Chinese HSK Test: All You Need to Know for 2023


    Evidently, language is the primary way of connecting with people. Without a doubt, the more languages you learn, the more connections and opportunities you will have. Currently, we see a trend forming for learning Chinese/Mandarin since the language is becoming one of the most spoken languages across the world. Surely, learning Chinese and passing the Chinese HSK Test will unlock a myriad of opportunities. Undeniably, scoring high on the HSK Test will take your education, career, employment, and quality of life to the next level.

    However, preparing and qualifying for the Chinese HSK Test involves many levels and complications. To clarify, we have encompassed all the details you need to know about the HSK test and where you can get the right training for your language learning aspirations. Hence, check out the blog for the latest updates regarding the Chinese HSK Test for 2023. 

    Chinese HSK Test

    What exactly is the Chinese HSK Test?

    In simple words, the HSK, also known as Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, refers to an international-level assessment meant for evaluating Chinese-language proficiency. The Mandarin Level Test is another name for the Chinese HSK Test internationally. Adult people, including foreigners, natives, and migrant Chinese individuals, are the primary participants in the Chinese HSK Test. In fact, the International Chinese Language Council, called Hanban, administers and organizes this examination. As per tradition, they conduct this exam at various HSK Testing Centers around the world. Mostly, language schools and institutes are chosen as testing centres.

    Chinese HSK Test: Purposes and Eligibility

    First and foremost, the HSK Test is primarily meant for students, especially non-native speakers, who are looking to pursue graduate courses at Chinese universities. Obviously, learning Mandarin and doing well in the HSK test will facilitate a smooth course completion for the aspirants. However, there are many other reasons for taking a Chinese HSK Test, which you can explore below.

    1. Higher Studies

    As mentioned before, if you are researching your options to seek undergraduate or graduate-level education at some of the best universities in China, taking the HSK test is mandatory. In fact, the universities demand a qualification of 5th or 6th level from foreigners to grant admission to Chinese institutions.

    2. Scholarships

    As a matter of fact, gaining a high HSK score will ultimately earn you scholarships, too. In fact, the Ministry of Education in China offers scholarships to students who achieve high HSK scores. Subsequently, the students can expand their academic careers by enrolling at either Confucius Institute in India or any university in China. 

    3. Settle in China

    Undeniably, there are a multitude of people seeking employment opportunities and permanent residence in China. While the reasons may vary, if you wish to work and live in this country, you would need to apply for a work permit. For this, qualifying for HSK is a must. 

    4. Employment

    Despite your career, be it translating or teaching, if you intend to get employed in Chinese firms, you will be asked to prove your mastery of Chinese. Without a doubt, the HSK Test Certificate will aid you on such occasions. 

    Coming to the eligibility criteria, there is no age limitation to attend the HSK Exam. However, anyone with the age of fourteen or above is suitable for the test with respect to their intended purposes. Indeed, the curriculum contains complex vocabulary and exercises that are ideal for people on this age spectrum. For children under 14, there is a separate exam called the Youth Chinese Test. 

    HSK Levels and Syllabus

    hsk levels

    As in tradition, the Chinese HSK Test consists of six major levels, HSK 1 to HSK 6, over which basic, intermediate, and proficient levels are spanned. Firstly, HSK 1 belongs to the basic category, where you will familiarize yourself with the basic Chinese words and understand the phrases using them. For someone completely new to Chinese, this level could be a bit difficult, as you have to learn everything from scratch. Later in HSK 2, you will use these basic Chinese words for everyday applications. 

    After the first two levels, you enter the intermediate levels, HSK 3 and HSK 4. Here, throughout HSK 3, you will communicate in Mandarin in both academic and professional contexts. Likewise, in HSK 4, you will engage in conversation with native Chinese speakers, where your basic fluency will be put to the test. 

    Compared to the previous levels, HSK 5 and HSK 6 are easier since you have an intermediate understanding of the language. In these final levels, you will earn proficiency in fluently speaking and reading. Also, you will be able to confidently express whatever comes to mind in Chinese, either through speaking or writing. Anyhow, all these HSK levels have a specific duration and total number of words to learn, which are listed below.  

    HSK test duration and wordcount

    Renewed HSK Levels of 2023

    Nevertheless, you should note that according to the Chinese HSK Test reports for 2023, there will be nine levels, though the details regarding this are yet to be published. The renewed levels and corresponding word count will be as follows:

    Renewed HSK

    Exam fees and dates

    As per the existing six-level HSK fee structure, students who are willing to attend the exam only need to pay a reasonable amount. Though, the fees can vary across various countries. In India, the fee structure is ₹1500 for HSK Level 1 to ₹6500 for HSK Level 6, with a ₹1000 difference between each level. 

    If you are planning to take your Chinese HSK Test in 2023, the table below will give you information regarding the exam date and deadline for registration.

    HSK Test DateRegistration Deadline for paper-basedRegistration Deadline for Internet-based

    HSK Testing Centres in India

    • Arise Medical Academy – Telangana
    • Ceeco International Consultancy & Training Centre – Kerala
    • Confucius Institute at University of Mumbai – Maharashtra
    • Confucius Institute at Vellore University of Technology – Tamil Nadu
    • K. J. Somaiya Center for Buddhist Studies – Maharashtra
    • Langma School of Languages – Delhi
    • Learn From the Best – Delhi
    • Malabar Aviation Academy – Kerala
    • Seacom Skill University – West Bengal
    • Safalya International Educare – Gujarat
    • Space Computer & Training Academy – Madhya Pradesh
    • The School of Chinese Language – West Bengal

    Mandarin Language Program at Henry Harvin

    If you are in quest of finding the best institute to learn the Chinese language, Henry Harvin is the ideal destination for you. In fact, it is one of the leading institutes providing intensive training for various language programs. Apparently, the language Academy at Henry Harvin offers online training for 29+ languages, including the Mandarin Language Course. For aspirants, the course will be only 32 hours, taught by language experts based on HSK standards. Surely, enrolling in this training program will help you gain results in a short time and prepare well for the Chinese HSK Test. 

    Similar programs at Henry Harvin

    Scope of HSK in the near future

    Obviously, when you have decided to attend the Chinese HSK Test, there might arise a question: Will the HSK be worth it? Believe it or not, there are tons of opportunities waiting for those who ace the exam. As we all know, China continues to grow as one of the most powerful countries in the world. In fact, we can’t deny the possibility of China acquiring ultimate power over other developed countries. Clearly, this will only increase the significance of learning Mandarin. As the second wide-spoke language, learning Chinese would help you better your academic ambitions, seek better employment, and earn a better standard of living. 


    Needless to say, learning a new foreign language comes with a lot of perks in the current world. As a medium of communication, language plays a significant role in improving education, acquiring opportunities, and expanding the quality of life. Aside from this, learning Chinese is extremely entertaining since it embraces immense historical values. Whatever your intentions may be, learning Chinese will certainly be of extreme advantage in your career. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the Chinese HSK Test?

    It is an international test to evaluate the language proficiency of individuals in the Chinese language.

    2. What is the difference between Mandarin and Chinese?

    Mandarin is a popular dialect/form of the Chinese Language.

    3. Can I take HSK if I am 12 years old?

    The HSK test is primarily for people aged 14 or older. Children under 14 can take YCT.

    4. What is the cost of taking Chinese HSK in India?

    The exam fee for HSK in India ranges between ₹ 1500 to ₹ 6500, according to the various levels.

    5. How can I prepare for the HSK?

    Henry Harvin offers comprehensive training for the Mandarin Language Course, which will help with the preparation of the HSK.


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