Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Pune: 2023


    Pune also known as the queen of Deccan and it is a beautiful city and Pune is the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra and it holds 7th place in terms of population and Pune is also considered as the most liveable city in India and if you are a traveller and then you can visit historical landmarks like Lal Mahal, Kasba Ganapathi temple and Shaniwar Wada, etc. it has many educational institutions.

    Hey there,

    I am thrilled to inform you that the treading content writing course is available in Pune now. Would you like to become a content essayist? Are you interested in writing? Would you like to work from home? Or do you want to earn some supplement income? Then this blog is for you.

    Based on my experience, content writing is a wonderful domain that will help you to gain knowledge in various topics. Especially, if you have a passion for reading and writing. Because in the field of content writing. Reading and writing are continuous practice. In the beginning, you might feel difficult even though you master in the field of writing. Content writing is very challenging. Your content must be readable and must gain attention from your target audience.

    Apart from that, you can start your blog and you can write as per your interest. To become professional in blogging and to reach out to your audience, you need to understand certain concepts like planning, editing and the most important one is SEO (search engine optimization) which helps you to reach your content to your target audience.

    Please note that content writing is not limited to blogging or digital marketing. It is a foundation for other forms of writings like medical writing, creating writing, technical writing, copywriting, social media posts and emails, etc. The content writing course will help you to improve your style of writing and creativity

    Further, if you feel that you can write and you want to turn your passion into a profession and if you are waiting for a direction to implement your skills on a proper platform. I suggest you take up a content writing course in pune. Here are the top 10 content writing courses in Pune and the same has been ranked according to the quality of the content, excellence, and the benefits offered by the respective institutions

    1 Henry Harvin

    Henry Harvin is one of the leading pioneers in India offering multiple skill and job-oriented courses and it offers content writing course in Pune. They hold a principal position in the rundown due to its greatness and the organization’s goal is to enhance the skills and interests of students in their respective fields making them competent. Students who pursued their course in this institute are working in MNC’s and many well-known organizations. Henry Harvin offers a content writing course in Pune and it is perceived as the best course by numerous news magazines, renowned news channels, and numerous foundations.

    Henry Harvin’s writing academy offers numerous courses like technical writing, creative writing, copywriting, creative writing, and research writing, and so on you can pick any course as per your inclinations. You can likewise decide on a post-graduation program in content writing offered by them.

    Course Name: Certified Digital Content Writer Certification

    Perks of the Course

    The duration of the course is 36 hours. The sessions are held online and you will get a chance to learn from professional content writers in the industry who have experience of more than 10 years.

    In this course you learn all the concepts you will learn skills like language, internet, business, marketing, content strategy, SEO, etc. it also covers all the basics related to other forms of writing like copywriting, creative writing, email writing, technical writing, academic writing and many more.

    During the training period, you will be introduced to many tools and techniques which help you to improve your writing. They will give you the details of many digital applications which help you to improve the quality of your writing and editing.

    Batch allotments are very flexible and the sessions will be allotted to you at your convenience. Working professionals and students can attend the live interactive online sessions on weekends.

    In case if you miss any sessions the recorded videos will be available to you on Henry Harvin’s learning management system and Moodle app. You can access classes on mobile, TV, and your laptop at any time.

    The sessions are mostly in the practice mode which is filled with activities and helps you to boost the limits of your creativity and helps you become more creative. Discussions, debates will be conducted on topics related to writing styles.

    The course curriculum is very sensible, which covers the most important subjects in content writing.

    You will receive a course completion certificate post completion of all requirements of the course, which helps you to update your portfolio or social media accounts like LinkedIn, Naukri, monster, etc. to grab the attention of recruiters.

    Refreshments will be provided to you in case you are attending classroom (offline) sessions.

    You can avail Gold membership worth Rs. 4000/- for free which includes benefits like E-learning, Internship, boot camp sessions, job opportunities it also includes 2 free complementary modules such as soft skills and resume writing.

    Course Fee

    Self-Learning: INR 13500/- includes lifetime support and upgrade

    Live Online Classroom sessions: INR 15000/- includes all the benefits

    One to one interactions with experts in the industry

     1-year gold membership

     Flexible Schedule

     Recorded videos of all sessions

    2 IIDE

    Indian Institute of Digital educations in of the best institutions in India and offers an online content writing course in Pune. The institute is known for its digital marketing course. It also offers other short-term courses like Facebook ads, SEO online course, social medial online course, Google analytics course, etc. you can also opt for a post-graduation course in digital marketing.

    Course Name: Online Content Marketing Course

    Perks of the Course

    The duration of the course is 6 hours in which live class is 4 hours and video lectures for 2 hours

    The training sessions are conducted by digital marketing experts in the industry who has 10 years of experience.

