Top 10 Income Tax Practices Books in 2024


It’s crucial to stay updated with the ever-evolving world of income tax, not only for a tax accountant but also for the common man and entrepreneurs. It becomes essential to have access to the right and updated resources when it comes to paying income tax. To help you, we have compiled the best 10 income tax practices books. 

Income tax practice books can be very beneficial, as these books help in understanding complex tax regulations. You will get insights on tax-saving methods and deductions that will also help you save tax money. When you have proper knowledge as an income tax professional, you can help your clients make well-informed decisions. Moreover, these income tax practice books can help you stay updated with the latest rules and regulations in income tax.

Best 10 Income Tax Practices Books in 2024

1. Income Tax Practices: Henry Harvin Account’s Academy

This is one of the must-have income tax practice books for professionals or students of income tax. It is a no. 1 best-seller series of income tax practices books. This book focuses on the step-by-step preparation of students for income tax. Furthermore,  it emphasizes the key concepts, principles, applications, techniques, methods, and case laws. Even beginner-level income tax students can also learn from this book and gain a strong understanding of all concepts.

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2. Direct Taxes Law and Practice, – By Dr Vinod K Singhania  

The next one of the must-read Income tax Practice books is Direct Taxes Law and Practice. With the help of this book, you can gain a familiarity with direct tax and its provision along with its nature and scope.  The author has also shared detailed data information on how different courts interpret the statutory provision on different occasions. Do read this book if you are appearing for the 2023-2024 assessments in the field of Income Tax. 

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3. Bharat Law Of Income Tax (Volume 1 To 3) By Sampath Iyengar 

This income tax practices book was written by A C Sampath Iyengar and revised by H. Padamchand Khincha and K. K. Chythanya. For more than 80 years Author has helped many professionals, tax administrators and judiciary to find solutions to tax issues. It has 8 sets covering all the minute details, laws and regulations, how to handle the issues which may arise in future and many more. It is one of the best reference income tax practice books available in the market.

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4. Income Tax Law – by Chaturvedi and Pithisaria 

When it comes to the best income tax practices books in India, Income Tax Law by Chaturvedi and Pithisaria holds a place in the top 10. This book is a comprehensive and authentic guide to Income Tax laws. The author has explained in a very clear way the principles of Income tax and how to implement them. There are a total of 10 volumes of Income tax law covering all the updated legislative amendments. 

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5. Problems and Solutions in Income Tax – By   Dr. H.C Mehrotra, Dr. S.P Goyal

In the revised version of this Income Tax Practices book Problems and Solutions in Income Tax, you will get the revised questions and answers as per the latest amendments in rules and regulations of Income Tax. A must-have book for the CA & CS aspirants, Accounting and Income tax department exams. Not only this this book is also useful for the and students.

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6. Income Tax Law and Accounts- Dr. H.C. Mehrotra, Dr. S.P. Goyal

This is the largest selling Income Tax practices book for the last 56 years. The revised version of this book includes even the last-minute changes in the income tax law. The authors have explained this complicated subject in a very easy and simple way. It also includes the previous year’s papers from different universities.

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7. Principles of International Taxation- by Lynne Oats 

This income tax practices book gets published every two years including all the latest developments and changes in the tax legislation according to the implementation of the OECD BEPS and its progress. This book provides clear information regarding international Tax laws. You will also find the topics like effect of COVID-19 on international taxation. It is a must-read book for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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8. Taxmann’s Essentials Combo for Direct Tax Laws -by Dr. Vinod K. Singhania, Taxmann

The next book in the list of best Income tax practices books is Taxmann’s Essentials Combo for Direct Tax Laws. This is a combo of three books . This combo includes all the essential details such as amended, updated & annotated text of the Income-tax Act 1961 & the Finance Act 2023. Different rules, regulations, forms, circulars, notifications and many more. It also includes the tabular presentation of all the main provisions of the Income Tax Act. 

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9. Handbook on INCOME TAX (A.Y. 2023-2024)-by CA. Raj K Agrawal

Furthermore, the next best Income tax practices book is Handbook on Income Tax. It is very informative and beneficial for the CA inters, CMA inter, CS and any other specialized course related to Tax and accounting. This book includes the topics of taxation like basic concepts, Residential Status , Exempt Income, Salary and horse property tax. 

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10. Taxmann’s Master Guide to Income Tax Act -by Taxmann (Author)

Lastly, the 10th name in the list of best income tax practices books is Taxmann’s Master Guide to Income Tax Act. the latest edition of this book includes all the amendments related to the Finance Act 2023. The Author has covered all the circulars, and notifications along with section-wise commentary on the Finance Act, 2022 and the manual of the income tax. 

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Henry Harvin’s Income Tax Course

Henry Harvin, 13 year old ed tech company offers one of the best Income Tax courses online. This course has been delivered by an expert who is a speaker on Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other many more popular media platforms. Become a Certified Income Tax Specialist by taking this 32-hour course and gain a strong grip on all the topics related to this field. 


Studying the Income tax subject can be very complicated and tedious as you need to stay updated with all the latest amendments in the tax laws. Having good reference books is very important in this field. Be it a student, Intern or Tax practitioner everyone needs to have access to the best-published income tax practice books. This list of the 10 best books on income tax will help you in choosing the right one for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone read these Income Tax books?

Yes, anyone can read these books and can fill in their income tax by themselves. 

Can anyone read these Income Tax books? Ans- Yes, anyone can read these books and can fill in their income tax by themselves. 

All Income tax books are available on different e-commerce shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. 

Why I should read income tax practice books?

These books help in understanding tax laws, all amendments, how to calculate tax, deductions and many more. These books help you stay updated with the latest tax laws.

Can income tax practice books tell how to save tax?

Ans- Yes, many books provide tips on saving tax. You get the information about the deductions and credits which will help you in saving money.

Do we get the updated income tax practice books?

Ans- Yes, mostly all books get revised regularly as per the new taxation act and amendments.



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