Is Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course Legit? (Leaked)


Of course Yes!!

It’s always important to choose the best TEFL program because of the high competition and demand for qualified educators. The Henry Harvin course is among the best TEFL courses available. It has earned its credibility owing to its affiliations, recognitions and widespread popularity in India and abroad.

Globally, English is a language used widely, and many people wish to learn the language from a teacher who is qualified. With TEFL certification, you’ll be able to work on many education platforms. English is the preferred language of most nations around the world. In non-English-speaking regions, the demand for English educators is also growing as a consequence of the rising economy.

TEFL Org reports that over 1 billion people were gaining proficiency in English. If you earn a teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) certification, you will have the chance to teach remotely and around the world. The TEFL certification is the minimum requirement to earn a job teaching English as a foreign language. Many jobs require bachelor’s degrees along with certifications, however.

TEFL positions tend to attract individuals who wish to broaden their horizons and travel internationally. Certification is also useful for those looking to remain in the United States. Online ESL teaching is a great way for individuals to make use of their TEFL certification. A teacher specializing in English as a second language (ESL) earns on average $45,970 per year according to PayScale.

Do you know what TEFL is?

Teaching English abroad is called TEFL. Students from countries where English is not the native language are taught by TEFL instructors. TEFL emerged over 230 years ago from Latin and French studies.

With English becoming the international language of business, the demand for TEFL instructors has grown. There are several colleges and independent institutions that offer TEFL certifications. There are dozens of countries located in Asia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa that may hire people with the certification.

What are the benefits of an online TEFL certification?

As compared to a traditional degree in English, TEFL certification online offers several benefits. With TEFL certification, students can gain professional skills much faster than they can with a college degree. It generally takes 2-16 weeks for a full-time program to be completed. It is also possible to obtain a degree for significantly less than TEFL programs. Many job opportunities can be found on the basis of TEFL certification. Learners who enrol in TEFL courses can find work abroad, but they can also find jobs at home. You can earn a TEFL certification online just like you can earn a degree online.

Understanding TEFL, TESL, and TESOL

There are many terms that applicants might come across while researching TEFL programs. TEFL appears to be similar to two other acronyms: teaching English as a second language (TESL) and teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

TEFL, TESL, and TESOL professionals fall under the umbrella term “English language teachers.”. Salary ranges for ESL teachers are $31,000 to $66,000 as of May 2021, according to Payscale. The chart below compares the three types of certifications: TEFL, TESL, and TESOL.

How to Choose the Right TEFL Certification Program

It is important to choose a TEFL program that is accredited. However, not all accreditations are recognized in all countries. Programs and positions in TEFL are not governed by universal regulations. Consequently, prospective students need to check an institution’s accreditation to make sure that it is accredited by a reputable organization.

Career guidance services and resources should be available long after TEFL certification is earned. Students who have further questions can contact the institution’s admissions advisors. Free webinars are also offered by many programs.

Students from Henry Harvin are satisfied with their courses and service and give positive feedback, you can also read Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews, you can search on Google and you will only see positive Henry Harvin TEFL reviews.

Throughout this article, I’ll share a few facts about Henry Harvin TEFL Academy. This Henry Harvin TEFL course review discusses how Henry Harvin TEFL courses differ from other training programs, what makes Henry Harvin different, why Henry Harvin is a trusted institution, as well as details about Henry Harvin TEFL courses.

As one of the top TEFL programs providers, Henry Harvin TEFL Academy is one of the leading organizations. Henry Harvin enhances your skills by using beneficial time management techniques while formulating a unique and basic lesson plan. A top TEFL provider in the United States, it is ranked no.1. It is accredited by AAEFL.

Henry Harvin TEFL Course Facts:

Curriculum for the course

Based upon Henry Harvin TEFL reviews, It has more than 14 modules as well as complimentary modules that are further broken down into subsections for easy learning. There is a good balance between covering the fundamentals of language learning and teaching as well as advanced features.

