Top 10 TEFL Certification Courses in India: 2023


Teaching English can lead to a lucrative career that takes you all around the globe. English is in high demand, and you’ll find eager pupils of all ages eager to learn it. Although some nations allow native speakers to teach without a degree or certificate, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course can help you improve your career prospects and earnings. Most importantly, it can provide you with the resources you need to become a more effective teacher for your pupils.

India is a vast country with diverse temperatures, terrains, and people, ranging from the huge metropolis of Mumbai and New Delhi to the Himalayan Mountains or the Thar Desert. Overall, it is the ideal location for an ESL instructor wishing to expand their horizons beyond the classroom. India’s TEFL market, although being the largest in South Asia, is significantly less developed than that of East or Southeast Asia. This makes it a perfect place for new teachers who want to train and get their TEFL certification in the region but are put off by the ESL field’s expanding, fierce rivalry. You will never be bored while living or visiting India because of the vast diversity of culture, history, and cuisine.

What is a TEFL certification?

what is tefl certification

Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Teaching English as a Second Language (ELT), and Teaching English as a Second Language, is an acronym for teaching English as a foreign language (ESL).

This is a globally recognised and accepted qualification for teaching English to non-native English-speaking countries online or around the world. A TEFL certificate is required to work in English schools. All you need is professional-level training for TEFL certification, and you’re ready to be hired for English schools abroad, online educational institutions, and government organizations.

Who Can Do This TEFL Certification Course?

The TEFL Certification Course fits everyone interested in the teaching field or aspiring teachers who are willing to explore a wide range of teaching jobs spread across the globe and who are already involved in the teaching profession. They can easily acquire TEFL Certification online courses while sitting in the luxury of their homes.

This course will be most suitable for:

  •  Aspiring teachers seeking to start a career in teaching
  •  Experienced teachers looking to teach in foreign countries 
  •  A corporate employee looking for a teaching profession
  • Graduates seeking to start a career in teaching
  • Homemakers and housewives seeking to be an English teacher
  • Aspirants looking to settle abroad
  • Retired personnel who want to be productive and successful after retirement should consider
  • Willing candidates looking for a part-time job to teach English


We considered two primary reasons while determining the top online TEFL Certification course: the program’s review scores and the number of reviews it had received.

Our goal is to select the programmes that are actually the best: they have more and better reviews than the average for similar programmes, and they are backed up by enough reviews for us to feel comfortable approving them.

Finally, we make these selections based on our own expertise in the sector. We want to make sure we’re recommending courses that have been thoroughly reviewed by both users and experts, so we can be assured that the programmes listed below are the best of the best!

A-List of the Top 10 TEFL Certification Online Courses in India

1.Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

The Henry Harvin Academy provides a 100% TEFL Certification course with unmatched flexibility, universal acceptability, and reputation.

 The 120-hour TEFL Certification online course is a common choice among those who enrol in Henry Harvin Academy. The course comprises 11 core units, each with comprehensive training and resource content. Some are mandatory and others are optional based on the learner’s competency.


  • 36 hours of instructor-led interactive core sessions.
  • Following that, there will be 24 hours of bootcamps spread out over the next 12 months.
  • Access to 60 hours of e-learning, including a wealth of teaching resources and strategies, video materials, tests, and many more.
  • Attend as many batches as you like for the next year from the time you enrol, and won’t have to pay anything extra.


  • Henry Harvin Education provides certification in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) as well as other areas.
  • On completion of the course, the American Association of EFL offers a reputed certificate (AAEFL).
  • On passing the Cambridge TKT examination, you will receive a TEFL certification from Cambridge.
  • After passing the test, you can receive an additional TEFL certification from Training Qualifications UK.
  • Become Microsoft certified on completion of the Microsoft Certified Educator Program.

 The course costs INR 26500/-

2. Asian College of Teachers–Diploma in Teaching with a specialisation in TEFL

The Asian College of Teachers (ACT), a multi-award winning teacher training organisation in Asia, has redefined teacher education by incorporating the latest teaching and learning methodologies while imparting training to teaching aspirants not only in modern teaching methods and approaches but also in pre-service teacher preparation.

What you will learn:

  • The course covers both conventional teaching methods and ESL/EFL teaching perspectives.
  • Trainers gain practical teaching skills as well as a comprehensive understanding of current teaching styles, such as TEFL methods.
  • Modern teaching methods of English as foreign language comprehension and lesson planning are all covered up in detail in this course.
  • Each of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are combined.


