SLA Consultants India Reviews in 2023 (Leaked)


The global market we strive in is constantly evolving with new advancements every second. And only the well specialised, the well-aware or rather the fittest according to the market demand survives. Every job sector demands their employees to be specialised with the latest and relevant information for whatsoever position applied. So no matter what position you are serving, you have to be exceptionally well known and organised in your section. 

But can a basic education help you achieve such expertise; well experts say a little difficult and if avoided very difficult. So what is the professional applying for the position supposed to do to be the best among all others in every aspect? Well, get specialised i.e. allow yourself to receive the necessary learnings from professionals who have managed to supremely excel in the same career. 

Basically, help yourself get enrolled with a training institute that understands your need and emergence of excelling in the particular program. There are various academies to choose from. But is making one single choice from the millions available going to be easy? Absolutely not, but worry not, we are here. 

We have always been a loyal platform in helping you understand the best courses for you as a learner to learn and explore. We maintain utmost transparency with the information served before you. Thus, you can trust us. 

Talking about the platforms that can help you explore various opportunities; SLA Consultants India is receiving quite a mention for the extraordinary training program provided. One can find various courses associated with various sectors to learn and explore. The platform has an immense number of opportunities and guidance that can help learners make good choices. 

Several SLA Consultants India reviews state that it is one of the best learning platforms that extraordinarily transform your learning and earning opportunities. Learners who graduated from here are happily and proudly recommending the academy to their friends and peers due to the constructive guidance received. 

But let us just not make our decision on these shared reviews. Rather let us dive into details about the SLA Consultants India and check what the academy actually has to offer us. So get ready to explore different benefits and opportunities associated with SLA that you as a learner here can avail. Here we go! 

SLA Consultants India Review 

SLA (Structured-Learning-Assistance) Consultants India is a learning platform for young professionals to avail various courses and transform their careers to better positions in their respective fields. By far now SLA Consultants India has trained more than 7000 learners and have successfully managed to place all those learners with well-celebrated industry firms. 

SLA Consultants India offers around 100 courses for learners to choose from. It has proudly conducted around 25,000 interviews overall. Their offices currently are spread to New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. While these 3 offices are well structured, SLM is prepping for a new one that is soon to be launched. 

SLA Consultants India is a popular name since 10 years that responsibly deal with professional IT & Non-IT training and development programs. The platform is dedicated to offer job oriented programs in order to help learners acquire the best possible opportunities for themselves. Having your skills polished with the professionals of SLA Consultants India can help you stand out from the crown in terms of knowledge and capabilities, which also increases your chance to get hired. 

SLA Consultants India is ranked as one of the top training platforms by numerous prestigious firms. It has an extremely well-celebrated group of industry trainers that help learners acquire the exact kind of information that can help them boost their career graph.

On successful training completion, you also receive placement assistance from the academy that helps you grab some life-changing opportunities. 

The platform aims to spread its presence throughout the boundaries in order to allow learners to avail utmost benefit out of it. The courses offered at SLM Consultants India as already mentioned is an amalgamation of different fields. So a few primary programs that you will get to witness here are mentioned below:- 

  • MIS & Data Analytics
  • MIS & Data Analysis
  • RPA
  • Business Analyst (BA) 
  • Financial Analyst Training
  • HR Course 
  • HR Generalist
  • HR Payroll
  • HR Psychometric Test
  • HR Social Compliance
  • SAP HCM 
  • SAP Success Factors 
  • E-Accounts & Taxation
  • Corporate Accounts
  • E-Accounts & E-GST
  • E-GST & Income Tax
  • E-GST Training 
  • ROC 
  • Ad. Tally ERP for GST 
  • SAP Simple Finance 
  • Data Science 
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • R Programming
  • Python 
  • BigData Hadoop 
  • SPSS
  • IT Training
  • Software Testing Course 
  • Web & App Developer
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • Database Training 
  • Java & J2EE Developer 
  • Mobile App. Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Expert Digital Marketing
  • Ad+Expert Digital Marketing
  • SEO Training 
  • PPC Training
  • PreSales Course
  • C.A. 
  • CA Foundation
  • CA Intermediate (IIPCC)
  • CA Final 
  • SAP
  • SAP MM (offer) 
  • SAP Simple Finance 
  • SAP Success Factors 
  • SAP ABAP (offer) 
  • SAP BW/BI-BO (offer) 
  • SAP BO
  • SAP SD (offer) 
  • SAP PP (offer) 
  • SAP PM
  • SAP HANA (offer) 
  • SAP HANA Admin
  • SAP CRM (Functional) 
  • SAP CRM (Technical) 

