Best Career Options in India


Choosing the right career path is one of the biggest decisions of life. Most people cross this phase where they are confused and stuck in the question “What are the Best Career options in India?”  In this article you will get to know about the different growing, promising and best career options for the future in India. 

In the first place, there are unlimited choices of career paths in today’s time. It’s a good thing to have but at the same time, it creates a lot of confusion when the time comes to take a decision. Time has gone by since the city and location were big constraints when it comes to choosing a career path. Now opportunities can come to anyone from any location. That’s the magic of the digital world. This article will increase your knowledge of India’s 10 best career options. 

10 Best career options in India

There are many and countless career options which you can enter into. Few are the common ones that people usually opt for .for example medical, engineering, teaching, physiotherapy, Chartered accountant, masters of business administration, and many more. At the same time, there are many other career paths in today’s world which have become very promising and the best career options in India. Let’s have a look at 10 top career opportunities one by one in detail. 

1. Data Scientist 

Best career option in India

To begin with , Data science has become one of the top career options for the future in India. Its demand is increasing every single day because of the skill set these professionals to have. After becoming a data scientist, one can get very high-paying and lucrative jobs not only in India but even outside India also.  

Courses for Data Science

Enrolling in  Henry Harvin’s data science course is one of the best courses if you want to enter the data science field.  Specifically, any person with just a degree in any field can enroll in a data science course. It’s a 12-month online course that anyone can pursue along with their present job or studies. So there are many other courses also under the data science and analytics academy of Henry Harvin. Other institutes like Udemy also offer certification courses in Data science. 


Scope of Data Science

It was mentioned in recent research data that more than 93% of firms are using Artificial intelligence when for the enhancement of their products and services. For this reason, the demand for professionals with degrees or certifications in data science has increased. Moreover, Companies hire data science professionals for the role of Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Machine Learning Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, and many more. 

Becoming a data science professional by doing some certification or diploma is one of the best career options in India that one should go for. 

2. Engineers 

The next one of the best career options in India is to become an engineer. Indeed Engineers are always in demand in India and also outside India. Of course, it is considered one of the best lines to enter to get a lucrative job. In today’s world, we all know how technology is changing so fast, which in turn creates a demand for professionals with good knowledge in this field. MOreover, there are numbers of streams one can choose to do B.Tech includes names like Computer science, Information and technology, electrical, and civil. Mechanical, Metrological, and many more are considered the best career options in India


 For students who want to enter into engineering, it is a must to have mathematics as a subject in their 12th.  It is one of the best courses after the 12th in India that one can go for. The admission process in Btech involves clearing an entrance exam called JEE mains and then JEE advanced. There is one more entrance exam specifically for the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) called VITEEE. 


One can enter into the job of following profiles after completing B tech. 

  • Computer Science Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics & Communication Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineer

The scope of jobs in the engineering field is very vast and huge. There is no end to opportunities. As one can always learn some upcoming demanding skill in the same field he is working in and can always run for better jobs and profiles. 

3. Doctors and Surgeons

One of the oldest and highest-paying best career options in India is becoming a doctor or a surgeon.  Doing a degree for becoming a doctor is one of the best courses after 12th in India. The demand for medical professionals is always high not only in India but across the world. Surgeons are specialised doctors in a particular field and do MD after completing their MBBS. 


Aspirants for the career path in the medical line have to clear the entrance exams. A few important entrances exams for the medical line are 

  • NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)
  • AIIMS-MBBS (All India Institute of Medical Science)
  • Combined Medical Services Examination (CMSE)
  • JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research)
  • AFMC ( Armed forces Medical College)

Depending on the score or rank in these entrance exams, one can get a chance to choose the field and colleges. The few most demanding fields are 

  •  MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery )
  •  BDS ( Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
  •  BSc. nursing (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  •  BAMS (Bachelor of ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery )
  •  BHMS (Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery)
  •  BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences)
  •  BPT-(Bachelor of Physiotherapy )


As we all know every area, and every city needs good doctors in every field of specialization. So there is no doubt about the demand for doctors in society.  One can always go for higher studies or can start working after doing a bachelor of medicine or a related field. There is always an option of doing self-practice or doing a job in hospitals, in research projects and many more. 

