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GST is a multi-stage, comprehensive tax system. It is a type of indirect tax that has been implemented to replace other indirect taxes such as VAT, purchase tax, service tax, excise duty, and so on. A certain kind of goods and services comes under GST in Pune, this is the one tax that is applicable all over India at the same rate.

GST certification is essential for becoming a GST or account professional. The Goods and Services course teaches practical aspects of Goods and Services (GST) Tax including registration, in-depth knowledge of accounting, returns, and recording of the GST transactions.

Here are the top 10 GST courses in Pune:

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy : GST Training Centre in Pune

The GST certification course gives an in-depth insight into regulations. It covers trending topics such as GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A, GSTR 1, the latest provisions of e-invoicing, etc.

GST Certification course includes:

  • Become certified GST professional recognised by Govt. of India. It is among the first GST course in India, according to top media houses.
  • Focused FAQ sessions are provided to give an understanding of practical issues faced by GST practitioners.
  • Gain computer-based experience related to GST.
  • Understanding and knowledge of recent amendments and their challenges.
  • Critical analysis of GST law.

Topics covered in GST certification course:

  •  Extensive learning about the supply or levy, place of supply, and value of supply. Understanding about the Exports and Imports and E-way bills.
  • Guide to help with the GST Registration. Learn about the Input Tax Credit, ITC04 and Transitional Provisions and Job Work in GST.
  • The session consists of knowledge about GST Accounts and Records. Invoice Tax Payment, Time of Supply, Returns and Refunds is also included.
  • Aiding experts in the areas of GST Litigation Management and knowledge of Audit Assessment, Offenses and Penalties, Demand and Recovery.

Fee structure:

The self-Paced course provides Lifetime Support and Access and Free upgrade for Rs 8099/-

Award-winning trainers serve as mentors in the Live Online Classroom, which costs Rs 8999/- and includes a 1-year Gold Membership, Weekly Bootcamp Sessions, Attend Unlimited Live Sessions in Membership, and Get recordings of all batches for the rest of your life.

Program duration- 32 hours

Other courses by Henry Harvin Education:

  • Post Graduate Program in Accounting and Taxation
  • Post Graduate Program in GST
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9 course
  • Income Tax course
  • GST Plus course
  • Advanced Excel course

For more details, refer to

Or call +91 9015266266 or Whatsapp +91 9891953953

2. Institute at Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) GST course:

ICAI is a 64-year-old statutory body for Chartered Accountants. ICAI has been recognized globally as a premier accounting body for its contribution to education, accounts, professional development, ethical standards, and auditing. It is a revered institute for GST Practitioners and is second -largest accounting body with the headquarter in New Delhi.

ICAI GST certification course includes:

  • ICAI has two types of GST courses, a Certificate course, and an Advanced Certificate Course on GST.
  • Only Chartered Accountants are eligible for both the course.
  • The online class maximum batch size is only 90.
  • The assessment submission must be done on daily basis and is mandatory. The softcopy of the study material is available on their E-learning portal and the class recordings are available for the period of two months.
  • The structured CPE hours for the candidates after completion of the course is 25 and the ones who passed the assessment gets 5 structured CPE hours.
  • The course takes a 360o approach to make the candidates understand the A-Z of the GST.

 Topics covered in the ICAI GST course:

  • Important Legal Maxims and GST provisions, as well as a ruling on the constitutional legitimacy of the levy’s requirements.
  • Levy of GST, Purpose of time of supply, Classification under HSN covering, Classification of SAC covering
  • Overview of GST- the Compensation Cess to States Act, 2017, and Nature of supply (IGST Act)
  • Discussion on the basics of Purpose of a place of supply
  • Discussion on the domestic services- the general rule in 12(2) and 13(2) and identify how to apply sub-rules where the general rule is not applicable
  • What are International Services?
  • What are Input Tax Credit and its specific order?
  • Exemption List of Services- CGST N/N- 12/2017 dated 28th June 2017 and Exemption List of Goods- CGST N/N- 02/2017 dated 28th June 2017 are discussed in detail.
  • GST Valuation
  • Procedure and Applicability of E-way Bill and the State Empowerment
  • Returns under GST, and Maintenance of Records & Books
  • Payments and Refunds under GST
  • Appeals & Revisions under chapter XVII
  • Overview of the Audit by tax authorities under section 65 and special audit under section 66
  • In the IT environment, auditing includes the use of automated technologies.

Fee Structure: The Certificate course costs Rs 10,000/- + 18% GST, and the time duration for the course is 72 hours both online and offline.

The Advanced Certificate Course costs Rs 14,000 +18% GST, and the time duration is 40 hours but is available only online.

