Top 10 SAP MM Courses in Delhi: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)



In this age of modernization and changes, it is the requirement that one is comprehensively refurbished with the details and the prerequisites that their concerned careers insist on. Each organization requires an employee who is adept in his or her area of forte. This wraps up with the conclusion that specialization in a particular domain not only promotes one’s career but also provides us with a broader base to explore and learn from.

So, what is holding you back from advancing your career and living the life that you want to? If you are desirable of having a long-term career with one of the best organizations in the business holding the best acumen in material management, then you need to present something that is at par. SAP MM courses in Delhi will help you with that.

With the recent developments in the global market, selecting the best training institute for the SAP MM coursesin India is not easy. Finding the best institute for yourself, before enrollment, involves research. Only then can one be confident that he/she is moving ahead with the right organization.

Most of the learners omit this critical step and end up taking enrollment in an institute that offers little or no opportunities. Search for the best SAP training institute, suiting your needs, right here.

Given here is a list of the 10 best SAP training institutes in Delhi that will change your learning experience for the good. So, check the details right here.

What is the SAP MM Course?

Before we delve deeper into the list of the top 10 SAP MM Training Institutes in Delhi, let us try and understand as to what the course is?

The full form of the abbreviation, SAP is Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is originally a German software, which helps in understanding the management and functioning of the companies in detail. MM in SAP stands for Material Management. So, if you are wanting to learn the in and out of delivering the materials produced at the customer’s doorsteps, then SAP MM is just the right course for you.

It not only increases your self-confidence but also helps you in landing just the right job for a long period in an esteemed organization.

The most significant benefit of pursuing SAP MM certification is that you get a clear understanding of the details of the organization and can prevent the same from the wastage of materials, help the team-mates to solve their problems adequately, become an excellent team leader, understand the system of the company and remove the errors that arise during production or affiliated aspects. 

Due to the enhancement of skills related to the program, the organizations are looking for SAP Certified Employees

If you are the kind of person who wants a good start and growth in their career, with a good organization, then the SAP MM Course is just what is meant for you.

Top 10 SAP MM courses in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin SAP Academy

To adequately supervise managerial constituents, the SAP Material Management tool is employed comprehensively by a multitude of organizations. It is one of the most extensively employed ERP solutions in the industry. It allows the management to effectively perform accession activities in the organization as it is an administration part.

SAP Material Management advantages

  • Expeditious development and 36% share in the present job market
  • Much higher salary that an average Business Analyst.
  • Management tools used by top brands like Reliance Industries, Tata Motors and many more
  • Aberrant growth opportunities with better job security.
  • Favorable for personal business to handle the stock and save money.

The 9 in 1 Course

  • Training: Online live Interactive Classroom Sessions for 44 hours
  • Projects: Provision to undertake projects in Schema group, Inventory Management, Material Valuation, External Services Management and more.
  • Internship:- To gain practical knowledge Internship Assistance is required.
  • Certification:- Henry Harvin is an award winning Institute and is recognized by the Govt. of India. You’ll get a SAP MM Training Certificate from there.
  • Placement:- Until 1 year of successful completion of the project, there is 100% Placement Guarantee.
  • E-Learning Access- with assessments, video content and abundant techniques and tools and more
  • Bootcamps:- For the next 12 months regular bootcamps will go on.
  • Hackathons:- Free entry to #AskHenry Competitions and Hackathons.Hackathons
  • Membership:- for the SAP MM S/4 HANA Training Course get 1- year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin SAP Academy.

Trainers at Henry Harvin

  • With 18+ years of working experience industry experts.
  • Meticulously chosen by the training partners and acknowledged by innumerable institutions for years for their work.
  • For SAP MM S/4 HANA Training classes, they must have been requested for 150+ keynote sessions.
  • Enlisted as subject domain consultants with Henry Harvin SAP Academy, they have given 500+lectures


Join the 3,00,000 +strong Network worldwide and become part of the exclusive SAP Academy of Henry Harvin


During the course, experience hands-on training with industry-grade projects.

Who can take enrollment to this course?

