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Learning a new language can be quite an intimidating task, but it isn’t impossible. Learning an additional language has become the most critical factor in getting international jobs/ clients. Also, being multilingual is the central part of society and tradition. Learning a new language always gives you add-on benefits to your professional and personal life. It helps to provide you with many job opportunities and career options and is helpful in various relationships.

French Language, which is also referred to as le français or langue française, is a Romance language spoken as a first language in France, the Romandy region in Switzerland, Wallonia and Brussels in Belgium, Monaco, the provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick in Canada, and by various communities elsewhere. It is an official language of 29 countries, most of which form what is called, in French, La Francophonie (“French-speaking”). It is the official language of the U.N. and the E.U.

Learning a foreign language is a challenge for many people, but the benefits it brings are valuable. It’s never too late to learn a second language, and you can learn French online from anywhere!

There are various reasons for learning the French language course. Some know it just to learn it while others want to study the language at the school or college level. Whatever your reason, taking up a fast-paced French course in Delhi can help you acquire good communication skills over the language. Given below are the top ten best French courses in Delhi that every student should know about.

1. Henry Harvin and Education 

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Henry Harvin is one of the best and top online learning platforms which provides you with various courses; amongst them, the French language is the one and is considered as one of the best French language courses in India. If you do not speak French but are interested in learning, this is the right place. Here you will find valuable information about the French language to help you understand its structure, origins, and interesting facts.

Their skills and learning pattern are completely action and result-oriented, which helps develop all the domains from basic to advanced levels. They have over 30 + media recognition. 

The French language learning course of Henry Harvin and education provides you with the learning of all the training levels into french language. The stories are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. All the classes include four modules with a proper understanding of Vocabulary, Grammar, Culture learning, and skill work.

Highlights of the course:-

  • A free counseling session with a complete explanation of the course
  • Regular training lectures with projects and daily assignment
  • 100% guarantee certification after completion of the course
  • It helps to develop your language just like your mother tongue
  • Career opportunity by providing placement assistance with resume and cover building to crack the top interviews easily
  • One year of gold membership of Henry Harvin
  • Duration – 30 to 40 hours depending upon the level of learning
  • E-learning access with presentations, tools videos, and assessments
  • Bootcamp regularly
  • Free access to Hackathons and competitions of Henry Harvin and education
  • 24*7 Support to students 
  • Access to more than five soft skills learning which will improve your employability

2. ILSC, new Delhi (International Language School of Canada)

The international language school of Canada is one of the most popular institutes in providing the best private language education to students. They provide you with an expert tutor who has a quality language learning experience in language. Here, they teach you English and French languages and a brief understanding of their culture and art. Here, ILSC Institute is in top ranking because they give you various benefits and learning Languages and provide you with a language learning lab. In language learning, lab students are taught with real-life experience, which will make their learning more enjoyable. They have the best faculty in giving you formal learning in French language courses.

Their significant goals areas:-

  • To Enhance the language skill of students 
  • To Helps to build confidence while learning a new language
  • To give them a proper understanding of culture and their sensitivity
  • To improve adaptability
  • To indulge them with four essences of language such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking
  • The class is divided into 1.5 hours for study skills and 3 hours to develop communication skills
  • Timings are from 9 am to 9 pm
  • The duration of the course is 3-5 months 
  • The course fee is – 8500 to 9000 INR

3. Alliance Francaise, New Delhi 

Alliance Francais is also one of the top French courses in India, and they have built their niche. It was established in the year 1884 and spread its education across the countries. They have created their methodology and have made their own published books. They provide all the courses where the French language classes are one of them. All the systems come along with certification, which approves their knowledge and education. 

Key Highlights of the course:-

  • They have their unique approach to language learning with their actual writing method and improving communication to strengthen their learning.
  • They help the student to learn with real-life experiences and examples.
  • Their books help develop their learning language and adapt to a new language, building their culture and tradition.
  • They teach you all the grammar, vocabulary, and phonetic language with a great sense of language.
  • 9 am to 6 pm are their working hours
  • The duration of the course is 4-6 months.
  • Fees of the course- 9600

4. European Institute of Foreign Language

The Institute is known as foreign language gurus, which is located in Karol Bagh, Delhi. The Institute offers various courses to every individual to learn foreign languages where French is one of them. Their speeches also help an individual to enter into international education. Your students can learn according to their timing and pace of learning in their convenient way. 

