20 Content Writing Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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    Content writers are highly in demand across Indian industries. With the advancement of technology, writers can explore new markets. Website content, technical user manuals, product descriptions, academic guides, etc., broaden the scope for content writers in India.

    Indeed, a Masters in Literature, Mass Communications, or Journalism is preferred. Yet, the field is inclusive of people with good communication and content writing skills as well. The competition for content writers is high. It makes more sense that one must be well prepared for a content writing job interview.

    In this blog post, I’m happy to share a few common interview questions and answers for content writing job roles. Hope this helps you practice and crack the interview you apply next for.

    Content Writing Interview – Questions and Answers

    Yes, while the below answers are intended as a framework, please feel free to add your perspectives or tweak it based on your experience or comfort.

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    1. How important is understanding a target audience? How would you proceed with it?

    Feasible answer:

    The intended purpose for content writing pieces is to influence the target audience. Hence, one must understand the target audience’s demographics, their preferences for purchase decisions, and their concerns. It is essential before creating a content writing piece.

    With this purpose in mind, I reach out to analysts and customer/sales functions to gather insights. Interacting directly with customers once in a while also provides me with an edge. Indeed, it enhances my content writing skills keeping the end user in mind.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    As a content writer, one might feel the target audience is not a direct concern. Yet, it is important even for content writers. The interviewer wants to check on your methods to understand the target audience. It can provide your answer with more credibility as well.

    Optional tip – A content writing course can equip you to gain better skills as a content writer. Also, clearing interviews would become easy for you.

    2. What is your process in identifying topics/themes to write about to enhance branding for organisations?

    Feasible answer:

    Finalising topics to write for consistently can cause fatigue among content writers. To ease the process, below are methods I strongly believe in:

    1. Ensure I comprehend the target audience before I begin writing

    2. Explore topics related to keywords and associate keywords online

    3. Gather insights from trends related to my topic on social media

    4. Competition tracking on how they are working on similar themes

    5. Get in touch with updated blogs, articles, etc.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Through the above question, the check would be on how well founded your process to finalise on topics could be. It definitely could be a challenge for content writers. Thus, the interviewer would like to test your competency in this particular area.

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    3. How would you conclude on the appropriate tone before creating content?

    Feasible answer:

    The tone shapes how the target audience would engage with your content. Before concluding about the tone of your content, below are a few factors to consider:

    1. Brand Persona

    Coordinating the tone of a brand’s content with its content strategy would work best. As the content strategy would consist of all the brand traits, it makes complete sense.

    2. Researching the target audience

    Understand the brand’s target audience and how the audience would like to engage. Content writers would be well equipped to decide on the tone with it.

    3. Consistency irrespective of Platform

    The content strategy would differ depending on the platform, whether social media, website, etc. Yet, the particular tone would be consistent irrespective of the platform.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    A brand must have consistent tone across platforms. It would provide better recall value for clients/customers. Hence, the interviewer could check whether content writers understand this aspect.

    Optional tip – A content writing course can help you understand different types of tones effectively.

    4. How would you define quality web content as a content writer? What would be a few characteristics of it?

    Feasible answer:

    As a content writing enthusiast, I strongly believe in the below top 3 characteristics of quality web content:

    1. Utility

    The best way to add value to your target audience is to create content revolving around their concerns. Additionally, your content would rank higher on search engine optimisation pages.

    2. Call to action

    Most content is written to market or promote services or products. Here, conveying the call to action becomes even more essential. The most gratifying goal would be when a call to action is converted to a sales lead.

    3. Credibility

    A brand’s communication is enhanced when the content is curated or created with credible sources of information. It would help build customer or client trust and belief in the company’s vision.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Standing apart from the company’s competitors would be a must have objective. Therefore, the interviewer would check whether content writers understand the principles of quality web content.