From lesson planning to classroom management, the course covers a broad range of subjects. Through this all-inclusive course, Henry Harvin students say they are able to handle even the most complex and difficult classroom situations.

Phonology, Grammar (Syntax), Vocabulary (Lexis), Receptive skills (Reading and Listening), and Productive skills (Speaking and Writing) will be taught through innovative methods.

In Henry Harvin TEFL reviews, students state that they were able to develop fun, out-of-the-box lesson plans during the course and were more prepared for their first class. Also, they provide exclusive LMS access to their graduates for one year, where candidates can access highly instructional videos.


According to Henry Harvin TEFL reviews, Well, no TEFL study is complete without discussing trainers and their experience in the field. Academicians at Henry Harvin have extensive experience in their field and are experts in their field.

The credit for Henry Harvin’s thorough and detailed TEFL course belongs to their trainer, Mr. Charles Hall. In spite of the most challenging subject matters, he has taught them with great ease and mitigated all their doubts.

Henry Harvin’s reviews indicate that many candidates were able to mimic and benefit large amounts from Mr. Hall’s unconventional and innovative teaching style.

In other TEFL reviews, Henry Harvin showed his guidance and prompt thoughtful feedback, which helped candidates improve their teaching approach greatly. In addition to being a great hit among his students, he is known for his innovative teaching methods.

Furthermore, their course offers some of the best pedagogical methods, including quizzes and challenges that keep learners motivated.

Placement and internship support 

Henry Harvin TEFL reviews state that it’s apparent from one Henry Harvin review that this institute doesn’t just leave its graduates to fend for themselves after the course is completed, but works to ensure they have the best employment opportunities possible.

100% placement support is guaranteed by Henry Harvin Education. They offer internship opportunities with their partner firms to give candidates first-hand experience teaching in classrooms and experience working on real-world projects. Students are also encouraged to craft distinctive application forms that help them stand out.

Additionally, they help prepare graduates for interviews and provide career services. In order to bring their graduates the best job prospects in their desired locations, they have a dedicated team working 24 hours a day.

A number of reputable companies have partnered with them, such as Magic Ears, VIPKids, and GoGoKids. At their job center, they list over 12,000 jobs from 42 countries. Many of their students were placed at well-paying companies. The job with a salary of up to $3000 per month has even been scored by a few of their alumni right from the start.

Duration of the Course

Henry Harvin TEFL reviews suggest that Henry Harvin’s 120-hour TEFL course is user-friendly and easy to follow, and it generally takes no more than 8 weeks to complete. You will become an AAEFL-certified TEFL teacher within two months of enrolling.

Henry Harvin’s TEFL reviews emphasized the way their online platform monitors and shows progress through each module. A smooth, traceable course helps learners feel encouraged and motivates them to keep going.

Henry Harvin’s TEFL reviews also discuss the courses created in such a way that they help students discover their weaknesses and strengths while covering all aspects of teaching English.

Many people said that the variety of questions and tasks during the course helped them process the information more effectively and confirmed their self-development.


Henry Harvin TEFL course review states that they offer TEFL courses at very affordable prices. TEFL training is available at $299 from Henry Harvin. In comparison with other institutions, Henry Harvin offers reasonable prices. As an EFL teacher, you will have access to a different platform of highly paid job opportunities. TEFL courses offered by them are affordable and prepare you to clear the TEFL exams on the first attempt.

If you compare Henry Harvin TEFL course fees with those for other courses, you’ll notice that they are extremely high. Online TEFL courses are more expensive at I-to-I at $550, at premier TEFL Academy at $450, and many more institutions. On any website that reviews Henry Harvin TEFL, you will see many students comment stating they are satisfied with Henry Harvin TEFL course fees because it provides good service at an affordable price.

They even provide free demo lectures for prospective students to ensure their students’ complete transparency and confidence.