Fees: INR 29999 (18% GST if applicable).

3. London College of Teachers-TEFL Course in Mumbai

International TEFL Canada is a globally recognised institution that provides TEFL and TESOL aspirants with partnerships, certifications, and membership. Academicians with decades of experience and knowledge in the area of ESL and teaching from all over the world make up the company. The motive of the organisation is to give candidates the best in the ESL teaching programme by combining their experience and knowledge of the subject. The London College of Teachers is honoured to be an institutional affiliate of this organisation, which provides an internationally recognised TEFL course.

 Duration of the course:  Full-time for 3 weeks (150 hours)

 Fees for the course: INR 50,000 (inclusive of GST)


During the course, you will be provided assistance with accommodation with their station candidates. Their representative in Mumbai will provide the candidates with all the information required.

4.TEFL Masterclass: A Complete 120-Hour TEFL Guide

Making educational selections online has never been simpler, easier, or more relevant, and you can trust The Alpha Academy for your future. Taking this TEFL Masterclass: A complete 120-hour TEFL will guide you to discover ways to stand apart from the crowd and reveal your real capabilities to employers and customers.

 If you are willing to learn the TEFL path course here, you will benefit from the knowledge and required skills, information, and competencies essential to take your profession and career to new heights.

The TEFL Course can be opted as part-time or full time as per an individual’s requirements.

The course is for present professionals and new aspirants in the teaching profession. It will enhance their knowledge and skills, which will be beneficial for opting for the globally recognised TEFL course, which will take their career to new dimensions.

This course includes:

  • 3.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Access for the rest of your life
  • Mobile and television connectivity
  • A Certificate of completion

 What you will learn:

  • With an industry-recognised TEFL certification, you can just jumpstart your career.
  • Learn how to teach non-English speakers grammar and vocabulary.
  • Encourage children to improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.
  • Familiarise yourself with a variety of TEFL teaching methods.
  • Being an instructor improves your English pronunciation and linguistic abilities.

Duration: 3.5 hours.

The course costs INR 1280.

5. The American Tesol Institute – TEFL Course in Kolkata

The TEFL course from the American TESOL Institute is an international training institute that provides aspirant EFL/ESL teachers with the most modern methods of successful language teaching, providing a whole new world of opportunities by assisting in the hunt for teaching jobs in the prosperous TEFL industry, which ranges from public schools to private language institutes. The TEFL certification allows you to work as Business English Teachers or Voice and Accent Trainers.

Special Features of this course:

  • The course curriculum is global standard.
  • The guidance provided by experienced tutors
  • An internationally accredited certificate
  • On completion of the course, get certified and explore exotic locations as an EFL teacher.


  • All high school diploma holders, with or without teaching experience, are welcome to enrol in this course.
  • The course is open to aspirant and ambitious teachers from any educational or professional background, but they must be fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Freshly graduated students from college or those considering a career change are also welcome.


  • TESOL Advanced Course-80 hours
  • 140-hour TESOL Foundation Course
  • 200-hour TESOL Expert Course

 Mode of Instruction: Online/In-Class

Fees for the course: Varies as per the course duration.

6.International TEFL and TESOL Training

Since 1993, ITTT has provided high-quality teacher training programmes, graduating thousands of students every year, making them the industry leader in the provision of TEFL/TESOL training courses.

Their TEFL/TESOL courses are becoming increasingly popular in India. The certificate they give you at the end of the course is a well-respected credential that allows you to teach English in India and around the world. Studying ITTT in India offers you a once-in-a-lifetime treat to stay in a colourful and charming city.


This course is for those who have no prior TEFL/TESOL experience, or who want to get their first TEFL certificate, as well as anyone who is currently working or plans to work in the area of teaching English, whether online or in a classroom.

Mode of Instruction: Online/In-Class

120-hour duration

 Benefits of the course:

  • You will have access to a mentor who will guide and help you during the course.
  • There are video and written course materials accessible. This is perfect for visual learners.
  • There is a free specialised TEFL/TESOL course. It increases your employability.

