Top 10 German Language Courses in Kolkata

German. Hand drawn doodles and lettering. Der, die, das, er, sie, es, ich, haben, zeiten, sein, zukunft, hallo, verben, du. Translation: the, he, she, it, me, have, times, be, future, hello, verb, you

German language courses are the most demandable course in today’s region. Are you thinking of starting your career in a European country? Do you have an interest in learning the German language? There may be millions of reasons while learning a new language course. But the question hits the mind about how to start learning any foreign language. First of all, look at the top German language courses in Kolkata. Every institute providing the German language can have different pros and cons.

So this blog will guide you to Kolkata’s top ten German language courses.

Lists of Top 10 German Language Courses in Kolkata

1. Henry Harvin(Best German Language Courses in Kolkata)

Henry Harvin is among the top institutes offering the German language course. “Value Creation” is the vision of the company upon which the education institute looks. Many top newspapers like Fortune have recognised Henry Harvin at the top. It is a Global Edtech company that upgrades the students’ skills with various courses in its course box. 

Why should you select Henry Harvin?

  • Henry Harvin gives the option of 9-in-1 courses, which comprises of 
    • Training
    • Projects
    • Internship
    • Certification
    • Placement
    • Bootcamps
    • E-learning
    • Hackathons
    • Gold Membership
  • It gives the facility of 24 *7 Lifetime Support & Access to the LMS portal.
  • Students can avail of the benefit of one-year gold membership. 
  • Trainer experts with 10+ years of working experience in different industries background. 
  • Guaranteed career benefits with placement assistance to every student.

How to Get the Certification?

  • Select the batch and suitable timing as per your free time.
  • You can call the counsellor if you are facing any difficulty.
  • Attend the live interactive sessions of the German language courses.
  • Complete all the assignments and projects as given by the trainer.
  • After completing the sessions and homework, apply for the certificates.

Course Modules of the German Language Courses:

  • The course module is divided into different levels, which consist of basic, intermediate, and proficiency levels.
  • There is a different duration for every level of the course. The fee structure is according to the levels you choose. Institute gives the option of no-fee EMI finance options.

More Courses Offered:

  • French language course
  • Content writing
  • Medical writing
  • Management courses
  • Lean six sigma

2. Goethe Institute(One of the best German Language Courses)

The Goethe Institute is the one-stop destination for all students who want to learn German. Institute promotes the best way to learn the German language. The duration of the German language course is approximately 70-80hours. Every student gets the best facilities as the courses are provided online. Also, they can access the classes for up to three months. Students can avail of the courses at the best-discounted prices. Even the German training courses can learn the course quickly and conveniently. Goethe Institute also provides the options of internship and job placements to students across India. It is the oldest institute now connected worldwide with networks of students and trainers.

3. Udemy(Best German Language Courses)

Udemy has an excellent selection of route systems with its international student body. Everyone here believes that they are both students and teachers at the same time. Students can choose a course on Udemy based on the duration and grade of the course. Through its online courses and the ability to choose the course that best suits their interests, Udemy is a global platform that helps candidates save time. Choose a course based on the score and consider the cost. One of the top courses offered by Udemy is the German language course.

Why should you select Udemy?

  • Reasonable fee structure
  • You can access the video anytime and choose the course levels.
  • Best faculty members and the course materials.

Course Details as per Udemy

  • Udemy provides different topics for learning the basics of the German language. Learning the German Language is one of the beginner topics, which costs around INR 799.
  • According to the trainer, there is no requirement to have any previous German knowledge.
  • The video duration is seventeen hours, and students can browse it anytime. They can download the resources and watch the videos anytime.
  • You can access the video on any device you want, like mobile and tv.

4. FITA Academy

FITA Academy in Kolkata is one of the best institutes to provide German language courses with flexibility. The institute has trained professionals teaching the students for ten years. Students get the chance to interact with the trainer through the live sessions. Also, they can enrol in the course and get the best benefits due to affordable fees.

5. AIUTO Consulting

Aiuto gives various options to students, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and homemakers. After the demand for the French language, the institute believes in providing the best course structure for German.AIUTO is the best learning mentor for every student due to its dynamic interactive sessions. The course duration, as per AIUTO, is around sixty hours of interactive sessions.

6. IITT Language Academy Kolkata

It is a subsidiary of International foreign languages with the best training in different languages. The institute uses innovative approaches to teach the language to the students. The course curriculum is taught by industrial experts who guide the students. Institute gives the facility of enrolling into the course to get the certifications. They can also get the course after getting in touch with a counsellor.

7. Kochiva

One of Kolkata’s top schools for learning foreign languages is Kochiva. The German language course in Kolkata is a preparation course for the official and globally recognised certification. You get the best chance to learn German with professionals provided by Kochiva. German language education in Kolkata is for you if you are career-driven and looking for cutting-edge prospects. Kochiva provides various options in the German language.

8. Edify German Language Academy

EGLA takes pride in telling their trainers as their strength. They teach the different levels of the German language as per CEFR. Quality is the vision of the company with the best course module. Institute provides both weekday and weekend classes for the students. They can get higher education in Germany after completing the language course from EGLA. Students can also get job opportunities after completing the B1 level certifications.

9. British School of Languages

British School of Languages is one of the oldest institutes to provide online language courses. It ranks as the top institute to provide IELTS preparation.BSL prepares the students in various tests which are conducted to study abroad.BSL teaches students to learn various languages with different scholarship options. The German language course follows the framework of CEFR. Also, it gives students certificates after completing the German language course. There are additional courses available for the kids. Like they can learn abacus from the institute. Institute gives an option of taking free demo classes for every course.

10. L & S Academy

Global communication has become a skill that everyone in our multilingual world should have. Different people will benefit in different ways from knowing multiple languages. L&S Academy teaches the individual to speak more than one language to effectively approach and convey situations in practically every area. There are different places, including tourism, trade, client relationships with foreign clients, media, science, and technology. It has several Kolkata courses so students can become proficient in several foreign languages. Different options are available so students can select the course per their wants.


German language courses are exciting if you take the language seriously. Many people fear at the start while learning the language. But the institute gives the best course modules and innovative language learning methods. Are you serious about learning the German language? Choose the top institute from the above blog and give a start to learning. You can check the tips even if you have any doubts. Trainers are always there to help while learning the language. So if you want to learn the language, check every institute’s details and enrol accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn a German language course online?

If you are facing a problem, attend the regular classroom session and learn the German language course online. Many institutes give the option of reading the German language course online. There is no difference between the regular and online language learning modes.

Do I need to pass any exams after completing the German language course?

If you want to do higher studies in German universities, many institutions want German language certifications. There are various exams like TestDaF which need to be appeared by the students.

Are there any levels in the German language course?

There are six levels in the German language, and the basic level is A1.

Which is the best book for reading the German language?

If you want to learn the German language with the help of books, check the following list.
The Everything Learning German Book
Living German
German Made Simple
Hammer’s German Grammar and Usage
Living Language German

What is the salary of a German tutor in India?

As per the research data, the salary ranges from INR 1.8 lakhs to INR 7 lakhs per annum.


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