SAP MM S/4 HANA Training Course is suitable for all professionals. Though there are no preconditions for the Training Course, however, the course is more appropriate for:

  • Professionals with some experience in Material Handling, Inventory and Vendor Management, Procurement and Purchase
  • Graduates, preferably with MBA in Supply Chain Management or in Management or a BE.
  • Job seekers who want to find employment in SAP MM.
  • Professionals who want to enhance their Resume/CV.
  • Existing employees looking forward for a promotion by improving their skills through this certification.
  • Students who have just completed their graduation looking forward for a successful career.

Learning Benefits:-

  • Attain broad knowledge related to Objectives and Functions of Material Management.
  • Getting conversant with enterprise’s organizational structure in the SAP R/3 system
  • State definitions for various document types such as Contract, PO, REQ, PR and many more for purchasing documents.
  • Acquire knowledge about the Release pre-requisites, Release Codes, Release Indicators, Release Groups, Release Strategies
  • Learn about the Schema Group Vendors, Schema Group, Schema Determination, Calculation Schema and many more.
  • Get familiarized with the organization for service categories, number scopes for Service Entry Sheet and more
  • Making Physical Inventory Document and list of Inventory Discrepancies.
  • Learn about Third Party Processing, Stock transport order, Returnable Transport Packaging and more.
  • Know substantially about split valuation, material valuation, Global categories and more.
  • Gain proficiency in Purchase Order Invoice, GR/IR Account Maintainance, Invoice Verification Procedure, Automatic Settlements, and many more
  • Merge MM with other modules such as SD, FI/CO, PP


Online and offered in the cities of Delhi, Ahmedabad, Agra, Pune, Bangalore and           Chennai.


  • For the self-paced course the fees is 26550/- and for the live classroom sessions the cost is 29500/.

Check Henry Harvin’s Customers Reviews:

Balraj SinghUrvashi AgarwalRadhika BhartiSimran KaurAlisha SinhaHammad AkhtarNaren RoyVinay Kumar Mehta

2. Udemy

When searching for one of the best SAP MM Training Institutes in Delhi, Udemy provides excellent learning packages. Udemy has some of the best professionals, and this allows the learners to get the correct perception of the subject ‘Material Management’.

The course comprises 26 hours of on-demand learning including 1 article and 27 downloadable resources for you to explore and learn. Once enrolled you’ll get lifetime access to its learning management system. On completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate that will help you get job opportunities

The syllabus is designed to take care of the minute details to SAP MM learning which will help you gain a clear understanding of the subject matter. From the understanding of both the major and the minor business processes, the course gives you all.

For further details about the SAP MM courses online or in Delhi, from Udemy, visit the website.

3. Linkedin

Probably, the most celebrated professional website of the present century, Linkedin, offers SAP MM courses in India, that will give a boost to your career. Learning SAP MM (Material Management) is a transitional program at Linkedin that continues for 1 hour and 13 minutes.

The program can be watched using a digital device. The curriculum comprises many exhaustive sessions, with additional quizzes, related to the chapters. Also, there are points of discussion like everything you should be knowing about SAP, the process of SAP MM, how to manage the Purchases and inventories, module integration, etc.

There have been over 128,983 enrollments and graduations so far. The course is framed perfectly at reasonable rates, for each one of us to access and improvise their career.

4. Best Online Career

Best Online Career gives SAP MM aspirants’ careers an entirely different shape. It welcomes the learners and provides a 45 hour programmed program that gives them not only the minor but also the major details on SAP MM.

One will receive free demo sessions, reliable study materials, 24*7 SAP MM server access, video recordings and lots of guidance on interview preparations. The course comprises the following components:-

  • Material Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Statutory Requirements
  • Vendor Valuation and many more

On successful completion of the program one can apply for various jobs that will acknowledge and appraise the knowledge that you would have gained from the program. You will find employment with a good firm offering a good salary package and will seek long term employment. For more details on the curriculum and other related aspects of the SAP MM Courses in Delhi, please visit the website and get assisted by their responsible professionals.

5. Atos

Atos provides quality training to the SAP MM candidates and is thereby gaining strength. Atos provides one of the best SAP MM Courses in Delhi and its quality delivery is adequate proof to the above statement.

There are numerous SAP courses delivered by ATOS and its syllabus is well formulated and structured. This helps learners to understand the concepts in the best possible way. The course walks you through every aspect of SAP MM, and thus permits you to have a broader view on the same.