    5. While writing content, what do you do to ensure the credibility of content?

    Feasible answer:

    The plethora of content I search for includes research papers, renowned journals, reputed news organisations, and magazines. It definitely helps me ensure my sources are well founded and that the content I write is credible.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    The interviewer is checking how well you prepare for content writing before you begin. Also, credibility of content would be of immense value. Hence, the check on whether content writers are aware of how to curate well researched content.

    Optional tip – A content writing course can equip one to write credible content.

    6. How comfortable are you with content management systems?

    Feasible answer:

    I’m comfortable with content management systems such as WordPress, WiX, etc. Through these platforms, I now know how to use the many features to upload content and make it appealing to the target audience.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    The interviewer intends to check whether content writers have functional knowledge of content management systems. While it is important to have effective content writing skills, the knowledge of content management systems would be a plus.

    Optional tip – A content writing course can equip one to be comfortable with content management systems.

    7. In what ways, would you measure and track content performance?

    Feasible answer:

    No mantra exists to define how successful a particular content would be on a platform. Factors include the target audience’s engagement and marketing goals. Yet, certain ways exist to measure and track content performance such as:

    1. Search engine optimisation metrics

    2. Traffic on the website and product pages

    3. Social media engagement

    4. Increased sales, lead conversion, and customer prospects

    Intent of the interviewer:

    As a content writer, one may not have to be an expert in measuring and tracking content. Yet, the foundational knowledge on such aspects can impress the interviewer. Hence, the interviewer would check the content writer’s understanding on it.

    Optional tip – A holistic content writing course can equip one with the best SEO practices, both online and offline.

    8. After content publishing, how would you enhance its reach and promote the content?

    Feasible answer:

    As a content writer, I would be happy to put in the time to promote content after it is published. The steps I would follow are mentioned as below:

    1. Social media is an effective platform to promote content. Hence, I would be happy to share the company’s blogs and articles on my social media accounts.

    2. I would encourage my colleagues to share the company’s content with their network, both online and offline as well.

    3. Industry experts and influencers can help better my skills with their thoughts on my content. Hence, I would request them to share their thoughts with me.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    The company would appreciate if you share its content with networks, both online and offline. It would mean that you truly care for the company’s vision. Also, the interviewer would give you a plus for brand loyalty. Hence, the check through the above question.

    9. How would you differentiate between content and copy?

    Feasible answer:

    Although the end objective of both content and copy is to market services or products, both are different at its core. Content writing is to inform, persuade, or influence the target audience. The focus would be on the company’s vision why, what, or how a service or product can add value. Whereas, a copy is written to market or inform the target audience directly about the service or product focused on sales.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    The interviewer wants to ensure that the fundamental difference between content and copy is grasped by the content writer. It can be a challenging question for those who are not well-versed with the terms, content and copy.

    10. How would you best describe your style of writing? How does it differentiate you from other content writers?

    Feasible answer:

    I always try to create or curate content which is simple, phrased in active voice, and structured sequentially. Moreover, I visit many resources, online and if possible offline too before starting content writing. It helps me influence the target audience’s perspectives and influence their purchase decisions.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    As a content writer, you may have exceptional content writing skills. Yet, communicating your unique selling proposition could help differentiate yourself. Hence, the check to test what makes you stand apart from the rest.

    11. Even as a content writer, work can be repetitive. What keeps you motivated and focused at this time?

    Feasible answer:

    As a content writer, I engross with updated and innovative styles of writing. Even with repetitive work, I ensure that the way I write is slightly different, innovative, and new. It keeps me motivated when the work is repetitive.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Through the above question, the interviewer is trying to understand how the content writer responds to tricky and differently posed questions on the spot. Hence, the check on how the content writer handles repetitive questions.

    12. How avid of a reader are you? Which book have you picked up recently to read?

    Feasible answer:

    I’m a voracious reader and truly enjoy this hobby of mine. Recently, I have picked up this particular book, ______________ authored by ____________. It is an interesting one because ______________________. I believe this hobby gives me an edge as a content writer. It definitely introduces me to updated content in the space of Literature.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Being an avid reader would mean that you invest time to keep yourself updated with the most recent content. Hence, the interviewer would check whether the content writer makes effort to be an avid reader or not.