    In this course, you will learn about different concepts in content marketing such as content strategy SEO, word press, website development, article writing, web content writing, research writing, scientific writing, blogging, etc.

    You will get access to video lectures for 30 days and you can practice tests and assignments

    You will get a certificate which is recognized in the Industry

    Course Fee: INR 6355/- + tax

    3 Technowrites private limited

    Technowrites institution has a history of over 25 years and one of the finest institutions offers courses in writing. It is located in Pune, Maharashtra. They offer an online content writing course in Pune and the course is designed by Mak Pandit. They trained students across India and all over the world. They offer other writing courses like technical writing, proposal writing course, etc.

    Course Name: Content Writing Course

    Perks of the Course

    The training sessions are interactive held online and you will get a possibility to gain knowledge from a proficient trainer in the industry who has an insight of over 20 years.

    In this course, you get familiar with the content methodology, SEO, writing techniques, and tools which help you with the quality of the content.

    100% placement opportunities post completion of the course and you will get a certificate post clearance of assessment conducted during the sessions.

    Course Fee: Rs. 20500/-

    4 Writing Technocarts

    Technocarts offer content writing course in Pune both offline and online. It also offers other courses like technical writing, blog writing, article writing, etc. It is one of the best institutes in Pune which solely offers different forms of writing.

    Course Name: Content Writing Course

    Perks of the Course

    The training sessions are conducted by the most experienced faculty in the Industry

    You will get study materials, case studies, and live projects

    They offer multiple services in writing like blog writing, brochure writing, newsletter writing, social media writing, technical writing, etc.

    After completion of the course, you will be able to engage your audience with blogs and will make sure that the content readability is high.

    You will get a certificate post completion of the course

    5 IIM skills

    IIM skills offer a content writing course in Pune. It offers live interactive online sessions to its students. They are known for offering multiple jobs and career-oriented courses and the courses are designed according to the current industry’s demand.

    Course Name: Content Writing Master Course

    Perks of the Course

    The duration of the course is 4 weeks in which you will be attending lectures for 16 hours and practical assignments for 60 hours and you will get access to n no of tools worth Rs. 35000/-

    You will be trained under industry experts and who have experience of around 10 years in content marketing and digital marketing.

    The sessions are available completely in practice mode. Mostly your classes are filled with activities like games, debates, and discussions related to content writing topics which will help you to boost your skills in writing and creativity.

    The course curriculum is a complete package of content writing concepts. After completion of the course, you will be able to make effective and readable content and you will be through with the concepts like blogging, copywriting, content marketing, content writing tools, etc.

    They have their ELearning platform. You will receive lifetime upgrades and support and you will be able to access many videos and study material related to your course.

    You will get a globally accredited certificate after completing your course requirements.

    They offer an internship program which is for 3 months and 100% placement support.

    Course Fee: 12900+18%GST

    6 Digital Academy 360

    The digital academy offers an online content writing course in Pune and their training includes a detailed course curriculum and the latest teaching methodologies. It also offers other programs like digital marketing and designing courses.

    Course Name: Content writing Course

    Perks of the Course

    The duration of the workshop is 2 hours and the course is mostly preferred for beginners

    The course curriculum is very comprehensive and curated design and it includes content writing concepts like how to present content, content marketing, content strategy, SEO, etc.

    The training sessions are very effective and they teach their students how to acquire an audience by your content. They will give tips to make your content readable.

    You will get a participation certificate after the workshop session

    Course Fee: Rs. 99/-

    7 Digital Skills

    Digital skills offer multiple courses in digital marketing which includes SEO course, search engine marketing course, social media marketing course, web analytics, etc. they offer content writing course in Pune and the mode of training are online and offline.

    Course Name: Content Marketing Course 

    Perks of the Course

    The duration of the course is 30 hours and there will be multiple modules available in the course such as the scope of content marketing, SEO, content strategy, and how to initiate content ideas, blogging, and how to gain inters of the target audience?

    The trainers are very qualified and experienced in the field of content marketing and digital marketing.

    The course will help you gain a lot of traffic on your website and blog.

    You can avail of 100% placement opportunities

    After completion of the course, you will gain knowledge of the industry’s best practices, new marketing tools, and current trends in content marketing.

    A course completion certificate will be issued at the end.

    8 Living Bridge

    The living bridge is an open online platform that offers multiple artistic courses like film making, photography, cinematography, screenwriting, editing, creative writing, theatre, acting, it also offers online content writing course in Pune.

    Course Name: Blog and Content Writing Work Shop

    Perks of the Course

    The duration of the course is 2 days and this course is mostly preferred for a beginner. 

