Top 10 SAP MM Courses in India: 2023


Today, the global market is becoming more and more dynamic and constructional. Market jobs are in immense demand along with corporations who want to develop in the industrial sector. Modernization has led to the inculcation of important aspects to make better business enforcement and a world of innovation and the latest technology. SAP MM is one vital key to the success and advancement of various industrial and corporate organizations.

Systems, Application, and Products in Data Processing Materials Management (SAP MM) are one of the most beneficial business aspects in today’s corporate world. SAP MM is a resourceful planning software that is used in multiple business sectors.

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Many organizations and companies use the SAP MM software to enhance their work ethics and follow a more systematic composition of work in firms. The SAP MM’s main goal is to verify that all the materials are kept in proper quantities and make sure that there are no parts missing or gaps in the demand for the organization’s supply chain.

SAP MM plays an important role in the Indian market due to job ethics. Hence, many institutes organize and conduct courses in this field to further develop the map of business in India. SAP MM courses in India bring modernization to various prospects and sectors, giving a boost and encouraging individuals to take up courses and gain knowledge about the particular course.


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Henry Harvin Education is globally known for its virtual online training programs all over India and has been one of the most exceptional educational institutes with various significant courses including the SAP MM courses in India.

Out of many SAP MM courses in India, the SAP MM training program in Henry Harvin Education is a well-planned and an authenticated course structure that guides the candidates in a successful leading path. The SAP MM course has a rating of 4.9 and has a list of educating 9,217 learners in this field.

Not only that but among the SAP MM courses in India, Henry Harvin Education’s SAP MM course is ranked to be among the top 3 courses and in addition, is recognized by the Government of India. It consists of ISO 29990:2010 certification and includes one of the most fundamental modules of the SAP ERP system.

The virtual live online session offers 100% practical training, one-year gold membership, and job opportunities as well. It also provides a 9 in 1 course that consists of training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership.


·       Mastering in the SAP MM field can climb the success rate that is 36% share in the current industrial marker with and increasing growth.

·       Due to the learnings and information taught by the expert trainers, the candidates pursuing this course have higher chances of getting a bigger salary package as compared to an average business analyst.  

·       It also offers better job securities in the future with a tremendous amount of growth and development in this particular field.  

·       The most important benefit is that a candidate can help organize and manage material with the help of the right knowledge and training from the trainers.

·       The candidates can define vivid document types namely PR, PO, REQ, Contract, and more for Purchasing documents.

·       The candidates can benefit by gaining knowledge about Release Codes, Release Indicator, Release Group, Release Prerequisite, and Release Strategies.


·       Email address – [email protected]

·       Number – 9015266266

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Amongst most of the SAP MM courses in India, Indus Business School is known best for its business courses including the SAP MM training program. Indus Business School is one of the oldest institutes for business and marketing studies. The course duration is of 1 year that includes 3 semesters.

Their main goal is to implement current modern teachings and create exceptional industrial experts who master in the field of business and market analysis.

With this approach, the Indus Business School focuses on the growth and development of its students and various other candidates pursuing the courses they wish to opt for.

Indus Business School offers the SAP MM course to candidates who are business enthusiasts and encourages them to take a step towards the future of the business market industry.


·       The SAP MM course at Indus Business School provides a guarantee to corporate sectors and jobs.

·       In the last semester, the SAP MM course at Indus Business School offers the candidates 3 months of internship.

·       Professional trainers help guide candidates in the field of SAP MM that helps guide candidates to the successful path in their career.

·       Indus Business School offers scholarships to deserving candidates based on their performance.

·       Candidates who have successfully passed the examination after the course completion, receive an internationally qualified certificate from the respective organization.


·       Email address – [email protected]

·       Number – 8149093780


Atos India has been one of the major sources to provide SAP MM courses in India. It was established in 1999 being the one of the oldest SAP MM authorized training centres in India. They have been a core provider in educating and giving knowledge to candidates who have been in the business industry for over 20 years.

Due to their commendable service over so many years, Atos India has been awarded as the largest and the most leading SAP MM education partner among all the SAP MM courses in India.

The SAP MM course at Atos India provides stand-out material for candidates to study and meets all the developing knowledge and new ideas in the course provided by them.

The trainers at Atos India for the SAP MM course are IT professionals, business users, and decision-makers that have years of experience in this sector.


·       The SAP MM course at Atos India helps the candidates to acquire skills and techniques to tackle industry-related challenges and upcoming projects that come their way.

·       Through this course, the candidates have a better scope in the global market.