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    HR Interview Questions and Answers for Content Writing Roles

    Preparing well for the HR round is important for an aspiring content writer. With this in mind, I hope the below questions and answers help you move towards your objective.

    13. Why have you chosen to pursue a content writing role as a profession?

    Feasible answer for freshers:

    Reading books from an early age onwards also meant that I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve always side hustled writing as a hobby along with my studies too. I have put in my best efforts to understand what quality web content entails.

    Hence, I’m confident that my journey as a content writer would be a rewarding one if allowed to pursue it. With guidance, I’m sure that I would be able to contribute to enhancing the profit margins of the company.

    Feasible answer for the experienced:

    Having been blessed to work with reputed brands, X, Y, Z, etc. has meant that I could hone my skills as a content writer. The content strategy of each company enabled me to write in different tones and styles.

    It has enriched my writing and I’ve learnt valuable techniques along the way. I mostly write to create sales leads, engage, and inform the target audience. I’m happy when the target audience is convinced of the company’s brand I utilise my content writing skills for.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Consistently producing quality content can be a challenge. Hence, the ‘Why’ and how strongly one is motivated as a content writer become important. Hence, the interviewer checks it with the above question.

    Optional tip – A content writing course could help you decide whether to pursue it as a profession or not.

    14. How aware are you of the work our company/agency does?

    Feasible answer (brand/company):

    I resonate with what your brand stands for. Its voice, tone, and personality are inspiring. The mission to _______________ infuses a sense of purpose in me. I truly believe that my writing style aligns with your brand.

    Provided with an opportunity, I’m sure that I could engage with your target audience effectively through my content writing skills.

    Feasible answer (Content marketing firm/Ad agency):

    The opportunity if selected to work with your firm delights me. The diverse set of clientele associated with your firm would be a boon to work with. Indeed, it would enhance my repertoire and add to my content writing skill set.

    As an aspiring content writer in your firm, I look forward to improving my content writing skills. Additionally, I see a fulfilling career trajectory for myself within your firm.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Through the above question, the interviewer checks about how well you have prepared for the interview. Including names, facts, and awards the company has won could add value. It would indeed impress the interviewer if your enthusiasm to work with the company is conveyed.

    15. As a content writer, what could be your strengths?

    Feasible answer:

    My process before I begin to write is to find reliable and specific resources which are indispensable to me. It grants an edge to my blog, article, etc. Moreover, I enjoy utilising various compelling writing styles. It helps me engage with the target audience.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    The content writer’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for content writing are greatly appreciated during an interview. It is a chance to impress the interviewer with your strengths as a content writer. Hence, the check through the above question.

    Optional tip – A holistic content writing course can help you discover your own unique content writing process.

    16. As a content writer, what could be your weaknesses?

    Feasible answer:

    As a content writer, I have always been working on my skills. To an extent, I believe, I’m quite proficient as well. Yet, if I have a weakness as a content writer, it is this – I’m not prepared for a Sr. Content Writer role or a manager role.

    Aspects such as overall vision and know-how of content strategy elude me. It is an improvement area I hope to work on in the future. Hence, I look forward to understanding more about it from my manager.

    I also want to equip myself through a few short-term courses on this aspect.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Through the above question, the interviewer checks how well you portray a weakness without damaging employment prospects. Additionally, the person wants to know if any weaknesses are impending the content writer to do justice in his/her profession.

    17. What is your reaction to critics and developmental feedback?

    Feasible answer:

    In certain instances, I’ve experienced that my writing style and tone did not match with the client’s requirements. On such occasions, I reaffirmed with the client on what exactly they were looking for.

