Top 10 SAP MM Courses in India: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)


Do you lack the extra punch and motivation to wake up from bed every day and chase your dreams?  

At the age of 21, Steve Jobs (Co-founder and Former CEO of Apple) started Apple Computers in his family garage. He said,

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” 

Starting your venture might look fancy in the beginning, and it is not a cakewalk. The long nights and early mornings become your routine if you run a business or leverage your career. We all know that elevation requires separation. 

You do not plant a seed and expect it to give you fruits the next day. In a similar sense, growth in your career does not happen overnight. It requires an extreme amount of perseverance. Every baby step of today will help you to build the staircase of your dreams tomorrow. The golden rules to be successful are – (i) to be consistent in whatever you do and (ii) to develop the necessary skills to sustain in this competitive world. 

Wait not! Sky-rocket your career with the best SAP MM Course in India. 

What is SAP? 

It is Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing. SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software that helps to run the day-to-day operations and management in an enterprise. The second word ‘MM’ in the SAP MM Course stands for Material Management System. The SAP MM stands as a backbone of logistics functioning and management of activities in an organization. It comprises production planning, warehouse management, and modules of sales and distribution. 

Are you tired of Googling the best and top 10 SAP MM Courses in India? Save your time! The list below is curated to your needs. It will provide you crystal clear and minute information about the SAP MM Courses available in India. 

1. Henry Harvin ERP Academy

Henry Harvin Education is the numero one institute providing top-class training for SAP MM Course in India. The SAP MM Course curriculum designed by Henry Harvin Education is top-notch in terms of its structure and training facilities. They provide hands-on online training of 44 hours which is live and interactive. The trainers of the SAP MM Course are handpicked with utmost care to deliver you world-class training. You can learn at the convenience of your armchair in your favourite corner of your home. 

The tutors of SAP MM Course training are seasoned experts who have experience of 12+ years in SAP. They have delivered 500+ lectures and 150+ keynote addresses. The curriculum designed for SAP MM Course has a division of 15 Modules. And it offers two complimentary modules. 

Major takeaways from the leading institute of SAP MM Course in India– 

  • You are eligible for One-Year Gold Membership from Henry Harvin ERP Academy after enrolling in the SAP MM Course. 
  • The students are offered projects in Schema Group, External Services Management, Inventory Management, Physical Inventory, and Material Valuation. 
  • Do not worry if you miss a live online class. Henry Harvin Education provides you with E-learning Access which includes recorded classes, presentations, and other course content (LMS). They are easy to access anywhere and anytime.
  • The learners receive a Certification of SAP MM Training from Henry Harvin (authorized by the Government of India) on completing the course. It will help to boost your CV and LinkedIn Profile. 
  • A key benefit of studying the SAP MM Course in Henry Harvin is the internship opportunity. It helps the students to understand the course better through practical knowledge. 

It does not stop here! By enrolling in Henry Harvin Education’s number one SAP MM Course in India, you can be sure that your wallet will be bulky and heavy. How? The reason is your first month’s salary within a year of completing the SAP MM Course. Henry Harvin Education offers boot camps and hackathons for one year to assist the students even after their job placement. 

Okay, you may wonder that joining the course would burn your pocket. NO! The fee structure of the SAP MM Module is Rs 22500 (which includes all the takeaways given above). The institution provides the students with NO COST EMI at a zero percent interest rate with complete transparency (no hidden costs). The course provided by Henry Harvin is a win-win package, do not miss it. 

Number of Students enrolled – 9217

Course duration – 44 hours of live online interactive sessions. 

Cities in India where SAP MM Course is provided by Henry Harvin EducationBangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, Mumbai, and Vishakapatnam

If you think that your life has got a breakthrough by enrolling in the number one SAP MM Course in India. You must check out the other courses offered by Henry Harvin Education-

Check Henry Harvin’s Customers Reviews from Rakesh Desle, Ronit Bhatia, Aman Chopra, and Roshan Rajput for SAP MM Course.

2.  Udemy – SAP MM Training (In Plain English)

Udemy serves to be the powerhouse of online courses in the 21st century. The trainers and learners find it difficult to have face-to-face classes with the ongoing pandemic. The attention span of students has reduced to a great extent with the advent of learning from home. Self-paced videos are the new era of learning from the comfort of your home. 

The SAP MM Training (In Plain English) by Udemy is the top and best SAP MM Course available in India. The SAP Trainer and Consultant, Siva Prasad has 12 plus years of experience as an SAP SD/MM Functional Consultant. The trainer has worked in major American companies like Apple, Wal-mart, Adidas, Adobe, Johnson and Johnson, etc. He aims to provide high-quality training through this course. 

