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SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling) course is beneficial for understanding financial education and how to manage financial transactions of an organization. This course aims to teach you about accounting and help you grow in this field with all the required information.

To generate financial statements for analyzing and help an organization in planning and decision making, this course will help you gain this ability. Other than SAP FICO, there is a variety of SAP (System Applications and Data Processing) courses available.

Following is the list of top 10 SAP FICO courses available online:

1 Henry Harvin Education

SAP FICO S/4 HANA Course Training

Henry Harvin focuses on training about accounting and controlling using SAP FICO software on the S/4 HANA server.


  • Course Duration – 44 Hours
  • Course Fees – Self-Paced Course, 26550 INR, and for Live Online Classroom, 29500 INR.
  • Curriculum –
  • Introduction to ERP.
  • SAP FI – Financial accounting basic settings.
  • SAP FI – General ledger accounting.
  • SAP FI – Accounts payable.
  • SAP FI – Accounts receivable.
  • SAP FI – Asset accounting.
  • SAP FI – Reports.
  • SAP CO – CONTROLLING Basic Settings for controlling.
  • SAP CO – Cost center accounting.
  • SAP CO – Internal order.
  • SAP CO – Profit center accounting.
  • SAP CO – COPA reporting.
  • SAP integration.

Complimentary Modules

  1. Soft skills development.
  2. Resume writing.
  3. Certification – After completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of SAP FICO S/4 HANA Training course certification by Henry Harvin, recognized by the Government of India.

Why choose Henry Harvin Education?

Henry Harvin is amongst the top institutions and its certificate is recognized globally. While enrolling for the course, you will receive Gold Membership for one year.

This will give you access to recordings of different batches by different trainers. It also includes regular brush-up sessions for 1 year. Other than this, Henry Harvin is willing to offer you internship and job assistance.


Email –

Phone – + (91) 9015266266

2 Udemy

SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling) Certification Training

SAP FICO Training by Udemy will teach you how to manage the financial data of an organization. FI stands for financial accounting and CO stands for controlling accounting. It is one of the most used SAP modules and is beneficial for management.


  • Course Duration – 31 lectures divided into 12 sections/ 24h 38m
  • Course Fee – 1200 INR
  • Curriculum –
  • Introduction.
  • Enterprise structure.
  • Financial accounting basic settings.
  • General ledger accounting.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Asset accounting.
  • Controlling.
  • Internal orders.
  • Profit center accounting.
  • Integration.
  • Overview of product costing.
  • Certification – You will receive the certificate after the completion of your training.

Why choose Udemy?

Udemy is willing to provide one of the best training modules of SAP to help you with your SAP career. Other than that, Udemy offers up to 155000 courses to about 40 million students. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers all the basics required to start your SAP career. This will gain you experience with the SAP system.


Email –

3 Gangboard

SAP FICO Training

Gangboard’s SAP FICO training is designed to make you an expert in various accounting topics like a ledger, cash journals, etc. It aims to train the basics and advances of SAP FICO to get you placed in top MNCs.


  • Course duration – 30 Hours
  • Course fee – 35000 INR
  • Curriculum –
  • General ledger accounting.
  • Cash and bank accounting.
  • Accounts payable.
  • Accounts receivable.
  • Asset accounting.
  • SAP FI consultant level.
  • SAP CO – controlling areas.
  • SAP CO – master records.
  • SAP CO – cost element.
  • SAP CO – cost center accounting.
  • Transaction–based posting.
  • Profit center accounting.
  • Certification – Get trained by experts and receive your certification.

Why choose Gangboard?

Gangboard has trained up to 2000 trainees. After applying for the course, you will have LMS access for a year and 24/7 support. You can even choose if you need one-to-one training or a virtual classroom.

Thus, completing SAP FICO training from Gangboard will help you gain techniques that will eventually help you start your SAP career.


Phone – +91 9707 240 250

4 ShapeMySkills


ShapeMySkills’s SAP FICO course is customizable and is willing to provide you the knowledge required to start your programming career.


  • Get expert counseling.
  • Receive your course materials prepared by expert trainers.
  • Curriculum –
  • SAP FICO – basic.
  • SAP FICO – organizational structure.
  • SAP FICO – basic accounting.
  • SAP FICO – asset accounting.
  • SAP FICO – financial accounting.
  • SAP FICO – global setting.
  • SAP FICO – general ledger.
  • Treasure management.
  • SAP FICO – tax configuration.
  • SAP FICO – accounts payable.
  • SAP FICO – accounts receivable.
  • Investment management.
  • Attend one of the exclusive courses with affordable fees and trainers who are willing to solve the maximum of your needs.

Why choose ShapeMySkills?

SAP FICO course by ShapMySkills is an exclusive course trained by experts. It has trained up to 10000+ students and is also provided placement assistance.

You will gain 24/7 e-learning access to brush up on your concepts. Its live online classes will solve your maximum doubts and with its advanced teaching, you will get hands-on training.


Email –

Phone – +91 987 3922 226

5. ZaranTech

SAP FICO Training

The SAP FICO training includes the basic concepts and fundamentals related to finance and controlling. SAP FICO being one of the most broadly used modules will help you begin your SAP career as an SAP consultant.


  • Course duration – 60 Hours.
  • Course fee – 899 USD
  • Curriculum –


  1. Introduction to SAP R/3.
  2. Financial accounting basic settings.
  3. General ledger accounting.
  4. Accounts payable.
  5. Accounts receivable.
  6. Bank accounting.
  7. Data migration.
  8. Asset accounting.
  9. New general ledger accounting.
  10. Reports.


  1. Basic settings for controlling.
  2. Cost element accounting.
  3. Period end activities.
  4. Internal orders.
  5. Profit center accounting.
  6. Profitability analysis.
  7. Certification – Get certified by ZaranTech and get recognition around the world.

