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“Focus on value creation” is the success mantra of Kounal Gupta, the CEO  of Henry Harvin Education. He is passionate about creating content and fondness to connect the dots between ancient history and the future. He has honored 40 under 40 award-winning Edtech entrepreneurs. Kounal Gupta is the author of 6 Research publications including an Award-winning Research publication in the Six Sigma domain by IEEE.

 Henry Harvin is a leading organization that focused on sustaining distinct patrons from industry and academy. They were into the business of training, skill development, assessment centers, content writing services, and higher education. Henry Harvin’s learning solutions are of many inputs and data points which are compared using complex analytics. The final translation of the research is to ensure depth in subject knowledge, experience, capability with high-quality delivery.

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is the trendsetter in defusing professional and technical certifications in India. With the understanding of specific requirements of Industry, it had focused on providing courses that add value to the career. Henry Harvin course helps both aspiring and professional, relies on domain knowledge and skillset to explore in the field. It is a global education technology company. To honor the first president of prestigious Harvard University and his contribution to the education industry Henry Harvin is named after Mr.Henry Dunster. In2016, Henry Harvin launched a course on GST and become the first Edtech company. It attained mass admiration and got starring in India’s supreme media channels Hindustan Times and Aaj Tak. In 2017, Henry Harvin launched Sixsigma and business analytics. In entire Asia, HenryHarvin was the first Institution to launch CDCWcourse.Considering the remote students and their upskill, they started delivering classes in live online mode.

Henry Harvin’s Academy

Henry Harvin  institution has dedicated academies for all its courses

  • Analytics Academy
  • Writing Academy
  • Finance Academy
  • Law Academy
  • Management Academy
  • Digital Marketing Academy
  • TEFL Academy
  • Coding Academy
  • TEEN Academy
  • Blockchain Academy
  • Cyber Security Academy
  • HR Academy
  • Entrepreneurship Academy
  • IT Service Management Academy
  • Paramedical Academy
  • Cloud Computing Academy
  • Summer School Academy
  • SAP Academy
  • Teacher Training Academy
  • Language Academy

Henry Harvin is a multi-award-winning organization and which holds the laurel of being the best out of 5 fastest-growing Edtech startups in India,2021, Higher Education Digest’s survey.

Henry Harvin’s GST  Course 

Henry Harvin Education GST Certification Course has360-degree approach to all or any aspects of GST with job oriented. With professional-level coaching, students of Henry Harvin’s GST practitioner’s course attain knowledge of all practical aspects of GST like registration process, filing of returns, TDS compliance, and refunds. .. In India, Henry Harvin  Education Course Ranks #1  by Tribune India. It ranks innovator in the industry of GST courses in India. It covers trending topics like GSTR 3B, GSTR1, GSTR2A with 100%practical training on GST. Henry Harvin‘s GST course offers free one-year membership worth INR 4000. The GST course of Henry Harvin provides Live projects, Guaranteed internships, and, skill enhancement sessions.  In India, Henry Havin’sGST course certification is the first GSTpractitioner course. Henry Harvin’s GST is featured by a top media house they get GST practitioner certification from Govt. of India recognized Institute.  Henry Harvin GST course has duration of32 hours instructor-led to core session. Henry Harvin ‘sGSTcourse has Award-winning trainers. Henry Harvin is trusted by corporates, colleges. IIMs, IITs like Abbot Pharma, Avon, Cosmetics, Hostbook, NTPCS, SABMiller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, and All IIMSHenry Harvin’s GST Course in India, the students can understand practical issues faced with GST and with focused FAQsessions.

The benefitsofHenryHarvin ‘s course is to resolve doubts on GST during and after training with the experience of computer-based practitioner training on GST.  Henry Harvin’s GST course participant can earn industry-recognized certification with pioneer, India, Today,  Business World, and Mail today.

Henry Harvin’s GST course offers in other cities like  Chennai, Mumbai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam. Kolkata, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, and online. 

