Top 10 SAP PLM courses in India: 2023



SAP stands for system,application and producing data processing.SAP has three utilities of applications,architecture,database and survivor.It is the largest global manufacturing distributing enterprise.

“2017 will see some of the most innovative and evolutionary disruption we have seen thus far.There will be more connection,more automation and more significant in business and investment than ever before.”

SAP is the most important software which is introduced by the German best multinational company in Whildraft,Germany.Now it is used by almost the import business enterprises in the world.It connect all the sections of the business enterprise like-strategy planning,human resources and others.SAP is big non-american software company by the revenue and German based company in the capitalistic world.When xerox existed in the digital world in 1971 IBM has to migrate to the compensation technology,the first clint was German branch of imperial chemical industries in Oestringen.They present it as a real time system,processed the punch card overnight.The SAP PLM application offers an integrated product life-cycle management support process together with invention product cycle and development.The top 10 SAP PLM courses in India ushers the rapid corporate revolution in world market.


SAP also provides specific training on organizational behavior and project consultant.SAP is used by twelve million people in more than 120 countries.The IT professionals,business users and decision makers have the knowledge over the SAP.In 1999 ATOS india is the first SAP authorized training institute in India.

Top 10 SAP PLM courses in India 

  • Henry Harvin Education
  • ATOS SAP Training
  • Radiant TCO
  • Delphi compu tech
  • Version IT SAP
  • Primus SAP academy
  • RH softech
  • ACTE

Top SAP training courses in Bengaluru

Henry Harvin ERP academy

  • It is situated in Noida,India.
  • Founded in 2013 by Kunal Gupta
  • Duration 44 hours.
  • Trainers experienced by 12 years.
  • SAP FICO S4 HANA Course
  • SAP FICO ECC Course
  • SAP HR training
  • Training on SAP ABAP

Centers in Bengaluru

  • Quickxpert infotech–In 2014 SAP MM,SAP HANA,SAP SD started to be organized in this institute.
  • AIMS institute of management studies.It also started SAP HANA training.
  • INVENTATEQ–ERP and SAP HANA training configured by this institute.
  • SET–It advanced SAP HANA courses.
  • RIA Institute of technology–It is also among top 10 SAP HANA training institutes.
  • Tirupati Institute of management–Practice and skill improvement are provided by this institute.
  • SEED SAP HANA training academy–It is instructor led training.
  • ICA Edu Skills–It educates you on accounting principles and beneficial techniques.

Top 10 SAP FICO courses in Pune

SAP persists in merged data in all business transactions collaborated with SAP MM,SAP SD.

SAP COIE Controlling 

It controls, monitors,maintains and manages operations of the business.


  • Training–Live online interactive classroom session.
  • Projects-A privilege to provide projects SAP FI,SAP CO and more
  • Internship–gain practical experience of the learning.
  • Certificate–Get a certification from Henry Harvin, the govt. of India recognised.
  • Placement-100%
  • Bootcamp
  • Hackathons
  • Support you to face and clear the interview.  

SAP FICO course in Mumbai

Throughout the world technology and innovation is changing and becoming more money minded.It also deals with SAP,ERP framework with its cross-killed and managing measures and trading quality.

  • Quickxpert Infotech– It deals with training,placement,consultancy advancement.
  • APTRON–Aptron in Mumbai triumphs in Information technology in India.
  • Tech Vidya–It is an IT based software training institute in Noida.
  • LITHAN Genovate– It is in Mumbai private education foundation of training.

Nine in one course

  • Live interactive training session took place online for 44 hours.
  • Objections in plant maintenance,bills of material,planning adjustment.
  • Gain hand to hand experience with learning experiences.
  • Guaranteed placement after compilation of the course.


Three lakh pupils are in this network.

SAP PLM courses in India

Victoria University Ahmedabad:This University suggests business analytic programme and PLM training.

ATOS India:It  deals with changing needs of the business environment.

INDUS business school:It is a technical course of SAP offering PG diploma in ERP.