Important benefits of SAP MM Course in India from one of the best online platforms

  • It is designed in an easy way keeping the freshers in mind. 
  • High-quality training: The training focuses and provides real-time examples to help amateurs learn through experience. 
  • The learning process is simplified. 
  • The course covers the significant areas of SAP MM modules like business processes in Material Management, Procurement, Consumption-based planning, and Physical Inventory. 
  • The course elucidates technical concepts like Movement types. 
  • Udemy’s certification to decorate your CV and LinkedIn profile. 

SAP MM is an in-depth area, and Udemy’s SAP MM Course comes for Rs 3499. The training is provided in simple English to give you the highest clarity on the subject. You are one step away from a career breakthrough. 

Number of Students enrolled – 28,523

Course Duration – 37 sections with 200 lecture videos comprising 26 hours in total. 

3. Linkedin – Learning SAP MM (Materials Management)

The LinkedIn platform is the equivalent of Instagram – the gateway to finding your dream job. It now offers online self-paced learning courses. With the mission to connect people globally, Reid Hoffman launched the site in 2003. If you aim to have a productive and successful career, you must immediately sign up for a brand new profile with a professional display picture on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Learning helps the freshers and professionals to grow their skills and make a King move in their careers. LinkedIn Learning provides an Intermediate level learning of the SAP MM Course. The SAP Coach, Justin Valley is a Specialist in SAP, Instructional Designer, and Organizational Change Manager. 

Key takeaways from the leading online learning platform of SAP MM Course in India – 

  • A total of 5 modules are present in this intensive session of learning.
  • Access the learning anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet, or laptop. 
  • The course offers Quiz sessions for every module for better evaluation of yourself. 
  • The SAP MM Module contents include Materials Management Overview, Master Data, Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Physical Inventory. 
  • The course is a perfect amalgamation of good structure and affordable pricing. 
  • The Certificate of Completion from LinkedIn will help showcase your advancement on your CV and LinkedIn profile. 

Number of Students enrolled – 137,335 learners

Course Duration – 1 hour and 13 minutes. 

4. ACTE – SAP MM Training in Bangalore and Online 

ACTE is India’s leading classroom and online training provider. They aim to offer assistance to people who want to make an advancement in their careers. Nearly 650 plus skilled experts are involved in designing the course. Top-notch SAP consultants from India and the US lead the training for SAP MM Course in Bangalore. 

Advantages of studying from the leading institute of SAP MM Course in India

  • Students will learn about the SAP Material Management processes like Procurement, Physical Inventory, Material Management, and Consumption-based planning. 
  • The industry experts with nine-plus years of experience in the SAP MM Course in India guide the learners. 
  • Realtime and 3+ live projects provide the students to kick start their career in SAP with confidence. The students get hands-on practice of 25+ practical assignments for a better understanding of the course. 
  • Online training provides you with live learning support for a lifetime with access to the courseware, top MNC interview questions, and study materials. 
  • The course covers job perspective topics like Enterprise Structure, Material Master Data, Vendor Material Master Data, Quotation, Purchase Order, Contracts, Pricing Procedure, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, and Analysis.  
  • Students obtain training for Resume and Interview Preparation. 
  • The students undergo mock training and exams to help them identify their mistakes. 
  • Globally recognized ACTE Certification of Completion, which will make you stand out from the crowd. 
  • 100% assured placement in leading companies after completing the course. 
  • The placement team is associated with leading companies like HCL, Wipro, Dell, Accenture, Google, CTS, and more. 

The SAP MM Course consists of 15 modules at an affordable fee structure of Rs 14000. High-quality online training delivered at your doorstep. 

Course Duration – 40 plus hours of live training.

5. Atos SAP Training- 

Atos SAP Training ranks as the Best SAP Trainer for all SAP Courses in India. For the past 20 years, Atos has received applause for providing top-quality education and training. It makes them stand tall as the authorized SAP Partner in India. Atos SAP Training Centre in Mumbai is said to be the peak spot of training in India. The comprehensive and in-depth structured curriculum helps the learners to grasp complex topics in simple terms. A broader view of the course is given right from the start of the course. 

