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    I must say this is a very pertinent blog in today’s times. Particularly so because Information Technology (IT) has proliferated in every aspect of our lives, individual as well as business. Note that, earlier, students pursuing online computer courses invariably ended up being programmers engaged in software development or support. However, the IT landscape has undergone a mammoth transformation since then.

    Importantly, this has resulted in the sprouting of a host of career options for computer literates. In harmony with these career options, training institutes have intelligently crafted computer courses to get a job. Therefore, on completion of the online computer courses with a certificate, you are industry-ready. and fully equipped to launch the career of your choice.

    If the prologue sounds interesting, let me now introduce the top 10 online computer courses to get a job.

    1. Data Science

    With the rampant digitalization of modern life, data plays a pivotal role in shaping the quality of our lives. In fact, businesses churn out huge volumes of data every day as part of their regular operations. It is the structured analysis and visualization of this data that generates actionable insights. Subsequently, these insights facilitate effective decision-making for devising potent business strategies. And all this is possible because of Data Science. Data science combines mathematics and statistics, specialised programming, advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) with subject matter expertise in specific domains.

    Using a potent combination of tools, roles and processes, Data science projects start with:

    • Ingestion of data wherein you collect data from multiple sources
    • Processing of data for transforming the raw unstructured data into structured that can set the stage for data analysis
    • Analysis of data where the magic happens. Here, analysts apply various data modelling techniques to draw insightful insights from data for Machine Learning, predictive analytics, and/or deep learning
    • Communication is the final stage of the lifecycle. Here you subject the outcome of data analysis to data visualization techniques. This helps to present the inferences in the form of powerful reports and dashboards to business users to aid decision-making.

    The average annual salary of a Data Scientist in India is INR1,000,000. This career option is undoubtedly a very promising one. So, if you are keen to pursue Data Science, start exploring the online computer classes near you. Undoubtedly, Data Science is the most popular among the top 10 online computer courses to get a job.

    1. Big Data Engineering

    Along the lines of Data Science, Data Engineers work with data, but there is a difference. Analysing Big Data is not a straightforward task of collecting, processing, and analysing data. Instead, Big Data Engineering requires data experts, sophisticated tools, and complex algorithms. Collectively, they help to transform and store data in a dedicated database for creating Machine learning-based solutions.

    The stages through which Data Engineers proceeds include:

    • Data Collection: Based on business requirements, identify the data sources. Then collect data in all forms – structured as well as unstructured
    • Data Storage: Create a Data Lake, which is a data pool for storing all forms of data. Indeed, this is an inevitable component for organizations working with Big Data
    • ETL: Extract, transform, and load data from the Data Lake into a Data Warehouse. Note that this process includes data discovery, data mapping, generation of code, execution, and data review.
    • Data Warehousing: Analyse data to draw meaningful insights. Consequently, businesses use these insights to take decisions that shape the business landscape.
    • Data Management: Effectively manage the data in data warehouses to ensure optimum utilization. Else, a long gap between data collection and data usage may lead to data silos. In other words, this renders the Big Data Engineering project futile.

    To be a successful Big Data Engineer, specialise in the fields of Data Structuring, SQL, Python, Data Pipelines, and Data Modelling. Additionally, a robust working knowledge of data tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, etc. is a bonus.

    The average annual salary that a Big Data Engineer draws in India is INR 779,887.

    If the package excites you and you find interest in building the above skill set, find a good online computer class near you and enrol yourself for an online computer course. Certainly, this grabs a significant position in the list of top 10 online computer courses to get a job.

    1. Data Analytics

    Data Analysis involves logical thinking and exhaustive work on statistical techniques. Specifically, it helps to prepare structured data from raw data and spot trends, hidden correlations etc. Using them, you can draw meaningful inferences that support effective decision-making.

    While this appears similar to Data Science, there are some differences between the two. Data analysts work with data, answer questions, and provide insights to business users. Data scientists, on the other hand, focus on automation and improvement of the overall process. The two groups also significantly differ in terms of the tools used and the skills needed.