·       The candidates can gain international recognition and also gain their client’s confidence due to the completion of the SAP MM course.

·       The candidates can learn and educate themselves with the help and guidance of professional and experienced trainers. With their help, one can not only sufficiently excel at the SAP MM course but also expand their horizon at the business global market.


·       Email address – [email protected]

·       Number – 8879895739


SEED – Beyond The Obvious has been a leading technology educational institute since 1994. It has been a provider of various business courses throughout the years and is an authorized SAP Education partner.

SEED – Beyond The Obvious is one of the strongest educational platforms in almost all of the SAP MM courses in India. It doesn’t only offer the SAP MM course but also other courses related to SAP such as SAP FI (Financial Accounting), SAP SD (Sales and Distribution), SAP HCM (Human Capital Management), SAP PP (Production Planning), SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), etc.

The SEED – Beyond The Obvious offers a combined academic, practical, and certification program courses in the field of SAP MM and uses the SAP ERP as a training and learning tool for all the enrolling candidates.

The SAP MM course at SEED consists of 3 months of training, segregated into 200 hours.


·       SEED – Beyond The Obvious provides a certificate after the completion of the SAP MM course.

·       Not only does it provide certification but also ensures placement adjustments for deserving candidates.

·       Any graduate or post-graduate in management or any other business field with an experience from 0 to 8 years can find the SAP MM course suitable for themselves and will fit perfectly in their future roles in jobs.

·       Use of the SAP ERP as a learning tool can help the candidates understand the course better and more effectively.


·       Email address – [email protected]

·       Number – 8888892944/ 8308806969

5. ACTE:

The ACTE is an online educational platform that encourages candidates to join and learn virtually which is one unique feature in most of the SAP MM courses in India. It not only offers the SAP MM course but many other SAP-certified courses.

The SAP MM training program at ACTE offers over 40 hours of training for the candidates online and more than 3 practical projects so that the students get an experience of how things work in the business industry and the modern market.

The SAP MM course includes 24/7 lifetime access to the course materials and makes sure the candidates are totally associated with the information and learnings of the course. The course provides 100% guaranteed support for placements from the ACTE team.


·       The SAP MM course at ACTE will help the candidates implement their knowledge in the business market and will make them an expert in the field respectively.

·       The SAP MM course provides the candidates with projects for practical experience and prepares them for future outcomes.

·       The candidates gain lifetime access to the study material provided by the institution.


·       Email address – [email protected]

·       Number – 9092799991/ 9380099996


Delphi Computech is a Pune-based education institute founded in 1998. It is one of the most successful and leading institutes and consists of the most enticing SAP courses among all the SAP MM courses in India.

Delphi Computech is known and infamous for being one of the best institutes at the high quality of practical training and experience to business-related courses such as Management, IT as well as the SAP MM course that it offers.

Nor is it only an exceptional institute but it has been awarded for being the best E-learning partner award from SAP India.


·       The Delphi Computech offers a certification in SAP MM that is globally acknowledged.

·       Gaining a certificate from Delphi Computech in the SAP MM course can help the candidate enhance their portfolio.

·       Delphi Computech has associations with many distinguished IT firms and organizations which could help the candidates to acquire jobs easily.


·       Email address – [email protected]

·       Number – 8459865077


Besant Technologies is an online educational platform that offers many SAP courses including the SAP MM course that is enlisted to be the best amid most of the SAP MM courses in India.

The SAP MM course at Besant Technologies is said to be a best-seller course in their institution with a rating of 5. It consists of a skilled group of knowledgeable IT professionals highly experienced in this field.

The SAP MM course at Besant Technologies includes important study material such as Procurement of External Services, Planning Run, Source Determination, Inventory Management, and many more.


·       Besant Technologies provides a free demo class for all the candidates that wish to apply for the SAP MM course.

·       The course provides time convenient online classes so that candidates can learn effectively according to their benefit.

·       The SAP MM course is conducted by professional trainers who have over 7 years of experience in this field.


·       Email address – [email protected]

·       Number – 8099770770


Tutorialspoint is another online educational institute that offers the SAP MM course with a certification after the completion of the course. The institution focuses on giving the candidates the best education and learning with the help of expert coaches.

The syllabus of the SAP MM course includes all the necessary aspects and materials for a candidate to master the subject and hence be a professional in the field of business and industrial markets.

The candidates are provided with the latest study materials, assignments, projects and various other guidelines by the trainers for assessing and understanding the course better.