Key takeaways from the leading institute of SAP MM Course in India-

  • Experienced trainers to give you hands-on training and impart all the necessary skills throughout the course. 
  • The SAP MM Course covers broader areas like consumption-based planning, purchasing, vendor evaluation, and invoice verification. The course structure includes inventory, production planning, and warehouse management.
  • The SAP certification exam helps the candidates to gain confidence and tackle practical problems that arise in the industries and lead the group. 
  • On completion of the course, you become an SAP Certified Associate and Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0
  • Effectively training the learners for employability is an added feature. 
  • Nearly 1100 plus candidates gained employment in top organizations in the past 12 months. 
  • Job guides offer job guidance to map your successful career path in the industry. 

Course Duration – The training module consists of 20 days. It includes 200 hours of self-study and three months of access to materials. 

Atos Training Centres for SAP MM Course in India Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata. 

6. SEED – beyond the obvious 

The SEED organization has been acknowledged as the forerunner to deliver employability to all. It has been lively and robust since 1994. SEED holds the prestige of being an authorized SAP Education Partner with its world-class training by top-quality professional experts in India. 

Benefits of studying from the leading institute of SAP MM Course in India– 

  • The learning modules comprises – a) Introduction to processes in Procurement, Inventory and Warehouse Management, b) Goods receipts, goods issues, and transfer postings, c) Planning procurement proposals, d) Consumption-based planning, Reorder point planning, e) Procurement of Material, Documents, and functions of purchasing, f) Preparation and performance of a physical inventory, g) Inventory management, physical inventory, and account determination h) Integrated case Study.
  • It strives to offer post-training services comprising placement support, career counseling, and upgrading your knowledge. The organization offers regular support through interaction. 
  • The SEED Organization provides a combination of seamless practical and academic knowledge of using the best learning tools. 
  • It aims at the individual approach to making the learner thrive in the future. 
  • The Organization has garnered the support of companies like TCS, Tech Mahindra, L&T Infotech, MindTree, Cognizant, etc.

 Course Duration – 5 weeks. 

7. Tutorials Point –

Tutorials Point stands true to its tagline ‘Simply Easy Learning.’ This reliable organization functions to deliver crisp, clear, and on-point training on varied technical and non-technical subjects. They believe that online content with self-paced education improves the quality of studying. The content and resources designed by Tutorials Point are available at no cost. The online resource library was built over 14 years by the team. The reason behind formulating the idea was to motivate the learners to acquire new skillsets without prompting them often to sign up. 

Major takeaways from the leading institute of SAP MM Course in India

  • No prerequisites are needed to learn the Material Management System.
  • Basic knowledge of ERP is enough to understand the concepts of the course. 
  • Step by step approach to ensure that the learners are familiar with SAP MM Course. 
  • Assistance to perform the procurement of stock materials in SAP. 
  • The learners understand the detailing of supply chain management of a business to meet the competitive and growing demands of the SAP field. 
  • The modules are inclusive of all necessary training needed to understand the SAP MM Course. 
  • The course offers study materials, assignments, and interview training by leading experts in the field. 

A total of 23 modules to become an expert in the SAP field in the shortest period. 

Training Centre – Hyderabad. 

8. Aspire Techsoft Private Limited in Pune-

Founded in 2012, Aspire Techsoft Private Limited ranks as the number one among the software training institutes in India. The institute has trained 10000 plus candidates. Aspire Techsoft has its specialization in ERP, SAP, JAVA, Data Warehousing, Hadoop, etc. They serve as the most trusted and reliable partners in the IT Industry. The core motto of the institution is to provide affordable, high standard, and best solutions to the growing demands in various fields. 

Advantages of studying from the leading institute of SAP MM Course in India

  • Basic knowledge of ERP is enough to take on the SAP MM Course. 
  • Training provided by Aspire Techsoft comprises theoretical and pure practical knowledge using live projects and examples. 
  • The hands-on training given by experts helps the learners understand how enterprise functions and how to tackle vendors and the management processes. 
  • The learners gain practical knowledge of the subject through excellent and well-equipped labs. 
  • The learners obtain a globally recognized certificate of completion as a bonus for their CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • The Aspire Techsoft Team identifies your talents and aptitude, which will help them to cater to your needs better. 
  • Placement assistance provided by job guides will help you to roadmap your successful career. 
  • Career opportunities are open to technical support, projects, facility management, and marketing management. 

The course content comprises 16 modules crafted to perfection by leading industry experts. 

9. Best Online Career-

Best Online Career is the best of all courses in the SAP MM Course in India to make you stand out from the crowd. The complex SAP training is made easy and accessible by Best Online Career. They focus on new trends and upcoming versions of SAP. A place where ability, technology, and innovation come together to develop the best professional community. 

