About BCN

Best Course News has developed to turn into the world’s most advanced career development and famous education center, whose mission is to motivate people anywhere in the world. BCN is a unique university discovery platform, which connects education seekers with education providers, simultaneously offering information about colleges, courses, fees, duration of the course, exam details, admission notifications, changes in exam patterns, certificates, scholarships, and all related subjects.

The BCN portfolio, inaugurated in 2020, and the flagship website is www.bestcoursenews.com

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Beyond BCN’s distribution of the world’s market-leading courses rankings portfolio, BCN also accumulates the BCN international Student Survey – the world’s biggest review of the sentiments, motivations, and preferences of forthcoming international students. Their student-facing arrangement series – The BCN World Grad School Tour, BCN World MBA Tour, and BCN World University Tour – gave 250,000 prospective students the chance to meet admissions chiefs at some of the world’s top universities, across 350 events worldwide.  

COVID-19 is affecting every area of the economy and all gratitude to the COVID-19 pandemic fuming over the world. Everything is virtual with no actual development. BCN’s event offerings online, ensuring that institutions across the world are still able to connect with talent across the globe. The obstruction in the schooling framework due to the ceaseless COVID-19 is an update that there is a requirement for change. For quite a long time, BCN has been discussing computerised change however were in some unclear future. All things considered, that future is here! And the launch of a webinar series empowering university faculty and directors to share best practices and work together as they move their educational contributions into the virtual classroom.