4. Pharmacovigilance Specialist

The next name in the best career options in India is Pharmacovigilance. However the Pharma industry is picking up on the chart of growth which ultimately increases the demand for pharmacovigilance.  In brief, it is the process of monitoring the safety of medications after they have been approved for use by the public. It involves the collection, detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects or any other possible drug-related problems. This process helps to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with medications and to ensure that their benefits continue to outweigh their risks. The goal of pharmacovigilance is to improve patient safety and public health.


There are a variety of courses available for those interested in learning about pharmacovigilance. Some options include:

Online courses

Many universities and organizations offer online courses in pharmacovigilance, which can be completed at your own pace. These courses cover topics such as the basics of pharmacovigilance, adverse drug reactions, and drug safety regulations. Henry Harvin offers a pharmacovigilance course which is an 18-hour online course. 

Graduate degree programs

Some universities offer graduate degree programs in pharmacovigilance, such as Master of Science or Master of Public Health (MPH) in pharmacovigilance. These programs usually take one or two years to complete and provide a more in-depth understanding of the field.


Certainly, pharmacovigilance is a rapidly growing field, and there are a variety of job opportunities available for those with training and experience in this area. To illustrate, Some potential job titles and roles in pharmacovigilance include:

  • Pharmacovigilance associate or specialist 
  • Drug safety officer or manager
  • Medical writer or editor
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Clinical researcher
  • Regulatory affairs specialist:
  • Data analyst or statistician

Undoubtedly, the demand for the above profiles is increasing in the market so one can get a good job in this sector depending on the roles and qualifications.

5. Digital Marketers

So, the next career path among the 10 best career options in India is Digital marketing. As the world is moving towards a digital world, the demand for digital marketing is increasing. Certainly, it has become an essential part of every business to have a presence in the digital world. 

Digital marketing means the promotion of products, services, or brands by using digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and websites. In short the goal of digital marketing is to reach and engage customers through various online platforms, and to convert them into customers.


Obviously ,there are many institutes or organization that offers a diploma in digital marketing, and certification in digital marketing but Post graduate diploma in digital marketing by Henry Harvin is one of the best courses to become a professional digital marketer. It’s a 12-month course which will make you confident in the skills like brand communication, email marketing, creative designing, marketing analytics, and many more skills.


In a world where everything is online, the scope of digital marketing is very huge. It’s one of the best options for the future in India. One can do freelancing work or can do a job in the field of digital marketing. Undoubtedly the future of digital marketing is very promising and bright. 

6. Bioinformatics Scientist

The latest trending field to enter after 12th with Biology as a subject is Bioinformatics. So, we can consider it as one of the best career options for the future in India. In brief, Bioinformatics involves the use of software or computer for extracting biological data. It’s a good career option in India if someone has a passion for biology and also has a love for computers. 


There are many options to enter this field. Students can go for BSC in Bioinformatics after the 12th. At the same time, one can enter into this line after graduation also by doing short certification in bioinformatics course. Henry Harvin also offers a Bioinformatics course under the biotechnology Academy. Henry Harvin provides a 100% job placement guarantee also. 


Undoubtedly, bioinformatics is one of the top career opportunities nowadays. Its scope in future is very bright. One can get a job in the health sector for example they can get jobs in data science companies, pharmaceutical companies, development and research labs and many more. Its scope in India and outside India is very good. 

Check out other courses by the Biotechnology Academy of Henry Harvin.



Microbiology Course

7. Content Writers

Undoubtedly, Content writing is one of the best career options in India or we can say it’s one of the top career opportunities in today’s world. Because, everyone wants to have good content to promote their products and services. Certainly, the success of any business depends on the visibility of social media platforms, content marketing is the field which helps business to attract potential prospects or customers. 


To illustrate Henry Harvin offers post graduate diploma in content writing which includes certifications in all types of writing that are there in the market nowadays. It’s a 12-month course which includes an internship also. There are other courses also offered by the writing academy of Henry Harvin. 


