Top 10 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification India in 2023 (Don’t Ignore)


What is Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification India provides students with a deeper appreciation of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Working as a support player on the Six Sigma team, the Green Belt analyzes and tackles quality issues. In the event that any individual takes up Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, he/she will figure out how to make charts, measure maps, and manage the whole plan to guide different employees to describe the Six Sigma roles inside an organization. 

Green Belt Certification Since Six Sigma centers around process improvement, it is effortlessly applied to a wide variety of specialties. By expanding the quality of processes you will offer improved help, have more satisfied clients, and as a result experience expanded profits.

Top 10 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification India

1. Henry Harvin – Six Sigma Certification in India

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Certification in India is best for you and it is ranked no 1. They give you 100% viable training and they center around your experiential learning, famous GCAO pedagogy.
Trusted by Leading Corporates in excess of 150 organizations, for example, Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Inc., NTPC, HostBooks SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, and in excess of 12 IIMs, including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Calcutta and more than 7 IITs, including IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi.
• Training educational plan is lined with the IASSC BOK Book of Knowledge which is followed Internationally and holds an incentive in the organization.
• The most amazing part is you can Gain experience of 12 Projects
• Get the experience of 12 Projects over a range of 1-year post formal training and activity.
• They additionally give 1 year of membership of Management Academy

• They provide Live Projects, Guaranteed Internships, Weekly Job Support, Recorded Videos, Monthly Brush-up Sessions, interview Skills, and best Career Services.

If you need to know more about Henry Harvin and keen on Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Certification course, click here

2. Grey Campus – Six Sigma Certification in India

The GreyCampus Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training takes you through rigorous training with a goal so that you become familiar with every module of Six Sigma subjects in depth. Also, our mentorship meetings and simulated tests clear your way to continue practicing and recognize weaknesses before appearing in the real test.

This is known for talented-based questions, So what you get from Grey campus, they give five days of vivid Live Online training session.
One year full access to the video or audio talks, practice questions, four simulated tests, and 80 PMI PDUs.
One day live test addressing a meeting during which one of their educators solves a simulated full-length experience from each of the courses while you watch and access all Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Live Online batches for half a year live online registrations only.

3. The Management and Strategy Institute – Six Sigma Certification in India

MSI has worked on getting sorted out completely online. Six Sigma study courses past seven years, MSI Certified courses are planned to be inventive and change your busy life by allowing you to study at your own speed without the formal design of traditional classrooms.

This will assist you to prepare to get your white, yellow, green, or black belt certifications with entirely their different course options that give you up to one year to examine. It does not make a difference which category of LS certification you are working after, It has a course for you.
Every course contains broad composed materials and over 400 techniques questions covering entirely of the topics on the test and in moreover, you will get three PDUs.

When you finish your program, MSI will bring you an expert certificate and full records that you can outline in your office and send to employers.
No other company does this, so it’s extraordinary. There is no additional expense for the certification, included with your program purchase and it is not only known for their incredible Six Sigma study material yet they are also known for the help of their students.

They offer restricted courses that permit you to take a free demo trial of their program to check whether you like it before you experience it. They offer a 100% money-back promise if you don’t like the course or you have an issue regarding your course, you can restore it within 30 days and nobody asked questions. There is zero dangers, no hidden fees or donations, and no motivation not to at least attempt it.

4. ExpertRating Six Sigma – Six Sigma Certification in India

ExpertRating conveys one of the most moderate & affordable Six Sigma courses however it is not as broad as different courses. If you don’t need a lot of study materials and you simply need to look over some ideas then this is an extraordinary study guide that will save you a ton of courses expense. It offers training for both Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt training certificates.

They contain in excess of 150 practice inquiries along with solutions. One more extraordinary thing about ExpertRating LSS is that they incorporate the certification expense in the installment of the course expense and you need to pay less fee and you will get an amazing actual certification in the mail.

They also give records online that you can print and email to anybody. It accompanies 3 PDUs and offers a full money-back promise, also a free preliminary offer, simply attempt it.