    I believe in building an amiable and professional relationship with my clients and seniors. It helps me sort out and finalise conclusions different from my own.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Often, content written with the most sincere of efforts may not be what the client is looking for. In such situations, the content writer has to be flexible and open-minded to tweak or rewrite the content. Hence, the interviewer would check for a positive attitude to critics and developmental feedback.

    Optional tip – A holistic content writing course can equip one to take development feedback in his/her stride.

    18. How would you describe the nature of your work ethic?

    Feasible answer for freshers:

    As a student, I have always been committed and dedicated. It enabled me to complete my assignments on time and perform well in my exams. I look forward to working in a professional setting as a content writer.

    I’m confident that I would bring the same values of dedication, focus, and hard work as a content writer too. It would form the core of work ethic.

    Feasible answer for the experienced:

    I have worked as a content writer for X years now. I have learnt to meet deadlines with my best efforts possible within the stipulated time. I believe I’m my best critic and I do try to better my skills with every content piece I write.

    My journey has moulded me into a sincere, focused, and hardworking individual.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    In this situation, the interviewer wants to check on the qualities enabling the content writer to write effective content. Hence, the interviewer checks on this aspect through the above question.

    19. Would you prefer to work independently or in a team?

    Feasible answer for freshers:

    I would be happy to work within teams. It would equip and better my skills as a content writer. Another benefit of being part of a team would be aligning my writing style to the brand’s voice and personality. Yet, as an eager learner, I’m sure that progressively I could work independently with minimum guidance.

    Feasible answer for the experienced:

    I have experienced the benefits of working in a team and independently as a content writer. I’m comfortable with both and do not have a preference for one.

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Through the above question, the interviewer checks how comfortably the content writer can work independently and in teams. As it is crucial to the success of any company, the interviewer would check for it.

    Optional tip – A holistic content writing course can equip one to work comfortably in groups and individually as well.

    20. Before the interview is over, I would be happy to answer any questions you would have for me.

    Feasible answer:

    Please could you share more details on the following questions? I’m curious to know more about your organisation.
    1. Could you share a few highlights on the most important KRAs for a content writer?

    2. Would I be part of a team or work independently after I join?

    3. What would be the content management system I must familiarise myself with?

    Intent of the interviewer:

    Asking the interviewer questions to know more about the organisation would be a plus. It would impress you if genuinely curious to know more about the organisation before you begin.

    Indeed if you have observed, underneath a few questions I have added as an optional tip to pursue a content writing course. It can equip one with holistic content writing skills.

    Here’s my recommendation for you all – Pursuing Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Course can benefit you as a content writer. Additionally, the returns are worth your investment with this particular course.

    Mentioned below are a few ways this course can be beneficial to you:

    1. Comprehend how professional content is written along with best practices.

    2. Learn how to research effectively to write for any topic.

    3. Explore content strategy and how to engage a brand’s target audience.

    4. Gain insights into graphic design for presentations, newsletters, etc.

    5. Most importantly, gain know-how into how to earn effectively utilising your content writing skills.

    I hope this blog makes a difference and helps you land that content writing job role you aspire for.


    Q.1. What edge does Henry Harvin’s content writing course provide to aspiring content writers?

    After completing the course with Henry Harvin, one would be equipped with effective research skills. Another aspect would be the experience of writing content in diverse styles.

    Q.2. Would Henry Harvin’s content writing course benefit me as a freelancer?

    This course would benefit freelancers and freshers on professional content writing and best practices. Designed to suit the learning requirements of aspiring content writers, the course would be an advantage across age groups. 

    Q.3. Would there be placement opportunities on completion of this content writing course?

    Henry Harvin values its alumni wholeheartedly. Members of their content writing courses are provided with internship opportunities and placement opportunities for both freshers and the experienced.

    Q.4. As a fresher without professional content writing experience, how would the course at Henry Harvin benefit me?

    Explore tools, strategies, and effective methods to write quality content. Moreover, the internship or live project opportunities at Henry Harvin provide one with hands-on experience. Indeed, freshers can excel as content writers.

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