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Knowledgehut is a prominent education company that understands the unavoidable gap between professional skills and the people acquiring them. This lack of professional skills is one of the reasons many deserving candidates do not get the promotion. It raises in their career and throughout their lives feel that they are incompetent.  

Knowledgehut aims to provide extensive training through rigorously researched programs. These programs are specifically designed for the technology and management streams. The company was founded by enthusiastic young entrepreneurs inspired by the IT industry gaps and wanted to fill these gaps in cooperation with industry-wide experts, masterminds, and research & development experts in technology and management. 


To stay ahead in this highly competitive world, where new technology is constantly being introduced, making the previous one obsolete, KnowledgeHut understands the importance of continually upgrading itself. As a result, it provides tailored training for professionals seeking careers in technology, such as IT and allied services. At Knowledgehut, we provide corporate training to young and enthusiastic minds and lead them to successful careers by providing them with corporate training. 

Knowledgehut’s courses  

Knowledgehut offers a variety of courses like training solutions that are accepted worldwide, educational assistance, and training for the courses which are highly popular with learners. Six Sigma, Agile, PMP, Cloud Computing, etc. are all included. Knowledgehut also offers training courses in traditional streams such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Sales, etc. The courses are designed to provide a theoretical framework and assist in understanding the improvement in business performance and enhanced measurable outcomes. Knowledgehut prepares candidates with broad knowledge and technical skills that will prepare them for future challenges.

Instructional Modes 

In today’s world, every learner has a unique set of learning needs that may differ from person to person. Those who take care of their regular office routines may choose to take online or virtual classes as convenient for them. Traditional classroom learning is still popular with some learners, while others may favor a hybrid model. Knowledgehut always strives to create a thriving professional/entrepreneurial career path, regardless of the training mode. 


As opposed to other educational institutes, Knowledgehut simplifies things for its learners instead of complicating them. Knowledgehut follows the Global Blended Model of Approach or GBMA. This facilitates the learning process for individuals and companies alike. A hybrid model of learning, the GBMA model, employs both online and traditional classroom learning. By following this model of education, learners achieve more significant results in a shorter period. Additionally, they gain a better understanding of the subject matter. 

Knowledgehut understands the apprehensions that participants typically face before, during, and after enrolling in a course. Courses offered by Knowledgehut strengthen core areas and work on less-clear ones. The methodology of learning and development would allow learners to hone their skills for career advancement. 


In addition to enriching human intelligence and potential with national and global repute courses, Knowledgehut strives to strengthen professional skills. We have the best combination of brilliant faculty members, current course materials, a strong delivery team, and a strong technology team. They aim to be the leading provider of technology-driven professional courses that would establish a high standard of learning culture for our participants across the globe. 


A student, let alone a professional, decides to pursue a course after investing a lot of time and thought. It is not only a question of parents or their own hard-earned money. It is also a question that leads to either the forging of a successful career or the waste of years of one’s active professional life without opportunities to fulfill one’s potential. 

The word accreditation causes course takers to breathe a sigh of relief. To fulfill the ultimate objective of pursuing any professional course-to be job-ready in that particular field -it is not sufficient to have some random accreditation.  

It is appreciated by Knowledgehut that students and their families are concerned about this issue. It is backed up with the precious accreditations that lead to its uniqueness and make it an experience worth living. Our courses at Knowledgehut are backed by a number of accreditations. 


With Knowledgehut, learners can choose from a wide range of courses. These categories include Information Technology Management Courses, DevOps, Agile Management, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Business Intelligence and Visualization, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, and other certifications involving people and processes. Let’s explore these in more detail:

  • KnowledgeHut’s Data Science certification program includes courses such as Data Science with Python, Python for Science, Machine Learning with Python, Data Science Career Track Bootcamp, Data Science with R, Machine Learning with R Certification, Deep Learning Certification.
  • DevOps- KnowledgeHut’s DevOps courses include DevOps training, DevOps Foundation Certification, DevOps Leader (DOL), Ansible, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes.
  • From KnowledgeHut, they offer IT Service Management Courses such as ITIL 4 Strategist, Direct, Plan and Improve, TOGAF Prep Courses, ITIL 4 Leader and Digital Strategy, ITIL Practitioner, ITIL Intermediate Service Transition, and ITIL Intermediate Continuous Service.
  • Agile Management- Do you want to boost the productivity of your team to new heights? Knowledgehut offers Scrum and Principles of Agile Management courses. Knowledgehut’s Agile Management courses include Certified Agile Leadership, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Leading SAFe 5 certification, Professional Scrum Master, SAFe 5 Product Owner, ICP Agile Certified Coaching, and SAFe 5 Scrum Master with SSM Certification.
  • Project Management – The top Project Management courses include PMP Certification, Prince 2 Foundation Certification, Prince 2 Practitioner Certification, Change Management, Project Management Techniques, CAPM Certification, and Program Management Professional.
  • AWS Developer Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, AWS SysOps Associate Administrator, and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training are the most in-demand courses from KnowledgeHut.
  • Looking for all the latest technologies in web development in one place? Then you’ve come to the right place. Learn about the top Web Development courses from KnowledgeHut: Node.js, Angular 12, Web Development using React, Full-Stack Development, Front-end Development, Javascript, Backend Development Boot camp, UI/UX Design.
  • The best place to get in-depth knowledge and overall development in BI and Visualization are Knowledgehut with its Data Labs Visualization and Tableau, Sisense BI, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, TIBCO Spotfire, Data Visualization, and QlikView.
  • With mobile app development, the world now has a new way to do business. It is rare to find a smartphone user whose everyday life is not impacted by mobile applications. Knowledgehut offers courses in mobile app development, including Android Development, Xamarin Certification, iOS Development, Open GL, Native Script for Mobile App, Xamarin Studio, Ionic, React Native, etc.
  • Knowledgehut’s Digital Marketing courses include Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization.


Knowledgehut is a premier institute for certification training. Knowledgehut has a strong presence in nations like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Ireland, etc. Knowledgehut is unique in its ability to tailor courses to the learners’ requirements. An individual aspiring to a brilliant career start, a professional seeking to hone his skills, or an entrepreneur looking to get certified before starting independently. KnowledgeHut offers a course for every need. 

Furthermore, Knowledgehut believes that in today’s fast-paced world, learning is on-the-go and no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom, while appreciating that some learners still prefer to learn traditionally. Because of this, it offers a unique combination of classroom, virtual, and e-learning classes. It is a lifetime opportunity to study at Knowledgehut with the backing of accreditations from the most prestigious educational bodies.


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