For more details, go to

Email at or call +91 120 3045954

3. National Institute Financial Markets: GST certification course in Pune

NIFM provides all-around insights on GST and its impact on businesses by top GST experts. They provide certification in GST, Indirect Taxation and GST software. Registration, GST E-Filing, GST Returns, and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions are all covered in this GST certified course. It will enable the GST learners and soon to be professionals the key areas of impact in businesses. It deals with a complete cycle of GST from registration to claim and a detailed explanation about of the reverse charge concept. This course will help candidates understand how the read and refer to the GST laws in future with hands-on experience.

NIFM GST course includes:

  • Professional GST certification course
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of GST laws, applications, and concepts
  • The curriculum is designed for future use, 80% practical and 20% theoretical
  • Knowledge of various practical procedures under GST Act, such as Filing of Returns, Registration, TDS, and availing Input Tax Credit
  • GST training with online GST software
  • Home assignments are part of the consolidated training process
  • Classrooms equipped with latest smart software
  • Weekend batches available for working professionals

Candidates eligible for enrolling in the NIFM GST course:

  • Beginners/ Students who are aspiring to have an accountant career
  • Undergraduates and Graduates
  • Senior-mid level accountants
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Heads, Business Owners
  • Freelance Accountants

Topics covered in the NIFM GST course:

  • Introduction to Goods and Services Tax (GST) that includes, types of GST, determining the GST liability, eligibility for GST, GST registration threshold, rate slabs and due dates for GST registrations, and exclusions for GST.
  • The structure of GST that includes, understanding the meaning of Goods and Services and supply in GST, time, place, and valuation of supply, Taxable GST events.
  • GST invoicing includes, GST invoice, raised invoice and charged GST, Bill of supply, Debit note/Credit note, and Payment Voucher.
  • Learning Input Tax Credit and Payment in GST along with Offset GST liability, claiming ITC, payment mode, ledger for electronic liability, electronic credit, and electronic cash.
  • In-depth knowledge of GST Return Filing, types of forms and due dates and the process of filing, GSTR1 return filing that is sales outward supply return, GSTR2A Reconciliation- purchase inward supply return, GSTR3B and GSTR9/9B return filing.
  • Knowing Composition Scheme Under GST, Registration and limitation of composition scheme, Tax Rate, Return form under composition scheme.
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism includes, the meaning of RCM, and Taxability under RCM.

  Fee Structure:

Lifetime support from the trainers
Rs 25,000 + GST, Duration- 2 months

For more details, go to, Or call 011- 45646322

4. Clear Tax GST course: Best GST training Centre in Pune

It is a finance-tech platform, which helps in income tax filing, GST, and mutual fund investment. Clear Tax intends to simplify the tax filing process and is the most significant consumer tax filing platform in India. They have built their own TaxCloud and GST software for simplifying the process for the CAs and have the largest cloud platform for GST.

Clear Tax GST course includes:

  • Certification and comprehensive e-learning on New GST Returns.
  • CA/Tax practitioners, company executives, students, and legal consultants.
  • This course covers the complete insights for GST needs, claiming ITC, creation of GST bills, and filing GST Return
  • Complete online training platforms with pre-recorded videos by the Product Experts
  • The course also teaches how to handle errors and mismatches while filing GST.

Topics covered in Clear Tax GST course:

  • Learn about E- Way bill- video duration 40 minutes
  • How to file GSTR-4? – video duration 8 minutes
  • How to file GSTR-1? – video duration 35 minutes
  • How to create invoices? – video duration 20 minutes

Fee structure: The GST course total time duration of 8 hours with in-depth practical training that cost Rs 3600/-

For more details, go to

5. EduPristine : Top GST Training Centre in Pune

The company was established in 2008, and it’s now among the premier financial training provider. EduPristine has expanded its business into five verticals, Analytics, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, and Marketing. It has classrooms all across India for offline training and an online platform for online classes, and they have a flexible program for corporates.

EduPristine GST course includes:

  • In the GST course, they provide a comprehensive guide to the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations.
  • It covers the GST’s practical aspects, such as registration, returns filing, in-depth accounting, and GST transaction recording.
  • The eligible candidates for the GST course are, Undergraduates, Graduates, working professionals, and the ones aspiring to make a career in taxation and accounting.
  • They provide 24*7 online support and provide access to all the study material that is in form of presentations, recordings, utility files, and practice files.
  • GST in Tally and GST versus Previous Indirect Taxes are two important modules. The curriculum has been designed by the industry experts to incorporate employability among the candidates.
  • The course duration is 32 hours

Topics covered in EduPristine GST course:

  • Basics of GST and other Taxes
  • Taxation system in India
  • Introduction to the GST structure
  • Comparison Rates
  • Applicability of the GST
  • Supply Time and Place
  • Valuation and Tax Invoice
  • Input Tax Credit Composition Scheme
  • Registration, GST Returns, and Payment of Tax
  • Accounting for GST
  • GST in Tally
  • GST vs Previous Indirect Tax

For more details, go to:

Or email, call 1800 200 5835

6. ICT Academy GST course: Job Oriented GST Training Course

It is an initiative by Govt. of India that came across as a mass training in India for Skill India, Start-up India, Digital India, and Make in India. It has extensive competency because of which ICT Academy became one of the chosen institutions for GST training as well.

