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From my childhood, I have always answered the question of who I wanted to be when I grow up with the same answer. I always wanted to be a teacher and have found the profession rewarding mentally and spiritually. There is a level of personal connection one can make in the profession that few other jobs can boast of. 

But, I’ve always had a language problem. It’s not because I didn’t have a large vocabulary. It was just that I couldn’t convey what I wanted to the way I wanted to. With little or no help from friends, family and a few courses, I was nowhere near who I imagined I would be. My career and my passion were slowly inching away from me, and for the first time in my life, I began to doubt my career choice.

Fast forward to the present, I am one of the most loved teachers of my students (I’m not just saying that) and I love my job and my life. In my endless search for progress and professional help, I stumbled upon a gem mine; Henry Harvin TEFL certification programme. 

The Henry Harvin TEFL course is the best certification course I have attended among the numerous ones I tried online. 

Henry Harvin’s TEFL Course-My Review

If you ever wish TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) as a profession, Henry Harvin TEFL academy is going to be your friend. They provide a comprehensive, A-Z TEFL course for skill development. This is my review after attending and improving a lot at TEFL, so you can take that to the bank. 

The first thing I was looking for was credibility. I have been conned by many online course sellers for me to be skeptical about this one too. But, Henry Harvin EFL Academy has international accreditation for their courses and is valid throughout the world. The certification from the program is a major asset to your resume and for your job hunt. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy has 4 programmes in their portfolio for you to choose from. They are:

  • TEFL Course in India
  • TEFL Course in USA 
  • Post-graduate Programme in TEFL
  • 120 hour TEFL Course

The best thing about the course is the modularity and the structure it follows. The Henry Harvin TEFL course has a clear structure covering all necessary topics over a course of 15 (+ 5 extra ) modules that cover topics including resume writing, email writing, Business English and the development of necessary skill development for TEFL. At  the end of the program, you feel empowered and self-satisfied as you soar past ahead in your dream profession with the internationally accredited certificate in your hand. 

The trainers are the heart and soul of the Henry Harvin TEFL programmes. Certified, skilled and talented, the trainers specialising in each topic will make sure you learn all the topics with their way of presenting. I kind of aspire to be at their level of proficiency in imparting knowledge to my students.

Unique Selling Point (USP) of Henry Harvin TEFL programme

Here comes the most important part of the Henry Harvin TEFL review. What are the benefits of joining the TEFL programme?

When I joined the programme, I wanted to learn and specialise in TEFL. But, I received an added bonus of a one-year gold membership. The Gold membership is a premium feature and one of the best things about Henry Harvin TEFL programme. The gold membership :

  • The gold membership provides you with a lot of content including pre-recorded videos that you can watch at a later date, numerous carefully curated case-studies, projects that focus on skill development and much more. 
  • You are also assured of placement support from the team and have helped me a lot to land the job of my dreams. They regularly correspond with us and help us in every way for receiving placements in prestigious and high-paying positions. 
  • Participants like myself received access to the LMS portal by  the programme, which was a gold mine of knowledge including various videos, articles, etc. 
  • All participants of the programme are assured an internship with Henry Harvin and their collaborator companies. This was such a boost for me because I received a hands-on approach and a place to actually hone my talent in a real life setting. 
  • Henry Harvin TEFL Academy has partnered with Tutree, a recruiting giant with international connections, that provides us with a plethora of job opportunities.

These are just some of the many premium features that the gold membership at Henry Harvin provides.

What sets Henry Harvin TEFL Academy apart from others?

I have attended a fair share of online courses by fake gurus but Henry Harvin Academy is internationally accredited and lives up to the reputation in every aspect. The best thing about the course is the world of possibilities it opens for us, as it did for me, with over 12000 jobs in over 6 countries.

The online course can give us the freedom to go about our daily lives and access the content at our pace and free time increasing efficiency of the programme. It has an added advantage that with the help of world-class teachers and trainers, the courses are broken down to a basic level where even freshers or inexperienced participants, like myself, understand each concept clearly and pass the exams with flying colours. 

The programme also covers classroom management, which explores various styles of teaching that can be implemented in a classroom to engage the students. This prepares you for handling a room full of students with different abilities and learning speed and no common language. 

Why Should You Opt for TEFL?

I was lucky enough to find my passion, work for it, and now I am working happily in the profession I love. Most people aren’t that lucky. For those people, let me explain why TEFL is a very good career choice for people who love teaching. 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL, is a programme where students are trained in speech, writing and reading of the language. Being a global language, it is a powerful accessory to have in any profession you are in. Speaking good English is pivotal and integral to developing business relations. The global demand for the language and skilled teachers who specialise in TEFL is very high and the trend is expected to continue in the future. 