    Data Analysis is of four types: Descriptive Analytics which answers the question “What happened?”, Diagnostic Analytics which aims to find an answer to the question of “Why it happened?”, Predictive Analytics to explore what can happen in the future. Finally, Prescriptive Analytics recommends the best course of action for business users for devising business strategies.

    The average salary for a Data Analyst in India is INR 427,303 per annum.

    So if you are eager to study Data Analytics, look for online computer courses. Particularly, select courses that offer certificates and be ready to hit the market as a certified Data Analyst. The list of top 10 online computer courses to get a job can never be complete without it.

    1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    With the advance of digitalization in our lives, we are increasingly dependent on machines to do our jobs. We are now even replacing human minds with computers. These systems simulate the process in which human minds think and perform intelligent actions. By now you must have surely guessed that I am referring to Artificial Intelligence.

    Machine Learning (ML), a subset of AI is another strong contender in the list of top 10 online computer courses to get a job. It deals with computers learning from and adapting to new data on their own, without any human assistance. Deep Learning is another subset of AI. It enables learning through the absorption and assimilation of huge volumes of unstructured data. Data can be in the form of text, images, or videos.

    This branch of computer science application suits you if you have a background in Data Science or applied Research. Typically, a Machine Learning Engineer requires to demonstrate in-depth knowledge in multiple programming languages like Python, Java etc. possess an understanding of predictive models, and the ability to harness the power of Natural Language Processing to work with mammoth data sets. Additionally, analytical skills and knowledge of Could applications are considered a bonus in this field.

    So, to groom yourself as a successful Machine Learning Engineer, join online computer classes near you, particularly online computer courses with certificates. You shall then be ready to hit the market with a bang!

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    With the proliferation of digitalization in our lives, the marketing industry is witnessing a radical shift. Traditional marketing is increasingly being replaced by digital marketing. This shift is apparent when we find ourselves hooked to social media apps using our mobile devices for the majority part of our waking hours. No wonder digital marketing is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 13% between 2023 and 2028.

    Interestingly, it is the art of SEO that content writers employ tactfully to develop content for Websites. This forms the backbone behind the success of digital marketing. Understandably, therefore, SEO is yet another powerful candidate in the list top 10 online computer courses to get a job

    To master this art, you must develop skills in Search engine Marketing, Content Marketing, social media marketing, branding, marketing analytics etc.

    So, to establish a strong foothold in the fast-growing digital marketing industry, join an online computer course. This is just the right decision for you. However, with the market flooded with people vying for a slice of the market share, you must opt for an online computer course with a certificate when you explore computer classes near you. In other words, computer courses to get a job help you gain experiential learning. So, you are industry-ready when you step out into the job market.

    1. Software Development

    This is and shall always be at the soul of the evergreen IT strategy. Even with the emergence of a wide range of computer specializations, programming languages remains the undisputed leader in the IT industry.

    To master the art and science of programming, however, there is no single computer course that can teach you all. Instead, there is a plethora of online computer classes. To be precise, they offer training on programming language courses, Web development courses, mobile app development courses, Web design courses, or even courses on Cybersecurity, Networking, and many more.

    So, develop skills in C++, JavaScript, Android, iOS, Unity, Java, or ReactJS, depending on your specialization field. Accordingly, to acquire these skills, you must select an appropriate training provider that offers online computer courses with certificates. This will help you secure a job for yourself with an average annual salary of INR 5,00,000 in India.

    1. CyberSecurity

    This is the practice of protecting sensitive information and critical systems from digital attacks, commonly termed cyber-attacks. Businesses operating in the fintech, HR, health, or e-commerce domains particularly deal with sensitive data. Moreover, they rely heavily on online data and transactions. Consequently, it is imperative for them to set up a resilient Cyber security system to thwart undesired networks and cyberattacks.

    One significant point to note here is that with the advancement of technology, cyber attackers are growing even more powerful. In fact, they are growing adept at launching fatal attacks using state-of-the-art technology and tools. Therefore, to be a CyberSecurity expert, you must join an online computer course. Such a course trains you to understand the causes and effects of vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. It must also help you develop in-depth knowledge and expertise in adopting preventive and proactive measures.