In fact, after doing one of the best courses after 12th  in India which is Post graduate diploma in content writing, the scope is very bright and promising. However, Henry Harvin also course provides a 100% job guarantee for 1 year. Afterwards, one can get jobs in the media industry, E-commerce industry, Digital marketing and PR industry along with the medical industry and IT industry. 

8. Chartered Accountants

Certainly, A Chartered Accountant (CA) is a professional designation given to accounting experts in many countries, including India. The title is granted by professional bodies such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)


Although, to become a CA individuals must typically complete a certain level of education and pass a rigorous examination process. They may also be required to have a certain amount of work experience in the field before they can become fully qualified. Once they have met these requirements, they can use the CA designation after their name and are authorized to provide a wide range of financial services, including audit, tax, and consulting services.

If someone is not able to crack the CA exam but is from a finance background, can pursue  Business Accounting and Taxation course by Henry Harvin.


Undoubtedly Chartered accountancy is one of the best career options in India and outside India. This is a highly-paid profession. almost every company needs good CA .many big companies pay very lucrative salaries to chartered accountants. On the contrary, after competing with CA one can always go for their practice. 

9. Machine Learning Scientist

Certainly, machine learning is one of the best career options in India. Indeed in the world of automation, machine learning is a blooming career path. Moreover, irrespective of the industry machine learning professionals are always needed. Hence it’s doing a course in machine learning is a good investment which will groom your profile for better jobs. Not only in India but outside India also demand this field is increasing.  one can have good salaries if one upgrades their profile with the knowledge of machine learning. 


However many organisations offers courses to learn machine learning. Indeed it’s always recommended to learn new skill along with the present one so doing online course can provide that platform. An online machine learning course by Henry Harvin is a 96 hours course. Data scientists, data analysts, and AI and machine learning engineers can enrol themselves in these courses. 


Moreover there are multiple job profiles that one can apply for after completing the course. The job scope of machine learning is not restricted to IT or finance, even the healthcare, automotive and many other sectors also have great demand for machine learning professionals. Different profiles in the machine learning field are

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Deep Learning Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Natural Language Processing Engineer
  • Machine Learning Researcher

10. Blockchain Developer

Last but not least, blockchain comes under the 10 best career options in India. In brief Blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger technology that allows multiple parties to record transactions and share access to the same data. Hence it is used to create a secure and transparent way to store and transfer information without the need for a central authority.


Additionally aspirants for blockchain can enroll themselves in diploma courses in the blockchain. Similarly one of the best blockchain courses is the post-graduate program in blockchain by Henry Harvin.

There are many other options also for taking professional knowledge in blockchain if you want to pursue a career in this field.


However, blockchain is considered to be one of the best career options in India because of its uses in different industries. For instance, some of the uses of blockchain are 

  • Cryptocurrency: 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Identity
  • Voting
  • Smart Contracts

In short Blockchain jobs are in high demand, Some of the standard job titles include Blockchain developer, Blockchain engineer, Blockchain architect, Blockchain consultant, Blockchain project manager, and Blockchain product manager.


Moreover now days India is full of opportunities. Due to changing technology and the high demand for people who have good knowledge not only a degree, one can easily start their career life. There are multiple choices of career path after 12th or after completing a degree. Choose the career path according to your area of interest. After deciding that explore the best career options in India for that particular field. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1- How to choose the best career options in India for me? 

Ans-  Always choose the career according to your area of interest. After that choose the course you want to pursue. 

Ques 2- What are the prerequisites for content writing?

Ans-  Anyone can learn content writing. Having good knowledge of English can help you in learning fast in the field of content writing. 

Ques 3-  what are the three best career options in India?

Ans- In Todays time the 3 best career options in India are the technology sector, the IT industry and the Medical field. 

Ans- In Todays time the 3 best career options in India are the technology sector, the IT industry and the Medical field. 

Ans- Doctors, Lawyers, Big Data Experts, Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence Experts, Investment Bankers, Management Consultants, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, etc are the few top-paid professions in India.

Ques 5- What type of job i can get after completing the content writing course?

Ans- You can work as a content writer for many big MNCs like Myntra, amazon, Flipkart etc or you can work as a freelancer.


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