With a TEFL certification from a prestigious academy like Henry Harvin TEFL Academy, you are bound to be miles ahead of your competition in the job hunt and let the recruiter know you are ready to teach English at international standards. Apart from proficiency in English, one needs to be proficient in teaching, and the idea of imparting knowledge. The certification from an internationally accredited academy is a proof that you are qualified to teach across the globe.

Looking back, Henry Harvin TEFL certification was a huge milestone in my career and one that I wish I had found sooner. 

What does TEFL certification do for your career?

So,let’s talk about how studying from Henry Harvin affected my career.

I hadn’t much experience in TEFL and had trouble getting the idea through to the students. This was so unnerving for me. I had little to no previous experience or professional training. But, once I completed the TEFL programme, I was confident and experienced and received job offers with significantly higher pay scale. So, here are some of the ways the Henry Harvin TEFL programme will help you in your career.

  • The certification has no expiry. An internationally accredited certificate that is accepted and highly valued around the world is bound to boost your career in the right direction. This increases your market value and credibility as a teacher and hence opens many job opportunities for you.
  • There is no prior experience or qualification required for attending the programme. The course covers the entire syllabus from basic to advanced level and can be followed by everyone. This is really great for beginners like myself to get started and catch up. 
  • The confidence level the programme imparts to you is unparalleled. In my case, it transformed my entire life. I was sure of myself when I was talking and could clearly think and explain what I wanted to convey in front of an audience. TEFL is not just about English proficiency, it’s also about the presentation of knowledge to others in a way everyone can understand. With Henry Harvin certification, you are ready to take on the world, let alone a classroom of students.
  • The increase in pay grade is pretty substantial. With the increase in expertise and international accreditation, you are transformed to a highly skilled individual and makes you more qualified for a teaching profession. This increases financial security and job security. The TEFL job profession is not limited by borders. With job offers around the world, the profession has high demand in language schools looking for certified professionals. 
  • Your understanding of the language and the subject will be in depth and hence allows you to be versatile and flexible in teaching. You will be able and prepared to face an audience of any age group and still be able to make them understand. I started my career in a primary school and now I teach advanced English for students. 
  • TEFL certification allows you to be an asset valued highly all over the world. Not many jobs can offer that. Need a change of scenery? You can move to any country with an internationally accredited certificate like Henry Harvin TEFL certification and be sure to land a job there. SInce no renewal is required, you have a lifetime validity and job security that is very important in today’s world.
  • The best thing about having a TEFL certification transcends you to a level where you are even free to consider other career paths. I’ve personally known many people who became professional content writers, journalists, etc.after receiving certification. Some other career paths include:
    • Magazine Editor
    • Tutor
    • Proofreader
    • Consultant
    • Voice Trainer
    • And much more.

If you don’t like 9 to 5 jobs, you can have a career in freelancing and be your own boss. This gives you freedom to pursue other interests. 

How long does it take to complete Henry Harvin TEFL certification?

Being an online course, you have the flexibility to choose your own timings to learn. There is detailed content explaining every aspect of TEFL. The duration is about 120 hours of learning content and extra sessions for practice and revision. Participants can complete the course within a year to be eligible for certification. 


This is my story of how I changed my career with the help of Henry Harvin TEFL Academy. For those who are passionate about teaching, not going for certification is a mistake. It endorses your credibility and your abilities as a teacher.

I have tried my luck with many courses with no result and in vain. Building a skill without the proper resources and guidance is hard, and for me, near impossible. I found Henry Harvin online and my life’s better because of it. 

Obviously, there are professions where there is no requirement of TEFL certification but they have their own cons. You become expendable and anyone with certification will be chosen over you taking you out of the competition. Investing in yourselves can go a long way in maximising return on investment and job satisfaction. 

For the readers of my Henry Harvin TEFL review, make sure you make the right choices when it comes to your career. Never miss out on an opportunity to upskill yourselves. You get a great return on investment and you will become a better teacher altogether. 

Deciding to opt for the TEFL certificate was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am now confident that my age is never a barrier to progress and continue to learn and better myself at every point in the way. 


  1. HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION provides training on various professional courses like creative writing, digital marketing, SAP, GST course and many more. Although I opted for the TEFL course. I was absolutely overwhelmed to get the opportunity of learning from such a great organisation.
    The Academy provides an online TEFL certification course. The curriculum is so well-structured that it makes you ready to get a job right after your course, even if you are a beginner in this domain. Moreover apart from the scheduled course the well-experienced trainers of the Academy give you the training on how to write a proper resume and crack the interviews of top organisations. It is definitely worthwhile to get trained at HENRY HARVIN.
    The entire course curriculum will help you to qualify for more than 12000 jobs in more than 6 countries. But if you are thinking it is costly, then I should say the Academy has various course packages at a very affordable rate.
    I was so much benefitted by their course that I will always suggest HENRY HARVIN to get the right start of your career.

