5. Coursera

Clinical research is an exercise, designed to estimate new interventions to prevent or treat disease in humans. The mediations evaluated can be drugs, devices (e.g., hearing aid or cancer removing tools), operations, behavioral medications (e.g., smoking or drug cessation programs), society’s health programs (e.g. cancer or tumor screening programs), or health delivery systems (e.g., special care units for hospital admissions, etc).

Coursera considers clinical experiments because the researchers rather than the subjects or their doctors select the procedure that the patients receive. The course explains the basic principles for the design of randomized clinical trials and how they should be reported. In the first part of the course, students will be introduced to terminology used in clinical research and the several common designs used for clinical trials, such as parallel and cross-over designs. The team also explains some of the mechanics of clinical terms, like randomization and blinding of treatment.

The second half of the course explains how clinical trials are analyzed and interpreted. Finally, the team will review the essential moral considerations involved in conducting trials on people. The top research institutes and universities have tied up with Coursera to provide the best education to everyone. 

6. Udemy

This course helps you to decide whether medical writing is a suitable career choice for you to pursue or not. The conditions for taking this course are an advanced degree in science (eg. MD or Ph.D.), English fluency, and writing ability. Medical writing is a professional choice that very few people have discovered, but for someone with a piece of strong scientific knowledge and writing ability, medical writing is a great way to earn a sturdy income working from the comfort of your own home. In this course, the trainer will introduce you to medical writing as a career choice. Following topics will be discussed during the program;

  • What medical writing is and what it is not  
  • Types of clients you can expect
  • Genres of medical writing  
  • The importance of a scientific background  
  • The importance of writing ability  
  • Necessary traits to succeed at freelance medical writing 
  • The software and equipment you’ll need as well as how to promote yourself  
  • How to transition from your day job and whether you should seek a staff job first or go straight into freelancing
  • The steps you need to take to get into medical writing
  • What a day in the life of a medical writer is like 
  • And last but not least, the type of income you can expect to earn


The Executive program by RAPS Medical Writing Courses in India has been designed by keeping in mind the zest and vigor in industry employees to know and experience work areas other than their own. The Institute offers skill improvement with extra training help in the parallel movement of employees within the company. RAPS thus offers an executive diploma course in Medical Writing in the capital of India.

In this program, the time-related matters and issues of working candidates will be answered in the form of a part-time course which was designed to comfort the working schedule of employees while time guiding and training them about each major to minor detail of the clinical research industry at their convenient pace. If you are working and have a busy schedule then this course will be helpful for you for sure.


IGMPI institute conducts an industry certification in a medical writing course. The course offers 14 modules that talk about the introduction to Medical Writing its types and requirements, writer’s Role -Need or Basis, tools used for Medical Writing- Reference, Writing Style and Resources, Medical Writing for Clinical Research Industry, Writing for Regulatory submissions and Drug Promotion Activities (IND, NDA, BLA, SNDA, ANDA) and a lot more. The e-learning program offers other benefits like;

Online learning– Offering the convenience of selecting time (less time than a regular course), place (e-learning means learning at home), e-tools (classes, lectures, presentations, and other course material and guidance available 24X7), etc.

Executive learning– Modules designed for employees already knowing the industry. Crisp, practical, and adequate knowledge provided. But each and every aspect of the industry is covered

Focus on strength- The employee with his experience in the industry and knowledge of processes and work methodologies of all other departments of the industry can now easily select to shift to another one of his/her interests. An added Diploma helps in brightening growth prospects for the employee too.

9. Emediwrite Pvt

Emediwrite Private Medical writing course has come up with training with a certificate in the medical writing course. Working hands-on expertise is the best way to learn medical writing as per the team and we couldn’t agree more. As long as you have a good command of the writing English language, good clinical knowledge, and excellent PC skills you can get into this promising field. The team encourages people to understand the dossier preparation in CTD Format, eCTD Submissions, Scientific Writing (Manuscript, Abstract writing, review articles), Documents in Medico Marketing, achieving the flow and cohesiveness. 

