5 Major Reasons for Educated Unemployment in India 2023


Simply put, educated unemployment in India is the inability to land a job in a particular profession despite having a degree in that field and being willing to work at pay that is in line with industry standards.

One of India’s most talked-about and pressing issues is youth unemployment, yet little progress has been made in finding solutions. For us Indians, education consists of completing high school and college. But we don’t realise that’s not the case.

Your ability to find employment is not dependent on how long you spend in school or college. However, what calibre of education and knowledge did you obtain throughout those years? Unfortunately, our youth and childhood are primarily devoted to memorising textbook material, with little time spent understanding and developing abilities.

The number of unemployed persons without education rises when the economy is slow. Many intelligent individuals are pounding on office doors in search of a petty clerk position, and when they see “No Vacancy” written on the gate, they are dissatisfied. Our day has seen many suicides among young males without jobs.

Educated Unemployment in India 2022

The worrying problem of educated unemployed people in India is one of the country’s many alarming aspects of unemployment. The number of unemployed graduates is rising quickly despite the new educational initiatives and policies that have been implemented, which is terrible for the nation’s economy. In addition, India is going through a population change. According to research, India’s working-age population is growing by 12 million people annually.

By 2022, India’s median age will be 28, which is already a bonus for the nation. Inspiring dreams for a better life through efforts to educate youngsters and encourage more of them to attend nearby schools has raised the number of graduates, but job creation hasn’t kept up with this expanding number of job seekers. The sad irony is that while having the fifth-largest economy in the world, India only has the 51st-highest employment rate globally.

Let’s examine the top 5 causes of educated unemployment in India:

1. More Educational Centers, But Inappropriate Standards

Every town you visit has a single institution. However, the requirements and expectations fall short of the kids’ potential. A youngster who has the opportunity to attend schools and colleges isn’t receiving the right kind of education.

They are merely memorising the topics to get points. This definition of education is incorrect. Every organisation is developing a business from the inside. High costs and amenities are not in the pupils’ best interests.

The education is a sizable hollow inside. For the students, the teaching strategy is crucial. However, there is a twist that each pupil is experiencing. The only one is “Marks.”

They lack practical skills and know-how for dealing with the workplace. When one starts working, theoretical knowledge is useless.

The fundamental issue that needs to be resolved is the outdated educational model. The standard of education in India needs to come first. Through their education, students should learn how to operate in the dynamic digital and technology environment.

Defective Education: Our flawed educational system in India is the most significant contributor to this widespread educated unemployment in India. India is a predominantly agricultural nation where more than 70% of the population resides in villages and relies primarily on agriculture for subsistence.

Unfortunately, a cultivator’s son who has graduated from college does not wish to pursue his father’s line of work. Instead, he would instead decay in cities and towns while looking for office work. As a result, the educated unemployment in India issue in our nation is now more severe and upsetting than ever.

Unfortunately, our higher education system does not meet the needs of these students, specifically those who work in agriculture. They should have a specific type of education focusing on the most modern techniques for farming and farming management. Every State has two or three agricultural institutions, but even there, the average peasant cannot afford to send their boys to school.

2. Skill Deficiency Due To Technical Upgrade

There is a labour shortage in specific industries. It sounds funny, doesn’t it? People want jobs, but businesses are struggling to find workers. How do we resolve this issue?

The cause is a lack of appropriate abilities. People are applying for the position if we dig deep. But they are ignorant of the fundamental ideas. Nowadays, everything is digital. So they are not chosen because they lack a general understanding of computer programmes.

Many businesses fire employees because they lack the necessary technological abilities. Youth still have trouble speaking English even after graduating. As they wait for an interview, they are afraid.

Having the appropriate abilities is crucial in the digital and growing world. People ought to be able to locate the ideal employment after receiving an education. Numerous factors should be examined to ensure the candidate has the necessary qualifications and the industry doesn’t have a labour shortage.

Lack of industrial and technical training: One of the main factors behind India’s high unemployment rate among educated young men is a lack of industrial and technical training. There aren’t many technical and engineering schools in the nation, and because technical education is so expensive, most families cannot afford to enrol their children in these schools.

However, it must be recognised that these recently developed industries cannot provide jobs for young people without technical education. Additionally, there aren’t enough young males in the country with specialised training, so we must import foreign technicians to operate these enterprises.

3. Lack Of Economic Progress

After the global pandemic hit the nation, one of the causes of the poor economic growth was population migration. As a result, many people are looking for jobs they can do from home.

Due to business failures, even more, people prefer to work abroad. The educated person is hired abroad. The nation’s growth situation is significantly impacted. Due to the nation’s poor growth, businesses cannot hire employees.

If the trend continues, there won’t be any labour force in our nation. Educated unemployment in India causes poverty and an adverse economic condition in the country. Therefore, even we should encourage the young people to launch their businesses.

4. Controlling Family Problems

The majority of these problems affect women. Women are not given access to school in many areas of the nation. Their entitlement to an education is not respected. People object to their intention to get married. They are forced to choose between their families needs and their schooling.

Women are abandoning their professional obligations as a result of enduring historical norms. Due to their family obligations, they are uneasy about their jobs. The person receiving the education is not working either.

Companies are reluctant to hire women after witnessing such a situation. Therefore, women’s empowerment is a topic of significant discussion. However, many people are unable to provide answers to the questions.