·       Tutorialspoint provides easy learning through virtual online classes.

·       A certification is provided at the completion of the course which consists of 14 lectures.

·       The course provides lifetime access to the study material for the candidates.

·       In case if the students are not satisfied with the teachings at the institute, Tutorialspoint offers a 30 day money-back guarantee.


·       Website –


The most interesting part amidst all the SAP MM courses in India is that the ERProof education institute gives free access to candidates who wish to join the SAP MM course.

Even though providing a free SAP MM course, the institute includes all the necessary study material with the latest tools and technology. The SAP MM course consists of 7 modules, each having intricate information about Material Management.

Along with this, the institute provides the candidates with experienced trainers who assist the learners in every step of the course.


·       Candidates from various backgrounds can apply to the SAP MM course at ERProof as it is completely free.

·       They are provided with trainers who have years of experience.

·       Even though the sessions are free, the study material is intact and has the best of information for its candidates.


·       Email address – [email protected]


SMEClabs is an online educational institute that was established in 2001 and is an ISO 9000:2015 certified company based in Kochi.

SMEClabs is known for many SAP courses including the SAP MM training program. The institution helps guide the candidates in learning and gaining knowledge from the course they provide.

It gives the candidates the right training to be independent and an expert in the SAP MM field and in the business and management industry.  


·       SMEClabs ensure to provide different batches of the lectures so candidates can learn with convenience.

·       The SAP MM course coaches candidates in Inventory, Purchasing, Material Data, and Material Resource Planning.


·       Number – 9958873874


SAP MM courses in India are situated and identified all over the country in order to reach out to as many individuals as possible and include them in being a part of a life-changing educational course. SAP MM courses in India are a part of many renowned institutes with features for candidates to ponder on and choose according to their preferences and liking.

As there is high demand for SAP MM courses in India, it gets difficult to choose the most suitable courses for the candidates as there are so many options. This article will help guide the candidates to choose from a wide range of SAP MM courses in India and finally to conclude on a particular institute offering the best course for them.

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  1. The SAP MM course in India offered on this platform is comprehensive and highly recommended. It covers all the essential aspects of SAP MM, equipping students with the necessary skills for successful implementation in the Indian market.

  2. Looking for a comprehensive SAP MM course? Check out this online resource offering top-notch training in SAP MM. Gain valuable skills and knowledge from industry experts, all from the comfort of your own home

  3. I am excited to share with you all that I have secured a contract position with a reputed company as an S4 HANA finance consultant soon after completing the SAP course. It is my dream come true job. I am thankful for the SAP course.

  4. SAP course is a highly demanded course among the pioneer companies. So if we need to get better placement, then it is mandated to do an SAP course.

  5. People who have basic knowledge of English can confidently take this SAP course. We will get to know about the major business process in this course.

  6. The SAP course made me understand the key technical words from scratch. Now I am planning to do my higher education in Business studies.

  7. The SAP course helped me to seal the gap between my academics and my job requirements. I have gained confidence and I have become a dependable person in our team.

  8. The SAP course is a well-developed program. The readers can understand and implement them. This will help us to achieve our career goals.

  9. Through the SAP MM course, I learned thoroughly the in and out of delivering the materials produced at the customer’s doorsteps. I took the right decision by selecting this course.

  10. The security parameter configuration used to be a challenging job. The SAP Security course cleared my doubts and now it is no more a challenging profession for me.

  11. I got a piece of in-depth knowledge and a grasp of the SAP CRM tool to build better connections with customers after I took this SAP course. Now I am getting promoted as head of our customer care.

  12. As soon as I have completed the SAP course I have joined as a Process developer in a leading company. My hierarchies have around 20 years of experience in this field. I can compete along with them only because I did the SAP course. Kudos!! To the course.

  13. I did the SAP course to explore careers in SAP. Mark my words, One day I will achieve myself as a Unique Quality manager from my institute.

  14. I was thinking to join the SAP course from Henry Harvin institute as it is a reputed and trusted name in the professional training providers, reading your blog I now confirm my decision.

  15. All the details about the institutes providing SAP courses you presented systematically. Benefits, contact details major points of the SAP training providers are mention there in the blog.

  16. When several options are selecting the right one is difficult and also it is the major factor. But I am very much thankful to you for writing this post.

  17. When several options are selecting the right one is difficult and also it is the major factor. But I am very much thankful to you for writing this post.

  18. This is the informatory blog on the SAP course. As several institutes are providing these courses but your post is surely very helpful before taking on any decision.


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