7. Intesol Worldwide offers a 120-hour online TEFL Course.

For ambitious teachers interested in pursuing a rewarding career in the field of teaching English as a foreign language, INTESOL offers a 120-hour online TEFL course. For people who enjoy both teaching and travelling, EFL teaching can be a rewarding experience. The ever-increasing popularity of TEFL has created an insatiable need for qualified EFL teachers. Children’s English instruction is an inextricable aspect of EFL training. The TEFL course includes a lesson on teaching young learners to equip aspiring instructors for a global teaching profession. You’ll learn the most effective methods for engaging pupils and conveying knowledge to them.

 The Specifications of the Program: 

  • Students will be qualified for two certificates from INTESOL and ALAP upon successful completion of the course.
  • The certificate is internationally recognised and plays an important role in obtaining a teaching job and developing a career.
  • Furthermore, all students will obtain an ALAP transcript, which will be their permanent academic record. Any other institute in the world will not send you a transcript.

Eligibility:  A degree in any area.

Duration: 120 hours (completed within 6 months)

Mode: Online (self-paced course)

The course will cost INR 15,000 in fees.

8. APTTI-Post Graduate Diploma In TEFL/TESOL

The certification programmes TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are for teachers who want to teach in another nation. While these courses are primarily for English language instructors, they are also appropriate for subject teachers who wish to travel overseas and teach in a country where they are not fluent in the local language. This online TEFL course is essential for teachers in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to teach any subject.

 A TEFL Online Course is required for teachers who work in schools, colleges, and universities. Corporations and language institutes that are TEFL certified hire adult language trainers.

Duration: 280 hours (completed in 10 months)

The course costs INR 25000 + GST.

Mode of Instruction: Online/In-Class

Teaching young learners or teaching business English

 What you will learn:

  • Study the most up-to-date teaching methods for English in various countries.
  • Obtaining an international certificate is required in most countries.
  • Native tutors with decades of experience provide the training.
  • Throughout the world, they have 100 per cent job assistance.
  • Teaching methods for both young children and adults.

9. Coursera – A Task-Based Approach to Teaching EFL/ESL Reading

This course uses a task-based approach to teach reading skills in English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL). The task will be defined, and the essential concepts of task-based language teaching (TBLT) and learning will be discussed. In TBLT, communicative tasks are the main unit for designing language learning activities. You’ll also learn about the value of reading in everyday life, as well as in second and foreign language instruction, and the latest research on the TBLT/second reading interface. Language reading and language learning might be linked effectively in reality.

The course finishes with the creation of task-based resources for using in your language classroom to teach reading.

Duration: 23 hours (Self-Paced Course).

Mode: Online

Certification: On completion of the course that can be shared.

Language: English (Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, and Spanish are among the subtitles available.

10. CerTESOL – Oxford TEFL in Kerala

The Oxford TEFL Kerala has everything you’d expect from a modern teacher training college, and it’s the perfect place to get your TEFL certification.

The tutors have extensive experience and are Dip TESOL/Delta trainers, and they are to assist you during the course.

What you will get:

  • An internationally recognised, coveted qualification (CELTA equivalent)
  • A minimum of 7 hours of teaching experience is required (6 hours observed)
  • Dynamic workshops and sessions
  • A learning atmosphere that is positive, lively, and supportive.
  • World-class experienced tutors
  • Small groups and a friendly atmosphere
  • Free 20-hour introduction course (included in the course fee)
  • Participants receive the official Trinity CertTESOL certificate upon successful completion of the course, allowing them to work anywhere in the globe. 

Duration: 5-weeks (134 hours)

Mode: In Class

When and where to look:

The city of Calcutta (Kolkata), the former capital of British India, is unsurprisingly the most popular site for TEFL courses in India. Calcutta, known for its intellectual and cultural past, is a fascinating city to visit and learn about. Furthermore, most TEFL programmes offer classes all year (or about 5 to 6 per year). Make sure you leave enough time between your TEFL certification course and the start date of your preferred job. 

Presently, most of the big cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Cochin etc. provide TEFL Certification Online courses which help the aspirants to get enrolled according to their convenience.

Post-TEFL Resources:

It’ll be time to start looking for a teaching job overseas once you’ve completed an intellectually rigorous course. You must decide if you want to teach in a K-12 school, a language school, or a corporate office if you are enrolled in a TEFL certification programme that includes job help or internship placement. This is mostly determined by your professional objectives and interests.