Yet their prices are low, despite the fact that their courses have been featured by several media outlets, such as Bloomberg, US News, CCTV News, etc. Education for all is their motto.


With Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy membership, you’ll receive one year of lifetime membership, lifetime support, and access to recordings of classes. Henry Harvin provides classes in interview skills and career guidance. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy provides new lessons recorded to tape and brush-up sessions every month. You also gain access to the highly-rated LMS (Learn Management System) which provides career assistance, formal job updates, interview techniques, and much more. This is the best part of Henry Harvin, in my opinion. In comparison to others, they offer a free year of membership. There is no one who provides a service like this even well-known TEFL schools like International TEFL Academy, i-to-i, Premier TEFL, my TEFL, and many others do not provide this kind of service.


TEFL Course review emphasizes that many organizations have acknowledged the services of Henry Harvin. Among those granting Henry Harvin Education’s authorization are the AAEFL, UKAF, UK Cert, MSME & Government of India. TEFL courses are offered by Henry Harvin globally and by organizations, you can trust.

Students who read Henry Harvin reviews on different sites have stated that they’ll receive extra benefits as a result of Henry Harvin passing out of a trustworthy institution as well as the AAEFL credential.

 Reviews and feedback from students

According to the TEFL Course review, on the Internet, I’ve found numerous glowing reviews of Henry Harvin TEFL courses. They have built a network of 23,000 alumni worldwide thanks to their readily understandable class curriculum and passionate staff working to provide the best.

Nonetheless, I do not expect you to take my word for it, and recommend that you do your own research before committing to them. Researching Henry Harvin TEFL reviews will give you a better idea of what their course offers. Listed below are a couple of comments for convenience.

“Henry Harvin’s TEFL course gave me valuable insights and knowledge,” Berenice Kohler says. It was challenging, which is excellent for motivation. Their goal is to help you get started with your career. Learning a lot and relaxing in the 50-hour pragmatic course were two of my favorite aspects. I appreciate it.”

Its integrity makes it an excellent value, according to JERRELL MONAHAN. Most people are familiar with the staff. I recently completed my TEFL certification from Henry Harvin Academy online. I was able to access the course for three months.”

Based on a comprehensive TEFL course review of Henry Harvin’s professional TEFL course, I have conducted the Henry Harvin TEFL course review.


  • Henry Harvin’s provides 120 hours of online TEFL certification course with live classes and immersive learning
  • Become an AAEFL credential holder  
  • Sign up for the top-rated LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Employers can earn up to $2000 when working for Henry Harvin, which offers job assistance to aspirants in the best corporations
  • Recorded pedagogical class videos, monthly brush-ups, quizzes, and the best educating techniques
  •  Québécois Academicians have a high level of skill and education.
  • In 1st attempt, pass the Certified TEFL Exam 


  • Hard copy certifications are an extra charge

What It Takes to Teach English Abroad

People who have a wanderlust can fulfill that desire through international teaching jobs. To obtain a TEFL job abroad, you need to plan well in advance. International TEFL Academy (ITA) estimates that a student will need at least 3-6 months to complete a TEFL program and become employed abroad (based on its own courses). The ITA recommends that students contact an advisor through the TEFL program after registering to clarify career goals and to begin planning the trip.

It is possible for English teachers to train professionals in business or teach in classrooms with a range of age groups from preschoolers to adults. A TEFL employee can also become a private tutor. TEFL certifications may be required by employers along with postsecondary degrees up to master’s degrees. As part of the TEFL job description, you may be assigned living quarters and reimbursed for travel expenses.

The average salary varies dramatically by location. The average salary for ITA employees can start at $300 and go up to $5,000. A monthly salary tends to be at par with the cost of living when compared with a monthly salary. Applicants are advised to research the currency exchange rate and cost of living in each potential destination.

In the ITA’s opinion, students should speak with a TEFL program advisor immediately after registering so that a clear career goal can be established and travel arrangements can be made.

