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Spanish or Espanol is the second-largest spoken language in the world? More than 10% of the people in the USA speak Spanish. Now, that’s huge. It is very interesting to know that most USA IVRs ( Interactive Voice Response System ) use Spanish in addition to English as an option for Customer support. Since this data is just spontaneous yet accentuating, Spanish language opportunities are also proliferating. This blog is dedicated to guiding you to learn the Spanish language through a list of 15 Spanish language courses online.

Let us first comprehend what are the things that you need to look into for choosing the best Spanish language course online.

Attributes of a Good Spanish language course online:

  • Content of the course- check whether it serves your purpose of learning Spanish or not.
  • Cost of the course- Spanish courses online can be cheap as well as costly But, check whether the course is within your budget, is cost-effective, and worth the money spent. Many online Spanish courses provide financial assistance in collaboration with their partner banks. Moreover, some even provide an EMI facility for the learner to pay the fee in installments.
  • Course duration- There are many types of online Spanish language courses like certificate courses and Diploma courses. If you don’t have time-constraint, you can choose your course accordingly.
  • Tutorials and Demos- For further verification, you can request a demo class or hunt for tutorials related to the online Spanish language course.

The above points are the most imperative in choosing the best online Spanish language course. Let us now barge into the list:

Top 15 Spanish language courses online

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the most celebrated Academies in the arena of online career-minded and upskilling training providers. Many industry experts and veterans from various domains developed these courses harkening that adding value to education is the key to increasing career mileage. The Spanish language course at Henry Harvin tops the list of top 15 Spanish language courses online owing to the top-notch pedagogy adopted here.

About the Henry Harvin Spanish language course:

  • They train learners in all six levels namely the Beginners level, the upper beginners level, the intermediate level, the upper intermediate level, the Advanced level, and the upper advanced level. The curriculum for each level is designed to go in sync with the DELE Exam and SIELE exams.
  • There are 9 elements in 1 single course. These elements are -training, hackathons, bootcamps, 1-year Gold membership, projects, e-learning, certification, placement, and Internship.
  • The course duration for the Beginner level and upper beginners level is 56 hours and for the other levels is 66 hours each.
  • Last but not least, two separate modules for Soft skills and resume to reassure that the learner is ready to handle projects in the Spanish language domain.

Henry Harvin’s online Spanish language course helps a learner to grow professionally as well as personally through the language. Besides excellent training and technology, this course also ensures that the learner achieves the confidence to make a career in this field.

Henry Harvin provide other language Courses :-

1. German language course

2. Korean language course

3. Japanese language course

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages are pioneers in online Language training. Writing lessons, Language and Culture lessons, and interactive Audio lessons are the three main knowledge imparting steps incorporated by the Rocket Languages. This course is called the Rocket Spanish and aims to inspire the learner while realize their goals through this course. 

Lifetime Access to the course, advanced learning techniques, motivational tools, and the most alluring feature is the tools and algorithms that help the learner to ease the struggling part and learn better.

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages -top 15 Spanish language courses online

IIFL is an Institute based in Bangalore that provides English language courses as well as Foreign language courses like French, Spanish, German, and French. They provide an online mode of training and an offline mode as well. The Spanish language course online from IIFL covers extensively all the six levels of proficiency needed to master the Language, levels A1, A2, and B2 are online though.

Small batches along with a flexible schedule are the pluses of this course. 60 hours of live interactive training sessions to equip the learners with the skills necessary to master the language.


Another prominent name in the world of online Spanish language courses is Lengalia. They offer as high as 24 variegated courses in the Spanish language alone. Lengalia’s Spanish language course online is a self-paced course with the newest and high-end technology and tools. 

Vocabulary, Grammar, writing, listening, and reading- you can look up to this course to develop all these skills at the desired level. In addition to this, various podcasts and videos keep the learner up to date with the evolving method of learning.

Let’s Talk Academy of Languages

This is one of the few Academies that focus on imparting courses in English and foreign languages both online and offline ways of tutoring. The Spanish language course online from Let’s Talk Academy of Languages provides training for all the levels of the Spanish language. Group training, private group training, 1-to1 training, and corporate training programs are available.

Ebooks and other online course material are provided for this course along with practice and assessment exercises. The duration for each level is different and depends on the batches you choose.

Instituto Hispania- top 15 Spanish language courses online

Instituto Hispania is one of the oldest and most well-established institutes for learning Spanish in India. While they offer classroom learning courses, the learners can opt for online classes and private 1-to-1 tutoring as well. The curriculum and course structure are the same for both modes, though, for private tutoring, you can flex based on the learner’s caliber.

Spanish at Instituto Hispania is taught at different levels namely A1, A 2.1, A2, B1.1, B1, B2.1, B2, C1, etc. The A1 level is the basic level and anyone can enroll. But, for other levels, good knowledge and proficiency in the previous level need to be met as eligibility criteria.


Pimsleur adopts an entirely different approach to the Spanish language course online. Their teaching and learning methods are the outcome of years of research and development in the field of linguistics. They offer more than 51 language courses and the Spanish language course online focuses on the reading and grammar skills of the learner.