5. Lean Sigma Corporation – Six Sigma Certification in India

Lean Sigma Corporation has defined its whole course around joining two distinctive educational requirements for experts, CPE, and certification. Regardless of whether you are absolutely new to project management and need to find out about Lean Six Sigma so you can begin your career and if you are a formal expert who needs to finish different education to hold your certification, this course has you covered.

To guarantee that the material they are given really shows you something, this Corporation went the additional mile when it comes to video content. All you require to know in order to pass your certification test is covered in 21 all-around created and connecting with video modules.

Understandably, it very well may be very hard to invest money into a course dependent on a positive survey. This introduction will allow you a chance to see what their online system is all about and should assist you to decide whether or not this is the correct course for your educational desire.

6. The Pyzdek Institute – Six Sigma Certification in India

The Pyzdek Institute is the business leader in Lean Six Sigma for study materials and they offer the most useful training for all belt certifications of numerous courses, so if you need more guidance and study material at that point this is the course for you. The training program is distributed into smaller exercises each with its own objective of teaching you in different DMAIC standards.

This is not only a straightforward method to gain the idea and it’s additionally a truly beneficial approach to get through the materials and study questions. The Lean Six Sigma study material offered by this organization incorporates more than 70 modules, 700 practice test problems, and graded assignments and includes 4 PDUs / 18 CEUs and one year of Minitab permit depending upon which belt you choose.

7. iCert Global Six Sigma – Six Sigma Certification in India

iCert Global is the leading Six Sigma Green Belt certification training class in, India. Our six sigma green belt certification training course incorporates three full-length simulation tests with answers and clarification given by our mentor to guarantee your accomplishment in the six sigma green belt assessment. We will also give 35 contact hours certificates on fulfillment of the course.

iCert Global offers you both Green and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma study materials coordinated by expert instructors, practices inexperienced online classes, and Lean Six Sigma classes are the same. Each course is coordinated by one of their instructors who not only teach you the materials but also mentor you during the strategy.

Their online programming also contains a test simulator to practice taking the test with over in excess of 550 practice questions and tests. iCert Global SixSigma Prep additionally incorporates video lectures for students and 4 PDUs.

8. SimpliLearn Lean Six Sigma – Six Sigma Certification in India

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course gives an outline of Six Sigma and the DMAIC philosophy and is adjusted to the main Green Belt certifications at ASQ and IASSC. In this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, you will figure out how to measure current performance to distinguish process issues and how to plan solutions.

SimpliLearn spreads out entirely all of the Six Sigma strategies and DMAIC in a manner that is easy to understand and simple to know and the course additionally includes in excess of 550 practice questions in their 65 tests. It additionally incorporates video lectures, 90 days of time to get to the materials, and 4 PDUs. They simply offer Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course materials and if you need different belts then this institute is not the right place.

9. Indian Statistical Institute – Six Sigma Certification in India

It is a government establishment, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is an educational foundation of national importance as perceived by a 1959 act of the Indian Parliament and offers instructional classes which are certified by the ISI and they offer three courses – Green, Black, and Masters Black belt.

Six Sigma Methodology lays extraordinary emphasis on cycles, but it recognizes individuals as resources. Green Belts are the colleagues of all improvement projects taken up inside an organization. Generally, issues inside the offices/departments are tackled by the Green Belts.

Six Sigma-Green Belt certificate will be granted on successful completion of training and finishing the Qualifying assessment (MCQ type).

10. Benchmark Six Sigma – Six Sigma Certification in India

Benchmark is among the Pioneers of Lean Six Sigma. Green Belt programs were started in 2001. The most well-known critical-thinking strategies from the world are included in this program. Benchmark Six Sigma offers the most well-known, most developed, and refreshed course.