TEFL markets feature different hiring seasons based on region and country. As an example, Latin America and Europe hire mostly during the first and second quarters of the year, while Asia hires continuously throughout the year. Paid jobs tend to last between six and twelve months, with the option to extend them.

Additionally, job-specific qualifications and preparations can vary from one location to another. Candidates must work with employers to arrange documents such as work visas, academic records, and passports. Criminal and background checks are sometimes required by employers. As well as staying current on vaccinations, travelers should also consult a doctor before traveling about any additional immunizations they may need.

Teaching abroad involves additional upfront costs, such as travel. It is important for teachers working abroad to prepare extra funds for start-up costs until they receive their first paycheck.


Henry Harvin TEFL Reviews states that there are several TEFL providers, but the Henry Harvin TEFL course is the only one offering online classes.

Nevertheless, this course contains everything you need from a decent TEFL certification course along with more than just probabilities. 


  • Organizing classes
  • Vocabulary-building in English
  • Pronunciation of English
  • Grammar mastery in English
  • Reading and listening are helpful skills learned in education
  • Educating profitable skills in speaking and organizing
  • The laws of education in relation to English
  • Study materials and assistance for teaching English, as well as classroom supervision strategies
  • Using foreign language resources effectively 
  • TEFL learners receive a free year of membership to Henry Harvin

TEFL Certification – Who Can Do It?

Based upon Henry Harvin TEFL reviews, as a result, the TEFL/TESOL Certification Course is appropriate for anyone interested in or already involved with the teaching profession. It is most suitable for:

  • Initiating a Teaching Career for aspiring teachers
  • Teacher seeking to teach abroad after mid-career
  • Changing careers to become a teacher as an employee of a business
  • Career Opportunities for Recent Graduates
  • Homemakers who want to become teachers
  • Applicants interested in settling abroad
  • After Retirement, a Retiree hopes to be effective and gainful
  • Interested in teaching English online part-time

TEFL Class with Henry Harvin: Top Benefits

  • Get Certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language
  • Teach non-native speakers English
  • Improve your class performance and confidence
  • Developing the best teaching skills and methodologies
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of learner psychology
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Create a unique and original lesson plan to teach the candidates.
  • Using effective time and class management techniques will enhance your productivity
  • Be able to think outside of the box and provide students with innovative ways to interact with you
  • Discover the wealth of knowledge regarding the English language if you are seeking to delve into it
  • Earn a credential that is credible and recognized
  • You’ll find countless job opportunities all over the world
  • EFL teachers can find highly paid jobs on a unique platform
  • Experience rich cultural and natural heritage in new countries
  • Take advantage of your CV and job profile by upgrading them
  • By displaying your AAEFL certification, you can create your own niche

Other Recommended programs:

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Lastly, let me say this:

In general, Henry Harvin is the best TEFL provider because it has outstanding course content, is accredited, and is reasonably priced. Their TEFL course is designed to ensure you pass the TEFL Certification exam on your first attempt. As a result of the training, you will be able to comprehend the nuances involved in teaching English to non-native speakers.

Your confidence will be developed and improved during class. You will gain the most effective methods and skills for teaching by understanding learner psychology. You will learn to analyze learners without prejudice and create a different and basic class plan to educate them. The Henry HarvinTEFL Academy provides the best TEFL courses, meaning your qualification will be recognized worldwide. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy is the world’s leading provider of TEFL courses. If you are interested in teaching English as a foreign language, Henry Harvin can help you acquire the required skills.

Please go through this article about Henry Harvin TEFL course reviews and give me your valuable comments.

All The Best!!!!


1. What to Look for When Choosing a TEFL Certification Program?

Ans. While choosing a TEFL Certification program, it is critical to select an accredited TEFL course. Not all accreditations, however, are accepted in all countries. In the field of TEFL, there are no general regulations that apply to all courses and professions. As a result, prospective students should check the institution’s accreditation to ensure that it has been awarded by a legitimate body.

