Top 10 Korean Language Courses in India

Korean language course

Mastering the Korean language is in vogue these days. Do you know why? 

It may come as a surprise for some that this is not solely because of the K-wave or Hallyu, though partly true. Mastering the Korean language opens up new chest boxes of career opportunities. It also helps escalate your career with a small deviation from your vocation. So it is pertinent to learn and master the Korean language to attain proficiency at different levels for many. There are many courses to help you attain this, but here I am listing the top 10 Korean language courses in India.

Before the list, let us grasp the gravity of the Korean language courses that would help us.

Pluses of doing a Korean language course in India.

  1. As mentioned before, learning a foreign language helps in widening the career scope many miles far. It is to be noted that, You can choose to become a translator or an Instructor, or an Interpreter in the Korean language domain. And, these roles are way away from the cliche roles like an IT professional or a teacher or a doctor and have immense demand as well. Also, Korea is a first-world country, which means a prospering economy and ample opportunities.
  2. Learning Korean can help you handle Korean projects in your domain of work thereby proving to be an asset for your organization.
  3. Korean language and Korean culture are both fascinating in many aspects. Knowing and embracing them can be fun as well as rewarding.
  4. If you are a prospective student wanting to study in South Korea, then knowing the language and being proficient in that widens the chances of getting enrolled in the best Universities. 
  5. Above all, learning a new language like the Korean language increase your cognitive abilities, a scientifically proven fact.

These pointers exhibit the fact that doing a Korean language course in India is highly rewarding and worth the time.

Top 10 Korean language courses in India

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a preeminent brand name in the ed-tech industry that offers courses in multiple fields like Law, Writing, Marketing, management, Language, etc. They have more than 200 courses in their depository, and Henry Harvin Korean language course is recognized as one of the best Korean language courses in India.

The main points of this course are the top 10 Korean language courses in India.

  • This course is aligned with the Topik exam syllabi and helps in preparing for the exam.
  • Secondly, The levels for the TOPIK Exam namely the Beginners level 1 & 2, The Intermediate levels 3 & 4, and The Advanced levels 5 & 6 are infused into Henry Harvin’s Korean language course.
  • The 9-in-1 program includes training, hackathons, bootcamps,1-year gold membership, e-learning, Internship, placement, and certification. 
  • The trainers are adepts in the industry and have more than 12 years of experience in the Korean language domain.
  • A list of a career, as well as learning benefits adhered to Henry Harvin’s Korean language course, shows the main focus of this course.
  • The course curriculum for the Korean language course at Henry Harvin is in sync with the curriculum for the TOPIK EXam and KLPT as well.
  • The training is for 56 hours for levels 1 & 2 each, and 66 hours each for the other levels, and is online.

The Korean language course from Henry Harvin is regarded as one of the finest language courses in India. This is because this course is sculptured to help the learner achieve skills and master the language through the most rewarding and scientifically proven goal-centric pedagogy.

Jawaharlal Nehru University -Center for Korean Studies ( CKS)

The JNU is an academic epicenter that offers courses in multifarious streams. The CKS is one of the largest units for offering Korean language courses in India. They have programs in B.A, M.A, Ph.D., as well as an MPhil in the Korean language. Also, all these programs include study materials and curricula that match the program like the literature, Social and Cultural heritage, Translation, Interpretation, etc.

Evaluation at the end of each semester for testing the proficiency at that stage.

Indira Gandhi National Open University- top 10 Korean language courses in India

Open and Distance learning (ODL) in India was first introduced and adopted by the IGNOU in 1987 with only academic programs. The Korean language course in India, like other courses from IGNOU, is the Certificate in Korean Language and Culture (CKLC).

  • Eligibility is a minimum of 18 years of age and 10+2 pass
  • Secondly, The course duration is six months.
  • The course focuses on the basics of the Korean language, lexis, and Grammar.
  • Also, the Study material includes self-learning with audio/visual elements to help the learner get a firm grasp of the language.

Arirang Korean Academy

Arirang Institute is based in Delhi and has a very interesting and engrossing way of educating learners. The Institute not only assists the learners to prepare for the TOPIK exam, but also helps them understand the Korean culture, food, values, and much more.

  • This Korean language course in India offers TOPIK Assistantship, Placement support, and guidance to apply to Korean universities.
  • All the 6 levels of the TOPIK Exam are extensively incorporated into the Korean language course.
  • They also provide flexible timings and batch selection.

Institute of Universal Languages and Education

IULE is based in Bangalore and aims to provide value-enhancing courses in Indian as well as Foreign languages. The Korean language course in India from IULE helps the learner understand the basics of the language through extensive training. From Corporate training to language staffing, they offer variegated services in the language domain. Also, the basic, through intermediate to advanced levels of the Korean language are taught here along with many cultural aspects as well.  

