Henry Harvin Franchise Model Vs Aptech Franchise Model Course Review


In recent years, companies have witnessed a significant surge in the demand for educational technology, or EdTech. Technology integration in education has transformed how people learn, teach, and access educational resources. Investing in a good edtech franchise model can bring you a fortune during your business journey. Most of the business model or franchise model for ed tech companies looks similar but here we have compared the Henry Harvin Franchise Model with Aptech franchise model as both are the leading companies.  

Henry Harvin and Aptech are two renowned names in the education and training industry. Let’s dive into the detailed comparison between Henry Harvin Franchise Model and Aptech franchise business model and what services they provide if you are planning to invest in their franchise.

Henry Harvin franchise model Vs Aptech Franchise Model

1. Background 

Before comparing the different categories or services offered by these two companies let’s have a brief look at their background.. 

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Franchise Model

An organization with over a decade of experience in offering different job-oriented courses. In only 10 years they have made a place in the top names in the field of education and training. It’s a govt recognized institute and is affiliated with many organizations like ISO, MSME, PMI, IASSC, KPMG, EY and many more. If you are planning to take Henry Harvin franchise model its a good choice.


Aptech Franchise Model

Started in 1986, Aptech is one of the pioneers in providing training in the field of IT learning solutions, banking & finance, Hardware & networking and English Communication. Aptech has been awarded many industry awards. In 1988 they started their franchise model. 

2. Franchise Fee

It’s an important factor that needs to consider if you are looking to invest in any franchise model. The franchise fee is typically a significant upfront cost that grants the franchisee the right to operate a business under the franchisor’s established brand. 

Henry Harvin Franchise Model

The franchise fee of Henry Harvin franchise model is very low and flexible. The cost of taking the franchise of Henry Harvin Ed-tech company is around 2.5 to 6 lakhs only. This gives you a good option to start a business in the field of education. 

Aptech Franchise Model

Similarly if we talk about Aptech, the franchise fee is high as compared to Henry Harvin. The cost you need to pay as a franchise fee for Aptech is between 8 lakhs to 17 lakhs. 

It’s important to note that the franchise fee is separate from other ongoing fees and royalties that a franchisee may be required to pay.

3. Recurring Franchise fee

A recurring franchise fee is an ongoing payment that a franchisee is required to make to the franchisor regularly, usually as a percentage of the franchisee’s sales. Unlike the initial franchise fee, which is a one-time payment, the recurring franchise fee is typically paid on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis throughout the franchise agreement.

Henry Harvin Franchise Model

Recurring franchise fee in Henry Harvin franchise model is very low and can be easily affordable by the investor. 

 Aptech Franchise Model

If we talk about Aptech recurring franchise fees, it’s on the higher side. This means you need to pay a good amount of money regularly to run the franchise. 

4. Royalties

In a franchise model, royalties refer to the ongoing fees that a franchisee pays to the franchisor in exchange for the continued use of the franchisor’s brand name, trademarks, business systems, and ongoing support. Royalties are the percentage of the franchisee’s gross sales and are paid regularly. 

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin franchise model is the lowest royalty model which is ideally negligible. 


The franchise model of the Aptech Institute works on the high royalty fee . 

5. Investment 

Investment means financial commitment made by an individual or organization to obtain the rights to operate a franchise business. 

Henry Harvin

If you want to take the franchise of Henry Harvin, the total investment is on the lower side as compared to Aptech. 


You will require a high investment to take the franchise of the Aptech institute. 

Before taking the franchise of any institute, it’s very important to know about their services and what courses they do provide. As the world is changing so fast so it is always better to shake hands with a partner who believes in diversifying the area of services along with the commitment to providing the best. 

Henry Harvin franchise Model
Henry Harvin Franchise Model Vs Aptech Franchise Model

6. Courses

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers more than 800 courses in different fields of education like data science, SAP, Artificial intelligence, IT, Digital Marketing,  Healthcare and many more areas of education. They offer job-oriented courses which can help the learners in upskilling and gaining new knowledge.


With Aptech, you can get a limited number of courses. They offer courses mainly in the field of IT learning, Hardware and networking, and banking and finance. 

7. Returns on Investment

RoI can depend on multiple factors like management, scalability, services, market scenario and a few more. Nowadays investing in Ed tech companies is a good choice as the world is moving towards digitalisation. 

Henry Harvin

Return on Investment in the Henry Harvin franchise model is high. You can get good Roi after investing in the franchise of Henry Harvin as this model works on a 50:50 profit-sharing ratio. 


With the Aptech franchise model the return on the investment is medium as compared to the Henry Harvin.

8. Student or customer support

Henry Harvin-

If you go with Henry Harvin franchise model, you will get 24*7 customer support. Even the students of Henry Harvin also get 24*7 support from the Henry Harvin team. 


After you take the franchise of the Aptech institute, you will receive support from the team of Aptech for different requirements like marketing support, trainings enquiries and all. 

9. Course Delivery

Henry Harvin

The mode of delivery of the courses of Henry Harvin is as per the market demand .it means Henry Harvin does offer online courses, Offline courses, self-paced learning courses and even Hybrid ones also. Students can choose the mode of learning at their convenience.


Aptech franchise model works on the method of course delivery via online and offline classes. Students can choose the mode of classes as per their choice. 

10. Course Fee Structure 

Henry Harvin

In Henry Harvin franchise model , the course fee structure of the Henry Harvin courses is flexible as per the student’s requirement. As there are self-paced learning courses also which have lower course fees as compared to live online classes. Also, students, get the option of paying fees via EMI also. 

Henry Harvin Franchise Model


Aptech course fee structure is fixed as their course delivery method is also limited.  Students can gain the benefits of Aptech courses by paying a fixed amount of fee. 

11. Faculty Support

Henry Harvin

In Henry Harvin franchise model , they Provides 1-1 faculty or training support to all franchises. This will help you in running your franchise at your location.


They do provide customer support in the area of training, faculty, etc. 

12. Overseas presence

Henry Harvin

Along with its presence in every region of India, Henry Harvin franchise model have their presence Overseas also. They do have offices also in other countries, which helps in doing business with Henry Harvin more beneficial. 


Aptech also have a presence in other countries besides India. 


Henry Harvin and Aptech Institute are the two leading players in the education technology industry. It’s very clear from the above comparison that both companies provide the best to their customers and students also. You can choose the best franchise model after reading all the comparison points as per your requirement. Aptech is a very old institute offering different courses in the field of IT learning, banking and finance and hardware and networking. At the same time, Henry Harvin is offering courses and franchises for a decade but is one of the strong and best options to do business with. 

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Q: Can a franchisee open additional locations?

Ans- Some franchise agreements allow franchisees to open additional locations, either within a specific territory or elsewhere, depending on the terms set by the franchisor.

Q: Can a franchisee sell their franchise?

Ans- In many cases, franchisees have the ability to sell their franchise to another party, subject to approval from the franchisor.

Q: How long does a franchise agreement last?

Ans- The duration of a franchise agreement is typically defined in the contract and can vary. Common terms range from 5 to 20 years.


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