2. How will I benefit by joining Henry Harvin’s TEFL course?

Ans. Henry Harvin’s TEFL course covers a wide range of topics, from lesson planning to classroom management. Innovative methods are used to teach Phonology, Grammar, Vocabulary, developing Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills. The students are taught to handle even the most complex and difficult classroom situations as a result of this all-inclusive course.

3. Can I work as a freelance English teacher online?

Ans. Of course, yes. There are numerous advantages to working as a freelance English teacher. You have control over who and when you teach, what kinds of lectures you deliver, and how much you charge. Furthermore, all fees paid by students are paid directly to you.

4. Will my Henry Harvin TEFL certification guarantee me a job once I finish this course?

Ans. No, Henry Harvin however, assists you in writing your CV and finding good placements. In addition they offer internship programs with their partner companies. Having a TEFL certificate from a reputable institute, such as Henry Harvin, will undoubtedly help you get through to the interview stage. The rest depends on your performance.

5. Is a 120-hour TEFL certificate sufficient?

Ans. The industry norm is 120 hours. This is the bare minimum you should have if you want to teach English abroad or online. If you’re a native English speaker with a degree or have previous teaching experience, you should have no trouble finding work.

Check Henry Harvin Reviews


  1. Pursuing TEFL course at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best decision to make. The entire course curriculum is well-updated and meets all the current industrial trends. They also have the guaranteed placement after the course. In fact, the course fees are also affordable. It is right to say that is the best place to start your TEFL career.

  2. Getting trained on TEFL from the best Academy- HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is definitely worthwhile and the best choice one can make.The entire infrastructure right from trainers to course curriculum and placement is undoubtedly the best at the Academy.

  3. Henry Harvin offers an amazing 4 week TEFL course. The course in hands on with you teaching basically right off the bat! Very experienced and friendly teachers helped us through this intense course but the knowledge gained was worth it. One month out and I already found a full time teaching job. Henry Harvin the best Institute for TEFL course.

  4. I recommended my course to 6 other people who were attempting to find the accurate one. It was a pleasure and simple to do. I knew a lot, it was very easy and edifying. I was very impressed with the examination subject and the way it was introduced.

  5. I rate higher the integrity of this course because it is adequate value for money. The staff is very familiar. I have finalized my TEFL credential recently from the Henry Harvin Academy online I got access to the course 3 months online.

  6. The course was very logical in educating us on how to lesson agenda, instead of just being about the concept. I think my TEFL course has truly ready me to work as an educator because there were a lot of extremely useful and logical topics covered.

  7. I highly suggest this Henry Harvin TEFL course for all interested ESL teachers. It covers essentially the most crucial aspects of education in detail with also reading resources and videos in case you needed to expand your proficiency regarding a specific aspect.

  8. The TEFL course at HENRY HARVIN is the best certified course. The trainers here always keep supporting the learners to upskill their knowledge and train them in such a great way that they become ready for the industrial challenges in this field specially. After the course you will get plenty of job offers and internships to expedite your dexterity with various reputed organisations. It is an affordable course to take up and definitely provide you with all the ultimate benefits in return of your investment. It is worthwhile to study at the best institution HENRY HARVIN and have a great start for your future.

  9. HENRY HARVIN is the No 1 ranked institution having ISO certification and affiliated to many reputed organisations worldwide. The TEFL course has been well-drafted by their certified and experienced trainers which will help you to become eligible for more than 12000 job offers from more than 6 countries across the world. The teaching-learning is also constructed in such a way that it will keep the attention and help the learners to grow all along the training session through their innovative and interesting curriculum within LMS.
    The course packages are available as per the convenience of the learners at a very affordable rate. Thus, pursuing the TEFL course at HENRY HARVIN is definitely worthwhile.

