Top 10 Summer Schools In India in 2023


When I was young, summer schools did not exist. The purpose of summer was to be carefree and enjoyable. I always associate the summer with playing outside with friends and seeing my relatives. Even though summer is a hot and humid season.

Nevertheless, summer is always stunning. However, in modern times, summer has become a part of boosting internal production. Summer schools provide a variety of rigorous courses that last only a few weeks and guarantee that students will learn something new.

The idea of summer schools has transformed the break into a time for engaging learning. Every year, summer schools raise the bar by offering various intensive courses in subjects like skating, cuisine, swimming, and more.

The best time to attempt something new and daring is during the summer. This is an excellent opportunity to decide whether you want to attend the university you’ve always wanted.

It is also a great chance to obtain a thorough college education and pursue a subject of study that you have been thinking about. The United States is home to some of the most notable summer schools in the world, where you may have an unforgettable summer school experience!

Everything you need to know about the Top 10 Summer Schools In India in 2022 that can provide exciting travel opportunities will be covered in this blog.


Henry Harvin is one of the top 10 summer schools in India for the year 2022. In addition to internship programmes, this institute is awarded prominent certification courses. The institute has more than 500 award-winning trainers and 200+ courses and is listed among the top 500 Global Edtech enterprises.

The institute aims to provide students with cutting-edge technologies and popular methods for data analysis.

  • Several training programmes with just practical information
  • Discover the Globally Certified Hallmark next to your name.
  • application of your lessons through real-world projects
  • Programs for internships
  • Support for placement help
  • There are also Ask Henry hackathons available.


Course on Content writing – The course consists of 40 hours of instruction. The curriculum strongly emphasises language proficiency, computer literacy, blogging, email writing, content strategy, copywriting, and many other topics.

Course in Creative Writing – This programme is designed to help you better express your enthusiasm for genres like fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and theatre. You have a focused snoop of creativity and imagination that enables you to construct an idea, create plots and subplots, and set the scene for the story.

Teen MBA Course – The course lasts for around 28 hours. The programme is divided into two phases designed explicitly for your learning and comprehension of the business world: building business skills and specialization (CMO, CFO, CTO).

Digital Marketing Course – The course lasts for roughly 40 hours. Your job ambitions in the technologically advanced digital world can be attained with the help of this well-structured course. In addition, the program aims to provide the Certified Advanced Digital Marketer title (CADM).

Python Development Course – Instructors teach the 42-hour course with the most experience worldwide. The Python lexical grammar, as well as more complex subjects like custom functions, sorting algorithms, etc., are covered in the course material.

Medical Writing Course – To acquire the value of a scientific background as well as the measures necessary to improve your writing skills under the guidance of a specialized industry trainer, you must not miss out on this course if you need to have a Certified Medical certification and utilize your summer.

Technical Writing Course – The Technical Writing Course by Henry Harvin is something you should consider to acquire all the skills and methodology to become a professional technical writer. Just go right into finding ways to develop your talent.


The university is also listed among India’s top 10 summer schools. Here, you can choose from various jobs and educational options to pursue the one that most suits your aptitude. Typically, the online program’s courses last for two weeks.

This institute is enhanced by many programmes, from traditional to future-focused. Through the online application found on the website, you can enrol and register. Each student has a team leader or mentor for one-on-one engagement and guidance. Daily or weekly assignments and projects must be submitted on time.


The day has come when you can enjoy Oxford education without travelling to the UK. Instead, you can learn at Oxford Summer Schools in small, top-notch groups under the instruction of qualified Oxford professors. This makes learning engaging and enjoyable.

You make friends with others who share your interests at all ages, enabling you to handle any academic setting and enhancing your critical thinking abilities through seminars or other events. A letter of recommendation and certification is also included with the course.

Here, summer school programmes are made according to age restrictions, such as 12- 14 and 15–18. Business, medicine, and technology are topics for students between 12 and 14. The 15–18 age range topics are business and entrepreneurship, computer science and more.


Young Technology Scholars (YTS) is a programme Plaksha University has launched for summer schools in India. The summer school programme is two weeks long. The curriculum strongly emphasises exposing students to practical engineering and problem-solving methods.

Students can learn strategies for independently resolving complicated problems in addition to hands-on learning and interdisciplinary course material.

The school’s goal is to transform the incoming class of students into view generators and fearless models for their school. YTS invites scholars from all around the world to enrich their journeys with fun activities. This kind of exposure aids students in completing their course work and laying the groundwork for practical learning experiences.


Flame University’s Summer Immersion programme has been established as a component of the summer schools in India. Students interested in academic credits and curriculum areas may find the programme the best option.

