User Agreement

Best Course News supports the right of all users to access safe and efficient learning environments in our digital, online spaces. Our principles and responsibilities in supporting a protected and efficient learning environment require expected behaviors which include:

Best Course News offers courses that outline expected principles of student conduct and educate our clients in the safe, efficient, and responsible use of advanced innovations.
Users must be computer proficient and are responsible for providing their technical hardware and reliable internet with compatibility to Best Course News software.
Users are responsible for protecting their personal information including passwords and other identifiable data about themselves.
Users agree to be safe responsible and moral users at all times including submitting to copyright and intellectual property regulations by requesting permission to utilize images, text, audio, and video and attributing to references appropriately, not interfering with network frameworks and security.
Users should guarantee they meet the basic requirements of individual study the courses and cohorts as they register for and progress through the program. Payment of fees and registration for any course confirms that the user has recognized this User Agreement and has a record of the Agreement.

All payments are expected towards the beginning of your course/ program. Payment plans should be set up about 2 weeks before the beginning of each course/ program.

Users have a Duty of Care and Supervision and are answerable for regulating and supporting minors utilizing digital technologies. This incorporates ensuring the appropriateness of online tools, networks, and shared content while on the internet.

Parents and legal guardians of minor users should guarantee to ensure users are motivated, disciplined, and give direction as to time management and a Dedicated Study Time and Dedicated Study Area.

Significant User Information
Users are relied upon to possess a computer all through their e-learning program.
Computers should have the option to run a supported browser and handle extra plug-ins as identified by the Learning Management System.
Users should have the option to deliver, send, and receive documents that are compatible with Microsoft Office to finish most of the tasks.
Computer and Internet connection should be quick enough in certain courses to watch streaming recordings, participate in live sessions, upload huge documents, install software, and listen to audio e-classes.
Access to our Learning System will be allowed for personal and educational purposes only. No other utilization of this Website, including business use, is permissible.
Users should never share their login data with others.
Cancellation must be done in writing — either through email to billing or fax at least 10 days before the beginning of the course. Cancellations received by that date are subject to a $150 USD processing fee and the balance of your installment will be refunded. Refunds will be issued within 8–10 business days. Within 10 days before the course start date. Best Course News is glad to acknowledge substitutions or issue a letter of credit, but no refunds will be given. Best Course News maintains all authority to cancel programs that do not meet necessary registration requirements. Should that happen, you will receive your choice of a refund or a credit to be utilized for another course or program. Refunds are not issued for missed meetings.
Should the user need to move to another course, it should be done a minimum of 10 business days before the course start date. A course transfer fee of $100 USD will apply.
To ensure our emails are getting conveyed to the right inbox, kindly go here for a simple whitelisting guide.
Users who fail to actively participate in courses will be placed on academic notice. More than two academic warnings can result in expulsion, with no refund or discount. Users (or parents/guardians of minors) must read the individual course syllabus cautiously, to guarantee they understand the learning expectations.