  10. Excellent Training! I attended the TEFL training from Henry Harvin. He is well experienced and has great teaching skills. The whole training was well planned and organized. I gained a lot of confidence to attend interviews after the training.

  11. The TEFL Course from Henry Harvin was excellent. The course content was extremely informative and practical. It was of a universal teaching nature and will be useful wherever I decide to teach. I researched all the various TEFL online courses available, before committing to the Henry Harvin course and I was glad that I did because the course content just appeared to be far superior to most of the other courses available on the market. It certainly proved to be the case and is endorsed by a reputable university as well. Congratulations to the design team! You are in a different class. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can highly recommend this course to all prospective TEFL students.

  12. Very Good Training Institute to learn and build your career. I was nothing when i joined this institute, because I dint had any knowledge about TEFL. Thanks to my Trainer who make me understand the concepts

  13. It is a genuine institute that provides online courses for various skills. I could relate. I was there in the same position a year back, going through hundreds of TEFL courses. It can be easily daunting. None of us wants to get stuck with a useless course after paying a huge sum. I chose Henry Harvin’s because it was really cheap and short, so I didn’t have much to lose. And turns out it is a decent course. The trainers are not some amateur, recent graduates who are reading from scripts (which happens in some other courses I researched about.) They are certified trainers who have years of experience.

  14. The TEFL course I took from Henry Harvin gave me the tools I required to maneuver my partner to a replacement faucet. Henry Harvin helped Maine sharpen my skills and altered jobs for the sake of upper education, reading, exercise, video lectures, and discussion forums. The course is actually wonderful. It’s helped me loads to develop my skills and information and that I have learned that English may also be educated playfully. The expertise I had with Henry Harvin was unbelievable, and that I learned several things, and teaching my peers helped me to regulate. I even have learned loads, that no online course can give.

  15. it was a very descriptive and detailed course with all the practical examples and case studies the course was well laid out to the students seeking out for it. A very useful subject and highly recommended.

  16. I have seen many blogs and reviews of the Henry Harvin TEFL Course and all those who have done their course from Henry Harvin Education are very happy. All the reviews and blogs were very good. I was thinking about doing my TEFL Course for a long time but I could not understand where to do it. I have seen many reviews so far after seeing all other reviews of Henry Harvin, I will do my course with Henry Harvin only.

  17. Henry Harvin TEFL course was very insightful, knowledge. It was challenging which is tremendous for motivation. They truly go out their path to assist you to get started with your job. I learned a lot and the 50-hour pragmatic course was so much relaxation. Thank you

  18. I did the online TEFL and was very impressed with the course, content and tutor feedback. The tutors were experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about what they were delivering. Communication with Henry Harvin TEFL and with the weekly tutors was very quick and helpful. Feedback on the assignments was useful and helped me know what I needed to work on or study more.

  19. If you want a TEFL/TESOL Course that follows the best business practices, offers a good deal, whose certification is recognised by online and international employers and Government and Visa agencies, then look no further. Henry Harvin’s TEFL/TESOL course offers you all this and more.

    Let us first understand what is TEFL/TESOL and what does a certification in this mean.

    There’s no better pleasure than going around territories and exploring the beauty of the globe. But doesn’t that cost too much? Of course, it does, just a TEFL Certification.

  20. Its my first online Henry Harvin’ TEFL course and I am very fortunate that I joined this course . Thanks for your wonderful course.

  21. Excellent tefl course- highly recommended. I liked how it tied into other courses in the series as well. I took many notes, and plan on revisiting the course during my writings to refresh some ideas.

  22. I did TEFL online and was terribly affected by the course, content, and feedback of the trainer. The instructors were knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and captivated with what they were transferring. human action with Henry Harvin TEFL and also the weekly academics was terribly fast and useful. The feedback regarding the assignments was useful and helped ME grasp what I was required to figure on or learn a lot of regarding.