  2. HENRY HARVIN i sthe best educational institution that provides the most updated course on TEFL. The trainers at the Academy are really supportive and guide the students along the path of success. The Academy also provides the best LMS and after the course 100% placement in top brands. The entire training session is affordable and worthwhile also. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

  3. Henry Harvin gives a wonderful four-week TEFL direction. The route is fingers-on with you coaching basically proper off the bat! Very skilled and pleasant instructors helped us through this excessive course but the expertise won turned into really worth it. Henry Harvin the great institute for the TEFL route. I couldn’t speak extra exceptionally of my level with henry Harvin TEFL. I’m so appreciative of the professional assist, aid, and comments furnished with the aid of the top-notch teachers on this application.
    Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction(TEFL) at an inexpensive charge. Henry Harvin is the hassle-solver & usually allows the activity applicants as well as personnel even on this modern pandemic through turning the problems into opportunities.

  4. Henry Harvin provides an incredible four-week TEFL direction. terribly arch and pleasant instructors helped the North American nation through this excessive course however the experience won become extremely worthwhile. Henry Harvin is that a nice institute for the TEFL route. I am therefore appreciative of the skilled assist, aid, and comments provided with the help of the old academics on this application. Henry Harvin presents the fine ESL certification direction (TEFL) at a reasonable charge. Henry Harvin is that the problem-solver. I appreciative of Henry Harvin as I buy to expertise a very new method of distinctive TEFL certification course with such a reasonable value. on the far side appreciative for providing Pine Tree State the most effective support.

  5. Many thanks for empowering us with such a good program that may facilitate build us across the state. If you price operating with folks and serving to form a distinction then this TEFL course is for you. Henry Harvin is one of every of the leading TEFL certification suppliers. Therefore, I like to recommend anyone to induce his TEFL from Henry Harvin.

  6. HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best place to get trained in TEFL Course. It is one of the best professional courses. The trainers are very much supportive and also give one-to-one classes if needed. The Academy provides 100% placement right after the training session. The most important thing is that the course fee is really reasonable. My heartfelt thanks to this entire group for making me an expert in this domain and placing me in such a great organisation at a high rate.

  7. One of the best courses taught at the best educational institution. The entire course curriculum is made by the well-experienced trainers of the Academy. They are really supportive and make the students eligible for the highly paid jobs by the end of the course. It is also very much affordable to get trained at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION.

  8. The TEFL course at HENRY HARVIN is the best certified course. The trainers here always keep supporting the learners to upskill their knowledge and train them in such a great way that they become ready for the industrial challenges in this field specially. After the course you will get plenty of job offers and internships to expedite your dexterity with various reputed organisations. It is an affordable course to take up and definitely provide you with all the ultimate benefits in return of your investment. It is worthwhile to study at the best institution HENRY HARVIN and have a great start for your future.

  9. I found the Henry Harvin brilliant to work with. I completed the 180-hour course and the specialized course for teaching business English. These were challenging courses but very comprehensive. They have prepared me very well for teaching online but were also fun to work through. Everybody was very friendly and helpful with any problems I had and there was always somebody to contact if I needed advice. I would highly recommend the course and The Henry Harvin TEFL Insitute to any aspiring teachers!

  10. Thank you. I really enjoyed my course at Henry Harvin. The training was rigorous and informative. My teachers were very supportive, provided me with all the support I needed to kickstart the course. The quality of the content is too good to explain. Enroll yourself in the Henry Harvin TEFL course and your job is done.

  11. HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best place to get trained in one of the trending professional courses i.e. TEFL. They have the best infrastructure to facilitate the students and the best course curriculum to make the students for highly paid jobs at top organisations. It is the only Academy which offers the TEFL course at a reasonable rate. It is right to say that they value quality education.

  12. There are many TEFL providers, it was a struggle for me to find that one unicorn which can meet all my needs. I have just completed my Henry Harvin TEFL certification course, and I am proud to say I have been able to equip myself with all the technicalities associated with mindful English teaching. I would like to recommend this course.

  13. Amazing information regarding Henry Harvin TEFL course! Henry Harvin TEFL course was very insightful, knowledge. It was challenging which is tremendous for motivation. They truly go out of their path to assist you to get started with your job. I learned a lot and the 50-hour pragmatic course was so much relaxation. Thank you

  14. I have completed the TEFL and Teaching Business English courses with Henry Harvin. Both contain plenty of useful information and tips and truly challenging assignments. These would be helpful not only to those beginning their teaching journey, but to experienced teachers as well (at least they were to me:) Furthermore, I can’t emphasise enough how professional and efficient the customer service has been. Thank you – it has been a pleasure and I’ll keep an eye on other courses you may offer!


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