ICT Academy GST course includes:

  • GST courses provided is GST in 90 minutes, Online certificate course in GST, and Course on Goods and Services Tax.
  • GST in 90 minutes course covers the basics, benefits, and tax laws. It is a certification course.
  • The eligibility for the course is CAs, CXOs, GST Practitioners, legal consultants, CA aspirants, businesspeople and even commerce students aspiring their career in taxation.
  • The online certification course in GST is 30 hours training program that is valid for 60 days.
  • The course enables the understanding of the laws of GST, and its implementation, compliance, and enforcement.
  • The course on Goods and Services Tax is an intensive course and is a NACEN certified 3- day course. There are 15 modules explaining the dimensions of GST, including registration, return filing, availing Input Tax Credit, TDS compliance and refunds.
  • The online course also has a self-paced course of 1.5 hours.

Topics covered in the ICT Academy GST course:

  • GST introduction and the history
  • What are types of GST and why do we need GST?
  • Tax Points
  • Technological effects on GST.
  • What are the impact and implications of GST and its benefits?
  • Caution to be taken

For more details, go to

7. AJNIFM (Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management) GST Training:

AJNIFM is a Govt. of India Autonomous body under the Institution of Ministry of Finance established in 1993. It has various post-graduate programs in financial management. AJNIFM caters for the training needs for:

Central Government (senior and middle management)

  • State Governments
  • Defence establishments
  • Banks
  • Other financial management

The institution also has research studies in accounts, audit, financial management, parliamentary financial control, and issues related to public policies.

AJNIFM GST course includes:

  • The course is GST e-training program
  • The course has a broad appeal that includes Academicians, GST Practitioners, Researchers, Policymakers, Government officers, etc.
  • The program is held in virtual classrooms program with an in-person approach. The website has a brochure with the batch details.
  • There’s a separate forum designed to resolve queries and online submissions every week.
  • The course is assessment based; you need to have 60% attendance in the online classroom to be eligible for sitting in the examination.
  • The certification will be awarded in the appropriate form by ICSI jointly with NIFM.

Topics covered under AJNIFM GST course:

  • Overview of GST Act- CGST/SGST/ IGST
  • Scope of Provided Goods and Services
  • Registration and persons who are liable
  • Role of GSTN and Filing returns
  • Types of Returns and Formats
  • Input Tax Credit and its matching
  • Cross utilisation of IGST and Funds Transfer
  • Input Tax Credit and ISD
  • Invoices, debit/credit notes, and payments for taxes
  • Transitional provisions and TDS and TCS in GST
  • Demands, Recovery and Refund
  • Inspection, search, seizure, and arrest are all examples of assessment and audit.
  • Advance Ruling, Appeals and Revision
  • Prosecution, Offences and Penalties

Fee structure:  The GST course costs Rs 10,000 per participant.

8. CAclubindia (CCI) GST course: GST Certification course in Pune

CCI is basically a knowledge-sharing interactive online platform. The CCI has more than 2 million members on its platform because it provides numerous e-learning options and valuable networking. The platform of CCI provides updates on different issues related to the finance industry. It’s like the whole finance world enclosed in one shell, there are reviews, webinars, discussions, resources for reference, corporate laws, online learning, jobs, events, etc.

CAclubindia GST course includes:

  • GST certification course is an advanced course with the certification from the Ministry of MSME, Govt, of India.
  • The batch timing is only weekend, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 am to 5:30 pm
  • The learning materials are provided to the students in e-notes form, one week before the live class.
  • Two practical classes on GST return and GST refund has been added to the curriculum as a new feature
  • Training session is available in English and Hindi

Topics covered in CCI GST course:

  • Levy and Supply under GST
  • Taxable person, Registration, and threshold limits
  • Time and Value of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Place of Goods and Services supply
  • Zero-rated supply (including refund)
  • Introduction to E-Invoicing, Tax Invoice and Job work
  • Existing GST Returns and New GST Returns, GST Return System and E-Way Bill
  • GST Annual Return (Form GSTR-9) with Clause-by-Clause Filing
  • GST Advance ruling
  • GST appeals, revisions, offences, and penalties

Fee Structure: A 40 hours training program with 9 hours each day extended for 4 days. The recorded session for real estate and GSTR-3B of 4 hours. The training costs Rs 9999/-.