If you want to go it alone with your job hunt, you have the same possibilities as those stated above. You could also volunteer or teach at an international school. International schools want skilled educators with at least two years of experience in the field of education. They frequently require teachers to teach specific subjects, such as math, physics, or the visual and performing arts and music. You will not get paid as a volunteer teacher, but it is a great alternative if you are searching for a short-term teaching position or want to give back!


Conclusion :

Teachers of ESL (English as a Second Language) help non-native speakers of all ages and levels acquire the formal grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of spoken and written English while also raising their confidence in their abilities. They can converse clearly and comfortably with native speakers if they have confidence in the language’s common usage.

An ESL programme is a set of courses meant to assist students who want to acquire English as a second, third or even fourth language. These programmes employ bilingual teachers who work with pupils to improve their speaking, writing, and reading skills.

When pursuing a TEFL Certification course abroad, few teachers consider India. Teachers who aim to work in India frequently obtain a TEFL certificate in their home country. However, there are currently various options available for teachers who want to travel and explore before settling in one region for work.


1.  What are the requirements for a TEFL course in India?

You must be at least 18 years old and a natural English speaker to enrol in a TEFL course in India (or be near-fluent).

2.  What types of TEFL courses are available in India?

A 120-hour course or a combination of TEFL and an in-person internship are the two most prevalent forms of TEFL courses available in India.

3. How can be having a TEFL certification help me advance in my career?

After completing the TEFL course, you will be able to:
Earn the most prestigious and well-known certificate.
Get access to a unique platform of the most highly paid jobs as an EFL teacher and be spoiled by endless employment offers from all over the world.
Fulfil your desire to travel to new nations with diverse natural and cultural landscapes.
Upgrade your work title and resume to reap the rewards.
Displaying your AAEFL accreditation will help you carve out a niche for yourself.

4. When can I start the course?

You can start the course as soon as the enrolling process is finished. It does not have a set time.

5. Is this a recognised and accredited course? 

Yes, this course has the highest level of AAEFL accreditation and is internationally recognised.


  1. TEFL Certification in India is a great opportunity for aspiring teachers to enhance their skills and explore a vibrant teaching landscape. This comprehensive course equips you with the necessary tools to excel in the field, opening doors to exciting teaching opportunities.

  2. The article provides valuable insights into the best TEFL certification options in India. Aspiring English teachers can benefit from the detailed information and reviews, making an informed choice for their career growth in the country.

  3. TEFL certification in India opens doors to exciting teaching prospects. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of India while preparing to inspire students with English language skills. This certification program ensures you’re equipped with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your teaching journey.

  4. TEFL certification in India opens doors to exciting teaching opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or new to teaching, this course enhances your teaching techniques and boosts your employability worldwide. Experience India’s captivating heritage, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality while making a difference through English education.

  5. Henry Harvin is the best TEFL course that one could possibly opt for to equip themselves in the field of teaching. The entire package of quality teaching, a robust internship, and 100% placement assistance come together seamlessly to deliver the best results. You will emerge as a complete product with all-round skills ready to take on any challeneges in the teaching space. Overall, I would recommend that you go for this course as there is none like it.

  6. Henry Harvin Education is the best place to get trained in one of the training professional courses i.e., TEFL. The trainers here always keep supporting the learners to upskills their knowledge and train them in such a great way that they become ready for the industrial challenges in the field of TEFL specially. It is an affordable course to take up and definitely provide you with all the ultimate benefits in return of your investment. I strongly recommend you opt Henry Harvin for the professional courses.

  7. I took the TEFL course at Henry Harvin and was impressed with this online course. I already had some background in this area and am not a junior teacher, but still felt this course was sufficiently challenging for me. The self-study material was useful and relevant and was complemented by one-one-one sessions with an experienced tutor. I received thorough personal feedback on my assignments and lesson plans and would definitely recommend this course.

  8. The Henry Harvin Tefl course was intense but it was worth every second of it. I really left on the last day feeling ready to work. The teaching practices and class observations are a very hands-on form of training from which you learn a lot in such a short period of time. I would recommend Henry Harvin tefl course to anyone who is serious about working as a teacher.