Besides the French Language, their Institute in Delhi also gives you various learning courses of foreign languages, including Germany, Russia, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese. Their core areas to work upon the versatility of students by offering the best French language learning course.

There are no age criteria such that every individual can learn new languages, whether a senior citizen or a teenager.

Functions of the course:-

  • Online and offline training  
  • Deep understanding of foreign language with practical assessment
  • Working hours between 10 am to 8 pm.
  • The duration of periods of 3 months
  • The course fee is 18000 for their introductory course

5. Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Language

Cosmolingua Institute of foreign Language is also considered one of the leading institutes that gives you various courses and majors early to learn multiple foreign languages and improve their language just like their ordinary mother tongue. 

Their main aim is to give students classes that provide informative sources and improve their foreign skills, which will help them in the future. They are entirely equipped with high-quality and technology audiovisual sources available and their constituent, which gives one of the significant benefits to learn from their Institute.

View free access to the internet where students can get all the information of their language learning to improve their knowledge and enhance their skills. 

Key features of the course:-

  • They have their unique conversational approach, which keeps their classes small and interactive, wherein you can come up with your ideas and suggestions.
  • They give an experiential and practical approach by providing hands-on experience. 
  • Instructors are highly passionate and qualified in their field of education.
  • They give you group classes, online classes, and private tuitions.
  • They have batches on weekends and weekdays as well.
  • They provide a complete course guide.
  • Internship opportunities
  • They also have their Sunday workshop.
  • They have four levels of learning A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.
  • The course fee is 10,000/-
  • Duration – 3 months

6. Ecole De Francais, New Delhi

Ecole De Francais has been considered one of the famous institutes in West Delhi since 1986. The Institute is for those candidates who want to pursue their higher education and pass their entrance exams such as TEF, DELF, and TCFQ. Not only for the students but also for individuals who want to learn a new language. Also, learning a new language gives you an addon benefit to add to your CV. They have trained thousands of students from different countries. They aim to provide proper guidance and support to their students, which will help them to shape their careers at their best. 

Course Details:-

  • They offer three levels of course for a beginner (DELF A1), intermediate (DELF A2), and advanced level ( DELF B1)
  • All the courses are for six months.
  • Classes are scheduled twice a week for one hour each.
  • The timing is scheduled in the morning on weekdays and in the evening on weekends.
  • They also have their customized learning as Fastrack tailor method wherein an individual can learn according to their pace of learning.
  • They also provide you with a complete examination. 
  • Course Fee varies from 12000 – 15000/- INR

7. World language center, New Delhi

World language center shows excellence by providing highly proficient, and professional trainers who have good command over language and have already gained a lot of experience in training students in foreign languages WLC 5520 provides proper education with their comprehensive course with a happening learning organization.

Their main goal is to make the world a global village by introducing every individual to the knowledge of various languages in the world.

They provide various coaching and English Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, primarily known for their best performance and French language classes in Delhi.

Course details:-

  • They give proper knowledge to students beyond The notebook and pen and make them aware of various technologies and methodologies, which will be more engaging and exciting to learn.
  • The Institute provides weak weekday classes three times a week with one and a half-hour sessions each day.
  • The primary focus is on grammar, reading, and listening abilities.
  • The center has its language lab ab an audiovisual room to improve the vocal part of students.
  • The course fee is 12000/-
  • Duration is of 3 months.
  • You can contact them anytime between their working hours from 8 am to 8:30 pm.
  • Contact details 011 4248 6161.

8. Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Foreign Language

Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of foreign Language was established. It is one of the oldest institutes in the capital city, Delhi, which gives you complete knowledge of foreign languages. They also completed their golden jubilee on 5th April 2008. 

Jawahar Nehru Academy has all the qualified and experienced teachers. They guide students to get proper knowledge into the languages when they have enrolled to give you valid certification to higher diploma level languages.

French and Japanese were their first languages which started in their Academy in the year 1958. Slowly and gradually, they added more Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese Portuguese English, and advanced English. 