Langma School of languages-top 10 Korean language courses in India

Langma School of Languages, in Delhi, offers courses in foreign languages as well as regional languages. And, they offer courses to government agencies, individuals, and corporates as well. They curate their courses to meet the motive of the learners.General Korean is the Korean language course in India from Langma and is regarded as the fastest and easiest approach to learning the language.

  • Highly qualified teachers and a very conducive environment are the pluses of this course.
  • They encompassed all the six levels of the Korean language course in India.
  • Career assistance is also provided at Langma School of Languages.

The language Network

The Language network provides training in many foreign languages like French, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, German, etc. These courses are curated for adults and children as well. This Korean language course in India from TLN provides training in all the six levels of the language. So, it aids in clearing the TOPIK Exam with high scores. Also, Group learning, Duo learning, and Personal learning are the main and appealing features of this course. 

The Oriental Dialogue

Korean language and Mandarin Chinese languages are the main courses at the Oriental Dialogue institute. Also, Corporate workshops and Children’s courses are the other major alluring features of this Institute. The Korean language course in India infused the Korean alphabet, hangul, Speaking skills, etc into the course. Also, they conduct online training sessions. On top of this, they offer a full course for exclusive TOPIK Preparation.

Croma Campus- top 10 Korean language courses in India

Croma campus is an education and training provider specifically relevant to any industry. Croma Campus’s Korean language course in India is a widely recognized training program. And, provides holistic growth in the domain of the Korean language as well. They also provide 100% job support for all their learners. Numerous projects from the domain give the learner the necessary exposure to the Korean language domain.


With a wide grid of offerings in the language domain, Langcole is one of the finest language schools offering Korean language courses in India. Above all, native and experienced trainers with exposure working abroad deliver the training sessions in classrooms at their centers. The training sessions are 4 to 6 hours a week with options for individual and customized sessions.

Most of the Korean language courses in India listed above are certificate courses with some courses offering Undergraduate/ postgraduate level degrees. Before we conclude this post, let us go briefly through the various job profiles and salaries after doing a Korean language course in India.

Job Profiles after learning Korean:

  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • Instructor/ teacher/ trainer.
  • Supporter/ Advisor
  • Korean Expert

Salary for the above profiles:

  • Interpreter- INR 4 lakh to 6.5 lakh
  • translator- INR 3 lakh to 6 lakh
  • Instructor- INR 2 lakh to 4 lakh
  • Advisor- INR 2 lakh to 6.5 lakh
  • Korean Expert- INR 4 lakh to 8 lakh.


 There are countless courses in the Korean language in India and selecting the best is a tedious and time-consuming job. But, the above list of top 10 Korean language courses in India, you can choose in accord with your purpose of learning Korean and preferences. Whichever Korean language course you choose, promotes your career and upskilling in the domain to multitudes. Moreover, helping the learner start a career and preparing for TOPIK/KLPT Exams are add-ons for many courses. Hope this post helped guide you through the Korean language courses in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can learning Korean help a career in the entertainment field?

Ans: Yes doing a Korean language course in India helps you understand K-pop, K-drams, and subsequently the Korean culture.

  1. Can I avail of scholarships for Korean language courses in India?

Ans: many courses provide scholarship facilities for Korean language courses in India. In addition to this, most certificate courses provide financial assistance in completing the courses.

  1. What are the fees for a Korean language course in India?

Ans: The fee for Korean language courses in India varies with the institute, level of the course, and type of the course. And, it also depends on the purpose of learning the language please visit the websites of the above list of top 10 Korean language courses in India for more details.

  1. Are Korean language jobs well paid?

Ans: Yes, most Korean language jobs are well-paid and the remuneration depends on the level of proficiency.

  1. Do I need to know Korean for studying in South Korea?

Ans: Knowing Korean may help you immensely if you want to study in Korea. It helps to widen your scope for getting admitted to the best universities in South Korea.


  1. The demand for Korean language skills is growing rapidly in India, and these top-rated courses cater to that need. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, explore these options to enhance your language proficiency and open up exciting opportunities.

  2. These top 10 Korean language courses in India offer a fantastic opportunity for language enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the rich Korean culture. With dedicated instructors and interactive learning methods, students can master the Korean language and explore exciting career prospects in Korean industries.

  3. These top 10 Korean language courses in India offer excellent opportunities for language enthusiasts to master Korean. With expert instructors and comprehensive curricula, these courses provide a solid foundation in Korean language and culture, making them a great choice for anyone interested in learning Korean in India.

  4. The blog is actually a fantastic place to begin learning Korean. It introduced me to Hangul, the vocabulary utilized, the use of particles, and the construction of simple sentences.

  5. The things covered are simple to understand and will guide me step-by-step. This site has undoubtedly helped me start and continue my journey toward developing my verbal and writing comprehension skills.

  6. This Indian blog in Korean was exactly what I needed to read. I was able to brush up on some Korean language fundamentals as a result. I appreciate you. amazing blog

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