VACSN SAP PLM education:It is also enabled in SAP PLM.

UDEMY:It is online SAP PLM ABAPobject training and programming.

ICA EDUCATION SKILL: It began in the year 1999 and placed their candidates in top MNC.

SAP all about

Benefits and limitations of SAP ERP:

Companies deduct money in a great deal of time with do and don’ts.

SAP elements information silos and standardized data across an entire company or multiple companies.It handles all the inventory documents of software suppliers.All are present in SAP.So all the data customize in one system.It helps to take decisions quickly. It also predominates the depth of the data.It also collaborates and solves the problems on the fly.It is a robust function.SAP also ensures to handle sensitive information like–companies policy,compliance and govt regulations. This can result in unexpected multiyear implementations. Though all the data processing must be done pro actively with proper strategy.There are many implementations to get users up to speed.Project preparation is first where we can get the scope of SAP implementation.The second step is realization.SAP is done with the company’s existing business process.All configuration is made by utilizing the SAP structure in functionalities.SAP realization is also where customization occur.Customization are expensive and really extent the length of an implementation.There is different type of testing.Integration testing test how the downstream process goes.In user testing method is where users are able to get the transaction and data.This is also SAP process implementation upto 6 th months.

Master Data vs Transactional data 

Master data refers all the informations that deal with people,places or object in the system.Master data is that type of data on which SAP data is created.Without master data transactions cannot be done.It is relatively static.SAP includes partner records.It is all about suppliers and customers,so master data is on social security.It also deals with the action of the business.It is constantly changing.SAP also include the formation of purchase of the orders,sales orders and employee’s work schedule.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

SAP Clients

SAP clients are self contained business unit within the system.There are different type of clint in SAP.We know few.Somebody are working with the other part of the system.The last three parts of the clients are called non productive clints.Large companies make two business units by geographic arena.

Security roles in SAP

The security role in SAP is to allow or deny access to different transactions.It segregates the duties among the business.

SAP financial accounting(F1)

This module is to make tracking and reporting on financial data across an organisation.It is versatile and widely implemented.In SAP F1 all transactions begin and are accomplished with a general ledger. Transactions are recorded with the real data in real time.All accounts are payable,receivable through bank management.Capabilities of the accounts are chargeable through the invoice and credit memo posting.Invoice payments and automatic payments are also a part of it.The SAP F1 is collaborated with the companies’ fixed asset called complaints asset accounting.The function of asset accounting include,acquisition,depreciation,sales and the retunment of this fixed asset.

We take the example of Chase Manhattan bank.Which helps the banking system in real updated time in real time.

SAP controlling CO

 SAP CO controls planning and monitoring business operation cost.It can increase the profitability with internal orders,product costing and profit analysis.The profit center is called wide gate sales.Profit center has no upper limit of end date.It also abrupt with sales or human resources.Cost centers deal with expenses not revenues.This cost center is called accounting.We can see the order type Y400.

SAP Sales and distribution

SAP is the greet of the saling and transportation of products and services.It renders with customers and product relative data.It also manages the sales,ordering,shipping,billing and invoicing of the goods and services.It is broken with sales cycles.The goods are picked out from the warehouse pact and then shipped to the customers.Last is billing and onturn where billing documents are created.

SAP Material Management(MM)

It increases productivity and reduce the cost by handling materials efficiency.This management are about master data,purchasing, inventory management and physical inventory.We see the divisions of the area with net weight of each screw is 35 grams.This tabs have over 200 available fields.It also deals with internal transfers where we move a materials one storage area to another.It plays with light weight and heavy weight.It also has effective supply chain.

SAP Production Planning

It is abbreviated as SAP PP.Business of decrypt models tend to best production where it is customize for change frequently.The bill of materials,routings,capacity planning,and materials requirement planning.It is a list of materials compacted with components needed to manufacturer a product.Materials are the ingredients part of the recipe.There are the four parts is needed.The operation of the description is needed which to be produced.This is a simple routing where only one operation is called assembly.Capacity planning is done to balance the production load across different work areas which is called SAP control center.There are 1710 plants over a specified range isa to be made and 480 minutes of available capacity.The key feature of MRP is that when it runs.It will create healing proposals.It assures production can meet our demand and minimizes the cost training with unnecessary inventory.The goods are needed to meet customer demands.

