Henry Harvin SAP BW Course Review (Exposed)


Interested in enhancing your career by becoming a Certified SAP professional as a fresher or IT professional? Numerous SAP training institutes in India offer SAP courses at competitive fees, offer training and certification in addition to assistance with placement. SAP certifications can be acquired in two ways: as part of a degree or as a standalone course. Live SAP courses (online or in a classroom) and self-paced SAP courses (in India) are available.

Would you be interested in taking a SAP BW course? You might want to check out Henry Harvin. If you read my reviews of Henry Harvin, you will learn how to take relevant training there. Henry Harvin specializes in certification courses. By taking these professional certification courses, we can become more successful. As part of my review, I assessed the course offerings and facilities at Henry Harvin. In this post, we will take a look at a SAP BW course offered by Henry Harvin that can be taken by both students and professionals. 

What is SAP? Why is SAP so important to businesses today?

Data processing systems, applications, and products fall under the SAP umbrella. SAP was established in 1972. Germany is SAP’s headquarters. It has been well documented that SAP has grown and innovated over the years.

All aspects of an organization’s functioning are tracked, studied, and optimized as they compete in a competitive world, whether sales, logistics, human resource planning, business life cycle, productivity, or accounting. Companies can gain the industry expertise they need through enterprise resource planning. The SAP software enables multiple departments to merge seamlessly.

Using the SAP ERP Business software, big companies can change the way they run their businesses, manage business change, and integrate internal and external resources as needed. SAP ERP provides businesses with a flexible and scalable solution. Due to the growing number of SAP customers, younger professionals are now needed to be able to manage these business processes effectively.


Online academic courses and certifications are offered by Henry Harvin Education. A professional training program was launched in India in 2017. UKAF, UK Cert, MSME, and Project Management Institute (PMI) certify the organization.

In addition to analytical courses, Henry Harvin offers finance courses, writing courses, law courses, management courses, and digital marketing courses.

More than 3 lakh students have been trained by Henry Harvin over the past four years. Henry Harvin’s reviews indicate that more than 180 corporate partners and 110 college partners are part of the organization.

Henry Harvin, as an industry leader, provides graduates with the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. In this way, the skills gap can be closed, and the knowledge and skills required for this field can be enhanced.

Henry Harvin’s quality education program has caught the attention of top media outlets. Henry Harvin’s reviews show numerous publications and media outlets have recognized his success, such as India Today, News World India, Hindustan Times, The Pioneer, Statesman, and Financial Express.

Henry Harvin’s reviews indicate they have won numerous awards for their work. The company has won several prestigious awards, including the Top Corporate Training Award, the Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the 40 Under 40 Business World Award.

Henry Harvin SAP BW course Review

During this course, students will gain knowledge about financial accounting and controlling. Due to the use of advanced lab tools and industry standards, Henry Harvin students have a proven track record of success.

The Certified SAP BW Training Course offered by Henry Harvin is ranked among the top three in the industry by Training 360. A SAP BW certification includes practical training, job support, and career prospects. Courses are taught live online by instructors.

Students will be able to master both basic and advanced levels of SAP BW in this course. Thus, students are placed in major multinational companies, allowing them to grow professionally. Below are some highlights of the program.

  • Affiliated organizations
  • Using instructional techniques
  • Attend a webinar or Bootcamp
  • We offer unlimited training sessions with multiple trainers
  • 24/7 support is available
  • At the end of your name, you will see the SAP BW practitioner mark
  • Faculty experts
  • Learning through experience and internships
  • Alumnus status and placement status
  • A Gold Membership in the Finance Academy offers the following benefits

Is this course open to everyone?

The SAP BW course is recommended for finance professionals looking to learn SAP. People who are new to SAP BW certification and do not have particular prerequisites will benefit most from this course, but those below can benefit as well.

  • Executives and specialists in finance
  • Interested in SAP BW jobs
  • Employees in the Finance Department.
  • Getting a Job as a Graduate
  • Career change from any domain to finance
  • Applicants with a bachelor’s degree in this field. 

Courses on SAP BW by Henry Harvin

The Henry Harvin SAP BW course is generally well-received by its students and alumni. Reviewers of Henry Harvin SAP BW said that the course has many positive aspects, including its training methods, experienced trainers, placement guarantees, internships, lifetime support, affiliate certification, webinars, hands-on projects, and gold membership.

Affiliated organizations

Henry Harvin Educations is an ISO-certified company that belongs to the American Association of English as a Foreign Language, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the PMI, UK Cert, UKAF, the MSME, and the Government of India. Our company is certified to ISO 29990:2010.


The Under 40 Business World Award, the Game-Based Learning Company of the Year, and the Top Corporate Training Award have all been given to Henry Harvin. With over 1400 Google Reviews and 220 Youtube Testimonials, Henry Harvin has a rating of 4.5 on Goabroad, Trustpilot, and Go overseas.


Reviewers of Henry Harvin’s SAP BW course rate this as a 44-hour class taught by an instructor. Learning participants receive 24 hours of Bootcamp training one year after completing the online training. Learners can enroll in as many batches with various instructors as they wish during the year.

