Is Henry Harvin a Trustworthy Institute?


Selecting a reliable institute is a tedious task, whether it is for a certification course, a diploma course, a PG course, or just a skill development program.  Moreover, with plenty of institutes around us selecting the right one would be bewildering. It is imperative to check the credibility of an institution before enrolling. Henry Harvin is one of the eminent ed-tech platforms operating since 2013. Through this blog, let us understand if Henry Harvin is a trustworthy Institute. 

About Henry Harvin:

They are one of the primary players in the Ed-tech space, who started their journey in 2013 intending to transform the careers of students and reshape the growth of organizations. Today, Henry Harvin has a massive portfolio of 1200 different course programs in 37 various categories. Whether you are looking for a certification program, PG program, diploma, or any other skill development program, Henry Harvin offers it all through its benchmark content and world-class teaching facilities. 

To this day, nearly 460000 students and more than 900 corporate clients have reaped amazing benefits through their course programs. They constantly strive to enhance their operational efficiencies to get 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, many colleges and organizations choose Henry Harvin as their training vendor. 

Why Henry Harvin?

Firstly it is an ISO-certified training institute, which proves that the quality and standard of education are top-notch. Secondly, every year, more than 180 colleges including premium institutes like IIT and IIM approach Henry Harvin for their training services. Also, big corporate firms like HDFC Bank, Lufthansa, Wipro, and many such companies are tied up with Henry Harvin for training services. 

Henry Harvin’s Training Module

Henry Harvin focuses on value creation; therefore, they ensure students reap maximum benefits out of their training. Hence their training encompasses 9 different modules.

Most of the course programs at Henry Harvin follow a 9-in-1 training module that encompasses training, projects, Internships, Hackathons, Gold-membership, and placement support along with E-learning access and masterclass sessions which focus only on soft-skill development. In addition to live online sessions, they also have recorded sessions, allowing students to learn at their own pace. 

Additionally, various student engagement activities are conducted for a better learning experience. The E-learning facility allows students to access recorded sessions, various quizzes, practice tests, and final assessments. 

The hackathons and competitions at Henry Harvin provide a game-based learning experience. In fact, in 2020, Henry Harvin won a game-based learning company award. Therefore, Henry Harvin is one of the most reliable ed-tech companies available today. 

Recognition and Awards:

In addition to ISO certification, Henry Harvin has recognition from UKAF, UK-CERT, the American Association of EFL, and  MSME. Moreover, eminent publication houses like the Hindustan Times, Business World, Aaj Tak, and Higher Education Digest appreciated Henry Harvin for their outstanding teaching methodology. In addition to the game-based learning company award, Henry Harvin won other accolades like Best Corporate Training Platform and Best Education Company of 2021. Moreover, Henry Harvin found its place  30 most admired companies in the world in 2021. Hence, Henry Harvin is a trustworthy institute to enroll. Also, according to Higher Education Digest, Henry Harvin is the best among the top 5 fastest growing ed-tech spaces in India

Henry Harvin’s course Curriculum and Faculty:

Today, Henry Harvin offers more than 1200 different course programs in 37 different categories. Their course curriculum is designed based on the latest industry standards. Also, the faculty at Henry Harvin holds an experience of more than 10 years in their respective field. 

Henry Harvin’s Certification value: 

Henry Harvin is a global ed-tech company, recognized worldwide for its accreditations, affiliations, and credibility. Their certifications are highly valued all over the world because Henry Harvin is ISO-certified as well as has accreditations  UKAF and UK Cert. Hence, Henry Harvin is a trustworthy institute to enroll in any skills-development program.

Placement Support:

Along with training, Henry Harvin tries to help in students’ career journeys by offering placement support. Their exclusive job support team motivates students to embark on a successful and fulfilling career. The icing on the cake is that their placement support team provides personalized support; as a result, students can express their requirements and interests regarding their dream job. This information helps the placement team to come up with jobs that match the candidate’s requirements. More than 2100 hiring partners including the start-ups are hiring Henry Harvin’s candidates. As a result, Henry Harvin is a trustworthy institute to enhance your career. 


Henry Harvin is a distinctive skill-based learning platform that provides a unique learning experience to its candidates. Moreover, it is an ISO-certified institute, hence, the quality of education is no less than a gold standard Therefore, Henry Harvin is a trustworthy institute. One can enroll in Henry Harvin to reshape career beautifully. 

  1. Is Henry Harvin an e-learning platform?

Ans. Yes, Henry Harvin provides live interactive sessions through trained faculty. 

2. Is Henry Harvin recognized?

Ans. Henry Harvin is an ISO-certified institute with recognitions from UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of EFL, MSME, and project management institute.

3. Does Henry Harvin offer placement support?

Ans. Henry Harvin has an exclusive placements support team, that offers personalized support to each student.

4. What sort of programs are available at Henry Harvin?

Ans. In addition to regular certification courses, Henry Harvin also offers a diploma, PG as well as doctorate programs.

5. Is Henry Harvin trustworthy?

Ans. Henry Harvin received various accolades and laurels for its supreme quality education. Moreover, it is an ISO-certified institute; therefore Henry Harvin is trustworthy. 


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