Top 20 Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Delhi in 2023 (Exposed)

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification in India
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Levels of Six Sigma Certification
3. Top 20 Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certifications
3.1. Henry Harvin
3.2. Simplilearn Six Sigma Black Belt Course
3.3. KPMG Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
3.4. Indian Statistical Institute
3.5. American Society For Quality
3.6. AIG
3.7. Benchmark Six Sigma
3.8. GreyCampus Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification
3.9. ISEI Global Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
3.10. Morestem Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
3.11. BSI Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
3.12. IIM Raipur Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
3.13. The Six Sigma Council
3.14. MSI Certified
3.15. Udemy
3.16. Edx Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online
3.17. Master of Project Academy
3.18. Invensis Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
3.19. Institute of Fundamentals in Quality (IFQ)
3.20. Gengyan Six Sigma Training and Consulting
4. Conclusion

Six Sigma: Introduction

Six Sigma Certification in different parts of the world is becoming more popular every day. As Six SigmaCertification in India has been acquiring popularity over time, we wanted to examine the alternatives for Six Sigma Certification in India. 

Six Sigma is the idea of improving quality by reducing process varieties, making non-stop improvements, reducing defect rates, and improving the processes. Six Sigma developed into a rich arrangement of various standardized strategies, tools, and best practices. Six Sigma began as a problem-solving deal to reduce variation in a product and assembling environment. That application has extended to process improvement and different areas of the business. These areas incorporate product or process redesign, research, and innovative design, offering portfolio renewal, product advancement, and post-launch task management.

Six Sigma application extends from the assembling enterprises to the service industry and non-profit organizations. Regardless of the application, organizations look for simplicity without endangering the requirement for robust information. Six Sigma offers a bunch of techniques and tools from which to choose. Six Sigma techniques work from a typical center foundation yet allow flexibility to adjust to the changing requirements of the environment. Some part of the adaptability comes from a plethora of candidate tools available, depending on the circumstances. The tool library goes through factual and quantitative tools to delicate qualitative ones. The reason for this book is to help in choosing the most appropriate strategy and the most proper tool within the suite of accessible candidate tools.

Levels of Six Sigma Certification

Officially, there are five levels of Six Sigma Certification in India. These are as follows:

  • Six Sigma White Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

To know more about Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification, Click Here.

Best Organisations for Six Sigma Certification in Delhi

Six Sigma Courses have a sensibly high demand. We have attempted to list down the best organizations from where you can do Six Sigma Certification in India. For Six Sigma certification in India, the courses are specially intended for working experts. Because of a lot of Six Sigma course providers across all parts of the world including India, it becomes difficult for the students to pick the right institute. There are 100+ institutes in India that proclaim themselves as Six Sigma Certification Bodies. However; let us focus just on those organizations which are licensed by International Standard Certification Providers.

Top 20 Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certifications

This article will tell you about twenty standard organizations of education that are directing the Master Black Belt Certification in Six Sigma. Some of the main educational institutes which are offering this course online are mentioned below: 

1. Henry Harvin Management Academy

Henry Harvin is the main association that builds up one’s profession in any field of study. It centers around value creation. It is into the business of training, skill improvement, assessment centers, content services, and advanced education. The organization’s main principle is to make a specialty for Henry Harvin in the business, in accordance with the vision of Mr. Henry Dunster 400 years back. This dream now resonates in the form of a renowned educational organization that is respected worldwide. 

The master black belt certification in six sigma at Henry Harvin stands apart from the ground because this organization is positioned number one in giving this course in India. The course content is adjusted to the IASSC book of information which is followed universally. This foundation will bestow you with 100% functional training in master black belt certification in six sigma. Also, you will acquire experience of 12 projects over a range of one year post taking formal training. The course is accessible both online and offline. The expense of the course is Rs 25,000. The association offers placement assistance post getting the qualification.

The features of the Henry Harvin master black belt certification in six sigma are:

  1. One year enrollment of Henry Harvin Management Academy which incorporates numerous benefits
  2. E-learning access incorporates recordings, videos games, projects, and case studies
  3. Internship at Henry Harvin or other organization companies
  4. Job placement openings gave through email
  5. Interview support is given for working with new businesses and corporate entities
  6. Brush up sessions worth Rs 6,000 are given for a year free of cost. 

2. Simplilearn Six Sigma Black Belt Course

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification training is the world-class certification for Lean Six Sigma Quality Management experts. Aligned to the IASSC test, this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training approves your expert attitude in dealing with complex projects and skill in executing Six Sigma methodologies.

Simplilearn offers a 150 hour of mixed learning course. Moreover, it also offers three master black belt certifications in lean six sigma tests. 35 PDUs are offered alongside six end-of-chapter tests. This will finish the course and give you your certification.

