Top 10 Blockchain courses in Bangalore


    A blockchain is a network of connected computer systems that contains digital copies of a digital ledger of transactions. All of the blocks in this developing ledger are connected through cryptography. The data that a blockchain store is exchanged and updated often. The fact that this information is not stored or centrally located is one of the key advantages of the Blockchain that contributes to its high level of security. There are many copies of the ledger as it is hosted by millions of machines on the chain. It would need an enormous amount of computational power to hack into the chain and corrupt the information. The amount of computational power required to carry out a hack can theoretically be calculated, but practically impossible.

    Here is the list of the top 10 Blockchain courses in Bangalore


    The blockchain systems for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain are described in this Blockchain Certification Training Course by Henry Harvin. You will learn how to create Blockchain apps using tools like Truffle, Ganache, Geth, and Meta Mask. This Blockchain, Certification Training Course learns how to set up a private blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer and implement smart contracts on Ethereum.

    This course will help you comprehend the many facets of the benefits, workings, and structures of blockchain technology. How to build a Blockchain network, integrate it with practical applications, and much more.


    1. Learn From Industry Experts
    2. Build Bitcoin apps using tools from Truffle, Geth, Ganache, & more
    3. Globally Recognized Curriculum
    4. Access the T.P.I.C.P.E.B.H.M feature of the Blockchain Course
    5. 1-Year Gold Membership of the Blockchain Academy
    6. 100% Money-Back Guarantee*


    1. Blockchain
    2. Cryptography
    3. Cryptocurrency
    4. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining
    5. Ethereum
    6. Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
    7. Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

    DURATION: 32 hours


    1. Self-Paced Course – INR 20,250/-
    2. Live Online Classroom – INR 22,500/-

    Phone: +91-9891953953

    Blockchain Tutorial For Beginners- Henry Harvin


    One of the top software training companies, InventaTeq offers courses on blockchain that are affordable, high-quality, and offer job placements. Through hands-on training, they have assisted individuals, corporate companies, working professionals, software engineers, and freshmen in integrating the knowledge.


    1. Introduction to Blockchain
    2. Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
    3. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining
    4. Programming for Ethereum
    5. Build and deploy a private blockchain using MultiChain
    6. Hyperledger

    Placement Programs

    1. Assist in making resume as per IT standards
    2. Related Question and answers for interviews
    3. Mock Test

    Blockchain Training Benefits for (STUDENTS/FRESHERS)

    Stakeholders, managers, and developers can take the course to learn more about the implications of blockchain technology.

    Duration: 2 Months

    Fee: NA

    Phone: 9620420487

    Mail: [email protected]


    Jayanagar Center

    No. 16, 2nd Floor

    11th Main Road, 33rd Cross Rd,

    Jayanagar 4th ‘T’ Block, Above Sun-Times in Jayanagar

    Near KFC, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560041

    3. EDUREKA

    Students can participate in the most talked-about cryptocurrency transactions right now by enrolling in Edureka’s Blockchain course in Bangalore. This blockchain course in Bangalore primarily caters to individuals seeking an in-depth education in the cryptocurrency industry to become certified blockchain developers.


    1. Instructor-led Sessions
    2. Real-life Case Studies
    3. Assignments
    4. 24 x 7 Support
    5. Certification


    1. Origin Of Blockchain
    2. Cryptocurrency
    3. Bitcoin Platform and Mining
    4. Introduction To Ethereum
    5. Hyperledger
    6. Prospects Of Blockchain

    Fee: INR 19,995/-

    Duration: 6 weeks

    Phone (India): +91 89517 55400

    Phone (US & ROW): +1 877 959 4010 (Toll Free)

    Mail: [email protected]


    5th FLOOR, Wing A, No 38/4,


    OUTER RING ROAD, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban,

    Karnataka, 560048.

    4. ACTE

    With its pioneering approach to IT software training, Acte provides the most effective and essential instruction in the shortest time possible. Acte Chennai & Acte Bangalore is a well-planned event based on this. With regard to all the subjects, lectures, problems, and conclusions, they have several coordinators. The trainees are directly responsible for Acte. The company uses questionnaires to learn more about students’ strengths and limitations. Uses data-driven information to assign trainees in accordance with the results.


