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Welcome to the blog of French Language Review of Henry Harvin Vs Alliance Francaise. You are at the right blog. This blog will allow you to find the best institute to learn the language online. Let’s begin!

Henry Harvin Education 

Henry Harvin Global Education institution located in Noida India is one of the promising institutes in India that offers online and offline trials to labouring specialists and learners. 

Therefore, it also offers corporate coaching to numerous associations. Henry Harvin is recognized for its superiority and the quality of the content empowered to the learners. 

Hence, the institution was honoured by several prominent media identities and news channels and journals like Hindustan times, Aajtak, Business world etc.

Therefore, the major purpose of the institution is to replenish the gap between the existing education network and the provisions of the Industry. It intends to make educated people employable.

Henry Harvin French Language Course

The French language is one of the vastly spoken languages in the world. Approximately 300 million population in the world speak the French language. The French language acquires the third position as an employment language after English and Chinese. Hence, the language is mainly used in multinational companies like United Nations, the world trade association, and multinational Olympic committee, etc.

Moreover, it is also named the language of fantasy. Proficiency in the French language will assist you to understand its prosperous civilization and it also encourages you to analyze more chances in the global market. Thus, by learning French you can also learn other languages like Spanish, Romanian etc.

Thus, the French language is the language of writings and it benefits you to explore fine theatre, pictures, and novels and you will not be eligible to discern or understand everything unless you understand the French language.

Therefore, if you are a traveller, then you can travel to regions like France, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland etc. Thus, learning French will help you to convey with born French orators in various nations.

For learners, learning the French language will enable them to pertain for admission in French colleges and academies which are ranked top among institutes in the world.

Review On Henry Harvin French Language- Syllabus 

Henry Harvin’s course syllabus is wide. The course syllabus will enable you to obtain all the theories in the French language which involves assignment, composition, speaking, and listening after the fulfilment of the course you will be eligible to chat with born French speakers just like them.

The course modules include:

  • A1, A2
  • B1, B2
  • C1, C2

A1- this is the beginner’s phase and at this phase, you will be proficient to learn and infer basic grammar, language, and salutations in the French language

A2- the second phase for learners and in this phase you will be aware of all the notions of grammar in the French language in depth which involves comparative pronouns, comparison, superlative, adverbs and how to formulate judgments and comparisons, etc.

B1- this is the moderate phase and at this phase, you will learn about the arrangement of paragraphs, and also you will be improving your aptitudes in reading, composition, and listening.

B2- this is the next phase in the moderate phase and at this phase, you will be eligible to make a chat and will be able to convey your opinions to born French speakers.

C1- this advanced phase is where you will be eligible to communicate French fluently and will be extremely natural while forming paragraphs.

C2- is the last phase in the French language course in which you will obtain a detailed understanding of French theories and you will be able to understand everything and you will be prepared to build content in the French language on your own.

Review On Henry Harvin French Language Course- Training 

Training sessions are extremely interactive and the teachers are approachable. They are remarkably committed during the classes and are prepared to resolve any questions connected to the topic.

Therefore, educators are highly trained and skilled. They hold the awareness of above 20 years in the industry and they will provide their conversation and sessions in prominent news channels like India one and more.

Moreover, the educators in henry Harvin interpret a logical technique than a visionary technique. The courses will be entirely activity-based, which involves tournaments, role play, discussions, conversations, and group meetings which assist people to understand and learn the language instantly.

Thus, the trainer does communicate in French fluently and they laboured with numerous institutions in the realm. Therefore, they will enable you to enhance your language abilities and be eligible.

Review On French Language Course 

Henry Harvin gives live online sessions and you will be apt to permit recorded video trials, appraisals, devices, and procedures.

Therefore, in case if you skip any session or lecture then you can log in to the henry Harvin learning management system LMS portal. You will receive your user name and password for access.

  • You can access recorded videos of your batch as well as different batches.
  • You will obtain formal updates in your inbox.
  • You can supervise a self-assessment in the learning outlet to test your proficiency.

After fulfilment of the course, you can attend boot camp classes for job suggestions.

Review On Language Course

Henry Harvin’s assistance group is extremely active and available to help you in case if you confront complications while accessing any program equipment or any online content.

Heretofore it is an online course assistance group that makes certain that you will be apt to access sessions without any complication. Links will be mailed to you before 2 hours of lectures.

Therefore, maximum learners confront problems with the user name and passwords, the assistance team is very fast and they will untangle problems on extreme preference.

After the culmination of your course, you will receive regular emails in case there are any webinars.

Moreover, in case if you confront any problems associated with courses, fees, or any diplomae you can reach Henry Harvin’s customer service crew. They will make certain that all your problems are answered on time.

Hence, the course coordinators are very familiar and will benefit from the course details.

Course Fee

Henry Harvin’s course fee is particularly reasonable correlated to most organizations in India. The course fee is assigned according to various categories in the French language course and the length of the course is also involved for your reference.

  • A1 Beginner level– Rs. 8999/- 30 hours
  • A2 Upper Beginner level– Rs. 8999/- 30 hours
  • B1 Intermediate level– Rs. 11999/- 40 hours
  • B2 Upper Intermediate level– Rs. 11999/- 40 hours
  • C1 Advanced level– Rs. 14999/- 40 hours
  • C2 Proficient level– Rs. 14999/- 40 hours

Therefore, you can opt for any course relying upon the proficiency you have in the French language.