Key takeaways from the leading institute of SAP MM Course in India

  • The students are given training by the best experts who have experience of 10 plus years in the field to take them to greater heights. 
  • The concepts are made clear by Live and Interactive training sessions. 
  • The learners land a successful career with the help of Proficiency in SAP MM Course.
  • The Online SAP Training provides a detailed introduction to the SAP MM module. 
  • The specific design of the curriculum goes through modifications often to meet the new updates and trends in the industry. 
  • The SAP MM Course modules consist of Material Planning, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Vendor Valuation, Invoice Verification, Statutory Requirements, and Information System. 
  • The learners have Live server access to the course materials, videos, and training materials at their timings (if you miss any session).  
  • SAP MM materials provided to learners are in a simplified manner for easy understanding.  
  • The students gain a deep understanding of how to walk the company. They learn how to coexist the customer and material management. 

Course Duration – 5 to 6 weeks of learning for 45 hours. 

10. Sap All Courses – Noida

SAP ALL Courses is the leading institution in Noida, Delhi NCR, which provides the best SAP training. It assists the students with comprehensive learning and feeds them with practical knowledge to withstand the competitive wind. The courses offered by SAP ALL Courses are designed from basics to advance level. The faculty of the SAP ALL Course are skilled to give you the best training to upgrade your career. 

Advantages of studying from one of the best institutes of SAP MM Course in India– 

  • In-depth knowledge of the course consists of 10 modules. 
  • Learning schedule that fits your priorities – live, mobile, and online courses. 
  • Implementation steps to arrange SAP MM Modules for any organization. 
  • Current trends in business for procurement and configuration of the module. 
  • Students will gain a specialization certification in SAP Training. 
  • Obtain varied new skills to flourish in the industry. 
  • Job assistance to students after completion of the course by experts in the field. 

Students who want to gain proficiency and outshine the rest can take a step forward to register for this course. SAP ALL Courses assure that students can solve complex problems in industries and businesses by the end of the SAP MM Course. 

Why should you learn the SAP MM Course? 

  • Necessary training and skillset are required to battle competitive jobs. 
  • Stand apart from your peers. 
  • Upgrade your career and thrive in your job. 
  • Opportunity for growth and participation. 
  • Investment for your lifetime. 
  • Secure your job by updating yourself with the latest trends. 
  • A recognized SAP Certification will give you immense value and professional credibility. 
  • Red carpet global opportunities. 
  • Higher average salary as a freelancer or full-time professional and
  • Even kick start your own business line. 


The decision that you are afraid to take is the one that will help you grow. As humans, we are all hungry to taste success in whatever field we aim to land. We will never survive and quench our thirst if we do not update our skillset. The SAP MM Course is a necessity in the world of innovations and technology. The leading companies around the globe expect skilled workers who are thinkers and problem solvers. The above-listed courses are an overview of competent training communities in the field of SAP. 

Put your single foot forward and see only the first step (the present moment). It may appear to be dark and lonely now. In the end, the transformation process is worth it. Never look back! Do not forget to bookmark the page for future reference! 


Q1. How is SAP pronounced?

SAP is pronounced as individual letters (S-A-P) and not together (sap). 

Q2. Who is eligible for the SAP MM course?

Graduates, preferably with BE/ Any Graduates with MBA (Management/SCM).

Q3. What are the job profiles after completion of the SAP MM Course in India? 

Entry Level – System Developers, Application Support. Intermediate Level – System Designer, Functional Designer, Junior Management. Consultant Level – Technical Consultant, Functional Consultant, Middle Management. Expert Level – System Architect, Cross-Functional Expert, Senior Management.

Q4. What are the job titles offered for those who have completed the SAP MM Course? 

SAP MM consultants, SAP Functional Analyst in MM, SAP MM Plant Maintenance analyst, Purchase Executive, Material Manager, and SAP MM functional Configurator. 

Q5. What is the future scope of the SAP MM Course in India? 

SAP MM is one of the most efficient modules in SAP ERP Software. It is highly in-demand in the present, as well as, in the foreseeable future. The SAP ERP implements the MM module. However, you must also upgrade yourself by studying other courses from time to time. It will help to undertake new projects and meet the increasing demand of the industry.

Q6. What counts as the approximate salary range for a Certified SAP MM Student? 

In India, the average salary for a fresher is 3 to 5 lakhs per annum. For an experienced person, it varies around 8 to 12 lakhs per annum.


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