Benchmark Six Sigma turns to be the biggest supplier of Six Sigma procedures in various parts of India since 2001 and has conveyed more than Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, many Black Belt, scores of unique Business Excellence capacities, and 14 Master Black Belt courses. You can discover their name in the list of excess of 500 pioneers in the corporate world and Benchmark manage one of the greatest learning networks in this domain.

Who are Eligible for this Six Sigma Green Belt Certification India?

The Six Sigma qualification capabilities are the Six Sigma belts you already possess, your work experience, the number of Six Sigma projects you have finished, your jobs and duties in this Six Sigma project, and the validity of your certificate. Having 3+ years of work experience in one or more areas of the Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge (BOK). Work experience should be in a full-time, paid job. This is quite possibly the most important Six Sigma certification eligibility criteria.

To know more about Six Sigma, Click Here.


1. The Certified Green Belt expert is equipped for taking care of complex issues and can execute specific projects more strategically.

2. Being a Green belt Certified proficient gives you different abilities that benefit not only the association but regular interactions as well.

3. This Certification gives the individual certainty to finish the projects very efficiently and figure out how to decrease operating expenses for the organization.

4. The Six Sigma Green Belt will open many vocation paths.

 Listed below are the positions that you can achieve:

  1.  Project Manager
  2.  Data Scientist
  3.  Reliability Engineer
  4.  Lead Manufacturing Engineer 
  5.  Senior IT Project Manager 

You may likewise have heard the term of Lean Six Sigma Green Certification.

Any experts who want to begin a career in Quality management courses that pop up in mind is Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. When it comes to picking between two, it often prompts confusion.

On the internet, there are numerous articles related to which one is better, but here I’m not going to disclose to you which one is better. It is up to you to take that choice. In any case, let me tell you the slight contrast between Six Certification and Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Six Sigma Certification V/S Lean Six Sigma Certification

If we look at both the Certification closely, there isn’t a very remarkable difference. Both Certifications work to dispose of waste and make the most efficient framework possible, however, the main difference is that adopt various strategies towards accomplishing this goal.

Below are two points that may make your choice better:

If you have hands-on involvement in taking care of quality improvement projects then, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is for you.

However, if you don’t have any past experience, you can go for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.


After finishing this course, you should be able to do the following:

Communicate utilizing Six Sigma ideas. Consider your association as an assortment of processes, with inputs that decide the output. Relate Six Sigma ideas to the general business mission and targets. Utilize the idea of a sigma level to access the capability of a process of association. Comprehend and apply the five-step DMAIC model as a structure to arrange process improvement activity. Utilize a wide scope of consistent process improvement methods inside the DMAIC model. Recognizing the organizational components is a vital basis for an effective Six Sigma effort. Utilize your Six Sigma abilities to lead an effective process improvement task to convey significant outcomes to the organization.

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Six Sigma Certification in India


Q1. What are the requirements for a six sigma green belt certification in india?

Ans. The only requirement for a six sigma green belt certification is that the candidate should have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Q2. Is Six Sigma valued in India?

Ans. Six Sigma Certification is valued a lot in India. After completing a six sigma certification a candidate becomes more marketable in all domains like manufacturing, industrial, and quality engineering.

Q3. How much time do I need to complete the Six Sigma Green Belt Classes in India?

Ans: You can complete your Green Belt Six Sigma certification in India course anywhere between two to seven weeks, based on the time you invest in it.

Q4. To apply for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, do I need to have my Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training too?

Ans: No. You don’t have to do a Yellow Belt six sigma certification before you apply for the Six Sigma certification in India Training. This green belt course is intended for assisting shop floor operators, front-line staff and others to build a strong base of the Six Sigma methods so that they can proficiently support improvement and development in the organization.

Q5. What kind of career roles are available, after completing this course?

Ans. Career options for aspirants with Six Sigma green belt certification are very good. You can look at well-paid career roles like Lead Manufacturing Engineer, Process Development Engineer, Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Senior IT Project Manager, Reliability Engineer, Operating System Specialist, Compliance Structural Engineer, Warehouse Operations Manager and more.


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