Some of the best and the most experienced trainers are there on the board which will make you feel secure and confident about the choice made. It is usually a 20 days training module which comprises of 200 hours of self-study and a virtual instructor-led classroom training with a server access of 3 months. At present, classroom teaching is stopped but virtual training is going on.

Thus, ATOS proves itself to be one of the best and the most reliable platform, providing SAP MM Courses online and in India. You can always check the website to enroll yourself and start your career afresh.

6. Seed – Beyond the obvious

If you are a beginner in the field of SAP MM, Seed- Beyond the obvious, is a good selection. Seed- Beyond the obvious is a perfect beginner’s choice to explore the world of SAP MM. One of the most strongest platform among the top SAP MM Courses in Delhi has the power to totally transform your life into better.

The platform offers numerous courses in multiple areas and SAP has been the most celebrated one. Seed offers almost every branch of SAP and thus it becomes an exciting platform to analyze.

The duration of the SAP MM Course at Seed is 3 months, which has been divided into 200 hours. Any person having completed graduation or post-graduation, with 0-8 years of experience in management, logistics, etc. with a firm, can be perfectly suited for the program.

If you are wanting to pursue a comprehensive course in SAP Material Management, Seed has designed everything in the most creative way. The course curriculum comprises of inventory and warehouse management, goods issued, goods receipt, process in procurement, reorder point planning, E-learning and many more.

On completion of the program, a completion certificate is awarded, that will assist you in getting job roles of your choice, in the organizations you would like to serve.

For further details log on to the website and get answers to all your course-related queries.


With a vision to provide better job opportunities to people of various age-group, ACTE is delivering SAP courses. It offers specialization in various domains and SAP’s Material Management is one among them.

At ACTE, the SAP MM course training is for 40+ hours with at least 3 projects that need to be delivered, giving a clear understanding of the concepts and of the practical areas of implementing and learning the SAP MM fundamentals.

The course is comprehensive in the sense that it also consists of 24*7 lifetime course material and 25+ practical assignments. This course introduces you to SAP MM courses in Delhi and you come to know of every little aspect concerning it.

You can practically implement the necessary approach in order to enhance your organization’s performance. A 100% Guaranteed Placement support will also be provided by the team.

It is one of the top SAP MM courses in Delhi that provides an in-depth knowledge and placement assistance to the upcoming learners. So, if you want to reach new heights in your career, ACTI is the institution that you should not miss.

For further details related to the course, please do visit the website. 

8. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies offers some reliable SAP programs for candidates who want to reach a new level in their careers. The course duration is 30 hours out of which 15 hours are spent exploring and learning the assignments related to SAP MM.

Till now a minimum number of 2045 aspirants have pursued their course from the institute, and have successfully been placed at good positions with their favorite organizations.

The trainers here, not only have a good educational background but also possess a minimum 7 years of experience with some of the best organizations in the industry. During your program tenure, you will be made to walk through various practical and theoretical learning procedures, that will help you to understand the elementary concepts with SAP MM Courses in Delhi in depth.

On completion of the course you will receive a globally recognized certificate that will enhance the scope to get job opportunities of your choice.

For further information, please log on to the official website of Besant Technologies. 

9. Tutorialspoint

Another reliable website while searching for the top SAP MM Training Institutes in Delhi is Tutorialspoint. The institute is known for several courses, some are related to different fields while others are related to SAP.

This institution has come up as one of the most sought-after platforms by the aspirants who are continuously finding new ways by learning new specializations. The SAP MM Course online in Delhi, offered here, is committed to guiding and inspecting the learners with the terminologies involved in dealing with Material Management, ranging from the most basic to the advanced. The curriculum of the program inculcates all the necessary topics that are required to gain in-depth knowledge in SAP Material Management. During the course, you will receive interview cracking guidelines assignments, numerous study materials and other major reliable aspects under the observation of the most celebrated industry trainers.

For further details, kindly visit their website and resolve all your queries. Overall it is a win-win package. 

10. ERProof

Last in the list but not the least, of the Best SAP MM Courses online in Delhi, is proof. It offers free SAP MM Training to all aspirants. It is a well programmed course and includes all the necessary elements that is required by an SAP professional.

The full course is divided into 7 modules wherein each module slowly introduces Material Management related terms in detail so that the reader can understand and implement them.