9. GST Training in Bangalore: GST Training centre in Pune

Cosmic IT services provide training for Goods and Services Tax (GST). The Indian GST and US Accounting experts are the mentors provided for this training. This training program has been recognized by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

GST training in Bangalore includes:

  • Diploma in Goods and Services Tax is the title of the certification.
  • The batch is an online class on weekends
  • It has 15 modules that cover the basics of GST, filing the returns and refunds. The practical training on using tools for GSTN portal and returns

Topics covered under GST training in Bangalore:

  • Introduction and basic details of Goods and Services Tax
  • Enrolling the Goods and Services Tax
  • Levy and collection of Tax
  • Scope, time, and place of supply
  • Composition scheme
  • Valuation of supply
  • Input Tax Credit and E-way Bills
  • Maintenance of Books of Accounts
  • Returns and refunds
  • Other tools in GSTN portal

Fee structure: The online class is for 2 days and costs Rs 6000/-

For more details, go to
Or Email, call +91 9342103552/ +91 9902977233

10. Initiative Institute of Professional Training and Research (IIPTR) Mumbai GST course:

IIPTR is the leading provider of finance and revenue management courses. It is designed for professionals who are looking to accelerate in their careers. The essential feature of these courses is they are job-relevant. The curriculum includes a practical implementation for hands-on experience.

IIPTR course includes:

  • Advance Diploma in GST
  • After the completion of this course the government certified GST Practitioner certificate will be awarded
  • The important aspects are covered under 2 modules. It includes practical knowledge with improving analytical and problem-solving skills
  • The candidates get a GST software as a complementary part of the course.
  • IIPTR also guides how to obtain GST Practitioner certificate from the GSTN portal.

Topics covered in the IIPTR GST course:

  • Introduction to GST, types of GST
  • Rate structure under GST and Exemption in GST
  • Concept of supply and valuation under GST
  • Concept of Reverse charge and compliance
  • Recording of GST liability, ITC, Computation of GST payment and set off entry for ITC
  • E-invoicing, e-way bills and composition scheme
  • GST Annual Return and Audit

For more details. Go to
Or Email, Call @ +91 8080 468822

The advantages of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India:

  • To simply taxation commodity and services business, GST brings numerous taxes into one umbrella.
  • With the introduction of GST in India several other taxes like VAT, service tax etc. got erased and experts think that this is helping in the reduction of commodity prices.
  • Companies that have turnover less than Rs 20 lakhs per annum are exempted from the GST. The threshold of exemption is Rs 10 lakhs in North-Eastern states. This is to help small businesses avoid lengthy and complex tax procedures.
  • Companies benefit from the composition scheme and have to pay only 1% of the turnover up to Rs 75 lakhs.
  • GST is targeted at reducing without receipts sales and corruption
  • The need for small businesses to comply with the VAT, service tax, excise duty etc.
  • The regulations and accountability are brought to the unorganised sectors.
  • GST has reduced the tax on commodities like smartphones and cars by 2% and 7.5%
  • The border tax is reduced and check-post discrepancies are being resolved in order to reduce logistics. The expected outcome was a 20% drop in the price of non-bulk goods in logistics.
  • GST has a positive impact on GDP and is expected to increase by 80% in another couple of years.

The disadvantages of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India:

  • Operational cost is increasing for several businesses as there’s a higher amount of software being purchased for assisting the GST filling process.
  • GST is being applied on the articles like a wheelchair, braille paper, hearing aid etc. and since then it is also called the ‘Disability Tax’.
  • GST in the financial sector increased from 15% to 18% and becoming more expensive.
  • Most of the manufacturers are suspending their reward programs because of the complexities in the taxation process.
  • Insurance premiums have become more expensive under GST.
  • As an impact of GST, the real estate price increased by 8% and the demand went down by 12% after June 2017.
  • Petrol not being under GST goes against the ideals for the unification of the commodities.

Conclusion: Every business needs skilled professionals to handle their GST, e-filing, etc. GST courses have created numerous job opportunities in this arena. As a GST Practitioner, you can provide online services to other taxpayers. After getting a valid certificate through the GSTN portal one can officially practice GST. With new businesses rising, people are unaware of the GST and any taxations. So, it makes place for new hot jobs for all the GST practitioners.


Q.Why is GST needed in India?

ANS – GST needs in India with an expectation to bring together state economies while improving the overall economic growth of the nation.

Q.On what platform are GST courses available?

ANS – GST courses are available both online and offline.

Q.What kind of job opportunities are there after the GST certification course?

ANS – A GST Practitioner can provide services to any other person who pays taxes, such as payment of tax, interests, penalty, or any payments/fees.

Q.What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in a GST course?

ANS – Anyone who wants to build or accelerate their career in the field of accounting and taxation can enroll on a GST course.

Q.What is the average salary after the GST certification course?

ANS – The average salary of a certified GST practitioner is between 4-6 lakhs per annum.

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