  9. I took this course just to learn more about teaching and education and I ended up learning far more than I expected. The course was designed well and the online platform was set up to work at your own pace so I was quite happy to know I can study when I have time. After taking the TESOL course, I also took the teaching business english course and learned even more. After getting certified, I was also still interested in learning more and Henry Harvin offered more courses so I could keep learning. Overall, I have been completely satisfied with Henry Harvin and I still keep going back to learn more.

  10. The Henry Harvin TEFL course was definitely a 10/10 experience! Although it’s intense, we had an incredible instructor to guide us and help us every step of the way. I’m much more confident in my ability as an ESL teacher now after having learned about critical teaching techniques, online classroom management, and of course doing practical teaching with students! This was an amazing experience I will never forget and I can’t wait to see where this certification will take me in the future!

  11. I am a public school teacher and I have been teaching for 20 years. I was very pleased with the feedback I received from the teacher on my assignments. It was always helpful and my teacher didn’t waste any time giving me constructive criticism right after my assignments were complete.

    I found the directions very clear and easy to follow and I very much enjoyed my experience with Henry Harvin. Upon completion of this course my emails were always promptly returned when I needed transcripts or if I had any follow up questions.

  12. I am so thankful for my training at Henry Harvin. After successfully completing the course, I received several job offers to teach English and obtained my current job. I feel strongly that the face to face course was instrumental in preparing me for my current position and my employer has commented on my level of confidence and competence. I have recommended Henry Harvin to several colleagues who asked me about my experience. They completed their TEFL course online and are interested in taking a face to face course in the future.

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to the administration at Henry Harvin. Thank you for all you have done to make my transition to teaching English in Mexico so successful.

  13. Getting my TEFL certification with Henry Harvin was hands down one of the best decisions of my life. The month-long course is rigorous but once it is over it is so rewarding. The TEFL trainer is an incredible teacher. Trainer loves her job so much making each day of learning fun and making you excited to come to class the following day. Not only is the course incredible but also is Trainer, the place you get to call home for a month or maybe you will never leave.

    If you are even considering doing this program stop thinking and sign up, you will not regret it.

    Huge thanks to the Henry Harvin Staff and most importantly trainer for making my experience so special and rewarding.

  14. Henry Harvin has the absolute most kindest tutors and staff, always willing to help make your learning experience convenient which is amazing. The course itself is so rich with knowledge!

  15. Absolutely fantastic course! And the lady I spoke to when I was having issues was so lovely and helpful! It was one of the greatest experiences and I’m so excited to go further!
    The delivery of the course was easy to navigate and also compact enough that it wasn’t overwhelming while still being full with knowledge! I think it has excellently prepared me for going further and working abroad confidently and comfortably!

  16. The course greatly expanded my understanding of mindfulness and gave me great understanding of how it can be used & taught to develop students academic performance.Excellent course– learned a great deal and inspired to learn more. Thank you so much and a special thanks to Trainer entertained my minute queries even.

  17. Henry Harvin was a wonderful experience, and I am very happy and satisfied that I chose the program! The content and approach presented by Trainer is very friendly and broken down in easily navigated stages. I also really appreciated the ability to take my time and complete the program at my pace and between other activities. I would highly recommend the Henry Harvin program to anyone seeking to begin or continue their teaching journey, and I am excited to be certified and part of a growing family of professional educators. Thanks very much Henry Harvin!

  18. HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best place to learn, grow and pave the way to success in TEFL. The entire course curriculum is so well-updated that it meets the current industrial trends. In fact the course fees are also affordable and getting trained here is worthwhile for sure.

  19. Umm… it’s a good course, with broad coverage of the relevant areas of expertise in TEFL. While the course is detailed enough to fully furnish new teachers with the skills they need to teach English, it does not waste time by getting stuck on expansive topics. Proved to be a cost-effective and qualitative solution for my TEFL requirements.

  20. Henry Harvin provides an incredible four-week TEFL direction. terribly arch and pleasant instructors helped the North American nation through this excessive course however the experience won become extremely worthwhile. Henry Harvin is that a nice institute for the TEFL route. I am therefore appreciative of the skilled assist, aid, and comments provided with the help of the old academics on this application. Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction (TEFL) at a reasonable charge. Henry Harvin is that the problem-solver. I appreciative of Henry Harvin as I buy to expertise a very new method of distinctive TEFL certification course with such a reasonable value. on the far side appreciative for providing Pine Tree State the most effective support.


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