  23. I expected support in my on going TEFL training and I got it well from my saleforce trainer. Henry Harvin helped me out in a fair way. Thanks for your support. I attended my TEFL Training at Henry Harvin.

  24. Henry harvin is one of the best TEFL provider I have come across. The content materials is excellent and quality of the trainers are very professional and available at anytime of your needs. Though there is a fees for the course but it is very affordable compare to other Tefl provider. A big thanks to Henry harvin I am enjoying now teaching foreign children’s. Go for Henry harvin.

  25. This course was well presented and despite being online tried hard to contain a range of hands-on and reflective training. The objectives were clear and possible and the certificate arrived very swiftly. I found it very satisfying and it helped me ready for my position.

  26. I have always been passionate about teaching and going abroad is a hell of a deal for me. But that dream requires a long process and proper guidance. Upon searching TEFL courses online, I stumbled upon Henry Harvard TEFL course, and it is my blessing in disguise. It saved me during my dreadful time and now I cannot be thankful enough to my mentors. The course is in detail and pinpoints.

  27. it was a very descriptive and detailed course with all the practical examples and case studies the course was well laid out to the students seeking out for it. A very useful subject and highly recommended.

  28. Very interesting perspective, way different from the general tefl courses available. The course covers new and emerging dimensions of the digital world. Love to attend more courses. All the best!

  29. I’ve gained good knowledge from this TEFL certification, It changed my perspective on the ways I could help advice in my field

  30. TEFL Course Provided by Henry Harvin Education is above Expectations. Tutors are filled with immense knowledge and are skilled too. I had a great experience over here in learning at such an amazing place. I would recommend to try TEFL at Henry Harvin.

  31. I did the online TEFL and was very impressed with the course, content and tutor feedback. The tutors were experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about what they were delivering. Communication with Henry Harvin TEFL and with the weekly tutors was very quick and helpful. Feedback on the assignments was useful and helped me know what I needed to work on or study more.

  32. Excellent TEFL course. I truly enjoyed the content, the tasks, the feedback, and the instructor’s ability to engage learners.

  33. I had to read this one instead of watch it but it was excellent and informative. I fully agree on the topic of treating setting as important as a character in its own right. Its the best TEFL course.

  34. I’ve learned so much and really loved the TEFL course! In lectures, the instructor delivers information in a very easy-to-understand-way and I loved his energy!

  35. This Henry Harvin TEFL course is recommended for strategic TEFL’s who wants to delve and have a broad insight of how digital tools can be deployed to capture.

  36. Amazing TEFL course! Very well-paced, intuitive, easy-to-understand, with exciting case studies that involved application of the concepts taught.

  37. This henry harvin TEFL Course is very useful as it is presented in very organised manner. I highly Recommend this!!

  38. Henry Harvin offers an amazing 4 week TEFL course. The course in hands on with you teaching basically right off the bat! Very experienced and friendly teachers helped us through this intense course but the knowledge gained was worth it. One month out and I already found a full time teaching job. Henry Harvin the best Institute for TEFL course.

  39. Oh of course!! The Henry Harvin TEFL Specialization is the best I have come across and I say a big thank you to Henry Harvin for the opportunity that made me a part of this amazing journey.

  40. Thank Suryakala for your blog.
    Henry Harvin offers an amazing 4 week TEFL course. The course in hands on with you teaching basically right off the bat! Very experienced and friendly teachers helped us through this intense course but the knowledge gained was worth it. One month out and I already found a full time teaching job. Henry Harvin the best Institute for TEFL course.

  41. I learned about the existence of this site from my cousin. I decided to get a TEFL certificate during self-isolation. He advised me to improve my English language skills for possible teaching. Taking advantage of the discount provided, I opted for a full 150-hour master course led by experienced mentors. Teachers really explain all the nuances of the language in an accessible way. Thanks! I am grateful to the creators of the site for getting me a certificate of TEFL, which allows me to teach English.


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