  Some of the popular other courses of Henry Harvin business Accounting and Taxation course, Business Analytics Course, SAP FICO course, Income Tax course, HR Payroll course. Henry Harvin’s teaching methodologies are well-researched and their course curriculum is up-to-date with the developments within the GST domain. GST course  Fees are Rs 12500/- Henry Harvin’s GST course provides study material and handholding even after completion of the GST courses in India.  In India Henry Harvin GST Course got recognization by the Government.

 Henry Harvin’s  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification  Course

Ranked No 1 Lean Sigma Green Belt certification course in India is Henry Harvin’s. It is considered among the Top 5 by Tribute India and Business standards. This is aligned to IASSC  with the Book of Knowledge. This course combines Lean and DMAIC methodology. The combination imparts the key skills. The course gains the experience of 12+projects. Tr Henry Harvin’s Lean sigma green belt training course curriculum is aligned to the IASSC BOK (Book of Knowledge)  and holds value in the industry. One year gold membership of the management Academy with 24/7 life support and access.  The Lean Six Sigma skill’s of Henry Harvin is considered to help in the enhancement of business processes, performance, and quality.

The Lean Six Sigma green belt course will equip the students with the methodology of the tool Lean and Six Sigma. Henry Harvin’s Lean sigma green belt certification course has all the aspects of lean six sigma such as Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control (DMAIC).

Learning skills and career benefits of Henry Harvin’s Lean six sigma green belt course

  •  The students Cultivate the capabilities for statistical inference-based decision making and data-driven problem-solving skills . The students receive skills to explore, analyze and solve management problems using 20+ management tools with access to 33PDUs, required to maintain the PMPcertification.
  • The students learn essential project management and leadership skills and using data from various statistical and analytical tools.
  •  Learning this course the students able to Develop the capability to look beyond the present field with this domain and industry-independent methodology
  • Certified Six Sigma professionals are eligible to support a startup with improved process quality and performance that leads to high-quality products and services
  • They can distinguish your profile from peers during job interviews with high valued skillset

Henry Harvin’s Business Analytics course 

Business Analytics certification training course.

Henry Harvin Business Analytics practitioner course, Henry Harvin certified Business Analytics practitioner course, ranked top Analytics course. It is recommended by IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay. Henry Harvin‘s this courses are trusted by 160+corporates and 60+colleges.

The perks of this course

This course is a 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program. It provides 1-year membership for the students, which includes live projects, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, recorded videos, and the monthly brushup session. The best part is the interview skills with career services while pursuing this course.

The popular pedagogy, GCAO enables the professionals to understand analytics-based decision-making to drive the company’s ROI.

The benefits and its career

By learning this course, the students can attain profound industry best practices for data measurement and analysis. They can communicate business objectives in a focused manner with data analysts. This course helps the students to evaluate the results of data analysis better and develop goal-oriented business strategies. . They can earn a rewarding certification with Hallmark of global credential -CBAPprofessional added next to their name.  The students can get promoted in the current profile with the most in-demand skill and the most rewarding fields of today.

Henry Harvin’s content writing course

Content writing course is the popular course of Henry Harvin Education. 

 Henry Harvin’s content writing course ranked among the top 5in India by India Today. The content writing course offers 36 hours of live online interactive sessions with globally recognized CDCW certification.

The students can learn 30+ content types. The students of this course experience professional content writers with industrial standards. The students were able to develop essential language skills to write for international clients and they were able to earn with online projects and were able to write on any topic with the advanced skill, which is attained by Henry Harvin CDDW course. As a writer, they have to engage their targeted audience with their effective content strategy.  Writing Academy of Henry Harvin provides 1 gold membership,100%placement, internship assistance, and project support for their CDCW professionals

The  11 Modules and 2compliment modules.50+tools are taught in  Henry Harvin’s CDCWcourse.  Henry Harvin content writing course’s live-online classroom sessions fee structure is INR15,000/The students were monitored by award-winning trainers.

 writing academy of Henry Harvin explores popular courses like  technical writing courses, copywriting courses, creative writing courses, research writing courses, Instructional design courses

Final words 

No matter. the course you would like to take and shape your skills and kick start your career path. I personally like to suggest starting your wish list course with Henry Harvin which has ranked first in the industry. Best of luck!



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