HENRY HARVIN vs Clever Harvey Junior MBA Course Reviews (Leaked)


    I can say for sure that Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA scores better as compared to Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA Course. But no need to take my word for it. I am going to explain everything about Teen MBA and why I am rating Henry Harvin better than Clever Harvey in this blog.

    Read on to find out.

    Effective Communication and Creativity will remain the most valuable skills in the future, says Forbes. 

    The Henry Harvin Teen MBA course reviews state that corporate business skills add great value to young developing minds of students. It is a revolutionary course that has been conceptualised and executed by Henry Harvin’s CEO Mr Kounal Gupta. Another name that has a presence in this field is Clever Harvey. Henry Harvin is considered as amongst the the strongest Clever Harvey competitors.

    In schools today, students are required to choose their streams and subjects. Nowadays, parents run around trying to make sure their teenagers talk to counsellors, uncles, and friends to keep them informed. Why not try something new?

    Today’s explosion of career options makes it natural for parents to worry about their child making the right decision. A new generation of courses is slated for the future. These courses will give students a first-hand look at possible careers.

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are thus, unsurprisingly, among the most sought-after degrees in the world.

    What is your plan to pursue your goal of pursuing a top university’s MBA program even though you are a high schooler? 

    You don’t need to ask anymore. Many renowned institutes offer tailor-made teen -MBA programs!

    All I’ll do is compare these two junior MBA courses fairly, transparently, and fairly, and then determine which course is relatively better. Let’s take a detailed look at Henry Harvin which is the strongest Clever Harvey competitor and Clever Harvey itself..

    Henry Harvin Teen MBA Course

    Henry Harvin® Education was founded in 2013 because it presents opportunities for upskilling and reshaping growth through digital education. it is one of the strongest Clever Harvey competitors in the market. Its mission and vision emphasize the need to take the digital future-forward and break free from the learning lockdown.

    They have provided the future of education to the present by offering 100+ courses across 10 Academies in 7+ countries. Learning can take place anywhere with their signature innovation and 24/7 support. More than 350,000 trainees have been trained as a result in nearly half a decade.

    Many reputable publications like Hindustan Times, Business World, Statesman, Hans India, The Pioneer, Financial Express, Aaj Tak, and News World India have praised Henry Harvin® Education for its uniqueness and technological advances.

    About the program

    A course is delivered in two phases, which are called Building Business Skills and Thriving Specialization. The platform teaches using case studies and live interaction.

    The student will learn the following skills in the Junior MBA course:

    • Decision-making and entrepreneurial skills
    • Analyzing data and positioning the market
    • Using technology to solve problems


    The Henry Harvin Teen MBA course reviews reveal that the Teen MBA offers four specializations. Depending on the student’s interests, he or she can specialize in one, two, or all four areas.

    • Teen CEO ( Chief Executive Officer) Simply if want to learn business planning, team management, and decision making you can become Teen CEO
    • Teen CMO ( Chief Marketing Officer) If you want to learn how to market and promote your product or service in the market, how to establish a brand then join the Teen CMO program
    • Teen CFO (Chief Financial Officer) If you want to learn budgeting, financial planning, and negotiation you can choose the Teen CFO program
    • (CTO) Do you have a passion for technology? Is your work on computers amazing to others? What can technology do to help your business grow? Get involved with Teen CTO.

    Key Curriculum

    The Henry Harvin Teen MBA course reviews feature 8 modules in this program

    Module 1: Business planning and management 

    Module 2: Business models and customer relationships 

    Module 3: Business resources and cost structures

    Module 4: Understanding Roles and Responsibilities of CEO

    Module 5: Control management and specialization.

    Module 6: Roles and responsibilities of CTO

    Module 7: Roles and responsibilities of CMO

    Module 8: Roles and responsibilities of CFO

    Program Details

    The Henry Harvin Teen MBA course reviews reveal the below statements

    • Medium – English
    • Session – Live Interactive as well as self-paced ( Lifetime Support & Access
    • 24 x 7 Lifetime Free Upgrade)
    • Eligibility – Students (8th, 9th, 10th,11th, 12th class)
    • Certification – Yes
    • Program Duration: 24 Hours
    • Mode: Instructor-led Live Online
    • Approximately 1.5 – 2 hours per class
    • Day Schedule: Weekdays / Weekends
    • Time: Evening
    • Course fees-7999/-


    The Henry Harvin Teen MBA course reviews state that as seasoned industry experts, the Henry Harvin trainers have years of experience working as professionals. These professionals have extensive knowledge, experience, and skills. Participants will be trained by professionals who have experience in working with CEOs, CFO’s, CMO’s, and CTO’s from extremely reputable firms.


    A successful student will receive dual qualifications- one of the basic programs and one of a specialization! As a renowned business institute, the certification is valuable and can offer students a career path in the business industry. 

    Gold Membership

    By completing the course, students will receive 1-Year Gold Membership and avail of the following benefits:Video Recordings, Games, Projects, Case Studies in your e-learning account

    FREE 12-Month Bootcamp: 12 Monthly Bootcamps worth Rs.6000

    Develop Interviewing Skills and Build Your Distinguished Profile: Learn to Clear Interviews and Build a Distinguished Profile 

    Teen MBA Course Goals 

    To develop certain skills at a very young age is the very simple goal of this program;

    • Developing critical thinking skills
    • Ensure that students have basic skills before their age
    • To improve their presentation skills
    • Develop a teamwork spirit 

    Students in primary school are grouped according to age and level of understanding to create a course. 

