Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in Delhi


SAP FICO refers to Financial Accounting and is one of SAP ERP’s most significant modules. It is used to keep track of an organization’s financial data. SAP FICO aids in the investigation of a company’s financial state. It can work in conjunction with other SAP modules such as SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP SCM, and so on.

SAP Controlling is another important SAP module that an organization can use. It maintains the relative variety of cycles in an association’s coordination, checking, and improvement. SAP CO entails managing and organizing ace data, which includes cost and benefit centers, inner orders, and other expensive components and utilitarian areas.

The excellence of the SAP FICO instructional class is that it is befitting for everybody intrigued by and as of now associated with the business. No specific prerequisites are expected to do the SAP FICO course

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a well-known institution in Delhi, and the SAP FICO Course is ranked among the top three courses in the country. It offers a variety of meetings and coaches to familiarize individuals with financial accounting and control. Candidates who do the SAP FICO course are prepared to work with SAP FICO software. SAP FICO provides detailed information on general records, account receivables, and account payables.

The SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling) course gives students detailed information about financial accounting and control and helps them excel at using SAP FICO programming on the S/4 HANA Server. Henry Harvin stands apart with cutting-edge lab equipment and up-to-date course material that meets the most recent industry standards.

Course Benefits

  • you will get practical training on SAP FICO, SAP CO, and other applications.
  • students are offered assistance to provide them with a normal development opportunity.
  • After the preparation is completed, an SAP FICO S/4 HANA certification is issued.
  • Access to all tools and processes via e-learning, as well as video content and other resources.
  • For the next year, you will be able to attend regular training camps, weekly boot camp sessions, job opportunities with Henry Harvin has a one-year Gold membership subscription which is for free

Course Duration: 44 hours

Course Fee: Rs. 29500/-

2. Aptron

APTRON is a dependable ERP SAP FICO preparing foundation in Gurgaon that has built its reputation by providing understudies with aptitude-based ERP SAP FICO instruction. Industry-experienced experts deliver the ERP SAP FICO training following corporate standards. In addition, contemporary training enables understudies to manage and execute ongoing projects professionally.

APTRON’s core strength is its educators. They’ve advanced information about ERP SAP FICO norms and suggestions. Mentors discuss, develop, and foster ERP SAP FICO training concepts in light of real-world business scenarios that can acceptably satisfy the most recent industry requirements.

Course Duration: 30+ hours

Course Highlights

  • FreeDemo Sessions
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Affordable course fee structure
  • Guidance for the certification exams
  • 100% Placement assistance

3. Quickxpert

Quickxpert provides one of the best SAP FICO courses in Delhi. The company provides training based on a corporate standard to aid students in becoming business-ready. This course provides an overview of the SAP FICO instructional class curriculum, which comprises the following modules: Finance Organization Structure, General Ledger Configuration, and Operation, Account Payable Arrangement, and Activity. Setup and activity in Account Receivables, Foreign Trade, and so on

Quickxpert’s training sessions are headed by a master with more than 6 years of experience managing ongoing projects. The understudies are given servers and other essential programming to practice with. The foundation assists with planning. The establishment prepares a large variety of SAP FICO preparation options at a reasonable cost.

4. Zarantech

Zarantech offers SAP FICO training courses in Delhi. The training program ensures that you have a thorough understanding of the major topics covered by the Foundation and Advanced Level Certification exams. This course is intended for recent graduates and seasoned professionals who want to increase their practical knowledge of SAP FICO modules. In addition to enhancing your earning potential, being confirmed demonstrates your knowledge and abilities, as well as your understanding of the fundamentals of SAP FICO, including processes, instruments, strategies, and the executive process. The certification validates your ability to provide reliable, great results with increased efficiency and consistency.

Course duration: 60 hours

Course Fee: $ 899

5. Udemy

Udemy offers an SAP FICO course in Delhi. The course will prepare students to understand the advancements in the setup and end-client processes that SAP S/4HANA Finance delivered.

The student will be shown a new reconciliation of FI and CO, a new Business Partner concept, a new Asset Accounting concept, a new Ledger concept with Accounting standards, and old or obsolete exchanges will be replaced.

Following completion of this course, students will need to complete the certification test, attend prospective training sessions, and work on SAP S/4HANA Finance projects using their present SAP FICO knowledge and abilities.

Course Duration: 5 hours pre-recorded video

Course Fee: Rs. 455/-


ACTE offers SAP FICO Courses in Delhi. They use a combination of learning and practical training to provide the candidate with the greatest available awareness, resulting in the conversion of clueless students into cautious specialists who are easily enrolled in the business. SAP FICO is a critical component of SAP ERP procedures. It’s a module for both internal and external accountancy. To put it frankly, FICO assists in the creation and oversight of budget summaries, which are also used for analysis and reporting, contributing considerably to the organization’s growth.

