Diabetology books for Mango Man in 2024- The best 8 to Pick


As our lives become more technology-based, the number of diabetic patients is increasing rapidly. According to the report published by Statista, there were 74 million Indians diagnosed with diabetes in 2021.

This raises the need to be aware of this lifestyle disease and, if you are already diagnosed with diabetes, how to control or manage it. There are plenty of Diabetology books available on the market. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best 8 Diabetology books for Mango Man that you can read and get benefits from.

The diabetology books for Mango Man are not only for medical professionals. Even the common man or mango man should read these books, as most of them are written in simple language so that everyone can understand and can make lifestyle changes to live a healthy life. Let’s check out the best 8  diabetology books for Mango Man

Best 8 Diabetology Books for Mango Man

1. Diabetology for Mango Man, by Henry Harvin

About the book

The best-seller diabetology book, Henry Harvin’s Diabetology for Mango Man, is a comprehensive guide to knowing everything about diabetes. If you want to take control of your health, then read this book. Covering the cause, types, and management of diabetes, this Diabetology book for Mango Man covers all the necessary lifestyle changes you need to implement. This book is for all, like caregivers, medical practitioners, or patients. Also, this diabetology book covers diabetes in children, pregnant women, and older people.  Read this book and discover the secrets of living life to the fullest, along with diabetes. This book creates an understanding for patients and their families when it comes to dealing with lifestyle diseases.

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2. Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin, by Gary Scheiner 

About the book:

The next one of the best Diabetology books for Mango Man is Think Like a Pancreas. It is one of the most-read diabetology books. This book is a complete guide for managing diabetes when you are on insulin. The author focuses on three parameters when it comes to diabetes management. These three key elements are the right tools, skills, and attitude. In this third edition, the author has covered glucose monitors, an array of new types of insulin, smart pen injections, apps, software, and many more of the latest developments in this field. 

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3. Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

About The Book

One of the most recommended diabetology books for Mango Man is Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. The fourth edition of this book contains the latest knowledge on how to manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Learn about insulin resistance, new types of insulin, blood sugar measurement, and many more of the latest developments. Get the updated diet guidelines and the impact of exercise in maintaining diabetes in the fourth edition. 

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4. The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting, Gary Scheiner

About The Book

Learn how to calculate your carbohydrate intake accurately with the help of one of the most demanding diabetology books for the mango man. This book gives you detailed information about tracking carbohydrate intake. Not only this, but this book will explain the theory of carb counting. The author has covered the glycemic index, carbs, and fiber values for more than 2500 different foods. Hence, if you are diabetic or not, this one of the best diabetology books can be helpful in maintaining a healthy diet. 

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5. Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs 

About The Book

Dr.Neal has changed the belief system that if you get diabetes, you are stuck with it for a lifetime. With the help of Dr.Neal’s program for reversing diabetes, you can control your blood sugar levels more effectively as compared to the standard diet for diabetes. There are some cases in which patients get rid of the medications as well. This is one of those diabetology books for the mango man where the author has the evidence to prove that you can reverse diabetes.

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6. The 2023-2024 Complete Foods Lists for Diabetes with Low Glycemic Foods List, Snacks & Drinks to Eat & Avoid, Essential Diabetes Food Guide, A Heart Healthy Diet Companion, by Julia Meadows 

About The Book

You can take charge of your diet and, especially, hidden sugar levels in various foods by reading this diabetology book for mango man, Complete Foods Lists for Diabetes. Win your battle with diabetes by knowing how to incorporate these foods into your life. It is one of the diabetology books that guides you according to your body’s needs based on the latest scientific research. 

Get it from- Kindle edition (₹413.00)

7. Take Charge of Type 2 Diabetes: Successfully Solve Your Diabetes Puzzle

About The Book

One of the must-read diabetology books, Take Charge of Type 2 Diabetes, will help you maintain your blood sugar levels. The author is a registered nurse with 25+ years of experience and a life coach who has helped thousands of people with her knowledge and experience in fighting the battle of irregular sugar levels. The book, written in very simple language, is a full guide to controlling diabetes.

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8. The Diabetes Code Journal, by Dr. Jason Fung 

About The Book

The author of this diabetology book for the mango man is known as the inventor of intermittent fasting.  Dr. Jason has already helped thousands of people around the world by reversing and preventing diabetes and losing weight. A reader also gets a tracker in the book to record their daily food intake. Along with the information, you will also get the tools to monitor your sugar levels, weekly challenges, recipes, and much more. 

Get it from Amazon ($14.95)

Certificate In Diabetes Management Course: From Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers one of the best diabetes management certification courses for healthcare professionals in the industry. Henry Harvin is a government-approved institute offering more than 800 courses in different fields. Students across the world are benefiting from Henry Harvin’s courses. If you are a healthcare professional or an aspirant to become a specialist in diabetes management, this course is for you. 

Key Highlights of the Diabetes Management Course

  • Duration: 144 hours
  • Mode of classes: online live classes
  • Course fee: INR 198500
  • 10-in-1 course ( have 10 benefits in one course)
  • Guaranteed internship
  • Job assistance
  • Become a certified professional
  • Trainers with 14+ years of experience
  • Learn how to manage diabetes and provide proper patient care.


Reading diabetology books can enhance your knowledge and give you tools when it comes to dealing with the scary disease of diabetes. Having proper and correct information is crucial in maintaining sugar levels. These diabetology books for the mango man are very easy to read and understand. So, don’t delay; just pick one and start your journey to reverse diabetes.


1. What is diabetes?

Ans: It is a medical condition where the pancreas fails to produce the required insulin levels resulting in increased sugar levels in the body. 

2. Being a non-medical person, can I understand these diabetology books?

These diabetology books for the mango man are written in simple language. One can easily understand the information and concepts shared in books.

3. Can I read these books online?

Ans- f you want an online version of diabetology books, you can buy a Kindle edition.

4. Can I reverse my diabetes?

Ans: There are proven facts and information available in the diabetology books for the mango man that say that with the help of a balanced lifestyle, you can reverse your chronic disease, diabetes.


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