10. Biomed Informatics

Biomed Informatics Medwin Hospital is an advanced Clinical Research Organization offering one of the best Medical Writing courses in India since the year 2000. The rapid growth in the Medical Writing, Scientific Writing business has rendered into a huge interest in the number of Medical Writers. Professionals are endeavoring Medical writing as the favored choice for their careers across the Globe like India, the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Singapore, Europe, and Canada. The course offers many features:-

  • Web-based classroom
  • One faculty/student
  • Placement support
  • Regular/Fast track/Weekend individual slot
  • Flexible timings
  • Training Mode: Skype/Teamviewer

In conclusion, we would say that these research institutes, learning centers, and organizations provide a panel where medical writers meet and share knowledge along with their experiences. These companies promote professional development and standards of documentation excellence and help medical writers find career opportunities from the capital of the nation. All these organizations offer a significant Medical Writing Course at different expenses and by focusing on different key factors. If you have the zeal to do great in medical writing then go ahead take a training course today and start working on your career. The single most important feature of any Medical Writing Course is lucidity.

There are useful guidelines to write in fairly short sentences, keeping the words and phrases as simple as possible. Reading the article aloud is a good way of discovering how intelligible it is and some authors normally write their first drafts by using a tape recorder. It is also helpful to read articles written by masters of medical styles, such as Richard Asher and William Boyd. The courses would talk about managing the review process (Quality Control Check/Proofreading Concept), judicial/ copyright issues in medical writing & unethical practice, ethics and ethical guidelines for clinical trials and good clinical practice (GCP), clinical trials -latest updates of new drugs and clinical trials rules along with industry-based case studies. 

As H. G. Wells said, No passion in the world, no love or hate, is equal to the passion to change someone else’s draft. Hence, follow your passion today by taking a Medical Writing Course. The employment of Medical Writing Course is projected to grow 15 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is a very steady growth rate as juxtaposed to other Industry professions and Industry average. Don’t worry about your degree.

A degree in Science is preferable but not a mandate when it comes to taking the Medical Writing Course. Even if you carry some experience in medical or scientific writing then that would be as good. You are free to discuss your case with our team of counselors for further clarification. Start improving your medical writing skills today. To improve and get on top of the Medical Writing Course, do work on the following;

  • Work-based on grammar and vocabulary.
  • Build a habit of reading every day.
  • Develop clear thinking by eliminating contradictions.
  • Develop your own writing style by practicing writing every day.
  • Familiarize yourself with medical terminology and concepts.
  • Organize your thoughts before writing.
  • Correct the first draft after corrections.
  • Decorate your writing with quotes and stories to make it more interesting.
  • Be open to feedback to improve your writing.

Medical Writing Course is not an easy field. The field is very competitive and has very long hours. Medical Writing Course involves developing and production of digital and printed documents that deal in detail with medicine or health care. Moreover, there are looming targets that need to be completed. This makes medical writing somewhat stressful. So make sure you give it enough time to the Medical Writing Course so that you get enough profit in return.


Q1. What makes me want to become a medical writer?

Ans. Medical copywriters with a medical background and the ability to write good copy have lots of opportunities in this industry. Additionally, there is great potential for advancement within the field, especially if you are recognized for delivering high-quality work on time.
Check out the Medical Writing Courses in India article to learn more.

Q2. After medical writing, what can you do?

Ans. Typical editorial roles include:
Associate Medical Writer.
Medical Writer.
Senior Medical Writer.
Principal Medical Writer.
Lead scientist for a scientific team.

Q3. What is the salary of medical journalists?

Ans. While ZipRecruiter is reporting salaries as high as $185,000 and as low as $20,000, the majority of Medical Journalist salaries are currently between $34,000 (25th percentile) and $143,000 (75th percentile), with the top earners (90th percentile) making $182,000 annually.

Q4. What are the benefits of working from home as a medical writer?

Ans. Look for advice from seasoned freelance medical communicators if you are a new remote medical writer. Many of them have worked remotely for years – in some cases, decades – and have navigated the challenges of remote writing successfully.

Q5. What can I do to improve my medical writing skills?

Ans. Develop your knowledge. The medical writer must have a basic understanding of life science concepts and terminology.
Develop your analytical and statistical skills. From data analysis to industry analysis, medical writers perform a variety of analyses.
Take ownership and remain consistent. 
Stay up-to-date


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