The above mentioned are the courses you can choose to learn and explore from. These courses are curated by the best industry experts in the most easy to understand language. The curriculum introduced for the program is 100% updated with all the latest information and ensures that no information is missed upon by the learner. 

Now that you are pretty much aware of the courses available here you surely would also want to know the details that voiced the specialities of the platform and especially courses. So why wait? Let us just keep scrolling and find out what special benefits we as a learner can avail at SLA Consultants India. 

  1. Expert Trainers

This is the most crucial part and to never ignore aspects when looking for a training program that directly or indirectly influences your further career. Being and learning around industry experts allows you to receive the right kind of exposure that shapes your overall performance. Also, expert trainers give you a vivid understanding of the industry in which you want to make an impact. 

So already, having a group of expert trainers at SLA is surely going to shape your learning experience drastically, for the better. 

  1. Certification

Once you successfully complete your program here you will be awarded with a well-acknowledged certification that will boost your confidence and chances to shine at the particular firm you choose to serve. 

So this is totally a win-win situation where you are receiving the right kind of exposure and guidance along with a certification that directly claims you to be quite better than your counterparts. 

  1. Job Assistance

Major learners struggle with finding a job after their program completion. But you don’t have to go through anything such as SLA Consultants India. As you complete your program successfully you will be receiving job assistance from the specified team that will constantly keep you up with the vacancies and other required aspects. Thus, SLA Consultants India is a great opportunity to grab. 

  1. Lab Facility

Practical learning is what the current time and the further coming one’s demand. The theory is important too but seeing your theory action right before you gives you a bigger sense of achievement. Therefore everything you learn at SLA will be practical based and labs will be made available in order to allow learners to have a broader understanding of the subject they invest their time and energy in. 

  1. Workshop & Live Project

Workshops and projects related to your niche or industry boost your confidence altogether to a different level. They make you understand and educate what your industry demands and how you are expected to cope or perform. And since they are so important you will be having various workshops and live projects that will completely be responsible to influence your learning and earn expertise in the same. 

  1. After Training Support 

Well, you will be glad to know that their service’s don’t just end right after your exit. They keep you in the loop after that too. This is to ensure and check upon your needs and requirements related to the subject. In the further run after the course completion, you feel you need to connect back for a query or question, the team is always present and has your back so stay super confident about it. 

So these are a few aspects that make SLA Consultants India the big name that it is today. No doubt why people are vouching to get enrolled here. The SLA Consultants India reviews have been exceedingly gracious and constructive so far and thus, people are trusting it. Not only talking about the SLA Consultants India reviews but on an overall view, the opportunities and learning exposure shared here is extremely worthy too. 

Thus, SLA Consultants India has all the right reasons to be on your list. 

Final Words:- 

Having your Academy checked before enrolling is a sign of potential and a responsible learner. Never choose or invest in anything you are not well aware or confident of. It is better to take a few steps back and think on rather than making a wrong decision.  Especially when looking for training programs you need to be very attentive and alert to everything happening around you. Because ultimately your investment is going to shape your career so make sure you choose an effective one just like SLM Consultants India. 

SLM Consultants India pretty much wins the race of the best learning platform for learners due to the incredible learning and earning opportunities provided here. The above-mentioned data and good calls from the passed out learners themselves make it a winning platform. From delivering even the tiny bits of information to assisting you throughout the program, SLM perfectly fits in your basic needs. 

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself connected with their professionals and begin your journey towards learning in an area of your choice. 

We hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or queries please feel free to voice them using the comment section below. Our team will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

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