    In other words, before joining any online computer class near you, ensure that they help you develop skills in firewalls, networking, virtualization software, scripting languages, and many more. Once you complete a certification course in these skill sets, you can be ready to hit the job market with an average annual package of INR 720,111in India.

    1. Web Development

    With digital marketing fast replacing traditional marketing, marketers are increasingly looking for Web developers who can develop dynamic websites. This results in Web developers being in high demand for acting as the strongest brand ambassador for their clients. Leveraging the high demand, Web developers enjoy a healthy salary package. It averages around INR 380,607 per annum in India together with the flexibility to work from home or even freelance.

    Typically, a Web developer must gain command over skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, .Net, etc. For this reason, to develop expertise in these, you must look for training providers who offer online computer courses with certificates. Important to realise that in a market flooded with Web developers, it is your certificate that gives you an edge over others. And sets you ahead of your competitors in the job market.

    1. Web Design

    This is one area where you can flourish if you have a knack for visuals and graphics. This is because the design of a Web site plays a vital role in attracting traffic, apart from the well-manicured content, to score high on the search results. To be precise, Web designing involves the creation of attractive logos, Web pages, brochures etc. using Web developing elements such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. In addition, Web designers must be adept in working with graphic tools including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and others.

    Enjoying the same popularity as Web developers, Web designers draw an average annual salary of INR 362,103 in India. However, to stand out from the crowd, you must find computer classes near you that offer online computer courses with certificates.

    1. VFX Training and Character Animation

    The last couple of decades has witnessed the entertainment industry shift increasingly towards animated movies, animated games, cartoon games etc. Interestingly, they form the core of augmented reality or virtual reality used majorly in video games and make extensive use of high-quality graphics. To enter this exciting world, you must possess a creative bent of mind coupled with hands-on experience in VFX effects, software skills, character development, animation, and more.

    Additionally, you can aim to gather knowledge of tools like Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Blender etc. if you are planning to pursue VFX training and Character Animation as a career option. Moreover, before finalizing the online computer course, be mindful to focus on the organizations that offer computer courses to get a job, at an average annual remuneration of INR 312,383.

    Summing Up

    Finally, we are at the end of the tour covering the top 10 online computer courses to get a job. With advancements in technology, computer professionals now enjoy access to a multitude of opportunities. In tandem with career opportunities, the Ed-tech industry has designed online courses with certificates that get you industry-ready. Depending on your area of interest, explore any of the courses discussed above and get ready to take off.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q2 Which computer course is in demand in future?

    With the evolution of the technology landscape, the industry demand for computer courses continues to change. Currently, the top 3 computer courses that are highest in demand include Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Data Science.

    Q1 Why are computer courses important?

    Computer courses are designed such that students can progressively move from basic to advanced levels, gathering knowledge and skills along the way. Importantly, these courses aim to include practical sessions within the curriculum apart from the theoretical modules so that you are industry-ready on completion of the course.

    Q3 What computer skills are needed for most jobs?

    Considering the current industry demand, job seekers possessing certain computer skills enjoy an edge over others. Some of the essential skills include:
    1. Microsoft Office, which includes the ability to work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations
    2. Google Workspace, which enables you to work comfortably with the suite of collaborative tools
    3. Social Media Management that gives you the expertise to work with Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and others
    Data analytics so that you can collect, study, and analyse data to infer insightful inferences

    Q4 What are the benefits of taking online courses?

    With the Edutech industry increasingly being swamped with training providers offering online courses, it is important to understand the advantages of online courses vis-a-vis traditional offline courses. The key benefits available with online courses include:
    Education is available right at home
    Time and energy are saved by eliminating the need to travel for attending classes
    Flexibility to suit your schedule

    Q5 How can I improve my online learning?

    If you are planning to opt for any online course, it is important to master digital communication skills to make the most out of your online learning. These skills will help you connect and collaborate with your co-students through emails, student chat rooms, social media channels, online forums, and more.



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