Three different plans namely Pimsleur All-Access, Pimsleur Premium, and Audio-only are available. Many tools like Digital Flashcards, Interactive Conversation Transcripts, Match quiz, etc are also available and you can access the course using their app as well.


Babbel has some rave reviews for the Spanish language course online and it is the first language-learning app. They provide app lessons, Podcasts, game videos, live training sessions, and content on the culture. Audio recordings of the native speakers make this Spanish language course online exceptional. Also, the live online classes teach all six levels of proficiency in the Spanish language.


Mondly is an interesting platform for learning the Spanish language online. Both free and paid courses are available. Under the free genre, you can access a lesson each which gets updated daily. But, under the paid genre, more lessons can be accessed without any limit. You can use the free version for the introductory comprehension of the language and the paid one would help in gaining advanced skills.  Listening to native speakers, phrases, conversations, etc are the main engagements of this course. They have an exquisite plan for INR 4999, for all 41 languages and lifetime access.

Institute of Spanish Studies- top 15 Spanish language courses online

The Institute of Spanish Studies is another premier Institute offering Spanish language courses online as well as classroom training. In collaboration with the Institute of Spanish studies, Valencia offers all the six levels of proficiency in Spanish courses along with exclusive employment-oriented Spanish. Any learner above the age of 12 can opt for the Spanish for everyone course.

The course duration for each level is 60 hours and 30 hours for the Spanish for everyone level courses. In addition to the training, they also help in preparing for the SIELE and DELE EXams.

British school of languages

BSL provides top-notch language courses online with high-end technology for their online coaching. Native tutors do the language training who are accredited and experts in the language domain. The Spanish language course online from BSL claims to be a highly rewarding course and they teach all the levels of proficiency in the language. On top of that, they provide guidance on working/studying abroad as well.

Learning Lingos

Another provocative yet effective Spanish language course is provided by the Learning Lingos. Kids as young as 2 years are trained in the language is the diagnostic feature of this course. Now, that’s something really surprising! Certified and native tutors train the learners to achieve the desired level of proficiency in the Spanish language. The course plans are 3 in number and are specifically designed for Kids ( 2-6), Kids (7 to 12), and adults. Kids of both the age groups are taught day today Spanish words, 1 to 100 counting, Body parts, and so on. Grammar and pronunciation are the main focus for adults.

Berliner’s Foreign language Institue

 Berliner’s Institute offers courses on many Asian languages and Indo-European languages, both online as well as offline. The Spanish language course online from Berliner’s incorporates the six levels of proficiency in the language. Moreover, the course plans, as many of the above courses, have different plans for different age groups. Guidance to SIELE and DELE exams are add-ons to this course.


One of the fabled edtech companies providing courses in multiple languages as high as 41 is Duolingo. This does not need any introduction and the most awe-inspiring feature is that these courses are all free. Bite-sized lessons, free, personalized, efficient, and effective are the main lucrative points of the Spanish language course online from Duolingo. If you subscribe to SuperDuolingo, you can access the course with any ad breaks.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the earliest implementations of computers and technology in providing value education in the world of languages. They train their learners through the software solution IXL pictures and videos to attain proficiency in the language. They use Immersion-based learning in the Spanish language course online so that each learner gets a firm understanding of the basic and then advance to higher levels. The strategic approach to learning the Spanish language is the principal element in the success of the software.


The above list of top 15 Spanish language courses online vindicates the relevance of learning the language and its apparent benefits. While this list is just a single morsel in the bowl of countless online Spanish language courses, yet it would help you understand the attributes of each course and choose accordingly. While choosing, please bear in mind that each course offers nurtures the learner differently. Happy choosing!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the scope of the Spanish language?

Ans: the Spanish language has immense scope in the domains like Travel and tourism, MNCs, Tutoring, translation, Interpretation, etc. So, doing a Spanish language course online would prove highly beneficial as well.

  1. Is Spanish and Hindi similar?

Ans: Yes, Spanish and Hindi are a little very similar though both are proto-Indo-European languages. But, this similarity is limited to certain words only.

  1. How can I study in Spain?

Ans: For studying in Spain, you need to attain at least level B2 proficiency in the language. Also, most courses in the above list of top 15 Spanish language courses online give guidance applying to Spanish Universities.

  1. How can I speak Spanish fluently?

Ans: A level C1 or C2 proficiency is needed for fluency in the Spanish language.

  1. Can I make a career as a language translator after learning Spanish?

Ans: Yes, you can get a job as a language translator after doing a certificate Spanish language course online. Some of the courses above give placement support as well.


  1. These top 15 Spanish language courses online offer a comprehensive learning experience for those looking to master the language. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, these courses provide interactive lessons and valuable resources to enhance your skills.

  2. These top 15 Spanish language courses online offer a comprehensive and convenient way to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home. Dive into interactive lessons, practice with native speakers, and master the language at your own pace. Start your language journey today.

  3. These top 15 Spanish language courses online offer comprehensive and engaging content for learners seeking to master the language. With convenient online access, students can immerse themselves in interactive lessons, practice with native speakers, and track their progress. Start your language journey today.

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