How to Learn Portuguese Language?


Portuguese is the mother tongue of two countries such as Portugal and Brazil. It spreads over the colonies of Portugal’s colonial territories. It belongs to the language group called Romance Language. Romance languages are nothing but a group of languages derived from vulgar Latin. The Romance languages include major European languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Though both Portugal and Brazil speak Portuguese, there are differences in sound, pronunciation, syntax, verb, and conjugation. Eventually, It is an interesting language to learn. This article will enlighten you on How to learn Portuguese Language. 

Why to Learn Portuguese Language?

Learn Portuguese Language

A Chinese quote says, “Learning a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world,” Thus, this proverb justifies one of the purposes of learning another language. Further, It widens their perception of the world. Learning Portuguese is widely popular among many people. It involves career benefits also. Further, There is no age limit to learning Portuguese. Portuguese can be learned at many levels by enrolling in a Portuguese Certification Course. They are

  1. Portuguese for Beginners
  2. Portuguese for Kids
  3. Portuguese for Adults
  4. Portuguese for Career and Profession
  5. Portuguese for Travel and so on. 

Tips to Learn Portuguese Language:

Many features and aspects should be considered when you learn a language. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Choose your Dialect: – Before beginning to learn, decide which variant of Portuguese you want to master, either Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese. Courses have been offered in both dialects and there are few differences between these two dialects. 
  2. Master Classes: Learning Portuguese language requires you to join master classes to learn the basic alphabet and words. Many websites are offering Online Classes to learn Portuguese language. This will help you to learn the language with accuracy. You can explore other Portuguese Learning Websites and Apps. 
  3. Book and Music: – Read some basic books such as grammar, and short stories to know the basics of the language. Then, you can listen to Portuguese Music and Podcasts to form a better understanding of the language and pronunciation.
  4. Movies: – TV shows and Movies can also be beneficial to learning the language. It gives you many real-time experiences and will help you to communicate better. 
  5. Be consistent: – You should be consistent in learning the language. You can bring gradual improvement in your communication if you practice it daily. Eventually, Practicing speaking and writing daily, will give you confidence in your learning. 
  6. Understanding Culture and Tradition: – when you learn Portuguese language, you will learn more about their culture and traditions. You can try different varieties of their traditional food in your home. You can learn about their traditional celebrations, customs, and practices by reading their literature and listening to their podcasts. 
  7. Trip to Portugal: Befriend a person who is motivated like you to learn the Portuguese language. This will help you to improve your communication skills. Finally, Plan a trip to a country where Portuguese is a dominant language. This will prune your language. 

Therefore, these are all a few tips that have to be noted while Learning the Portuguese Language to make the learning better.

Learn Portuguese Language – Henry Harvin

Learn Portuguese Language

Henry Harvin’s Language Academy offers basic and advanced courses in many foreign and Indian languages. The languages taught in Henry Harvin are English, French, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Portuguese. Henry Harvin offers Lingua Portuguesa – Portugues Language course. Especially, it caters to all levels of learners from A1 to C2. Furthermore, Herny Harvin offers two-way live online interactive sessions to the learners. It has designed a unique pedagogy for each level. The pedagogy focuses on teaching new vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, and conversation. They also provide job opportunities along with the course.

What You will Learn at each Level of Learning Portuguese Language?

Let’s learn what you will learn at each level in Henry Harvin’s Certified Portugues Language Course.

Beginner Level A1:

The A1 level introduces the basic Alphabet, Numbers, and habitual actions through conversation. Regarding Grammar, it introduces you to the parts of speech and Present tense for beginners in Portuguese.

Beginner Level A2: CIPLE 

The A2 Level would enlighten you with more advanced situations than the A1 level. You will learn to speak about your likes and dislikes in the conversation. Additionally, the grammar focuses on articles, Present Tense, and the question words who, what, how, and how much in Portuguese. 

Intermediate Level B1: DEPLE 

The B1 level will expose you to learn vocabulary and sentences related to academic things. It helps you to express your thoughts, ideas, wishes, and opinions. Then, Regarding Grammar, it focuses on Pronouns and terms related to expressions in Portuguese. 

Intermediate Level B2: DIPLE 

In the B2 level, you will be introduced to new vocabulary that enhances your communication skills in Portuguese. You will also learn proper pronunciation, accent, and abbreviations. Further, You will learn an advanced level of grammar such as If Clauses, Direct and Indirect Speech, and Relative Pronouns.

Advanced Level C1: DAPLE

C1 level is the advanced level of Learning the Portuguese language. So, you will learn Portuguese Synonyms and Antonyms. Words and Sentences related to formal setting will be introduced to you. Further, In Grammar, you will learn stress, intonation, linking words, verbs and their forms, masculine and feminine words, Expressions with the word Conta, etc.

Advanced Level C2: DUPLE

The primary focus of this level is to bring proficiency in Learning Portuguese Language with a higher level of vocabulary and Grammar. It will polish your usage of the language. This is the final stage of the course and it will enable you to speak fluently finally. 

Certification for learning Portuguese language:

Completing the projects is the eligibility for the certification. Throughout the course, the learners will get simple hands-on projects. This will help the tutor ensure that you understand the language.  After completing all the projects, the learner will be eligible to get the certificate. An internship is also available for the learners to gain practical experience in Learning Portuguese language. Using the certificate and the internship letter, the learner can apply for the job both online and offline around the world in the arena of Portuguese language. Updating your profile with this certificate in social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram will bring you many job opportunities worldwide.

Thus, one course in Henry Harvin has offered the content of nine separate courses.

Career Benefits for Learning Portuguese Language:

Learning the Portuguese language will open doors for numerous jobs. Some of them are

  • Data Entry Operators
  • Project Managers in IT Companies in Portugal
  • Web Developers
  • Accountants
  • Customer Support agents
  • Sales Representatives
  • Translators, and Interpreters

You can choose any job from the list.


To summarise, Portuguese is one of the most highly spoken languages around the world. It is a unique path that will bring sunshine into your life. This is a path, which has not been chosen by many, though it has many job opportunities. Be wise and be unique to explore the road that is less traveled. This article provides you with ideas for learning Portuguese Language as a beginner. I have also recommended the course from Henry Harvin to learn Portuguese language. Next, I have given the necessary details about the course and the process of certification. Thus, this article must have given you enough ideas and motivation to learn the Portuguese Language. Happy Learning. 

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Q1. Is Portuguese easy or hard to learn?

It is the easiest language to learn. Anyone who has basic knowledge of English can learn Portuguese. 

Q2. What is the difference between European and Brazilian Portuguese?

There are differences in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary between the European and Portuguese languages occur in

Q3. Do we need to complete all the levels to get certification?

Yes, the course offered by Henry Harvin includes all nine levels of learning for certification. 

Q4. Is there hands-on training to learn the Portuguese Language in the Henry Harvin Course?

Yes, there is. This course involves the learners taking part in Group Discussions to create an environment for learners to practice their language learning. 

Q5. What are all the key benefits of learning Portuguese in Henry Harvin?

There are so many benefits to learning with Henry Harvin. Herry Harvin’s Portuguese Language Course enables the readers to read, write, listen, and speak portuguese through training. It gives importance to grammar and vocabulary building which are the strong pillars of learning Portuguese language. So, you will be able to have fluency and mastery of the language. 


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