Methods of training

An overview of the SAP BW course is given below.

  1. Courses that can be self-paced

Studying at their own pace is possible with self-paced training programs. Self-paced training programs can be used throughout one’s lifetime. The course fee for the Self-paced SAP Business Warehouse is INR 31050.

  1. Using virtual classrooms online

Online virtual classrooms allow you to take instructor-led or self-paced classes. A Gold Membership is included in this course.

Training takes place online each month, including video recordings of each session for lifetime access. *34500/- is the fee structure for SAP BW online classroom training.

  1. Training for corporate employees

Organizational training programs are tailored specifically to learners within an organization. Only company employees can attend the training sessions, which are tailored to the company’s needs. To make learning easier, the company uses a learning management system (LMS).

Bootcamps or webinars

Candidates may choose to attend a 12-month training program or a one-year webinar. Learning modules are used to brush up on concepts learned in industry interviews. Bootcamp Sessions are part of #Ask Henry.

Training sessions are available with multiple trainers

At Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy, learners can select courses taught by different trainers according to their interests and needs. No additional fees will be charged during the membership period for repeating the training.

Support available 24/7

By participating in SAP BW, you will have the chance to complete Live Projects, receive internships, watch recordings, participate in boot camps, and learn interview skills.

Moodle e-learning portal is available on mobile devices

A Learning Management System (LMS) is available to SAP BW students. Participants receive access credentials to Moodle via their phones upon enrolment in the Certified SAP BW Training Course. You will see a SAP BW certification and hallmark next to your name

A testimonial certification from Henry Harvin is awarded to students who complete the SAP BW course. Their prior knowledge of SAP BW will be enhanced by being certified as a SAP BW practitioner. Since it bears your name, the candidates can use it as a symbol of their improved expertise.  

Curriculum for SAP BW

  • Introduction to SAP BW/4HANA in Module 1
  •  Migration to SAP BW/4HANA Module 2
  •  A model for SAP HANA is covered in Module 3
  •  Optimization Areas in SAP BW/4HANA in Module 4
  •  The SAP Reference Architecture, LSA++, is the fifth module in the course
  •  Hybrid Modeling for Mixed Scenarios in Module 6
  •  Managing BW/4HANA data in module 7
  •  Implementing data provisioning into SAP HANA and SAP BW/4HANA in Module 8
  •  Developing Soft Skills: Complementary Module 1
  • Writing a Resume is a complementary module

Expertise faculties

Henry Harvin’s trainers have more than ten years of experience as well as a good reputation in the industry. Instructors have been carefully selected by training partners and have been praised for their efforts over the years. They have taught hundreds of keynote classes and over 500 lectures at SAP BW training classes. The academy has enlisted the expertise of an expert in the field.

Getting work experience and internships

The Certified SAP bwC Training Course includes hands-on training using industry projects. Getting practical experience through internships prepares candidates for a career in the field.

Status of alumni and placement

It is also possible to elect to enroll in Henry Harvin’s elite Finance Academy if you are enrolled in the SAP BW course. Through more than 18000 alumni networks worldwide, they can also connect with new opportunities.

Gold membership benefits at the finance academy

Videos, games, projects, and case studies are some of the tools available to students through E-learning.

You can brush up on your concept knowledge by attending boot camps conducted by industry experts every month.

Henry Harvin’s SAP BW Training Courses are offered with 100% placement assistance by its partners.

Ensure your interview success by supporting your preparation.

Members of the SAP Certified Training Course have access to complementary courses, such as Soft Skills Development and Resume Writing.

The benefits of learning

  • Find out how SAP BW/4 HANA Modeling works
  • Understanding SAP BW Migration Strategies
  • Become familiar with SAP Native Modeling and SAP S/4 HANA Embedded Analytics
  • Optimization of Analytic Manager, Data Modeling, and more
  • Revision of Layered Scalable Architecture and streamlining of Core Layers
  • Learn how to model mixed scenarios
  • Implement Nearline Storage and Dynamic Tiering for Data Management
  • Find out how to provision data into SAP HANA and how to replicate SAP LT data for use in SAP HANA

Is SAP BW Training for you?

A business warehouse is a big data storage system developed by SAP and ERP software systems to store and organize large amounts of business data. SAP is an ERP system that uses BI tools and other planning tools. For a better understanding of business activities, SAP BW enables multidimensional analysis of data. SAP BW also includes extensive security tools that ensure that only the highest levels of management with valid credentials can access the data and the critical information about an organization is protected at all times. The Data Warehousing Workbench is the main tool for data warehouse tasks

SAP Business Warehouse: Why Use It?

  1. Information that your company generates can be controlled by Business Intelligence software

To date, the implementation of classic data processing systems has primarily been aimed at accelerating, reducing costs, and automating processes within individual business areas. Today, most companies use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for this. 

  1. Expansion of data volumes

ERP systems, CRM systems, banking and credit card systems, and Corporate Governance regulations have resulted in exponentially increased data volumes that must be analyzed. Others, like SAP, do not see this as a negative, but instead, see this as a huge benefit.