    1. 40 Hours Course Duration
    2. Industry Expert Faculties
    3. Free Demo Class
    4. Completed 500+ Batches
    5. Certification


    1. Introduction To Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies
    2. Future Trends In Blockchain
    3. Bitcoins
    4. Exercises
    5. Blockchain Architecture
    6. Introduction To Ethereum

    Fee: NA

    Phone: 93833 99991 / 9840755991

    Mail: [email protected]


    ACTE BTM Layout

    No. 21, Ground Floor

    29th Main Road, Kuvempu Nagar,

    BTM Layout 2nd Stage,

    Bangalore – 560 076

    Landmark – Next to OI Play School

    5. NearLearn™

    A recognized trademark for educational technology, NearLearnTM, belongs to NEAR AND LEARN PRIVATE LIMITED. The NearLearn Blockchain Training Course was created using the most up-to-date methodology to give students a thorough understanding of current industry trends. The blockchain course not only helps students gain a thorough understanding of blockchain technology and its applications but also delivers the ideal blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.


    1. Overview of Blockchain
    2. Bitcoin Blockchain
    3. Ethereum
    4. Blockchain on Multichain
    5. Blockchain Prospects

    Fee: INR 22,000

    Phone: +91-9739305140/+91-80-41700110

    Email: [email protected]


    BTM Layout

    Near And Learn Pvt. Ltd.

    No: 61,1st Floor, 7th Main,

    12th Cross Rd, BTM 2nd Stage

    Bangalore – 560 076

    Land Mark: Above G.K Vale


    6. myTectra

    Global learning solutions provider myTectra transforms individuals and organizations to produce tangible, long-term advantages. With classroom instruction, instructor-led live online instruction, and corporate training, myTectra also provides round-the-clock on-demand support.

    MyTectra offers professionals the freedom to learn wherever they want, including from mobile devices. The content of our courses is carefully chosen by subject matter experts who keep a close watch on the IT sector and adapt to industry expectations, changes, and requirements by including them in our courses.


    1. Cryptography topics
    2. Introduction to Blockchain
    3. Cryptocurrency
    4. Bitcoin Architecture & Transactions
    5. Hyperledger Architecture
    6. Composer Playground
    7. Install a sample app


    1. Classroom Training
    2. Live-Online Training
    3. Real-life Case Studies
    4. 24 x 7 Support
    5. Certification

    Fee: NA

    Phone: +918047112411

    Mail: [email protected]



    10P, IWWA Building,2nd Floor,

    7th Main Road, BTM Layout 2nd Stage


    7. HKR Training

    Anyone may get some of the top Blockchain training in Bangalore at HKR Trainings. Joining the Blockchain Training created by HKR specialists will assist students in learning how to manage and distribute data records across computer clusters. This Blockchain course was created by industry professionals to give students practical examples of essential concepts. The overview, architecture, cryptography, cryptocurrency, digital ledger, and applications of blockchain.


    1. 30 Hrs
    2. Learn On Your Own Timeline
    3. Real-World & Project-Based Learning
    4. Lifetime LMS & Faculty Access
    5. 24/7 Expert Support
    6. Access To An Online Community Forum
    7. Customized Course Creation


    1. Introduction to Blockchain technology
    2. Blockchain Architecture/Ecosystem/Applications/Layers/History

    Fee: NA

    Phone: +919711699759

    Mail: [email protected]


    Flat No. 202, Bhadra Apartment,

    Ryan School Lane, Opposite Brookfield Mall,

    ITPL Main Road

    Bangalore 560037

    8. Skillslash

    Being one of the premier sources of data science training, Skillslash allows students to collaborate directly on the newest projects with professionals in the field. Working on projects for the industry is an essential component of learning. The training they receive enables students to hone their skills and find employment in prestigious companies.


    1. Project certification
    2. 100% Job Guarantee
    3. Lifetime accessibility
    4. Live project experience


    1. Blockchain Basics
    2. Getting Started with Distributed Applications
    3. Bitcoin Blockchain
    4. Ethereum Blockchain
    5. Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode

    Eligibility: 1 year of experience

    Duration: 25 hours (4 weeks)


    1. Basic: ₹ 59,000 / 1 Year
    2. Pro: ₹ 79,000 / 3 Year
    3. Pro Max: ₹ 1,09,000 / 3 Year

    Phone: 8391-911-911

    Email: [email protected]


    Bangalore (HQ)

    No.255 2nd floor Skillslash above Airtel office 

    17th cross road, HSR Layout Sector 6

    Bangalore, Karnataka -560102

    9. My Training Bangalore

    My Training Bangalore is a widely regarded software training center with the goal of producing future IT professionals. The institute offers cutting-edge training approaches that let students show off their abilities on actual assignments.