This course gives you lifetime access to top-notch self-guided elearning content curated by industry specialists. Additionally, it also offers 4 hands on activities to perfect the aptitudes learned. 4 simulation test papers are likewise given for self-evaluation. All along with the term of the course, there is student help and support.

3. KPMG Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This organization imparts training in this field for 8 days or 56 hours and the program is basically directed. This organization offers an exhaustive understanding on master black belt certification in six sigma in a heterogeneous set-up. It likewise imparts an inside and out training in statistical tools and procedures for efficient fact based choice making. 

It is conveyed by our senior experts who furnish an experiential learning process with references from different sectors. The training is spread across two stages, 4 days for each stage with an in-between gap of 3-4 weeks to receive ideas and practice better.

4. Indian Statistical Institute

This is a government institute perceived by a 1959 Act of Parliament. It offers training programs in different areas of the economy. To take up the master black belt certification in six sigma here, you need to clear:

  • Bachelor’s certificate with Mathematics/Statistics/Physics or a BE/B.Tech degree or MBA.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification 
  • 2 years of experience. 

The course expenses are Rs 45,000 + GST (@18%)= Total Rs 53,100 for every participant. This incorporates course material, lunch, and rewards. This organization is positioned third among the establishments offering the master black belt certification in six sigma. 

5. American Society For Quality

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training will bring both Green and Black belt members together guaranteeing predictable Green Belt level information in the standards and practices of Lean and Six Sigma. Black Belt members will return for a deeper jump into the Lean and Six Sigma techniques and carry the member to the level of Black Belt, ready to lead project teams to accomplish breakthrough business upgrades for their organizations.  The Lean Six Sigma philosophy is a systematic application that can be applied in help-based, transactional, production-based, and healthcare conditions and is centered on accomplishing critical business results and expanded customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt virtual training comprises various sessions spread over several months.  In the virtual setting, there will be regular breakout meetings as well as some independent work outside of the virtual classroom. This course will utilize Minitab statistical software. Each member is required to have their own present adaptation of Minitab statistical software.

This institute additionally conducts master black belt certification in six sigma for a scope of industries from automobiles to new companies. Regardless of where your business is located, six sigma black belt trained experts to give you an answer at that location. The span of the course is 15 days. The American Society for Quality South Asia and IIT Kharagpur has together built up a unique on-campus residential contribution in master black belt certification in six sigma to be held in Kharagpur. This foundation is positioned second in the ranking of establishments offering an online certification in master black belt certification in six sigma. 

6. AIG

This institute gives its students a detailed comprehension of the various ideas and tools that are utilized in the six sigma course. This establishment conducts a 60 hours program which can be shared either in the classes in multiples of 2-hour durations or online. According to the principles detailed by this institute, 6 projects must be compulsorily mentioned in your resume for you to acquire master black belt certification in six sigma. Through this course, AIG imparts the abilities needed for setting up progress structures and project management practices.  This institute offers programs in:

Six Sigma Green Belt certification

Six Sigma Black Belt certification

Lean certificate

ISO Implementation certificate

PMP Overview

7. Benchmark Six Sigma

This is the biggest provider of Lean Six Sigma programs. This organization imparts 40 hours of instructor-led online training. Furthermore, this organization also gives its students participation in the biggest business improvement community. Additionally, this institute will likewise give you online project help. The biggest number of hiring demands in the six sigma community is produced from within this institute’s network. A few of them are fulfilled directly through their gathering. The length of the master black belt certification in six sigma, directed by this institute continues for 10 days. 

Benchmark Six Sigma is number 1 for Business Excellence Master Black Belt in numerous ways.

  1. Benchmark pioneered in contribution to the first Master Black Belt program in India. The program has been developing and is explored and amended every year.
  2. We train the biggest number of Master Black Belts in Public and Corporate projects (40-50 every year)
  3. The organization of Master Black Belt certified experts from Benchmark has now crossed 350. Generally, the Benchmark Six Sigma members have crossed 40,000.
  4. We moderate the biggest Lean Six Sigma learning community (among the best three in the world)
  5. The biggest number of hiring demands in this community are created from within our organization, few of them are fulfilled indirectly through our forum.

8. GreyCampus Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

GreyCampus course is specifically designed to assist students to prepare for the IASSC-CBB exam. Also, this course coordinates lean and DMAIC methodologies as endorsed by IASSC utilizing case studies. When you register for the course, you will gain access to all master black belt certification in six sigma training camps for 6 months. This educational organization gives the student a 100 percent money-back guarantee if the student does not finish the IASSC exam. This organization offers self-guided 141 hours of study time offline and 160 hours of study time live online. It also offers ¾ days of teacher-led training and 3 simulated exams. 