The MBA programme at Flame University is committed to creating management experts who are knowledgeable in their chosen field, sensitive to the environment and culture, accountable to the communities, and ethical in all ways.

As a result, I can state that the institute has created the course curriculum to give students the academic knowledge and practical skills they need to be successful in their chosen fields.


One of India’s top 10 summer schools is King’s College London. The curriculum for this institution’s summer school programme includes an introduction to the fundamental ideas of power, democracy in IR, and many other subjects.

Discussions in class, role-plays, and several other class activities are all part of the curriculum. The online portal offers extensive access to various online course materials that can be used to research your chosen topic. In addition, the course supports numerous assignments during the study.

They stress the need to get to know the candidates from many fields, such as history, mathematics, business, journalism, and law.

They offer a special masterclass to give academic experts, young researchers, medical professionals, and industrial research scientists a chance to exchange ideas and get new insights.

Group discussion on the updated/recent subjects is prioritised to encourage participants to think about the biological mechanisms and the social consequences of underlying regional and global concerns in wellness and healthspan, group discussion on the updated/recent subjects is prioritized.


Tribes for Good focuses on suitable social tasks that will push you outside your comfort zone while improving your life and society as a whole. This organisation’s programme includes retirees, professionals, and students.

By overcoming these obstacles, you could obtain the credits and a Social Good Challenge certificate from the organization. The programme lasts between two and ten hours.

For the whole six-week course, students should pay attention to:

  • Setting the stage and foundation to ensure that all pupils move at the same speed
  • Learn about the social leaders’ interactions with NGOs by getting to know them.
  • To meet the beneficiaries and learn their tales so that you may take the appropriate action, conduct virtual fieldwork.


The SHRM has switched entirely to an online form of education due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the online course is to aid students in better comprehending, learning, and appreciating the technical aspects of pharmaceuticals.

The curriculum also includes case studies and serious tasks for the pupils. SHRM has the personnel to develop the ideal mix of managerial competence and technological knowledge required for business and commerce.

Depending on the individual students’ fundamental skills and levels of confidence, the summer school programme they choose will define a wide range of academic and professional alternatives.


Middle school and high school students can take online lessons at Inspirit AI, one of India’s top 10 summer schools. The institute exposes its students to the revolutionary technology known as AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is present in things like voice-activated technology, smartphone face recognition, and driverless vehicles, among other things.

This summer school programme offers advice on starting AI projects, pursuing AI companies, and getting ready for college. It is planned and taught by a group of alumni and graduate students from Stanford and MIT.

Some of the prominent AI projects

Students can learn about several well-known projects like Alexa, Face ID, and self-driving cars in this section titled “Social Good Project.” In addition, a group of three students is given one mentor to help with the AI project.

Data Science Pipeline for a Real-World Problem: In this assignment, students are expected to use Python and its accompanying AI libraries to develop computer vision or natural language processing models. This will facilitate the understanding of practical issues by pupils.


For Indian high school students, the institute offers the “Aspire India Scholars Program,” which is intended to support them as they transition to higher education.

Through lectures and lab activities, students can acquire experimental learning on the eight multidisciplinary modules over the two-week programme. In addition, students can network with young Indian ambassadors who are leaders in various industries, including social entrepreneurship, digital media, sustainability, communication, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.

Business Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (BLE), Economy, Public Policy and Development (EPD), Climate Change and Environment, Sustainability (CES), Law, Justice, and Democracy (LJD), and many more topics are included in the course framework.


Summer school typically refreshes all age groups by giving you a better platform to encourage yourself in the creativity and explore the other side of the educational learning.

Summer school typically lasts only a few weeks. However, regular academic instruction enhanced by these summer schools promotes mental and physical development.

As a result, the academic modules in the summer school curriculum encourage students to develop a capacity for drawing on mental resources and abilities from various fields.

Students can obtain the global perspectives, holistic learning, and ethical engagement necessary to help them transition from high school to postsecondary education through the summer school curriculum.


Q1. Do summer schools work?

Ans. It is successful when used appropriately for your studies and areas of interest.

Q2. When can I enroll in summer schools that aren’t online?

Ans. During the summer, you can enrol in offline summer schools.

Q3. I intend to attend summer school with my kids this year. Which is more efficient—online or offline?

Ans. Every family now considers summer camps to be a need. Every person aspires to improve their education and knowledge through recreation.

Q4. I am a retired individual. I spend the entire year playing with the grandchildren. However, they go see another family in the summer. I wish to learn something new in my spare time. Are there any summer programmes available for me?

Ans. For retirees, there are a lot of summer schools available. Volunteering for such initiatives is an option.

Q5. Does summer school include enjoyable games?

Ans. Yes, the summer schools combine educational study with enjoyable games.


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