SAP Quality management

The quality inspection and quality controls helps to determine if the units inspected meet different quality requirements.This where inspection lots result recordings and defect recording all take place.This is a supervisory of goods receipt. That means the inspecting goods were ordered from an external vendors.10 of these were defective or destroyed.This is the arena where different preventive monitoring and corrective happenings take place. This is the place where suppliers can be evaluated on quality.This is the inspection plan for manufacturing material SG29 at plant 1010.Quality notifications can be created in the material cycle.It has been purchased externally before inspection sending finished products out your customers.All standards are all throughout measured perfedded and productive phases.

Plant Management

PM has three major categories like–preventive,inspection,repair.Inspection measure draws the condition of production area.F1 also maintains the condition of the product. The working areas are kept in the best way possible.Repair things are maintained to ideal condition possible.F1 also causes the immediate shutdown.It is the maintenance orders and description of what need attention.We see there is the release a repair value of asset need variation.It also differentiate the total cost and cost of maintenance.This asset has the cooling tower fan. SAP helps to function at the optimum levels possible.

Human Capital Management

HCM defines the realization on organizational management.That the way where organization is being crowded by the employee names.They sustn the employee name,address and bank details tax information.The HCM houses time management to record attendance,shift management and leave accruals. This is the place where companies can store their own unique packages.The reporting and tracking of the copies also done by it .They show how their reporting are.They deal with all types of recruiting websites.It tracks all courses through its functions by the employees.the vacancies are shown in column.SAP alo has that worth to help multitudinal of tools to support the human resource activities of a company.

Report on SAP

The report of SAP can enter on transaction by pressing enter via code Va05.This brings us to the report selection screen.This is how it looks like.Firstly how the data of sales included and excluded.It is to sold the report of third party.The next area is to persons responsible.By this we can report to the customer.The sales order is delivered to the customers.We gather the business partners accordingly.

Multiple selection tools

The multiple selection tools are used for the business purpose.The multiple selection screen has four tabs.It has the same values.We can also exclude single values.

Exporting reports

Excel opens automatically and successful reports of the sheet are able to be manipulated with data functionally available in Excel.

Benefit of SAP PLM

  • Learning more about life-cycle data management and life cycle collaboration.
  • Understanding class hierarchies and characteristics resources.
  • Responding to the change of completion and notes analysis.
  • Becoming familiar with SAP PLM solution prolific and asset management in entire at asset management.
  • Understanding maintenance bills of the materials.
  • Utilization of time based maintenance strategy and planning.
  • Knowing about SAP PLM GUI,enterprise portal and mobile solution.
  • A plant material information system and its information systems and infrastructures.
  •  It exposes the market to millions of jobs worldwide through Google,Amazon,JP Morgan et.c.
  • Earning high salaries as a freelancer or a full time professional.
  • Exceptional growth opportunities with better job securities.


SAP PLM is a rapidly growing business industry. IT deals with flat operation system of the company,though it is the tough job.It has pros and cons but producing huge job opportunities through it’s benefits of learning.On the above top 10 SAP PLM courses in India has been discussed.It opens all the sectors of SAP PLM and its benefits.So any aspirant can avail it by the reviews.


1.What is SAP ??

Ans-It is the business entity to deliver quick solutions to the customers.

2.What is the PLM module?

Ans-It is an open tool to modify the life cycle management,which is product based.

3.What is SAP REP?

ANS-It is a production design,innovation and manufacturing tool.

4.Give four examples of the PLM.

Ans-aircrafts,computers,cars and heavy equipment.

5.what are the differences between PLM and PDM?

Ans-PLM is production and sales acres.Pdm is all about managing data

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