    They train students and place them in highly regarded organizations in collaboration with Real-Time Consultants and IT Software Companies. Their objective is to deliver instruction based on Live Project situations and equip students to address the challenges of the modern workplace.


    1. Classroom and Online Training
    2. 30+ Hours Course
    3. Industry Expert Faculties
    4. Demo Class
    5. Certification


    1. What is Blockchain?
    2. Explaining Distributed Ledger
    3. Mining algorithm
    4. Node, peer, and block explanation
    5. What is Hyperledger?
    6. Merkle tree and Blockchain
    7. What is Hashgraph?

    Fee: NA

    Phone: 09513163344

    Mail: [email protected]


    BTM Layout

    # 12, 2nd Floor, Sharavanthi Blue Chip,

    100 Feet Ring Road,

    BTM Layout 1st Stage,

    Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068

    10. Trishana Technologies

    One of the finest training facilities in the IT sector, Trishana Technologies, offers top-notch instruction. They offer industry-leading infrastructure, online resources, access to ongoing projects, and unmatched placement assistance.

    To perform effectively, it is important to have both a solid intellectual understanding and a skillful mind. By offering a platform for learning, Trishana Technologies’ mission embodies the tremendous promise to improve everyone’s quality of life.


    1. Live Demo
    2. Validity: 1 year
    3. Placement Assistance
    4. 24 X 7 Support
    5. Certification


    1. Internet of money
    2. Cryptography
    3. Public vs. private Blockchain technology
    4. Community currency
    5. Credits versus tokens
    6. Regulation and legal frameworks
    7. Ethereum, Scalability, and distributed ledgers

    Fee: NA

    Phone: +91 9513015050

    Mail: [email protected]


    662, 28th Main Road,

    BTM 2nd Stage,

    Kuvempu Nagar, Bangalore,

    Karnataka, India – 560068


    A specific type of shared database called a “blockchain” differs from other databases in that it stores data in blocks that are connected using cryptography. Each new data point results in the creation of a new block. Once the block is filled with data, they are automatically chained together chronologically. A transaction ledger has been a blockchain’s most widely used application. However other types of information can also be stored on a blockchain. In the context of Bitcoin, blockchain is used in a decentralized manner. To ensure that not a user or organization can control, all users must collectively control. The data entered into blockchains cannot be modified. This indicates that Bitcoin transactions are permanently recorded and visible to the public.

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    Who Created Blockchain, exactly?

    The initial description of blockchain technology was made in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta (both mathematicians). Cypherpunk Nick Szabo advocated utilizing a blockchain to protect the bit gold digital payment system in the late 1990s.

    What are blockchain’s fundamentals?

    Blockchain is a decentralized, unchallengeable database that makes it easier to track assets and record transactions in a corporate network. An asset may be physical (such as a home, car, money, or land) or intangible (patents, copyrights, branding).

    What kinds of blockchains are there?

    Public Blockchain.
    Private Blockchain.
    Hybrid Blockchain.
    Consortium Blockchain.

    How many different blockchains exist?

    On the blockchain, there are presently more than 10,000 additional cryptocurrency systems running. Although it seems like a secure solution, utilizing a blockchain to store data about different types of transactions is also possible.

    Where is blockchain information kept?

    Since blockchain is decentralized, there is no single location where it may be kept. It is kept in computers or other devices all around the network because of this. These devices are referred to as nodes. The blockchain, or the network’s transactions, is replicated on each network.


    1. The Blockchain course in Bangalore seems promising, providing comprehensive training in this cutting-edge technology. The article highlights the city’s growing demand for skilled blockchain professionals, making it an ideal place to pursue this course.

    2. Blockchain courses in Bangalore offer excellent opportunities to gain expertise in this transformative technology. Discover a wide range of options available in the city, including industry-relevant curriculum, experienced instructors, and practical hands-on training. Take a step towards becoming a blockchain professional today.

    3. Blockchain courses in Bangalore offer a great opportunity for aspiring professionals to gain expertise in this transformative technology. The mentioned website provides a comprehensive list of courses, ensuring individuals can choose the one that aligns with their interests and career goals.


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