    The course curriculum covers all the basic concepts of content writing such as

    • Blogging

    • Blogging to make money

    • how to improve readability

    • Information about blogs

    • Qualities to become a good content writer

    • Tools and tips for content writing

    • Live writing activates and feedback

    Course Fee: Rs. 3750/-

    9 Udemy

    Content writing is a combination of SEO strategies with strong creative writing skills to sell an item or share an experience. Notwithstanding which part of the content you need assistance with, Udemy has a course to assist you with improving. They offer online content writing course in Pune and it is a self-learning package and you need to buy from their website.

    Course Name: The Complete Content Writing Course

    Perks of the Course

    The duration of the course is 3 hours 37 min and the course curriculum covers the important concepts in content writing and they are content marketing, copywriting, content promotion, blog posting, etc.

    You will enjoy recorded videos and the sessions are taken by the most experienced mentors in the content marketing and writing domain.

    You can access videos full time and you will get full-time support and upgrade if you visit the Q&A section on the website.

    You will download the assessment to check your ability in every topic

    You can avail yourself of 8 articles and 12 downloadable resources from the course.

    You will receive a certificate after course completion.

    Course Fee: Rs. 499/-

    Further, If you wanted to opt for a complete package of content wiring in-depth you can buy three courses which were purchased frequently and they are copywriting master course, viral blogging, and 3- step writing system and the amount same is Rs. 13,390/-

    10 ECT

    ECT is a government recognized institute in India and they offer online content writing course in Pune and their main objective is to boost the career of their students and they help them to publish their work confidently.

    Course Name: Content writing course

    Perks of the Course

    You will enjoy live interactive sessions and the sessions are conducted by the best trainers in the industry.

    One-on-one attention is given to every student and will make sure that the topic is clear before starting the next topic.

    You will get recorded videos in case you miss any sessions and the batches are flexible and the same will be arranged according to your requirement.

    You will get access to their E-learning platform and there you will get support and upgrades for a lifetime.

    100% placement assistance and job opportunities will be sent to you in the form of notifications and Emails.

    You can opt for an internship in their institution or partner firms post completion of the course.

    Course Fee: INR 15000/-

    Eligibility to Become a Content Writer

    A content writer doesn’t need a specific degree or a master’s degree. Anyone can become a writer. One must have a command of language and good writing skills.

    You must have a passion to write and good research skills

    The content writing course is open for students, working professionals, homemakers, and retirees.

    Professionals who have plans to create websites and blogs.

    Types of Content Writing

    Content writing is classified into different forms. However, you will come across certain type of content writing forms and they are


    Social media


    Technical Writing

    Benefits of Content Writing

    A content establishes a voice to your organization or establishment. It helps to promote your products.

    Content writing helps you enhance your creative skills and language skills

    There will be huge improvements in your vocabulary and you will get to know different words.

    Content writing is an advanced form of advertising.

    If you are passionate about reading and writing then you will get more information and you attain lots of knowledge while reading content.

    There are huge work-from-home opportunities available in this home to anyone who has the attitude of a workaholic and is unable to attend a job because of personal priorities, especially homemakers who can look up a career in content writing.

    Post completion of course you can start your blog or website. There are most famous blogs in which people earn around USD 60000/- per month

    The average earning capacity of a content writer in the current market is 17 lakhs and ranges from 6 lakhs to 40 lakhs per year.


    These are the top institutions offering content writing courses in Pune and the availability of online or offline classes depends on the individual institutions. Go through the details of the institutions you will get a better idea about the course.

    Further, understanding content is the initial step, yet on the off chance that you don’t advance your content appropriately, nobody will see it. 

    Ensure that you use every one of the applications available to you. Exploring catchphrases, coordinating them into your duplicate, and guaranteeing the entirety of your SEO boxes are ticked (alt labels, picture labels, heading labels, and so forth) will help your content spread across drives back to your site.

    Also, making backlinks to your content is a vital method to build natural changes. Well-informed, instructed, and very much planned writing is a simple method to make backlinks. Advancing your content across all channels will likewise help to perceive ability and commitment.


    1. Is there any demand for content writing?

    Ans. Yes, there is a huge demand for content writing, and content plays a vital role in the exchange of information and creating awareness in individuals.

    2. Is content writing easy?

    Ans.  Yes! But a challenging one. Anyone who has a knack for writing, reading, and researching can easily learn concepts and obtain a wonderful career in content writing.

    3. Can a non-graduate student opt for a career in content writing?

    Ans. Yes, if you have creativity and adaptability to take up any topic and good command in English you can start writing, further I suggest you take up a course in content writing for better exposure.

    4. Which degree is good if I wanted to pursue a career in content writing?

    Ans. You can opt for writing, reading, and research-oriented courses like journalism or literature.


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