  1. With a data warehouse, you can monitor competitors proactive

Meanwhile, globalization and decentralization have increased the need to recognize market trends and to collect information about competitors as a result of ever-increasing globalization. By doing so, the company can respond more effectively to market changes. The efficient processing of information is a critical element for maintaining an edge over one’s competitors in this age of the Internet.

  1. For the job to be done, you need the right tool

As data processing continues to evolve, more and more information is being stored in a more detailed format. For this data to be meaningfully analyzed, it must be reduced and structured. To create “business intelligence,” a varied toolset is required to analyze the raw data.

Modern, globally operating organizations realize how important it is to use this information effectively if they are to survive. Because this information is often spread across many systems and sometimes many countries, it is difficult to utilize information effectively. In this sense, modern Business Intelligence systems aim to address the challenge. 

From the retrieval of source data to its analysis, comprehensive solutions are needed. Enterprises must consider metadata (business and technical attributes and descriptions of objects) across the enterprise. Additionally, they require the consolidation and creation of homogeneous global master data as well as the collection and aggregation of a large number of transaction data points.

  1. Business Intelligence and ERP Systems

It is particularly challenging in heterogeneous system landscapes to extract and prepare consolidated data and master data from multiple sources. To meet the increasing demand for high-quality business information, it is also necessary to integrate data collection, data analysis, and multimedia presentation options. All of these features are highly demanded in Business Intelligence solutions.

  1. Homogenization of source system data is essential

Data from the source systems are incorporated into the Business Intelligence software, but cannot be used for targeted analysis. Therefore, the source data is prepared (homogenized) by cleansing it and providing technical and semantic preparation. Afterward, the data is stored in the Data Warehouse component of the Business Intelligence software. By analyzing the enterprise information with strong and flexible reporting tools, knowledge is created and the enterprise information is better understood. The knowledge may allow the organization to define/redefine its business strategy and support the business processes derived from it.


Reviewers have rated Henry Harvin as the best provider of legitimate SAP BW courses in India. Students can learn how to implement this software effectively by taking a SAP business warehouse course. SAP systems are used by many businesses in the modern age. With a leading ERP platform, all parts of a business can be used easily. Professionals can prepare better for the increasingly complex workplace with SAP certification. The certification may also be used for recruitment purposes.

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What are the benefits of the SAP BW training program?

Your career will be enhanced and you will be able to gain knowledge and skills. SAP BW training is now demanded by companies to get skilled candidates for international projects within their companies

Will I receive a job offer from Henry Harvin after completing the SAP BW Certification training?

Each candidate at Henry Harvin has the opportunity to be placed. Each week, placement opportunities will be sent on behalf of Henry Harvin.

To gain experience, will there be live projects to handle?

You will be given live projects to be handled to gain experience and be selected for the company

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  1. Henry Harvin’s SAP BW course is a comprehensive program that covers all essential aspects. The trainers are knowledgeable and provide hands-on experience, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to enhance their SAP BW skills.

  2. The SAP course enrollment helped me get my job which I have been waiting for a long time. I am getting recognized in the company meetings. Appreciations to the SAP course.

  3. After learning about SAP BASics, I can’t resist learning more about the SAP course. When I attended the interview, the panelists were satisfied with my explanation for each logical question.

  4. The SAP course is intended to meet the demands of both experienced as well as aspiring SAP candidates through their well-structured syllabus.

  5. If you want your ideas to be exceptional in Business Management, then enroll as a student in the SAP course. You can implement current modern ideas at your job.

  6. Everyone wants to excel in their career. I work as a Business Consultant, to renovate my ideas I started doing the SAP course. Now I can make the right decisions at any point in our company.

  7. The SAP course curriculum inculcates all the necessary details related to business management. Your career graph will be on the Y-axis.

  8. I gathered a broader knowledge about the objectives and functions of Material Management after I have taken up the SAP course.

  9. The demand for SAP PP professionals is rapidly increasing, So I guess I did the SAP PP course at the right time. Now I can increase the weight of my wallet.

  10. The SAP MM ECC course ensured to constantly store the supplies in appropriate amounts and there are no shortages or scarcity in the organization’s supply chain. Now I purchase goods on time and keep track of the budget also.

  11. The SAP course gave me a good insight into company management and administration. After I have done the SAP course I can handle scenarios efficiently.

  12. I did the SAP Business Warehouse course. SAP professionals with Business Intelligence expertise are compensated well, I am at the happy phase in my career graph.

  13. The proficiency I have gained at this SAP course made me land a successful career. Their step-by-step approach ensures we have a clear understanding of the SAP – MM course.

  14. Many SAP courses I came across were like burning my pockets. Then I extended my research and came across this SAP course. It is worthy for the money and I got my placement also.

  15. The SAP-capital management module in the SAP course enhances our work processes and data management. The system takes care of everything from hiring a person to their evaluation. The very valuable resource, that is the human resource, is taken care of very well.

  16. As we have embraced the modern technologies, which I have come across in the SAP course, we can see a steep growth in our company margins.


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