There is a need to raise awareness about women’s emancipation. Every woman should be granted the ability to keep working. Family pressure is not something that should be present. Every gender must be treated equally by the business.

5. Unhappiness With Pay

Another critical issue in Jobless India is functional literacy. For instance, the industry must pay skilled personnel more. As a result, there is a desire for inexpensive workers. Their productivity has increased. Profit is what the industry wants to see. Human resources are not used optimally.

Even though outdated techniques are still being used, employees with formal education hope to land a position in an area with a higher income. Unfortunately, employee unhappiness is a result of this.

The sector needs to determine what the workers’ financial needs are. Every employee should be inspired, and their financial contentment should be prioritised. Employees can conduct a study in the new area regardless of the field they belong to. The “salary” ought to be just enough to raise employee morale.

Mentality: Our educated young guys are afflicted by an odd illness. They do not wish to settle in rural; instead, they are scurrying after the glamour of working in big offices. They have a slight aversion to small towns. They choose to starve in cities rather than move back to their villages and carry out their ancestors’ labour, especially after acquiring education in cities and towns. 

It is necessary to alter the mindset of our educated young guys. If they perform manual labour honestly and indeed, they should be led to feel that doing so does not result in a loss of dignity on their behalf. On the contrary, every labour is motivated by vanity.

Effects Of Unemployed Educated India

Period Of Life

According to the research results, life expectancy has decreased by five years. Due to a lack of suitable employment, the number of suicidal cases is rising daily. Due to their low output, youths are unable to cope with society. One of the critical consequences seen in educated unemployed individuals is this.

Anxiety And High Bp

Nowadays, finding a new job is difficult for everyone. Stress, hypertension, and panic attacks are issues. This issue has primarily affected youth.

Engaging In Bad Activities

They have developed poor behaviours as a result of their high levels of stress. Alcohol is used in large quantities. Their health is impacted, and infections are spread as a result. Concentration ability is declining more quickly.

Unemployment And Career Guidance

When discussing educated unemployment in India, this is a crucial subject that needs to be covered. While receiving the correct career coaching, our nation is having problems. Finding the appropriate skills and interests is made easier with career guidance. People are conscious of their passions. But there is still no indication of the right course to take.

Employment and career counselling are two crucial aspects that are interdependent. Making the roots strong is therefore vital.

Recommendations for Policy

To promote effective teaching, statutory educational entities should create high-quality criteria for educational initiatives. Private institutions should be licenced based on strict standards to lessen the monetisation of education and produce employable graduates. To increase competition in the education sector and streamline the overall system, institutes should be audited annually based on an annual employability report by employment experts. Universities require an entrepreneurial environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

To help students escape societal and parental pressure, the educational system should place more emphasis on occupations that are driven by passion. It will lessen the labour shortage and bring new hires closer to the positions for which they are most qualified. Investments in infrastructure are required in rural and semi-urban areas where most people have tumultuous family histories. To create better careers, government programmes that encourage education are insufficient.

Public colleges in undeveloped regions require a creative platform to increase students’ self-confidence, significant partnerships with advanced institutes for cultural exposure, and intelligent teaching methodologies. In addition, these students will speak out for education in their communities on their own. This will serve as a motivating tactic and lower the unnecessary expenses related to promoting education. Savings can then be used to fund students’ skill development and general personality development, preparing them for the competitive job market.


First, we learned what educated unemployment in India is. Second, we examine several causes of educated unemployment in India. Third, we observed the impacts on the populace. In summary, every person knows the issue of educated unemployment in India.

Only we humans have the power to solve the issue. There should be population control with a balanced distribution of everything in each sector. Industry growth will assist in creating jobs for the populace. For the economy’s general development, each industry should be thoroughly examined.

With the best awareness campaign, educated unemployment in India can be eliminated quickly. Above all, a government initiative programme will assist in eradicating the issue initially.


Q1. What are India’s leading causes of unemployment?

Ans. Elements that affect India’s unemployment
Caste Structure.
Slow economic expansion
Growth in the population.
A seasonal occupation is agriculture.
System for Joint Families.
Cottage and small business failure.
Industrialisation is growing slowly.
Less investing and saving.

Q2. Why is education-related educated unemployment in India such a big issue?

Ans. While there is a lack of labour in certain regions, there is excess labour in others. The following are the causes for this: Because their technical education is below industry standards and there is a shortage of trained labour, technically qualified individuals are unemployed.

Q3. Which four categories of educated unemployment in India are there?

Ans. Looking a bit closer, you can divide voluntary and involuntary educated unemployment in India into four categories.
Unemployment due to friction.
Periodic unemployment
Unemployment is structural.
Institutional Joblessness

Q4. What is the educated unemployment in India rate?

Ans. According to the CMIE figures, the country’s jobless rate increased from 7.60% to 7.83% in April. According to the statistics issued on Monday, the jobless rate in urban areas increased to 9.22% from 8.28% in March.

Q5. Why do educated people lack jobs?

Ans. Educated unemployment in India among the educated refers to those unable to secure a rewarding position for themselves. Although there are several potential causes, the absence of employment possibilities is the most frequently cited one. Unfortunately, this also happens when there are many graduates.


  1. This article sheds light on the concerning issue of educated unemployment in India, highlighting the challenges faced by highly qualified individuals in finding suitable job opportunities.


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