Why choose ZaranTech?

ZaranTech along with its online classes will also provide you with case studies of 5 hours and assignments. You can have lifetime access to the materials with 24/7 support.

It is aligned with many companies in the US. It is also willing to help you build up a strong resume and interview assistance.


Email –

Phone – +1 515 309 7846

6. TechVidya

SAP FICO Course Training

TechVidya’s SAP FICO training is designed in such a way that it covers all the important topics. It will provide one-to-one training to its students with various examples to easily understand the concepts.


  • Course duration – 2-3 Months.
  • Course fee – 30000 INR
  • Curriculum –
  • Introduction to SAP FICO.
  • Organization structure.
  • G L configuration and operation.
  • AP and AR configuration and operation.
  • Foreign exchange fluctuation.
  • Banking configuration and operation.
  • Bank reconciliation statement.
  • Taxation system and configuration.
  • Asset management and implementation.
  • Cost center accounting.
  • Real-time scenarios.
  • Certification – Get trained and certified by TechVidya designed to help you get a kick-start in your career.

Why choose TechVidya?

TechVidya’s SAP FICO course is designed as per the current industry standards. By enrolling in its SAP FICO course, you will receive free study materials and get free access to its SAP server till classes.

Other than this, it will also provide post-training support and placement assistance to its students.


Email –

Phone – +91 73566 92670

7 Multisoft Virtual Training

SAP FICO Online Training

The SAP FICO training is now recognized by every enterprise, big or small. The SAP FICO module will help you reach your organizational goals.


  • Curriculum –

SAP FI Module

  1. General ledger accounting.
  2. Accounts receivable.
  3. Accounts payable.
  4. Fixed asset accounting.
  5. Bank accounting.
  6. Consolidation.
  7. Special purpose ledger.
  8. Travel management.

SAP CO Module

  1. Cost element management.
  2. Cost controlling.
  3. Cost center accounting.
  4. Internal orders.
  5. Activity-based costing.
  6. Product cost controlling.
  7. Profitability analysis.
  8. Profit center accounting.
  9. Overhead management.

Why choose Multisoft Virtual Training?

The training offered by Multisoft virtual training will help you gain expertise through its projects which will eventually add value to your resume. The course covers every aspect of SAP modules required to manage the business flow.


Email –

Phone – +91 813 0666 206

8. Kits Online Training

SAP FICO Online Training

FICO ( Financial accounting and controlling) training delivers the need of reporting the financial data of an organization. Kits inline training is willing to provide you one of the best SAP FICO training by real-time working professionals.


  • Course duration – 40 Hours.
  • Curriculum –
  • Accounts payable.
  • Reports.
  • Asset accounting.
  • General ledger accounting.
  • Basic settings for controlling.
  • Cost element accounting.
  • Cost center accounting.
  • Internal orders.
  • Profit center accounting.
  • Profitability analysis.
  • Integration and so on.
  • Certification – During the training, the trainer will conduct projects and quizzes to get you certified.

Why choose KITS Online Training?

Other than its exclusive curriculum and unique way of delivering knowledge, KITS online training will provide various kinds of modes of training according to your need.

It has provided its training to almost 1500+ trainees. The KITS support team is also willing to help you with its placement assistance.


Phone – +91 99597 66329

9 Ravh IT Solutions

SAP FICO Online Training

Ravh IT solutions’ SAP FICO course will offer training by certified experts. It is willing to provide real-time training with industry case studies and hands-on projects.


  • Course duration – 35 Hours
  • Course fee – 799 USD
  • Curriculum –
  • Define company.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Cross company code transactions.
  • General ledger accounting.
  • Accounts receivable and payable.
  • Bank accounting.
  • Asset accounting.
  • Certification – Ravh IT solutions SAP FICO training will gain you practical and certified related knowledge that will help you in your SAP career.

Why choose Ravh IT Solutions?

After the completion of the course, you will become an expert in core concepts and receive an industry-recognized certificate. This course will help you gain the knowledge of 15+ in-demand tools and skills required in technical assistance. Its live training sessions will eventually help you acquire experience with its application testing method.


Email –

Phone – +91 949 409 3337


SAP FICO Online Training

ATOS India has been known to provide high-quality education and knowledge to its students.


  • Course fee – 30000 INR
  • Eligibility – For those who are willing to create their career as an SAP consultant with a knowledge of finance and controlling.

Why choose ATOS?

ATOS students have a high-performance ratio because of its exclusive recruitment partners. Other than SAP FICO, it has four more educational SAP hubs in India and has received various awards for its performance and experience.


Email –

Benefits of SAP FICO Training

Career in Demand

SAP FICO certification is a demanding career nowadays. There are few SAP experts due to which its demand is increased. To become an SAP consultant, strong communication skills and financial knowledge are its building blocks.

It is an extremely flexible module and is accepted by businesses worldwide.

Increase in Reputation

Reputation is one of the basic physiological needs. It is one of the biggest factors responsible for encouragement. SAP certification is preferred because it helps to motivate the employees to work hard.

It will increase their position and standard in society. Nobody is an exception in this case.

Enhances your Job

SAP FICO certification will help you gain technical knowledge that is recognized globally. You will receive your certification after the exam which will help you gain skills that are required in improving your job performance.

It will help you acquire knowledge of different departments which in turn increases your confidence and enhance your job.


We now know that SAP FICO certification is one of the most recognized courses in industries. We can also understand which institution better suits your needs. SAP FICO certification course provides one of the most exclusive modules that will eventually help you with your job profile.

Thus, this course is the best fit for those who want to their career as SAP consultants or SAP experts.



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