Refund Policy Of French Language 

Henry Harvin has a refund policy, in this, they will enable you to attend one class case if you didn’t like the class then you can solicit the refund amount. Therefore, you require to reach the support crew for the amount. They will give you the amount after acquiring feedback from you.

Course Highlights 

Training- the training sessions are extremely interactive and will prepare the nominees to take part in every training session. The lectures are filled with tournaments, activities, conferences, and discussions on topics.

Projects- you will be provided live undertakings in the French language during the lectures for satisfactory performance in certainty.

Internship- after the culmination of the course you can operate with henry Harvin or cooperation firms to increase knowledge in what you have learned. It helps to improve your enthusiasm in your profession.

Certification- you will obtain a certificate post culmination of all the provisions of the course and the similar can be updated in your profile for better alternatives and inefficiency. The French language will add an amazing weightage to your resume.

Placement- Henry Harvin guarantees 100% placement alternatives to their learners and will be given employment guidance during classes.

The Alliance Francaise French language Course 

The Alliance Francaise is world-renowned for the integrity of its French courses. As a conventional supervisor in educating French to civilization from other nations, it offers custom-made training for all levels beginner to advanced and specialized courses or the learner’s objectives and factors- teenagers, learners, specialists, civil attendants and people with observant or certain aptitudes.

Therefore, it is an academy of educational superiority with its learners’ necessities in intellect.

Teaching Concentrated on Learning

Learning a foreign language is about transmission. The initial phase of learning is verbal and expects the proficiency to interact. At Alliance Francaise, they begin with oral communication, using techniques based on effective learner participation.

However, learners then work on their writing abilities with awareness and representation activities. From day one, learners exercise the five aptitudes it takes to master a language- verbal comprehension, idiom and interaction, as well as written awareness and expression.

Their education program is based on a communicative and effective technique.  Right from the very beginning, learners learn how to convey themselves. Classes are small, to maximize efficiency. Training and assignments involving information searches and communication-related practices help promote the learning process.

Hence, the Alliance Francaise passes into an agreement with each learner, with a responsibility to finalize training in abilities that are specified at the beginning. The student’s commitment begins with conveying their goals and continues with a specialized evaluation to ascertain that those motives have been confronted.

An Internationally Acknowledged Academic Network 

For 10 years, Alliance Francaise has profited from developed analysis in second language acquirement. Their education methods and experiment system are designed on the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Hence, this academic framework procures improved quality training and motivates learners to infer, master and analyze what they are learning and vigorously partake in the learning procedure.

The cefrl permits learners to proceed with their studies constant, anywhere in the worldwide network, even if they shift or travel.

Therefore, the objective of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is to facilitate worldwide and experienced mobility. 

Moreover, it empowers a purpose for the abilities mandated at various levels of language knowledge as well as a citation system that ascertains correlations between experiments and proficiency levels. 

This means that learners, educators, and decision-makers, universities, employers etc. Use the CEFRL to correlate test outcomes with other results in all languages.

Detailed and Customized Education

Alliances Francaises offer intensive and substantial, day and evening, week and weekend lectures. Each learner can discover the best plan for them, according to tasks and classification.

Therefore, workshops in grammar, phonetics, culture, literature, discussion, written modification for both French and English orators are available as accompaniments to standard French lectures.

Moreover, the Alliances Francaise also offers corporate courses.

Professional Teachers

Educators at the Alliance Francaise are born French-speakers from all around the nation.

Maximum hold college degrees in education or French teaching. They take their academic knowledge and interpersonal aptitudes into account when hiring.

As a non-profit institution, the Alliances Francaises depends on formal reinvestment in high-quality education techniques. Maximum of the duration, the Alliances Francaises procedure as training centres for the teaching faculty.

A Remarkable Place for Complete Immersion

Vitality and educational superiority are important to fulfilling a double goal of transmitting the French language and French-speaking civilizations.

These verbal and artistic goals are related- one improves the other, and vice versa. This vibrant inter-connection develops a cultural and academic centre.

Learn French by Subsisting French

You can enhance your abilities by taking benefit of the broad category of reserves accessible in their media archives. Or you can assess your new speaking proficiency by visiting a French-speaking meeting or a movie screening.Therefore, total immersion is the most productive technique for learning languages. This has been verified by the European counterparts- British Council, Goethe Institute, Instituto Cervantes and more.

The Alliances Francaises extend a wealthy linguistic knowledge, where learners progress rapidly than at any different language academy.

Final Words

The proficiency to convey in French is an advantage to the international employment market. A chunk of knowledge on French unlocks the entrances of French institutions in France and other French-talking fractions of the world. 

As one of the nation’s massive economizing and the major objective for the different endeavours, France is a significant financial confederate.Online French courses have several formations and various plans. Some are dominant and others expect a certain number of descriptions to finish. 

Therefore, in an online French class, you are required to develop crucial casual proficiency, vocabulary, construction, normal terminology words, and the exact way to convey French words. However, you will likewise get aware with a bit about French civilization. So, I believe taking up a course in Henry Harvin or Alliance Francaise may fulfil all your prerequisites to learn the French language thoroughly.

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