The trainers with the institute are highly qualified with good industry experience. The learning experience is good and advanced leading to acquiring good job roles.

Please log onto the website for more detailed information, and resolve your queries. 

Final Words:-

SAP MM Courses in Delhi are in great demand in the current century of modernization and specialization. Organizations are looking out for professionals who hold pertinent and correct understanding on the maintenance and the functioning of a firm.

Thus, to make a long-term career in the organization of your choice you should enhance your profile with the latest updates in your respective domain.

We hope the above information will help you find answers to any doubts that you have.


SAP MM course is one of the most reputed courses in the industrial world and on completion of the same and successively taking a certificate, it brings a tremendous change in your career. There are many working benefits too, that come with the completion of the course.

On Successful completion of the course, there would be an increase in recognition in your career, leading to changes in the career role. Taking the risk and making changes leads you to a responsible position in your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Will taking SAP MM courses in Delhi, benefit your career?

Opting for the SAP MM courses in Delhi will bring great changes in your career. SAP MM course is the choice to be made if you want to make a career in the Trading & Manufacturing Industry. If you are looking for a career in Manufacturing & Trading Industries, SAP MM courses in Delhi, is the best choice. As SAP MM is executed in manufacturing and delivery firms, individuals looking for a career and people already working in it will gain from the SAP MM courses in Delhi.

Q.2 Does the completion of the SAP MM course, guarantee 100% placement?

Answer: Completion of the course enhances your profile and leads to recognition. Chances of getting placed better, increase.

Q.3 Is Certification compulsory to get a job?

Answer: Certification is not compulsory but completing the topic would enhance your profile.

Q.4 Any criteria for taking enrolment to the course of SAP MM Course ?

Answer:  No pre-conditions or criteria for taking enrolment to this course.

Q.5 Can the SAP MM course be carried on online also?

Answer: Yes, there is provision for taking SAP MM courses online, more so during the pandemic-COVID 19.


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  2. The best SAP MM course in Delhi through Best Course News. This specialized program offers expert-led training, real-world case studies, and practical exercises to ensure you master SAP MM concepts. Elevate your career in supply chain management and secure lucrative opportunities in the industry.

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  4. I have become a great fan of the SAP course. So far I have attended interviews in 4 MNC’s and I have cleared multiple rounds with ease. Thanks to the crystal clear concepts.

  5. Through the SAP Simple Finance course, I have learned how to conduct financial and accounting procedures using Business Intelligence technologies. Now I can analyze our organization’s financial circumstances to the best and come out with fruitful suggestions.

  6. The SAP course provides lifetime access to videos, study materials, and other resources so they have the self – paced learning.

  7. The SAP MM course deals with Procurement of External Services, Source Determination, Inventory Management, and many more. The course will make anyone a Ninja in the business field.

  8. After I have been through the SAP course, I have transformed into a good performer. I was the recipient of the Budding Talent Award for this financial year.

  9. If you want to boast that you are part of the best business organizations, then impetuously enroll in the SAP course.This is a very helpful blog.

  10. The SAP course is planned professionally and any business aspirant will love to do it. They will be on the next step in the career ladder.

  11. In the current world, a timely update regarding our career is very important. If we have to compete in the race we need to adapt according to our organization. To upgrade my forte, I did the SAP course.

  12. The SAP Production planning training course enhanced my sales and operational planning, material requirements, production versions, batch management, demand management, bill of material, routing, and other skill sets. I feel like a king in production planning.

  13. The SAP MM S/4 HANA course reinforced me to efficiently handle the production components. These days Calculating schema, calculating schema vendors, determining schema is a cakewalk for me.

  14. The SAP PM course taught me how to avoid unexpected downtime, lost production, and increased operational costs. I have learned to take plant maintenance seriously and how efficient and effective plant equipment optimization is required for successful plant maintenance.

  15. The SAP course aided me with Material valuation, split valuation, Invoice verification procedure, Purchase order invoice, etc. Even though I am a beginner I can handle issues proficiently.

  16. After I have completed my SAP course, I felt its implementation is helpful for a small organization like us, to consolidate data for diverse business transactions and legal requirements. Our financial position is available in real-time through the Financial Accounting module.

  17. Now as the greater focus is on e-commerce, I decided to take up the SAP course. Technology has made our life easy in production planning, sales, and distribution.


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