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification by the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is the highest quality level for management experts. This course instructs you to apply statistical and problem-solving devices for improving the results of a project. A wide variety of experts across functions including logistics, account, operations, designing, etc. benefit from this course. The LSSBB certification encourages you to: 

  • Become Crucial To Your Organization: Professionals with LSSBB certification are viewed as vital because of their capacity to decrease organizational dangers, identify and eliminate errors.
  • Land A Well-paid Job: According to an overview conducted by the main employment search engine Indeed, experts with Six Sigma certification often land a job in the $100,000+ pay bracket.
  • Reach Managerial Positions: Because of their danger evaluation and financial management aptitudes, Lean Sigma Six certified experts arrive at managerial positions in no time.

9. ISEI Global Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This course will show you its content by generally advanced and powerful learning procedures. Through this course, you will learn elevated level Data Analysis, DFSS and Change Management with MINITAB PRO Simulation. This establishment gives you a LSSBB Handbook which is your investigation material through courier. You will likewise appreciate 26+ hours of teacher-led interactive virtual classroom meetings throughout the end of the week. Additionally, you will gain access to 45+ long hours of module based master black belt certification in six sigma by LMS.  You get support from the subject trainer throughout the course. As though this is not enough, you likewise get a soft copy of master black belt certification in six sigma body of information. At that point, there is access to recordings of your virtual meetings for life time. The fees for the course is Rs 22,900 for the whole program.

10. Morestem Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University has helped out with MoreSteam to present an innovative Lean Six Sigma organizational program. Adaptable planning permits you to complete Master Black Belt certification in as little as 6 months or you may extend it over a longer period.

  • Attend two 1-week workshops at The Ohio State University and attend the class tests
  • Complete Fundamentals of Project Management & Design for Six Sigma courses
  • Share your knowledge in an external introduction

This course has been divided into two distinct parts training and certification. In certification, your strength is confirmed in master black belt certification in six sigma instruments and methods. Process improvement pioneers and hiring managers know this qualification and they place a higher motivation on Moresteam’s lively certification process. You are expected to re-promise yourself at regular intervals so that you can keep the information and abilities demonstrated on your thorough test along with certification projects.

11. BSI Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

BSI master black belt certification in six sigma is instructed by prominent teachers who are themselves qualified black belt tutors. These certified tutors give the course its initiative status and assist the students to learn all there is to think about the techniques of working and tools to drive business upgrades. This course is packaged with Lean Six Sigma certification at no additional expense. The course is conveyed in three monthly modules of 5 days each. The total expense of the course is Rs 1,21,000.  The rank given to this foundation is according to the public ranking of institutes instructing master black belt certification in six sigma training. 

Take the lead in operational Lean Six Sigma with the ultimate capability – our Six Sigma Black Belt (Manufacturing) Training Course. Work with specialists to acquire leadership status and become familiar with everything about Define Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) and Lean.

Get to holds with the approaches and tools to drive business upgrades by working with our certified Black Belt tutors. Gain intensive information of all supporting frameworks and devices, become a sure group pioneer, and have the option to quickly recognize and solve problems.

Full direction, tutorials, and group activities will bring DMAIC and Lean to life so you can apply them to a distinguished project within your business – and utilize your learning to accomplish genuine improvements.

12. IIM Raipur Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This is one of the main business schools in India. This organization offers the master black belt certification in six sigma. The course duration is of 5 months and the course goals are:

  • To get tasks and inventory network management
  • To comprehend the specific difficulties inside the domain of operations and supply network management
  • They impart the information of ways in which activities are sent as an effective lever. 

The course fees for this course is Rs 70,000 + GST. 

13. The Six Sigma Council

A Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a specialist in the whole Six Sigma Body of Knowledge through the execution of a DMAIC or DMADV Project.  Moreover, by having presented an approved project, this individual has exhibited thorough information of both Six Sigma philosophies and standards (including supporting frameworks and tools). The Master Black Belt Certification assignment additionally reflects an expert understanding of group leadership, group dynamics, and the capacity to effectively assign team members with roles and responsibilities. Lastly, it means a master-level comprehension of the DMAIC model as per the Six Sigma standards, information of lean enterprise ideas, and abilities to quickly distinguish “non-value-added” activities. This institute gives training guides along with full-edition manuals for self-study free of cost.  

14. MSI Certified

The Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification developed solely for the Management and Strategy Institute, is intended to give the student a strong comprehension of how to lead numerous Six Sigma groups to success.

Master Black Belts normally commit 100% of the opportunity to Six Sigma. They primarily center around Six Sigma project execution, leading, and management of Black Belts who are dealing with independent projects.

