Henry Harvin SAP CRM Course Review (Leaked)


Recently, SAP has emerged as one of the most popular technologies certification courses. The SAP system started its journey with inventory management and has evolved into different ERP modules for various work forms within the organization. You will become proficient in ledgers, ledger reports, cheque management, cash journals, vendor reports, asset accounting, profit center accounting, and many more with SAP CRM online training with certification. You can start your career as an SAP consultant with the SAP CRM certification. SAP CRM certification can lead to high salaries and a rewarding career. During this online course, you will gain hands-on practical knowledge about SAP CRM modules through live projects.

Several institutes offer online SAP CRM courses. Henry Harvin is one such institute that offers one of the most popular SAP CRM courses in India. Here we will discuss both the positive and negative aspects of Henry Harvin’s SAP CRM course. In addition, the blog contains genuine Henry Harvin reviews and Henry Harvin SAP CRM course reviews from various testimonial sites.


Henry Harvin Education pioneered academics and online certification courses. According to the Henry Harvin reviews, the institute launched its first professional training course in India in 2017. UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of EFL, MSME, and Project Management Institute (PMI) have all certified the institute.

The Henry Harvin Education offers more than 50 training programs in various disciplines, such as analytical courses, finance courses, writing courses, law courses, management courses, and digital marketing courses.

During four years, Henry Harvin has managed to train more than three million students in various fields of education. In addition, Henry Harvin’s reviews indicate that they have over 150 corporate partners and over 60 college partners.

The role of Henry Harvin is to provide a bridge between university graduates and industry-required skills and knowledge. Thus, it helps professionals bridge the skills gap and acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in their industries.

For the quality education, Henry Harvin provides, top media houses have taken notice of him. In the Henry Harvin reviews, a few media houses and publications have recognized Henry Harvin’s success in India today, News world India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Statesman, Financial Express, etc.

The Henry Harvin reviews indicate that Henry Harvin has won numerous awards. The prestigious awards are the Top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the 40 under 40 Business World Award.


SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling) courses provide students with specific information about financial accounting and controlling and help them master the art of using SAP CRM software. Using highly advanced lab tools and up-to-date course material, Henry Harvin offers the best training in the industry.

Henry Harvin’s Certified SAP CRM Training Course is ranked among the top 3 courses in the industry by Trainings 360. The SAP CRM course is a live online instructor-led certified course that provides job support, practical training, SAP CRM certification, and a promising career in SAP CRM.

The SAP CRM course aims to introduce candidates to basic and advanced techniques of SAP CRM. Furthermore, the course focuses on placement in some major MNCs to help candidates grow in their careers. 


  • This SAP CRM course is beneficial for both the individual and the company.
  • The SAP CRM certificate will boost your career.
  • Your office colleagues and employers will respect you more if you earn the certification.
  • SAP CRM training will lead to many excellent job opportunities at reputed companies for those who complete the program.
  • With an SAP CRM certification, you can earn a handsome salary at a reputable company.
  • SAP CRM training helps firms and organizations run their businesses and grow substantially.
  • The SAP CRM certification enables candidates to build better relationships with clients to get business.
  • As a result of the SAP CRM certification, candidates can get more recognition in their careers.


Henry Harvin SAP CRM course reviews indicate that most alumni and candidates have a positive response to the course. According to Henry Harvin SAP CRM course reviews, the course contains many positive aspects: training methods, experienced trainers, placement guarantee, internship, lifetime support, affiliate certification, webinars, hands-on projects, Gold membership, etc.

As per Henry Harvin SAP CRM course reviews, the positive aspects of the course are actual and based on a variety of testimonial sites.


Henry Harvin Educations is proud to be affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, PMI, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME, and Government. Of India and ISO 29990:2010 certified.


Henry Harvin has won many awards, including the top Corporate Training Award, Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and 40 Business World Awards.

Henry Harvin has more than 1400 Google Reviews, 200 YouTube Testimonials, and over 4.5 Ratings on Goabroad, Trustpilot, Gooverseas, and more.


According to Henry Harvin SAP CRM course reviews, the course includes 44 hours of instructor-led training. In addition, the learners are offered 24 hours of Bootcamps in a year after completing the online training sessions. Furthermore, candidates will be able to attend unlimited classes with different instructors for a year.


The following are the training methods used in the SAP CRM course.

Self-paced training

Self-paced training refers to self-study learning. Learners have lifetime access to the course and support. The SAP CRM Self-paced course costs INR 18000/-.

Virtual classroom training online.

Featuring both self-paced and instructor-led online classes with flexible scheduling, the online virtual classroom training includes all the features found in self-paced training. It also features a one-year Gold Membership that is beneficial to students.

As part of the online classroom training, you will receive monthly Bootcamp sessions and video recordings of all batches for life. SAP CRM online instructor-led classroom training costs $20000/-.