Details of the course:-

  • The French language is divided into three years of long diploma courses with a happy sixth semester. One semester every five months.
  • They have their regular classes in the morning and evening as well.
  • They have their regular test and assessment after the end of every semester. 
  • Depending upon the mass, the minimum criteria are to pass 50% to get the diploma certification in the language. 
  • They have their essential eligibility criteria, which is a candidate should pass their secondary school examination.
  • The course fee for the French language is 14500 per semester, which includes all the taxes.

9. Jamia Millia Islamia (CELAS)

Jamia Millia is an enthusiastic and foreign language trainer with a cheerful guy who provides you training. To various languages, they have their courses all about languages if you are the one who wants to learn multiple languages and this is the best platform for you to know.

He has a lot of experience in learning languages and provides training in the same you are you will get lord of group classes at which are regular and part-time depending upon your course they give your proper corporate training alone and system there are also individual and customize courses then you can choose according to your choices.

Besides learning languages there, he also provides you with career counseling when you can shape your career into languages and enhance your skills which can easily attract a lot of job openings for you.

The courts also offer you a diploma and advanced diploma courses in the French language at their Delhi campus.

For any of the queries, you can directly contact them, and 0112 6988 044 aur mail them at [email protected]

10. Shyamlal College (SLC) 

Shyam Lal College SLC is a co-educational constituent college which is in Delhi. They were established in the year 1964 and in still running with great academics.

Their educational career and their additional skills go hand in hand in the ground are children’s into various sports knowledge advancement in their skills proper etiquette. They have newly added one of the additional courses. Learning in foreign languages is an addon benefit for every student to get a high-paying job and quickly get admission in foreign countries for their future education.

They are provided with various learning languages such as German, Spanish, French, Chinese Japanese Korean besides they have their advanced diploma course in French languages as French is one of the top-ranking languages which is required usually in every multinational company to get a good Hike quickly and to efficiently ship to abroad so the French language plays a vital role.

Importance of learning the French Language:-

  • It is an international language

According to the research, more than 200 million people speak the famous language French language over five continents. It is considered as a second most widely learned international Language after English, and it is also the ninth most common language spoken across the world French language against equal importance as compared to English which is used in every country nowadays it is also considered as a most considerable international let work of improving cultural organization

  • Core language in the present job market

French Language as one of the significant benefits which keep you stand firm besides all because it has gained a lot of importance and to the international job market if you have good command over the French Language. You can speak fluently and write fluently then there is no going back for you. You can easily crack any of the international jobs. Various countries use the French language in their corporate sector, such as Belgium, Canada, North Africa, Switzerland, etc

  • The French language is a language of enlightenment

The French language is considered enlightenment because this language is used in various sectors in every v based on architecture, cooking, fashion, dance, visual art theatre. The experts in French French Language have an excellent command over writing and walking on films and literature and song.

  • Add on benefit for your higher education.

If you speak good French, there are a lot of universities open for you to get easy admission which gives a good Hike on your future job. If you have proper certification and various recognized institutes of French languages, then it is a plus benefit for you in your career. Nowadays, every organization or Institute takes up their entrance test variant that tests your language skills, and French is one of their significant parts of testing.

  • Good base to study other languages

French is the best language to start at the very first after English. It makes you an excellent place to study your future in other languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. It is because the French language obtains 50% of your English vocabulary, so it is straightforward for you to understand, read and speak in the French language

  • The French language opens up your abroad opportunities

Once you have learned any of the foreign languages, it opens up various opportunities abroad to you. It gives you the capability to understand multiple views of the world with the help of communicating with the French Language.


These are the best top 10 French language courses which help you and give a better understanding of their course structure and their fees. All of the institute classes and courses are best in their way. You can see any of the courses which suit your budget and your area of interest and liking. Desh where the top 10 French language courses in India which have shown the remarkable progress in learning a language, but besides them, there are also various course, colleges and universities which gives you additional foreign learning languages they areas:- 

  • Stan Stephen college- certification diploma and advanced diploma
  • Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of commerce – certification course
  • Satyawati College – certification and diploma
  • Hindu College – certification 
  • Miranda House – certification
  • Hansraj College – certificate diploma and advanced
  • Ramjas College – certificate diploma and advanced diploma
  • Mata Sundri College – certificate

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