Top 6 Six Sigma Certification in Chennai: 2023 (Leaked)


Six Sigma has a basic objective of delivering near-perfect products and services for business transformation for ideal customer satisfaction. The objective of delivering near-perfect goods and services can be accomplished through a) Identification of the issue and b) solving the issue. Six Sigma is a quality-control approach created in 1986 by Motorola, Inc. The technique utilizes a data-driven review to limit errors or defects in a corporate or business process. In other words, the framework is a technique to work quicker with fewer mistakes.

Key principles Six Sigma 

  1. Focus on the customer.
  2. Identification and comprehension of how the work gets done (the value stream).
  3. Manage, improve, and smooth the process flow.
  4. Remove Non-Value-Added steps and waste.
  5. Manage by fact and reduce variation.
  6. Involves and prepares the people in the process.
  7. Undertake improvement activity in an orderly way.

Now the question that emerges is of which organization and why? This decision depends on numerous factors like-

  1. Course content
  2. How well is it recognized?
  3. The validity of the certificate
  4. Brand name of Institute
  5. Duration
  6. Cost

Numerous institutes are providing Six Sigma Certification in Chennai. This article takes you through the best institutes of Six Sigma in Chennai.

1. Henry Harvin Management Academy

Henry Harvin is a certified institute that offers training and counseling for professional courses internationally. Henry Harvin gives result-oriented training and also instructs how to get accurate results and enhance the cost.

Henry Harvin is an ISO 29990:2010 guaranteed organization in the business of training, skill development, assessment centers, content services, and advanced education and evaluated from UKAF, UK Cert, and MSME.

Henry Harvin Education has so far trained 25,000+ learners, conducted 1,100+batches, and has joined with150 + colleges. You will discover Industry Deep Rooted Trainers, Advanced Learning Management System (LMS), Practical Content with Recorded Videos, and industry-oriented GCAO Pedagogy. It is certainly the suggested alternative for Six Sigma Certification online in Chennai.

2. ASQ

ASQ is committed to providing you a quality community with training, professional certifications, and information to a huge network of associates of the global quality community. They provide both training and certification, wherein they charge separately for the training and certification. They state that after attending the training, you can give the assessment as and when required, else they provide a participation declaration. They give classroom training that assists to understand the ideas in detail and hence give the best result.

They are related to Exemplar Global, which is a worldwide organization, giving training and certification for experts seeking personnel certification of their skills and training suppliers wanting to get third party accreditation of their courses.

Company NameHenry HarvinTraining 24*7ASQAIGVar SigmaISI
Training Fees15,000/-10,850 + Taxes25,000 + Taxes12,800+Taxes16,250+Taxes8,500+Taxes
Examination FeesIncluded in the training fee$110$400NAIncluded in training feeNA
Duration4 days (32 Hours)3 days9 days1.5 months (30-35 hours)4 days3 days
Why weGlobally recognized, valid lifelong, standard offering conducted everywhereResult oriented, cost optimization, accuracy in result9 Days classroom training that helps to understand the concepts in detail and hence give the best resultProcess excellence, project excellence, reduce chances of errorsExcellence in handling projects and doing crisis managementLess cost & project mandate

3. AIG

Advance Innovation Group (AIG) is a premier training organization occupied with giving Six Sigma Certification and other quality-related training. They state that they work on process excellence, project excellence, reducing the chances of errors. Again, it is perceived worldwide yet they give only training i.e. just participation certification.

4. VAR Sigma

VarSigma is the leading provider focusing on Strategy, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Decision Sciences, Big data analytics, and Change Management. Their confirmation is by Exemplar Global.

5. Koeing Solutions

Set up in 1993 in India, Koenig is one of only a handful few IT preparing organizations to endure the Pandemic. In the wake of growing territorially in the Middle East in Africa, Koenig is presently quickly extending across the globe with workplaces in the USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, and Australia. With our above USPs, Koenig is prodding rivalry, addressing neglected requirements of clients, making new openings, and enhancing nearby ability pools.

Koenig is today an effective IT preparing organization serving a worldwide demographic. Aside from being a pioneer in seaward preparing Koenig has the biggest number of IT mentors on the planet.

6. ISI

The Indian Statistical Institute was established by Professor P.C. Mahalanobis in Kolkata on 17th December 1931. They are one of the most established among all in the market but providing only a training course. They take an email assessment, wherein they state they mail you the question paper and the member needs to solve that and return back within a specific time. The certification by ISI holds less worth if we compare it with its competitors.

Lean Six Sigma limits impact variability in manufacturing and business processes.

Uses a bunch of quality management tools, like empirical, statistical strategies, and makes a special infrastructure of people inside the organization.

