Business Analyst Job Descriptions: Salaries and Skills for 2023


As the name suggests, Business Analysts perform their duties by analysis of Data. If we make it simple for you this work is an amalgamation of business function and IT. Business Analysts evaluate how the company is performing and help them to perform better in totality. This task firstly Is done by research and analysis and then solutions are not just suggested but implemented in coordination with all concerned departments.

   Nowadays, every business needs Digital marketing tools to promote their brands and services. Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands to connect with the target audience to make them aware of their presence. Choosing this Target audience is impossible without studying Big data. And here comes business analytics – transforming data into insights to make intelligent business decisions. Digital marketing and Business analytics both are the two sides of one coin. Both are dependent on one another. I hope you realize how crucial Business Analytics is for your brand’s success.  

Roles that Business Analyst performs

  •  Evaluating business processes
  •  Analyzing data
  •  Always updated on the latest technology to improve efficiency overall.
  •  Budgeting and pricing
  •  Planning and monitoring
  •  Detailed market research and keeping an eye on completion also.
  •  Leading different departments.

Before we move forward to Business Analysts’ job skills and requirements, let us add some more alternative job titles for business Analysts:

  1.   Functional Analyst
  2.   Product Owner
  3.   Product Manager
  4.   Project manager
  5.   Information Technology leads
  6.   Process Analysts
  7.   Process Architect
  8.   Digital Media Consultant
  9.   Operations Specialists 
  10. Management Consultant

 These are a few to name, the list can be much longer than this. Here I would add that these Job titles are impactful and you must be thinking about these profiles when you read the title somewhere. But now you know that these somehow are related to different perspectives of business analysis.

 Let us have a look at some of the skills required to ace your career as a Business Analyst. 

1.   Clarity about the Motive

  Business Analysts should have a clear understanding of their motives. Every company has a goal to achieve. A new company will have to get noticed. Another will have a plan to maximize profits. Another might be in survival mode. A Business Analyst will recognize the problems or need and advise with the most suitable solutions. 

 2.   Resolving Issues with Analytical thinking 

This is the core of business analytics. It understands the root cause of the problem. To interpret and translate the needs of the clients. For this Business Analysts should study Big-data, reports and documents. Business Analysts should be able to list many problem-solving options. They should be able to think about the pros and cons of each solution. After deciding the list of these options, it is decided which will be best suited for the given client. After that, it is further analyzed how this will be implemented step by step. Also, they have to keep in mind options which can be tested if the given option fails during implementation. 

3. Decision Making in all situations 

Business Analyst plays an essential role in every stage of the project. That is decision-making at every stage is so crucial. When it comes to making decisions that will directly or otherwise affect the business. That is why every decision is considered again and again before giving a green signal. Also, Business Analysts do plan about options if there will be issues regarding chosen options in the future. That is why decision-making is an important skill a business analyst should inculcate. Every skill technical and non-technical plays an important role. 

4. Communication Skills 

Understanding things and making them clear to clients and stakeholders is also one of the skills required. And making matters simple to understand and communicate is essential. Any project has stages like gathering data, connecting with clients, making flowcharts, and the final launching date. All this is not possible without communication. I believe there is nothing good communication cannot solve. 

 5. Time Management

In this competitive world project deadlines are things which you cannot miss. Skill is not just being creative and productive but also delivered at the correct time. Only then will the client come back to you. To get the most, time management is being taught earlier while doing Business Analyst training programs where deadlines on time are of utmost importance. So to finish everything by a given deadline is also one of the skills a business analyst should be able to deliver. 

6. Programming Languages

Programming skills are used for profiling the data and analyzing it to take up the next step of the project. Programming language skill comes under the category of technical skills. Java, R and Python, Tableau, DATA Mining, Machine learning, SQL, Predictive modelling, and PHP are some of the skills that are required. Python can be used for creating visualizations. Business Analysts need not necessarily do coding but they should have knowledge of a broad range of tools. 

7. Computer and Software knowledge

Business analysts should have fluency in Computers and software fluency, Business analysts should have a global view of the projects.  Apart from the above programming language they should have good fluency in computer skills. According to me, MS Office is of foremost importance. This includes OneNote, Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint, Also Google Drive, and Spreadsheets. Slideshows, web, social media and graphics to name a few. I am sure there must be many more additions. 

8. Documentation and presentation

This one is like the concluding skill required. Every step of the project should be documented.  Each project is completed with many stages crafted by working on minute details. So this should be documented very clearly. Also, the business Analyst should be able to present his work in front of clients and his seniors. Documentation and presentation can be explained through technical things. 

9. Salary of Business Analyst 

Like any other Career option, a Business Analyst’s salary depends on various factors. 

· Experience – A fresher will be paid much less than the experienced one. 2 -3 years of experience will not pay much effect but yes after 10 years of experience will matter.

· Place of the job- A business analyst in a metropolitan city will get much more.


How can Henry Harvin help you in this?

Certified Business Analytics Practitioner {CBAB} COURSE  is a focused 32 hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore, analyze and solve business problems using popular analytics tools like R & Advanced excel.

Q 1. Does a Business analyst do coding also?

If a Business analyst is aware of coding that would be an added skill, but a Business analyst does not necessarily need to do coding.

Q 2. Do Business Analysts need to know about programming?

Yes, Business Analysts need to know many soft and hard skills, but not programming. A software programme does the programming work, not the business analyst.

Q 3. How many years of experience will give you lucrative and big pay jobs?

Even a fresher’s salary is relatively low, but yes 5 to 10 years of experience will open many more options for you.

Q 4. What are the goals of a Business Analyst?

The goals of a Business Analyst are increasing profits, checking costs, building relationships between companies and customers and experimenting with new techniques. 

Q 5.  What kind of skills are needed to become a Business Analyst?

Business analysts should learn a set of soft and hard skills to flourish in their careers.

Q 6. Why are communication skills so important for Business Analysts?

Any project has stages like gathering data or connecting with clients, making flowcharts, the final decision, and the launching date. All this is not possible without communication. I believe there is nothing good communication cannot solve.


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