It is strongly suggested that you hold a legitimate Six Sigma Black Belt certification (SSBBP, LBBP, LBBH, BBHR, LBBIT, SSBBG) through the Management and Strategy Institute or have equal training or experience from another organization.  You ought to have a strong comprehension of Six Sigma Black Belt standards before attempting this program.  This program does not include training material for lower belt-levels and accepts you have information at a Six Sigma Black belt level.

15. Udemy

Udemy, the establishment, likewise offers this course online. The master black belt certification in six sigma with Udemy accompanies with a 30-day money-back guarantee if not fulfilled. The cost of the course is Rs. 8,640/-

A Six Sigma Black Belt drives the improvement group and is equipped in dealing with a group and utilizing different improvement and statistical tools.    

This course covers all you require to know as Black Belt – regardless you need to take the ASQ CSSBB, any other certification exam or be the Black Belt improvement leader in your organization.   

This course covers the point by point Body of Knowledge for the American Society for Quality, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) exam.   

16. Edx Lean Six Sigma Black Belt online

This course encourages you to advance your profession and upgrades your earning potential. Six Sigma courses are accessible from The Technical University of Munich School of Management. This rank given to this course is demonstrative and it does not imply that the course offered by this institute is below par. 

We will control you through your improvement project. Each DMAIC stage finishes with a project survey by a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. With the feedback on your accomplished project results, we keep you on target before you start the next DMAIC stage. You will also take an interest in weekly live meetings online, where we will talk about the tools and logic of Six Sigma in depth and answer any questions. 

17. Master of Project Academy

This establishment permits busy experts to advance their profession at a schedule that accommodates their busy lives. Here, nothing is fixed, Every student taking up this course gets to work according to his timetable. This is one of the free online courses accessible for individuals who are seeking to become Lean Six Sigma Black Belt trainers. 

Normally, Master Black Belts are answerable for imparting information to help Green Belt level and Black Belt level students in improvising on their projects. Master Black Belts apply their aptitudes in an organization by instructing different employees with accomplishing the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Six Sigma Black Belt certification without the organization having to spend on training separately.

18. Invensis Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

This institute gives you an interactive educator to seek after your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. This course is credited by IASSC and one of its notable highlights incorporate giving you a chance to communicate with different members from diverse backgrounds. 

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification is ideal for quality management experts who need to put their career on the success as well as those who are leading projects for business improvement. Invensis Learning is an IASSC certified training association to direct Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training worldwide.

Participants taking up this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training will acquire a comprehensive understanding of basic expectations of Six Sigma projects, economic advantages, identifying opportunities, and arrangements that can be executed quickly to accomplish measurable results.

Individuals and enterprises groups can take up this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course in an educator-led classroom, live online, and on-site training conveyance modes.

19. Institute of Fundamentals in Quality (IFQ)

IFQ is one of the few foundations in Pune that emphasis on the major parts of master black belt certification in six sigma. The training program granted at this institute can change people such that they will begin solving issues in real life. It also helps them develop interpersonal aptitudes and connections. This course lasts for 2-3 months and during this period which is the estimating phase of the program, the self-confidence of the students is helped and they are oriented towards the prescribed procedures being completed in the industry. 

He /she has to do our online courses in Six Sigma Black Belt, we will set them to finish the projects in the working environment. He/she will be helped with all practice meetings for ASQ Black Belt Certification or Six Sigma Black Belt examination. We will set them for application to the ASQ Black Belt assessment at the right time

20. Gengyan Six Sigma Training and Consulting

GenGyan believes in instructing individuals offering all the help unconditionally guaranteeing that the ideas and the basics of the training are deep-rooted inside the members. GenGyan has no confidence in giving Feel Good Factors to its customers.

Gengyan is the main supplier of master black belt certification in six sigma. This establishment is world-wide recognized to give amazing process education and certification programs to businesses and people. The training programs offered at this establishment include imparting training in all the levels along with placement openings. In addition, this establishment gives project counseling and re-designing services to its customer’s based the world over. The tutor group at this organization contains 20 individuals, all of whom are trained in master black belt certification in six sigma. Also, they have more than 25 years of experience in the field of six sigma and quality assurance.


So we have seen what is Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification and which are the organizations that offer training in this field. Acquiring a certification in this field benefits both the association as well as the individual. Learning master black belt certification in six sigma will help impact your profession in more ways than one. It will give you development from your present level to stratospheric levels in your association. A person who has obtained this certification will be a resource for an association as he will have an option to give consulting services on behalf of the organization so that it acquires more revenue. 

For people, it can benefit manifold. It can upgrade his employability quotient. People who have acquired this certification can get indispensable for an association. Also, it will deliver the resumes of those guaranteed very attractive to look at. 

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