Course Duration: 40 hours

Course Fee: $14000

7. Igrowsoft

Igrowsoft offers SAP FICO courses in Delhi with exceptionally experienced trainers and offers classrooms and labs also. These SAP FICO courses will get ready candidates to peruse and see every one of them start to finish ventures for setting up the SAP FI and CO module in any association. The course educational program comprises of SAP FICO-Basic, SAP FICO Organization Structure, Bank Accounting, SAP FICO-Asset Accounting, SAP FICO-Financial Accounting Global Settings, SAP FICO-General Ledger, Treasure Management, and so forth

mentors are SAP experts who are well mastery in their field. There are appraisals and counterfeit tests given in the course. All-day, every day e-Learning Access is given, and arrangement help is given by the foundation.

Course Duration: 5 Months


This SMEC foundation in Delhi prepares you to cope effectively with all SAP finance and controlling concepts. After enrolling in the SAP FICO training course, you will gain the active ability and practical information that is genuinely important.

This course will provide you with a solid understanding of the SAP ERP and SAP FICO modules. You’ll learn about different types of archives in bookkeeping, approval for posting accounts receivables and payables, resource bookkeeping, cash diary, and much more. You’ll learn about cash exchange rates and how they work. Mentors are highly qualified and have extensive experience in a related field. Learning grounds provide complete scenario assistance.

9. IexcelERP

In Delhi, iExcel ERP is one of the leading institutions offering SAP FICO courses. This SAP FICO course was created with the most recent industry trends as a top priority. This makes it easier to hunt down a problem in a worldwide organization. Both on the online and site mode, the classes are directed.

 Students will learn about the Setup and Execution of SAP FICO parts, Requirement gathering for the Business Document to Report Interaction Cycle, involved involvement in the SAP framework, having the option to work as both SAP End-User and Consultant, and so on in this SAP FICO course online module. Mentors are subject matter experts who have 35+ years of combined experience in managing ongoing SAP projects.

10. ICA Edu skills

This organization is regarded as one of the leading providers of the “SAP FICO Course in Delhi.” It was primarily established in the year 1999 as “ICA Edu Skills,” which focuses on providing work to candidates and guiding them through a well-designed preparation module at a reasonable cost. It also aids in the development of candidates by dominating them in “gifted work” and providing them with a “functional preparation approach.” Following the completion of the course, the understudies will be eager to seek assistance and arrangement from the world’s most prestigious companies.

“ICA Edu Skills” is regarded as one of Delhi’s most spectacular institutes, having produced a huge number of professionals in many sectors.

Benefits of taking up SAP FICO Course

You can unquestionably advance Financial administration in an organization with the help of SAP FICO Certification. Because SAP FICO is becoming one of the most well-known modules, there is an increase in the number of job opportunities available to applicants. The following are some of the benefits of SAP FICO Certification.

SAP FICO aids in the efficient organization of a company’s financial management frameworks. This product’s application can be found in almost every aspect of the business. SAP makes bookkeeping operations simple and efficient.

It simplifies the task of managing the business flow. If you want to become a professional in the field of bookkeeping and finance, SAP FICO Certification and preparation can assist you. With this tool, your organization can keep a close eye on prices.

Scope of SAP FICO

To be sure, there is a huge demand for SAP FICO courses and this course is still awesome and demanding. It is far and away superior assuming that you are from an accounts or commerce background. SAP is the main ERP worldwide and its notoriety and request are expanding step by step. It offers you countless professional choices inside its space. Even though SAP has sent off a progression of HANA forms, ECC serves the base.

Being an SAP hopeful, it is extremely normal for you to pose this inquiry. It is perhaps the most often posed inquiry connecting with a vocation in SAP FICO.


Currently, almost every aspect of the business is heavily digitized. Organizations can execute their financial activities efficiently and effectively with SAP’s FICO setup. The organizations will have the opportunity to comply with various government directives as well as accountancy regulations all around the world. 

The equivalent’s manual control could become cumbersome and incomprehensible. In the current situation, it is vital to receive SAP FICO training, which will assist you in acquiring the fundamental ideas of SAP FICO. Gaining knowledge about numerous aspects of money and control is beneficial 100 percent of the time because it greatly expands a person’s options for landing situations. Everyone should make an effort regularly.


Q1. What is the average annual income of an SAP FICO expert?

Ans. On average the income is ₹11,67,600 – ₹12,70,413

Q2. Can an individual without any finance background apply for this course?

Ans. Yes, there are no specific criteria to apply for SAP FICO Course. Anyone interested to attain knowledge in SAP FICO concepts can apply for this course.

Q3. Can I take up this course without any system or programming knowledge?

Ans. Yes, programming knowledge is not required to take up the course.

Q4. Is taking up an SAP course worth it?

Ans. Yes, there is a huge requirement for SAP FICO experts in the Industry.

Q5. How long does it take to learn the complete SAP FICO module?

Ans. Around 2 months to 6 months again it also depends on learning ability and practice.


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