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in an association assists to carry out the projects in an association by adopting a defined sequence of steps and has specific worth targets.

Helps to decrease process measure time, reduce pollution, diminish costs, increase customer satisfaction, increment profits.

Career Benefits For You

Getting Lean Six Sigma certification and applying its systems can have an incredible effect on your future.

You can put Lean Six Sigma certification into your profile shows your guarantee to improve your business understanding and scientific abilities.

Lean Six Sigma certification makes your expert stand out from the competition which can lead you to better occupation risks and better salary.

Six Sigma certification furnishes you with an incredible method to improve your abilities as a leader in your organization.

You are…

  • Eligible for occupations requesting analytical background.
  • Can investigate yourself for thousands of undiscovered High-Paying Jobs for Six Sigma Certification Holders having Talent Shortage.
  • Will have Job Opportunities Abroad requesting specialization.
  • Improve your CV & Profile with proficient development.
  • Prove yourself.
  • Can uphold a Startup with improved Process and Performance that leads to high-quality products and services.

Lean Six Sigma Certification levels

The Six Sigma Certification levels are Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts, and White Belts.

Master Black Belt: They prepare and mentor Black Belts and Green Belts individuals. They create key measurements and methodologies. They act as a technologist and consultants.

Black Belt– Experts lead the problem-solving projects and mentor project teams.

Green Belt –Experts assist in the collection of information and investigate them. They lead Six Sigma Green Belt and teams.

Yellow Belt– Experts audit measure improvements.

White Belt– Experts work as local critical thinking teams.

Eligibility criteria for the Lean Six Sigma Certification

If you have at least 3 years of full-time experience in the required field.

For Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification related knowledge & experience are not required.

Three years of experience and having finished one or two projects are required.

Which training organization to choose and why?

You should carefully choose an association that helps in building your career from the list. Simply the best Six Sigma Certification can truly put you on target for a successful career in process management and quality control.

To know more about Six Sigma Certification Courses Online, Click Here.


Q1. What are the major belts in Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Ans. A Yellow Belt has a basic understanding of Six Sigma. They are not required to lead six sigma projects by themselves. A Green Belt has a good understanding of all aspects of the phases of DMAIC. A Black Belt professional has a high level of understanding of Six Sigma principles, including supporting systems and tools and techniques. The Black Belts understand all aspects of the DMAIC methodology aligned to Six Sigma principles.

Q2. What is the history of Six Sigma?

Ans. Sigma is a letter in the Greek alphabet. Sigma is used in statistics as a symbol to show the standard deviation from the mean. In the 1920s, Walter Shewhart suggested the three-sigma concept. Bill Smith showed the six-sigma concept. It removes any errors that exist in a process. This concept ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the 1980s, Motorola implemented the six sigma concept. By the 1990s, other companies adopted the methodology.

Q3. Why is Henry Harvin the best in Six Sigma Certification in India?

Ans. Henry Harvin Education ranks number one in the Six Sigma Certification Course amongst the Top 5 as per Business Standard and the Tribune India. The Lean Six Sigma green belt course skill gained with Henry Harvin Education will equip you with the tools and methodology of Lean and Six Sigma. You will be well versed in all the aspects of Lean Six Sigma which are Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control as stated by the IASSC Lean Six Sigma green belt body of knowledge.

Q4. Why should I have a Six Sigma Certification in India if I want a promotion?

Ans. Six sigma certification enhances your profile with the unique qualities required. Managers in top companies are Six Sigma Experts. The Lean Six Sigma Experts work in work profiles like quality supervisors, quality managers, quality engineers, quality directors, and Lean Six Sigma experts. If you have growth in your mind, six sigma is the answer.

Q5. Can I take the course if I do not belong to quality management?

Ans. Yes. You can take the Lean Six Sigma Certification in India even if you do not belong to the quality work background. It is not limited to a particular industry. A professional wanting to learn to improve processes can become a Lean Six Sigma expert. Any professionals like the quality control supervisors, engineers, managers, IT analysts, and project managers can take the certification.


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  2. Looking for a reputable institute for Six Sigma certification in Chennai? Check out this informative article on Best Course News that highlights the top options in the city. Discover the benefits of Six Sigma and find the perfect program to enhance your skills and career prospects.

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  4. The methodology in the Six Sigma certification is information-driven and taught me statistical analysis to reduce errors.

  5. Six Sigma certification guided me to identify the eight kinds of waste like defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion, and Extra – processing. Now that I have controlled the waste I can see a good rise in the profit margin.

  6. The Six Sigma certification aided me to minimize errors or defects in manufacturing processes. I got my lion’s share in our company’s share.

  7. I am from Bangalore and was in search of institutes that provide the six sigma course. Thanks for providing the list with complete details.

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