     Recommended Programs

    Summer internship program’21-Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science

    Teen MBA online Summer Program for Teenagers


    It has been a good response from the students so far. From their reviews and testimonials, the students conclude that the course taught them a lot. They give thanks to the trainers and encourage other aspiring writers to attend the course for their careers and agree that it is one of the biggest Clever Harvey competitors, which has many advantages over Clever Harvey itself.

    You can review Henry Harvin teen MBA courses by clicking here

    For youtube, video reviews click here

    Clever Harvey Teen MBA Course

    In a world of uncertainty, Clever Harvey’s junior MBA review reveals that they provide teenagers with the tools to prepare for the future. Students in Grades 8-12 can enrol in their online JuniorMBA program to get a taste of the business world and develop skills in critical thinking and problem-solving. An innovation launchpad for students, the Online Innovation Summit is an ever-growing community of innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and innovators who promote disruption in business.


    Clever Harvey’s junior MBA review states that junior MBA programs offer a variety of specializations. Students can choose one of the three specializations, two of them or all of them, based on their interests.

    The CEO ( Chief Executive Officer ) program is a great way to learn business strategy, planning, and pitching ideas to investors.

    Young CMO Program ( Chief Marketing Officer) If you are looking to learn marketing and promoting your product or service, and establishing your brand, then join this program.

    Do you like technology as a Junior CTO ( Chief Technology Officer)? Is your work on computers amazing to others? Are you interested in learning how technology can be used to transform businesses and grow them? Become a junior CTO.

    Key Curriculum

    Clever Harvey  junior MBA review points out the following details:

    • Decision-making skills improved
    • Planning for the future
    • Offering a value proposition
    • Identify opportunities for growth
    • Developing new products
    • A market segmentation model
    • Prepare a business plan
    • Making a pitch to investors
    • Problem-solving for businesses

    Program Details

    Clever Harvey  junior MBA review  reveals  the following details:

    • Language: English, Medium
    • Interaction – Live Session
    • All students (grades 9th through 12th) are eligible
    • Certified – Yes 
    • The mode of operation is online
    • Every specialization student selects consists of 10 classes


    Clever Harvey’s junior MBA review reveals that reviewers have rated the course highly and expressed satisfaction. The students are very satisfied with the training provided and credit the trainers here at Clever Harvey with a great deal of their career success.

    Are you thinking of doing Teen MBA Course?

    Teen MBA programs are designed for middle and high school students. In this course, students are taught the basics of business management to inspire and motivate them. Initially learning about business gives students a clear view of the world of business and encourages them to take actions for the good of themselves and others. Everyone can participate in this without taking any tests, isn’t that nice?

    Can you tell me why I should get an MBA as a teen?

    To develop academics and train the mind to react to real-world situations, primary school students must enrol in this course. Three basic steps are outlined below to help have a better understanding of why to attend the training.

    Step 1: Get an insight beforehand 

    By the age of 10-15, a person can learn the fundamentals of an MBA and join the program at a young age. It can help them to make a good decision for the future; if they want to pursue post-graduate studies in Business Administration or Technology.

    Step 2: Gaining knowledge 

    Students are extremely curious creatures at such a young age. It’s their passion to learn and explore all kinds of new things. The teen MBA program will allow them to clear up all their doubts and queries, which often make parents frustrated when repeated. 

    Step 3: Bring your imagination to life 

    For this text to be accurate, will the teen MBA course equip the student with how to have an entrepreneur’s mindset? Students learn the basics of setting up an empire during their undergraduate or graduate studies. By selecting the domain of their interest, students will be able to learn much more. We want to go the right way in spreading creativity and enrichment. 

    What is the “Teen MBA” like?

    Students from 8th class to 12th class should be eligible to participate in this program. In this program, students learn many key business elements such as decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking at an early stage. As the most important benefit of this course, the students can visualize themselves as CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, or CTOs.

    Yes, this must be the greatest doubt and setback when choosing the features before enrolling. Hence, the name teen MBA is a very clear indicator that it is extremely different from the regular 2 years MBA programs. To showcase the need for an hour, it is well known that regular 2 years MBA programs might be troublesome and a waste of time and money. This course is designed to help students understand the culture and real-life issues in a short-term, online setting. As students age, they often lack financial and leadership support. In this way, they will be able to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset through the teen MBA course.

    Students are more independent and responsible and can sponsor and organize their learning process. It has always been my goal to provide people with the best possible information about whatever I write. We must make a point of bringing these two well-known and popular junior MBA training providers to your attention since we have been discussing a career in entrepreneurship.

    Whether it is Henry Harvin teen MBA course review or Clever Harvey’s junior MBA course review you are looking at, both of them are industry giants in their fields and both have done an outstanding job of providing quality training to students.

    The only question remains – which of these institutes should the students choose? In this post, I aim to show how one of the two is a step ahead of the other.


    The teen MBA courses provided by Henry Harvey and Clever Harvey are commendable. To pick one of them as a better option for Junior Business Aspirants, I would recommend Henry Harvin, mainly because of three different factors.

    In this curriculum, Henry Harvin offers four specializations. Their course structure is more elaborate, structured, current, less expensive and practical than any other. This organization provides courses for all age groups with a primary focus on improving your skills.

     Numerous classes can be taken according to your preferences in your education. By the end of their pre-graduate degree, they are all-rounders, having information about business feasibility.

    These advantages make Henry Harvin the top Clever Harvey competitor.

    This will be a landmark in their career and a stepping stone in their success.

    Check Henry Harvin Reviews


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