Corporate training

Corporate training is a customized learning method specially designed for corporate employees. Training sessions are customized according to the requirements of the company and are only available to employees. In addition, a customized Enterprise-grade learning management system (LMS) is used for the learners.


Every month, candidates participate in 12 Bootcamp sessions or webinars. During the Bootcamps, learners brush up on the concepts they learned in the training modules and prepare for interviews with industry professionals. As part of the #Ask Henry series, the Bootcamp Sessions provide a quick introduction to Henry’s world.


After enrolling at the Henry Harvin Finance Academy, learners can attend different batches with different instructors. In addition, during their membership period, learners are entitled to unlimited repetitions of the Certified SAP CRM Training Course without paying additional fees.


SAP CRM is supported and guaranteed with Live Projects, Guaranteed Internships, Weekly Job Support, Recorded Videos, Monthly Bootcamp Sessions, interview skills, and Career Services.


Participants in the SAP CRM course have access to the exclusive Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, the learners are provided with login credentials upon enrollment, which they can use to use the Moodle app on their phone and access the Certified SAP CRM Training Course.


On completion of the SAP CRM course by Henry Harvin, students receive a globally recognized testimonial certification. The SAP CRM Practitioner certification will revamp the candidate’s prior achievements as a CRM expert. Your name can serve as a symbol of upgraded expertise to the candidates—for instance, Kumar (CSFP).


Henry Harvin’s trainers are industry experts with more than a decade of experience. Several organizations have recognized our instructors over the years for their work. Our training partners carefully select the instructors. In addition to delivering more than 500 lectures, the instructors have been invited to keynote more than 100 SAP CRM Training Classes. They are currently employed with Henry Harvin Finance Academy as domain experts.


During the Certified SAP CRM Training Course, candidates are provided with hands-on experience with industry projects. An internship program also allows candidates to gain practical experience and prepare for an internship in the industry.


With Henry Harvin’s SAP CRM course, candidates get a 100% placement guarantee and a chance to become a member of the Finance Academy. In addition, with more than 18,000 alumni networks worldwide, the learners get an opportunity to network and find new job opportunities.


Henry Harvin’s SAP CRM course reviews indicate few negative aspects of the course have been reported by alumni. While the candidates pursuing the course or the alumni have written a few negative aspects of the program, such as a non-responsive support team and a lack of placement assistance. Despite the negative reviews, they do not overlap with the positive aspects of the course. As a result, we recommend the course as satisfactory in terms of positive reviews.


  • 44 hours of intensive live instructor-led training
  • Industry-acclaimed SAP CRM Practitioner Certification
  • Free 1-year subscription of Henry Harvin LMS
  • Monthly Bootcamp sessions
  • The updated industry-oriented study material
  • Recorded videos of the sessions
  • 100% placement assistance, internship opportunity, and project support exclusively entitled for SAP CRM Professionals
  • Add-on supplements provided to effectively deliver projects (Logo Software, E-Books, Question Making Software, Project Guides/Workbooks, Mobile App, etc.)
  • Hallmark of Certified SAP CRM Practitioner next to your name.


We can guarantee from the Henry Harvin SAP CRM course reviews that the SAP CRM course offered by Henry Harvin is one of the best, legitimate online courses offered in India.

SAP CRM training helps students gain an understanding of the actual functionality and implementation of this software. In addition to learning SAP CRM from Henry Harvin, students will learn about the integrated SAP modules, including ERP, Financial Accounting Basic Settings, General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Asset Accounting, Basic settings for controlling, Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, etc. In addition, the SAP CRM training course includes two complementary modules as Soft Skills Development and Resume Writing.

This SAP CRM course includes some of the best key features such as training methods, experienced trainers, placement assistance, internship, lifetime support, affiliate certification, webinars, hands-on projects, Gold memberships, and more. These features make this the best online course at the most affordable price.

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1) What is SAP CRM?

Answer: SAP Customer Relationship Management is a tool by SAP that facilitates the efficient performance of all Customer Relationship tasks by organizations/companies, thus helping them to achieve their business goals.

2) What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

Answer: CRM encompasses sales, contacts, marketing, management, and customer service. The latter is called enterprise resource planning. It streamlines and standardizes business processes across services, sales, finance, HR management, etc.

3) What is the future of SAP CRM?

Answer: SAP CRM is assured to be supported until at least 2025, and SAP has not declared any end-of-life dates or replacements for it on-premise system.

4) Who is SAP’s biggest competitor?

Answer: SAP competes most with Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle.

5) What is the latest technology in SAP?

Answer: In 2019, SAP introduced the SAP Marketing Cloud, which allows users to run several campaigns at the same time. In addition, users can create personalized campaigns and events based on specific KPIs


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